the Accenture in Australia Brochure


the Accenture in Australia Brochure
Accenture in Australia
Accenture in Australia
For more than 32 years Accenture has worked
with Australia’s most successful public and private
sector organisations, continually helping them
to improve their performance. We have also
been a catalyst for change, bringing new ideas,
innovations and solutions to our clients.
As one of the largest strategy,
consulting, digital, technology and
operations companies in Australia,
we have the capabilities to help clients
design and manage enterprise-scale
business and technology transformation.
We help Australian organisations
become market leaders by:
What truly differentiates Accenture is
our people. We help clients in Australia
innovate, grow and position their
organisation for the future. With access
to more than 336,000 people globally
and over 3,700 employees in Australia,
Accenture is able to provide Australian
organisations with globally competitive
and locally relevant insights, solutions
and services.
• Providing delivery excellence,
harnessing deep industry, process and
technology experience as well as largescale, complex change capabilities
• Bringing our clients’ ideas to life by
enabling innovation, with a focus on
value creation and business outcomes
• Building long term strategic
relationships with our clients
We intimately understand the
complexities of the local market, and
the unique challenges and opportunities
that Australian organisations face. It is
this understanding that sets us apart.
Together with our clients, we are changing
the way Australians live, work and play
To our clients we are the strategic partners who
have helped build and grow their business for more
than three decades.
To the Australian public we are an
integral—but often hidden—part of their
day-to-day lives; helping them lodge
tax returns, access internet banking,
streaming video, and even helping book
their next holiday. To our employees,
we are a portal to the nation’s and
world’s most innovative projects,
insights and knowledge—providing a
diverse environment that constantly
challenges and rewards our people.
Did you know…
• Every month Accenture helps
consumers upload more than 3 billion
photos to social networking sites
• Every second letter or package posted
across the world is processed by
Accenture systems
• Accenture helps secure more than a
quarter of the planet’s internet traffic
• 300 million consumers worldwide use
mobile services delivered by Accenture
• In Australia, Accenture worked with
the Australian Taxation Office to build
systems which process more than
12 million tax returns every year
• 8 of the top 10 Australian companies
by revenue are Accenture clients
• Every four hours an Accenture system
goes live somewhere around the world
• Every hour Accenture helps clients
conduct more than 41 million internet
searches and 12 million internet visits
• 20% of the world’s telephone numbers
are billed by Accenture technology
We bring cross-industry capabilities in
strategy, consulting, digital, technology
and operations to our clients in Australia
We combine unparalleled experience,
comprehensive capabilities across all industries
and business functions, and extensive research
on Australia’s most successful companies.
Accenture Strategy
Accenture Digital
Accenture Operations
Accenture Strategy operates at the
intersection of business and technology.
We bring together our capabilities in
business, technology, operations and
function strategy to help our clients
envision and execute industry specific
strategies that support enterprise wide
transformation. Our focus on issues related
to digital disruption, competitiveness,
global operating models, talent and
leadership help drive both efficiencies and
Digital is changing everything. That’s
why Accenture Digital helps businesses
and governments re-define how
they serve connected customers and
operate connected enterprises. We offer
complete, integrated digital business
and technology services—digital
marketing, mobility and analytics—to
deliver tangible results for the virtual
Accenture Consulting
Accenture Technology offers a full
spectrum of technology services.
We help clients harness the power
of emerging technologies while getting
the most out of legacy IT. We combine
business and industry insights with
technology know-how, unlocking
agility and unleashing the potential
of your digital business.
Accenture Operations combines
technology that digitises and automates
business processes, unlocks actionable
insights, and delivers everything-as-aservice with our team’s deep industry,
functional and technical expertise.
This allows organisations to confidently
chart their course to consuming
core business services on demand,
and accelerate innovation and
speed to market. Welcome to the
‘as-a-service’ business revolution.
Accenture Consulting brings the very best
of Accenture to help our clients transform
their businesses to compete in today’s
digital world. Working as industry experts,
they have the insights and capabilities
to truly understand business issues and
applicable technologies, and an ability to
deliver innovative, tailored solutions.
Accenture Technology
Bringing our clients’ ideas to life
Using the latest technologies and best practices,
we help Australian organisations improve their
operations, discover new revenue streams and
engage with their employees and customers in a
more relevant way.
We help clients achieve business
value from emerging and advanced
technologies—such as cloud, mobility,
analytics, open source, embedded systems
and more. We help clients mitigate
risks and capitalise on opportunities by
aligning the right technologies with their
unique environments.
With an unwavering commitment
to innovation, we leverage the
groundbreaking work of Accenture
Technology Labs—the technology R&D
organisation of Accenture—to apply
advanced technologies that address
many of the business challenges
facing our clients today. We invest
approximately $400 million annually
on R&D, and in Australia we regularly
contribute to our global innovation
network where key technology trends
are explored and tested to benefit our
clients all around the world.
Accenture extends our technology and
business capabilities through a powerful
alliance network of more than 150
market leaders and innovators,
to provide our clients with specialised
skills and tailored solutions.
We help build, run and manage critical projects with
the largest public and private sector organisations
in Australia such as Telstra, Department of Defence,
National Australia Bank, ANZ Bank, Australian Taxation
Office, United Energy & Multinet Gas, nbn, BHP Billiton
and Rio Tinto.
Australian Rugby Union:
Tackling the competition with
a digital engagement strategy
As a sport, rugby competes in one of
the most challenging markets in the
world, striving with other major sports
for the hearts and minds of stakeholders
and supporters, as well as fighting for
marketplace visibility, greater revenue
share and new ways of interacting
with fans.
With more than 600,000 national
participants in Australia, the Australian
Rugby Union (ARU) saw the potential
to engage supporters by harnessing
the power of customer relationship
management (CRM) to bring them
closer to the action.
The Accenture team was able to
efficiently profile capabilities and
prioritise strategic imperatives needed
for customer lifecycle management.
They also developed highly customised
frameworks to help the ARU drive
audience communications which
revolved around a fan contact
approach and segmenting user intents
and interactions.
Alongside the development of a twoyear fan acquisition, engagement and
retention plan, Accenture also identified
revenue opportunities.
Through increases in CRM and
marketing productivity, ARU has
experienced considerable successes in
achieving its vision to connect more
closely with fans and to develop its
market share in the Australian
sporting sector.
Australian Youth Orchestra:
Connecting through digital
The Australian Youth Orchestra (AYO)
is one of the world’s most celebrated
training grounds for gifted
young musicians.
Traditionally, AYO applicants from
regional areas have encountered the
burden of having to travel to auditions.
Working with Accenture Digital, the
AYO has been able to find new ways of
using technology to ensure all young
musicians have the same opportunities,
regardless of location, and that
successful applicants in geographically
isolated areas have access to high
quality educational resources.
Working closely with the AYO, Accenture
Digital has helped deliver the Digital
Connection Initiative aimed at providing
specialist training to isolated music
students, increasing young musicians’
participation in quality ensembles, and
increasing the standard of individual
performance through audition training.
Cricket Australia: Live streaming service
Thanks to a digital service launched
by Cricket Australia, and powered and
managed by Accenture, fans can now
watch live streaming of domestic and
international games played in Australia
via their mobile, tablet and digitallyenabled devices.
Recognising the influence of its alwaysconnected fans, Cricket Australia knew
they needed to harness the power
of digital to improve the customer
experience and further monetise their
digital offerings.
Cricket Australia made the bold decision
to build a multi-platform subscription
service. But they knew they couldn’t
do it alone. Cricket Australia awarded
Accenture a five-year contract to create
their live streaming and subscriber
management services. Working in close
collaboration with Cricket Australia’s
product team, Accenture designed, built,
tested and deployed the service in just
8 weeks – in time for the 2013-2014
Commonwealth Bank Ashes Series.
The subscriber management service
enabled a seamless workflow for
registration and payment, as well as
other user authentication that included
social integration. Accenture Video
Operations leveraged their specialised
managed services to provide a multiplatform digital broadcast service at
scale, including acquiring the footage
from the TV broadcaster, encoding and
publishing the live match footage.
National Farmers’ Federation:
Sowing the seeds of success through
digital strategy and an online platform
Accenture helped the National Farmers’
Federation (NFF) take advantage of
digital capabilities to meet the emerging
needs of its members and confirm its
reputation as the principal organisation
representing agriculture in Australia for
farmers, agribusiness and customers.
Accenture collaborated with the NFF
to develop an online platform, to allow
all participants to communicate via
the same channel, create an online
community and establish a framework
for online conversations. The digital
platform meets the needs of Australian
farmers by facilitating the advocacy and
lobbying work of the NFF, introducing
them to leading management tools to
better manage their farms, and offering
them exclusive benefits online.
Property Exchange Australia:
Hosting a digital e-conveyancing
platform in a private cloud
Property Exchange Australia (PEXA)
is transforming the property industry
by assisting banks, legal firms and
conveyancers to digitise property
exchange. By bringing property
settlements online, PEXA is reforming
the $5.7 trillion Australian residential
property industry. This innovation is
long overdue as the error-prone, paperbased system of settling properties
has remained largely unchanged since
the 1850s. PEXA evolved from a 2010
Council of Australian Governments
initiative in collaboration with the
four major banks to deliver a national
e-conveyancing solution. PEXA will
achieve for the property industry
what the ASX did for paperless share
trading in the 1980s. Accenture
was appointed as PEXA’s delivery
partner, assisting to develop a secure,
electronic platform hosted in a private
cloud—allowing participants to share
data and documentation for property
transactions. The implementation
enabled PEXA to achieve its 2013
service launch.
B20 Summit:
Custom-built mobile application
The B20 Summit is one of the premier
forums for business leaders worldwide.
Executives participate in high-level
policy forums on the global economy
and formulate recommendations for
the subsequent annual meeting of the
Group of 20 (‘G20’) nations.
In July 2014, the B20 Summit convened
in Sydney. Accenture were involved
on several levels. As knowledge
partner of the B20’s Human Capital
Taskforce, Accenture provided highquality research. In just over six
weeks, we developed a custom-built
mobile application, hosted on the
Accenture Cloud Platform via Amazon
Web Services, for use by B20 Summit
delegates. Also, Accenture leadership
participated in the B20 Summit
which offered a platform to make
recommendations for G20 consideration.
Nestlé Oceania: using social media
monitoring to capture opportunities
Accenture is helping Nestlé Oceania
use social media monitoring to better
understand share of voice, run more
effective campaigns, support the
creation of a new social media centre
of excellence and proactively resolve
emerging issues.
Accenture’s comprehensive social media
listening service provided deep, locally
relevant analytics-driven insights in
relation to 16 of Nestle Oceania’s
most iconic brands - including Kit Kat,
Nescafé and Uncle Tobys.
Our Australian specialists also undertook
corporate and brand reputation analysis,
examining elements such as consumer
sentiment, topics being discussed (and
by whom), influencer engagement
and the demographic breakdown of
consumers discussing the brands on
social media.
Significant business benefits have been
delivered. Nestlé Oceania has used
direct customer insights to deepen
relationships with key commercial
partners, improved its ability to verify
the most accurate information is being
communicated through social media,
and rectify any incorrect information
that might be circulating. In addition,
the company can better follow key
influencers on social media and
interact with them in more timely and
meaningful ways.
Delivering high performance
to Australian organisations
At Accenture we use the strength of our industry knowledge and best
people to ensure delivery excellence for our clients in Australia.
Our people bring efficiency and
a relentless focus on quality and
performance. Our world-class delivery
capabilities pull together our global
reach, industry insights, innovative
solutions, industrialised assets and
deeply skilled professionals—all focused
on generating measurable business
value for our clients through reliable,
cost-effective and consistently highquality services.
Our Australian clients can leverage
the expertise of our local employees
as well as access our industrialised
model of global service delivery for IT
development, application management
and business process management
through our global network of delivery
centres. With 194,000 professionals
in more than 50 centres, Accenture
offices and client locations, the
Accenture Global Delivery Network
is the largest and most diversified
group of technology, business process
and outsourcing professionals in the
world. The benefits for our clients
include increased flexibility, accelerated
implementations and access to
unmatched economies of scale at a
competitive cost.
Our environment of continuous
improvement matches the culture of
our clients, and helps us attain higher
levels of productivity, precision and
predictability. Supported by deep
industry, technology and business
acumen, and by an unmatched breadth
of industrialised capabilities—including
methods, tools, architectures, analytics
and metrics—we help our clients drive
next-generation innovations that can
help them achieve high performance.
For example, our Accenture Delivery
Suite distils the collective experience of
our professionals working around the
world into a set of established methods,
tools, metrics and architectures, which
together provide common assets to
enable our global teams to deliver high
performance for our clients through
consistent solutions.
Throughout the world, you get the best
of Accenture. We mobilise the right
people, alliances and technologies
to deliver results. We have built a
workforce with borderless expertise that
is deployable to our clients at any time.
This is what differentiates Accenture,
and our people, from our competitors.
Our partnerships
Accenture’s partnership portfolio encompasses sport and the arts - the
Australian Rugby Union (ARU), Cricket Australia, Australian Youth Orchestra
(AYO) and Australian Brandenburg Orchestra (ABO).
We believe in long term commitments to our partners and in adding value
to their organisations through the provision of our digital, strategy and
technology business services.
The Australian Rugby Union
and the Qantas Wallabies
Accenture is the Digital Technology
Consulting Partner to the ARU, the
Qantas Wallabies and the Australian
Rugby Sevens. We help them achieve
greater off-field performance and fan
interaction by delivering innovative
technology and consulting services such
as customer relationship management,
analytics, wearables, mobility and online
application development and online
streaming solutions.
Cricket Australia
Accenture is the Official Digital
Technology Partner of Cricket Australia.
We provide Cricket Australia with
digital transformation capabilities
in support of their drive to provide
enhanced digital experiences directly
to cricket fans. Cricket Australia now
offers fans a high-quality, feature-rich
live streaming service that enables fans
to watch domestic and international
games played in Australia on the go, via
their mobile, tablet and digital enabled
The Australian Youth
Accenture is the Australian Youth
Orchestra’s (AYO) Principal Sponsor
and Digital Partner, supporting their
efforts in revolutionising classical
music education for young people in
Australia using cutting edge technology.
Through the “Digital Connection
Initiative” supported by Accenture, the
AYO has created a virtual community
reaching students in remote locations
for auditions and master classes, and
connecting supporters and audiences
from around the world via live streaming
of concerts to mobile devices.
Australian Brandenburg
Accenture is the Digital Partner of the
Australian Brandenburg Orchestra (ABO),
a chamber orchestra specialising in the
performance of baroque and classical
music on original or restored period
instruments. Together with ‘Reactive’,
an Accenture Interactive company,
Accenture is working with the ABO to
enhance their digital presence, including
developing strategies for increasing
audience development through digital
means, and transforming the
ABO’s website.
Photo © Toby Burrows.
Our Communities, Our Commitments
With our core values at its heart, corporate citizenship is an ongoing journey
for Accenture. We take thoughtful actions to bring positive change, for
today and for the future.
With our core values at its heart,
corporate citizenship is an ongoing
journey for Accenture. We take
thoughtful actions to bring positive
change, for today and for the future.
We believe that having the right skills
to open doors to meaningful, lasting
employment or business ownership
is critical. We launched Skills to
Succeed in 2009 to address this need
and to advance employment and
entrepreneurship opportunities in
markets around the world. Globally, by
the end of fiscal 2020, Accenture aims
to equip more than three million people
with the skills to get a job or build a
business; increase our focus on the
successful transition from skill-building
programs to sustainable employment;
and bring together more organisations
across sectors to create large scale,
lasting solutions aimed at closing global
unemployment gaps.
In Australia and New Zealand, we
partner with non-profit organisations
that align to our Skills to Succeed
initiative, including Dress for Success,
AIME, The Smith Family, Many Rivers,
The Beacon Foundation, World
Education Australia (Good Return)
and Mission Australia. We have raised
the aspirations and confidence of
thousands of people from disadvantaged
backgrounds by giving them skills to
successfully transition into employment
or start a small business.
In addition, fostering sustainable
economic growth for our company
and our stakeholders is at the heart of
Accenture’s environmental strategy, and
it is central to our vision to improve
the way the world works and lives. By
the end of fiscal 2020, Accenture aims
to reduce its per-employee carbon
emissions by more than 50 percent
against its fiscal 2007 baseline, and
begin to measure and report the
impact of our sustainability initiatives
with clients and suppliers. Accenture’s
environmental strategy comprises four
areas—running efficient operations;
working sustainably; enabling client
sustainability; and providing insights
to advance sustainability—and serves
as a compass as we raise our ambition
toward 2020 and beyond.
Our commitment extends to the
Accenture Development Partnerships
program, which collaborates with
organisations working in the
international development sector to
help deliver innovative solutions that
truly change the way people work and
live. Its award-winning business model
enables Accenture’s core capabilities –
its best people and strategic business,
technology and project management
expertise – to be made available to
clients in the international development
sector on a not-for-profit basis.
Building strategic relationships—
and building success
Our clients choose Accenture for many reasons: our ability to deliver
results, our reputation, our global presence and our extensive local industry
knowledge and differentiation, to name just a few. The reasons behind our
clients’ decisions to work with Accenture are as varied as the challenges
they face.
Yet, there are some commonalities in
how we serve our clients, regardless
of their industry, market, or objective.
For example, we strive to help all our
clients stand out in their crowded and
increasingly competitive markets. We
aim to help them move from issue to
outcome, with pace and certainty. We
develop solutions that produce lasting
results. And we do our utmost to build
fulfilling relationships that are based on
trust and long-term value creation.
Our people work to develop strong
relationships and become strategic
advisors to Australia’s leading
• We have a track record of delivering
on our commitments to our clients.
• We are relevant to the strategic
agenda of our clients.
• We help our clients with their most
complex, mission-critical issues, from
tactical performance improvement to
true business transformation.
• We map our approach to a client’s
individual needs. We can help
navigate, or we can drive.
• We are results-driven. Our clients’
success is our success.
About Accenture
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Accenture is a global management
consulting, technology services and
outsourcing company, with more than
336,000 people serving clients in
more than 120 countries. Combining
unparalleled experience, comprehensive
capabilities across all industries and
business functions, and extensive
research on the world’s most successful
companies, Accenture collaborates
with clients to help them become
high-performance businesses and
governments. The company generated
net revenues of US$30.0 billion for
the fiscal year ended Aug. 31, 2014.
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