Camp Packing List - The Wiz Kids, Inc.


Camp Packing List - The Wiz Kids, Inc.
East Orange Unified
Marching Band
You will need enough for seven days. Remember to pack extra in the event of rain/ mud
 Warm sleeping bag or sheets and blankets
 Pillow
 Toothbrush and toothpaste
 Bath soap or shower gel
 Shampoo/conditioner
 Lightweight bath towels, washcloth, hand towel
 Hairbrush/comb
 Lotion
 Deodorant
 Insect repellant
 Sunscreen
 Bag or bucket to carry toiletries to the showers/bathroom
 Shorts Black (about 9)
 Shirts/t-shirts (about9)
 Pair long pants/jeans (for cool days and nights)
 Sweatshirt or long-sleeved fleece shirt
 Underwear
 White Socks – bring extra pairs
 Sleep-wear
 Swimsuit
 Beach towel
 Flashlight with fresh batteries
 3 pair athletic shoes for marching
 Shower shoes/ Flip Flops
 Rain-gear
 Warm jacket, hoodie
 Instrument, reeds, valve oil, mouth piece etc.
 Hat and/or sunglasses
 Phone and Charger
 Prescription medications (Keep in original container, clearly labeled with dosage instructions.
Pack medications separately, as medications must be given to a staff member at check-in, and will
be dispensed by the camp health officer as instructed.)
Please note the following:
No Food of any kind is to be packed
No TVs, DVD players, video games or other electronic devices
No jewelry
Cell phones are allowed during free time at the close of the evening for emergencies Contact Mr. Goode
Camp Kweebec
157 Gamefarm Road, Schwenksville PA 19473 (610) 667-6376