Welcome Visitors - Highlands Church of Christ



Welcome Visitors - Highlands Church of Christ
Ifyou are visiting with us today, we consider you orx bonondgt*t! Please6ll out a guestcard locatedin the back of
the seatin ftont of you and place it in the offering plate. Our last week's visitors were: Al & Margatet Siegfried 88
Howe Rd., Keng Ohlo 4424O,Mike Butts 530 S. Flodda Ave., Lakeland, Flotida 33801, Lynn & Sally Dtxon 2928
Quail Rise Ct., Tallahassee,Florida 32309.
Merle P'aris
Henr1 Krkland
Marc Prvsnell
Mike Dix
T*A Douberly
C*rg Smelser
Paul Hads
Cibson Steed
Alan Pittman
Bob lValnsle1
Mike Nhl
[email protected]
Senior Minister
Randal Mlters
r an dalcmyers @y ahoo.com
Childrcn, Youth & Family
John lYatson,Jr.
[email protected]
Robin lYickman
Rolph Rogers
Melinda McMahon
[email protected]
Prav For Our Young PeoDle...
Do Thev Need It! Bv Randal M
Listen to this quote I read this week. "I seeno hope for the future of our people if they arc dependent on the ftivolous youth
f today, fot certainly all youth are recklessbeyond wotds. r0(/henI was a boy, we v/ere taught to be discrete and respectfi of
but the present youth ate disrespectful and intolerant of limitation"
t certainly describesmost of them that I know. A1l you have to do is to drive your cat in our own neighborhood about
:00 when school gets out to seethat this quote really true. Neat the comet of Peterson and Birsch it's impossible to get
rough with teenagerswallcingin the streets...some groups ate walking three and four side-by-side. I'll tell you. .. Oh wait!
t quote was made by a Greek poet named Hesiod who lived from 750 to 650 BC! That's almost 3000 years ago.
ere'splenty to be upsetabout when it comesto youngpeople...but that true of AIL youngpeople...whenI was a teenag€t
vrhen you vere a teenageror a teen€er living when Jesuslived ot a teenagerwhen Hesiod lived or a teenagerwhen Abnwas around. It's toqh to be a teenagerjust becauseof their position in life; not a child anymore and not an adult eithet.
e need to pray for our youth alright but not the prayer you might have thought I meant at the beginning of this article. We
hank God fot them. V/here would we be without out kids. Out kids ate the lifeblood of the church. I love the babies and
joy watching them as they gtow. I love seeing two people fall in love and I love having the younget couples who have the
e need to thank God that out young people love to worship in our singing for instance. I love to hear the teen'svoices singing with enthusiasm Shout to the Lord ot I-ord I Lift Yout Name on High. Some others would tathet ve sing Hallelujah,
iseJehovahorJust a Litde Talk withJesus. ButI love it when vre havea truly blendedsewice...somesongsdudng the serice thet everyonecan relate to ftom theit point of view or life experienceand together we join our voices in ptaising God.
is atticle could quickly tum into a rcsearchpaper ot a book so I1l stop for now. But we need to thank God for so many
hings as relatesto out youth. Most urg€ndy tight now we need to ptay fot Gods blesshgs on about 30 of thetn vzith theit
who have gone to Winterfest in Gatlinburg. Our prayer for them is that they've had fun, are delivered back to us
fe and sound, that tle subjectscovered at the event vrill sink deepwithin thetn and that theit dationships are strengthened
our kids.
It is that time of year again, we are looking
for people to help preparethe communion
for evening services.If you would be
willing to offer your time to help serve in this area)
pleasesigr up on the back bulletin board in the
!7ith a new year upon us, we are looking to update and
tefresh our ministry lists. You will find posted lists of
those that have signed up in the past located in the back
of the auditorium. We ask that you pleasetake a look
and make sure your name is on the papers if you would
like to serve in the areasof Nursery, Gteeters, or
Baptismal Garment Care fot 20t5.If you would like to
be removed, pleasescratch your name off, and if you
would like to be added, please add your name to the list.
The Honduras team is gearing up fot their sununer
mission trip, June 10-21,.If you would like to help, you
may do so in the followlng ways: pray for the dp,
donate items for the garaige sale to be held on
March 7th, donate money fot Bibles, food, trip cost,
ot sponsor a home. If you need more information,
pleaseseeJose Cano or Belinda Smelset.
We are h"ppy to announce Bill
Lawrence has been acceptedinto the ' ' UtNr'
Blooming Arts Festival, to showcase
his tecord art. We are so happy for
you Bill, if you would like to support him in this
wondetful accomplishment, th. festival will be in
Bartow on March 7th & 8th! Pleasesee Bill with
So much work, so little time! The
Honduras Mission Team is here to help!
Hire a Missions Team Member to complete your yard
work, house cleaning, small proiects, or anything else you
can thfurk of. Funds donated for the work will go towards
the 2015 Mission Trip. PleasecontactJose or Melissa
Cano with questions or to request work.
I Congratulations, Steven &
Alexandra Blanton, on the birth of
your new baby grl. Elena Ashley was
,/ born on Febru^r{ 79.2015.
Sptead the Wotd Seminar- This special seminat will
be taught by Andy Millet and held hete at Highlands
Church of Christ on April 24-2612015.
Registtation will begin Febru^ty I and close April
17,2015. A signup sheet is posted in the foyer.
Matedals for the seminar are $30 per
participant. For those who stgn up during the
registration period there will be no charge.
Lunch will be ptovided on Saturday and Sunday for the
registeredparticipants at no cost to the participants.
The only items participants will be asked to provide are
dessertson Sundav.
The schedule will be as follows:
Friday,6:00 to 9:00 PM
Saturday, 9:00AIVI to 4:00 PM
Sunday, 12200to 4:00 PM
Kid's Corner!!!
Children's Church Schedule
Line Up it Foyer by way of Prince or Pdncess
Ptoceed to the Children's \Worship Room
Children will sing three worship songs
Prayer and Contribution
Puppet Skit with Theo
2-3Year Olds are Dismissed to theit Individual
7. All other children are dismissed into gtoups by age
fot alternating activities of Crafts and Story Time.
8. Children ate picked .tp after AM Services in the
Fellowship Hall
Children's Church Team:
Story Time: Gerri Doyon
Ctafts: Andrea Willis
2 & 3Year Olds: Heather Stone & Anne-Ashley Fawcett
Month of Match:
Story Time: Teri Ptesnell
Crafts: Lori Irwin
2 & 3 Year Olds: Melissa Cano
We are excited to announce this year's 2015 Honduras
Mission Team!
Caleb Barton, Julia Barton, Jose Cano, Gayle Harsell,
DeAndria Harris, Shondria Lopez, Anthony Mackey,
McKinsey Myers, Randal Myers, Belinda Smelset,and
Nick \il7ilson.
Joseph Riffe's is serving in
El Salvador.Joseph's
address, is as follows: AT2 fuffe
60001 FPO AA 34007-0001
Fon oun ilILlrAnY
CSL Comalapa Unit
The Children's Ministry is undergoing some exciting
eagerto share the details!!! The Big
revamping! We
Reveal, Coming Soon!!!
Wi n te r 2 0 1 5
Pa g e4
Worshin Schedule
BibleStudy 9:30am
I0:30 am
Eve.Worship 6:00pm
Weekof February15,2015
Bible Class
Morning Worship
PM Worship
I 18
Weekly Budget
February 25th- The church will be holding a Blood
Drive from 5:30-8:00 PM. All donors will receive a
Attention! Acts Groups | &2 EventThutsday February 26ft in the FLC Caf6
at 6:30pm. We will be having breakfast for
dinner! Everyone please b.itg yout favorite
breakfast side, dish, or drink. Breakfast
cassetolewill be ptovided. If you have any
questions, please see Kelly Tteio.
The Bell Shoals Chutch of Christ invites all interested men to
participate in their annual Ments Retreat. Brother Olu Shabazz
from the Harlem Chutch of Christ will lead the weekend study
entitled, "A SavedLife". Signup sheets and FAQ sheets are
posted on the foyet bulletin board or you may contact
Vernon Howell at 8il1-391-4540
Wednesdav Fellowship Meal
Chef Buster will be serving up
Spaghetti,Green Beans,Buttered
Corn, Salad,Rolls, and Dessert!Come
join us at 5:30pm
THIS WEEK-02 ^ ^O15
Jim Boatenhammer
Diane Boatenhafiuner
Nurserv Attendants:
Pam Kapocsi
Lisa Sharp
NEXT \rEEK-O3 /01 ^015
Bob Odum
Sally Odum
Nursery Attendants:
Mrry Jo Riley
Janet Wickman
Cate of Bantismal Garments:
February: Gayle Harsell
VENDORS NEEDED! The Honduras Mission
Team is hosting our fi.rstannual ctaft fair alongurith
the yard sale on March 7th. If you are a craftet or
vendot and would like i booth, please see
in fU.frsa Cano. Infonnational Signup packets are
I located on the foyet table. The Mission Team is
also accepting donations for the yard sale,please feel ftee to statt
brirg"g these items into the church.
Singles/Young Prcfessionals' - Dessert Event
in the FLC, on March 21st at 6:30pm. Please
sign up in the foyet if you plan to attend. If you
questions, see Buster Beeman, of
Melinda McMahon.
Andl l8th-Foundation Christian Academv will be
golf tournament. Best Shot Scramble
f format includes 18 holes of championship go[ c rt,
.rs. of driving range, and practice putting green.
Gtab bags and Dinner from Moe's included. Price
per player is $100. Putting contest begins at
11:00am, shotgun at t00pm. Entty deadline is Monday, April
13th. An informational fly.t, and tegisttation forms are
located on the foyer table. If you have any questions, please
Heathet Stone.
Aprit lgth- Flonduras Lunch/Silent Auction
afterAM services.More detailsforthcoming.
Jennifet Barton, had successfulsurgery on her shoulder. She udll be in a sling for five weeks, and starting
physical therapy soon.
Lindsey Brassford, a dear friend and neighbor of Bill Shuler, underwent an exploratory surgery last Friday.
Pleasepray the doctors are able to determine what is causing her discomfort and for her rapid healing and
reco\rery. 6613 Newman Circle West, Lakeland, FL. 3381,1,
Diane Gash, a dear friend of Faye Kirkland, was found unconscious with no heart beat and they suspect it
v/as a result of an electrical shock, while they have been able to restart her heart, she is still critical as they try
to determine the extent of brain damage.Prayers for her healing would be greatly appreciated.
Arthur Hightower, grandson of Dorsey & Sandy Hightower, has been rescheduled for brain surgery on
February 23'd, at the Florida Hospital for Children in Orlando. He will remain in the ICU until Friday, when
they will perform a second surgical procedure to remove the tumors tesponsible for seizure activity.
Luanne Keel, fell last week in her kitchen and has broken her wrist. They have placed a cast eadier this
week, and she had a CT Scan on Saturday to determine if the break will heal propetly or if surgery will be
Faye Kirkland, fell and has three cracked ribs. She is looking at least a 6 week recovery.
Dotothy Otto, aunt of Tom Plochocki, has awakened from the coma, and now entered rehab. The progress
is slow and she still has a long road ahead of her. Continued prayers would be appreciated.
Bryce Siebrands, the great grandson of Tom & Mary Wilson, had a successful surgery. The liver transplant
'was a perfect match and he is tecovering. The Wilson's are very appreciative all the prayers and ask that we
please continue to keep Bryce in pral'er for his healing.
Bill Shulet, recently had surgery on this teeth, as well as he will be starting radiation as his cancer has
Maurine Stillwagon, fell and has broken her shoulder. Pleasepray for her healing.
Carol Wallace, suffered the loss of her mother. Carol is currently in Alabama for the funeral. Pleasekeep her
in thought and prayer at this difficult time and for safe travels.
Ron Vellsted, nephew of Jeanette Clark, is having a lot of pain with M.S., which has resulted in him having
to quit his job. Prayers for him during this difficult time would be appreciated.
Pleasecontinue to pray for Richard Allen, Adam Baumoehl, Jacqui Bergh, Ken Douberly, Susan
Faulkner, Merle Farris, Catherine Grant, TanyaJohnson, Eatl Light, Shondria lnpez, Melissa
Pflieger, Whitney Reed, Shatasha Rice, Matha
Roark, Tiffany Rogets, Mamie Sexton, Linda Taylor,
Terrell Family, Bevedy Vinson, and Elizabeth Warnsley. Also, pleasepray for those who have recentll,
lost loved ones.
Neighborhood Bible Study Groups
This fall Highlands is going to take another step in getting the good news ofJesus out into our
neighborhoods. After months of discussion, prayer, and planning your elders have decided the time has
come for Highlands to begin hosting neighbodrood Bible study groups in the homes of Highlands members.
Beginning this fall, groups will meet on Sunday evenings in homes for the purpose of creating an
environment where the gospel is shared, personal growth is encouraged, and spiritual friendships can be
We are informing the church now becausebeginning the first Sunday in March a thirteen week training of
group leaders and co-leaderswill begin. This training will be conducted by Craig Smelser on Sunday evenings
and will be for the pulpose of teaching leaders how to conduct a meeting where the three purposes are kept
in balance and the groups don't regressinto those habits and practices we are most comfortable with. In
addition, the leaderswill be introduced to the study material we will be using initially for the Bible studies.
The neighborhood Bible study groups will consist of 1,0-1,2adults plus theit children. The number of groups
Highlands begins with will be based on the number of trained leaders ready to commit to leading a Bible
study group this fall.
We do remember and are aware that Highlands has tried similar things in the past with mixed results at best.
We believe with good training, a common set of goals and purposes, the use of common Bible study material,
and strong leadershipthat the three purposes expressedabove can be accomplishedand this will be a tool
God uses to spread the light of his Son into our neighbodroods.
Participation in small groups will not be required and there will continue to be a meeting here at the building
on Sunday evenings. We do believe neighborhood Bible studl' groups can be an effective use of this third
hour of time we ask Highlands's members to give on Sundays for tl-repurpose of growing in faith, hope and
love. We ask that you be in prayer about these Bible study groups and your role in their successin reaching
into the neighbodroods where we live.

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