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manor matters
Small Town Retirement Living Since 2006
August 2015 - Doings & Details
Haven Manor Hickman
730 Larkspur Drive
Hickman, NE 68372-9514
(402) 792-3088
(402) 792-3055
[email protected]
Goodbye July! What a fun-filled
month we shared. To start out we
celebrated the Fourth with family,
friends and fireworks. We also enjoyed
music with the Grandma & Grandpa
Band, Fine Wine, a sing-along with
Alyce playing the piano, and finished
the month with the Windy River
Facility Administrator
Angela McNabb
Facility Manager
Valerie Gage
Rod Laucomer
Dan Kubr
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Of course we enjoyed BINGO,
and we tried out some new games too.
Although we were busy playing games
old & new we took time to welcome our
new residents; Lillian Rohlmeier, and
Bob and Melba Cheney.
This month I have added
Progressive BINGO, Coffee Club and
Craft Club. These are all explained on
the August Activity Calendar.
In addition to these new things, I
have several new games on the agenda.
Those are “Scattergories” - a category
game where you answer each using the
same letter, “Songburst “ - a complete the
lyric game with music from the 50s & 60s,
“Triominoes” - similar to dominoes only
triangle shaped pieces with numbers are
used and “Rumor has It” - where we will
see how much the rumor changes from
start to finish. LETS HAVE FUN!!! Alyce
will be back for a sing-along on the 12th
Out with the old? Of course
NOT! We'll still have BINGO, Fancy
nails and entertainment with Darlene on
the 5th, Lois Rood will be here on the 7th
to celebrate August birthdays and the
Hello August! It’s back to school
Windy River Dulcimers return on the
time...(Already….where does the time go?) On
Thursday, August 6th we’ll say goodbye
to our Trinity Friends. They’re off to
learn things new and we are too!
Bible Corner … From God’s WORD :
Do everything in love.
Be sure to check your calendars
for more information and come out to
join in the FUN!!
- Heidi
Welcome to Haven Manor
Robert (Bob)

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