TMs is ih< void 9f ^© i»ioi(£ ^asw^ UKoco*^ l賓tt r knoim as Mick Xia



TMs is ih< void 9f ^© i»ioi(£ ^asw^ UKoco*^ l賓tt r knoim as Mick Xia
May a, 19^8
TMs is ih< void 9f ^© i»ioi(£ ^asw^ UKoco*^ l»«tt r knoim as Mick Xia^oe^a^
l»cd9T and iB6nagT ^f tb^ worXdts firfti J»»a feand, texeiGa &B th® er^ators o.?
ja%»* X* XX i»lX you »bd2i vsy .arly life in music and oentaet Iwi'feh iwyeio]* Z
vaa boirn in 1B89 ia th® cit-y of <w. Orleans* )fy f<tih9T<» naa» was 61<rolic»aft
iaRoc^a^ nfeo wtff a tna^p^ft pUy<^ Hlcfl aystlf, My a$tb<r in Victorl& ^wngtiu |?]^
and o^ 9f <fehai %arriag« eaao »ix ehil^reR» Xtll giv yo^ then in opd«p»
Rosario van the oXd»e% Anionia xaa aiy siEtT va» sacond, Sfcria v third,
BartholoiKw m^ fo^Ptfe, I wwm S^^aS.olE;^ Melc,» th»i !. »e^ w*» the fouytfe eMM^
B»rfche^©ss< i m» th<i fi^feh ehiljd^ (Lnd X^eo&aKrd w^ ihe »i3£th ehiXd, &i ley ear^y
Uf^ tbc ItaXian*^ <r aex»an» a^ ais^ [email protected]»» t3^y ^<d to have birthday
parties and 4iff»wt f^neiiofis* arota^ the eity* ISy ^ath^r played in Biany banda
about ih< oity* As^l .IX b» couliet get i»a» ft>»e £l* e*< be wa* not pnid]^
-tattght ay «i»t^i h<w to pXay^ be 'Unghi say ol4«r lr©tfe»r hov t,^ pl^y> and yhitn
It <5am< i© ny t-iiErB X va» io becoms a doc^r* He didnU w^i no »asie for %«^ fe^t
X [email protected] im»ie» In ay s&rly contact nith iau»ic v»» <mt ieb^*^ ny fa^bw w©uld
play life» Spanish ^ort or <Aife»r »^ W^ei IM, Aset jiometi%<» when h« wa»nli
pUying be -wild tatc* me ont to WfelU Oity «ndl listin to ihe jui»ic, or ^»»d go to
the paaffeai and U»Un to )m^» er go on th® riw .n4 Uirt<n to muaia, caus< t^t
vas -fcfe^ ia«in ^pari i^^ ay ^.Vier(« trade* §e irafi A 8ho»»<»erohani« H« 8ol4 shoe*
to ihes?« sa3A©r» a^d fttpidlrcd t»m» asd h^ <^&1» four differ«ni laaguagw, ISy
f&iber 3lT»d, he AriEt opaRtd his pXaet »i Wanhington Av^iue and §i» Thomas, H$
h»d a Xiiile »bo< tier® and a »hQ<ii^iBg plae» to repair ihea. An^ he n»de nw
shoes also* <^ a Synd&y v^iw. ve w»renti iiorfeing <»t s^ father v»@n*t forking h®td
bring *1®» ©a^^noui alemg tbe river wiich yaa .the ^oer people t8
-fchst tiffl* tbey ha^ RO <iwMfeoat» OT fttewagfeipty tfeey had .t^ftnboais but no
.tettffiefei^ ecwm going ibAi X se^<i And the ^arfs ws» op^a a.'f^ir, it "»as p&or
Rwl X
May 2X» 3^
pi^pW« ^ow®ts»d<i« V»U, they ha^ bnrk* or bonU tii&i caae fs^a Itha]
IPortwfM* in^ wch cme of ^m boats Had a band OR it or .ometin^ Uifie
a&eordioa ^r pieceXo or bass vio31»^ or » violia» The XttiUan® v«r» ^ho eam^,
They Iwd ©Xfirinet or pie<?®lo ^iih this &cooa?dion» Xi va» liiili Mt-fcy oeiagen
8h^p« *«o®rdi(m iNtt ih<y pl»3?ied, Th^n ^ teiday ih» 8«a»i»x»<*»Xtm g©isg ahead
of ay SUry*»^5® Qerm<n» bad »U Nw»» i»»toa»eai»* T3^ tuid eomet^ alio^
Iwr^oxw, $x^ tu^ and ^»y uaod t^« besc ^m, And ih«»» -n w>uld go srotmd
.fch* par^e of itee ^on-t pftrt of ^h» ^ity ^3a3?ing cm tb» »ty<tt comTe .cc<pting
gratuAM<» fSroa e pw?pl» i^^i » hat» Thai v»» »$»» of »y wwi^&l .duestion,
Th® n e ay father talwi m io tfae»» plac- t&» aore X wa» dt-fce^fflih^ io
play ausic* At th<r age of ain» yu-a old-X remnkber just .e i»cU a< X an htre
ioday^t ^onH <t*y -febAi X h»v^ a 1s»it«r »«i[i^ry ihaa aay^ody elsi, but we vr»
going intQ iwa? ^th ^&in^ ftnd t^ vwe ^^irt» a^inging ^e i»Xa^h<me ^r^,
and i<l»gr^pfa ntx»«» os Si. TfaoaiMi i§i* pB»aing t»he Btre^t, Tfe^ nr<re putting 1^
wtrea, <l»X<gf^b ^iru»» Hy mcle W^.fsiay B<N^Nk h*d v&l^rt^w^ for the mr
n *R)S ^r itK^Xei?, Da<a «E^ «XX vft® oaf^ns. S^ X N^d )»UX» hia
io go to
eorn#t and nwai d<SNn to ^ie bl©ek ml try io leam ihi» com»t« At fir$t X
oouXdntt mice no «oand« out of it* X c<[email protected]*"t imdersisnd it, ^he way he voiald
play Bsd play .o -y itlih it. ITirst ^ling X Imov X was blwing a note^ (Kxother
<?RBy than w g&t X got to playing tnxgle oaXls* Then w teidit voul4 go (Ermmd the
naigNaorfaoed my 6ff fe'cNn tht feoust tffkd BO- wmld hav<i ir*»hfeoUeaw, tis. p<®B,
usd &^ oM refused kitoh^n yiwasil tdiat they ^i<in*t usa, Som* fnu.i NIQQ»sijLotoi^
^bKtOaii^g solM*rs, aad i^»y h&d the Aa^pieim Uag^ a littl» btity pi^^ of
imnriean flag^ ite&i th^- h*<a, te<i-as< everybody )md fXagft then and they had a
fX»g amd p^fc it en a sU^lc and tUey ^anied it, and 8Bcwa niih ^aln,w and Ke»d
a«ei x
?ifey a, x9$e
go oa all mn? the tr^e* Ve pl^ad th» fesglt e*XX» th»its »U X lenew,
X later iak^n ihi^ eoanaet and I fe»gan to find oihar notea, ^ai ih^ tee^s Man
for» I took a piace of pi^^r and the si^U tun»s ihai X fc&ew Uke <bhe ehiX<!lr»&
would »ing [Mr, X<*Aocca «i^g»]
oe® « boat wound th» fecnd^ go^dby EQr
lefver^ g^odfey^ X^aBed d^tm with OhiiMMM», go<4l3y ay Xww, good^ Bye ^k^y , * ,
toh times Xite» ifoat aad l^agt .gain] ^b> ^el» ^otm {RBnt«h<(p Boy"? ]^ da, <Sa^
d»^ da^ ^ 4a4^ eio* Gr <IX 8-n yiuBNlRgt^t <^?o»a t^» B«X«»»T<»»1> Many tunes
tb&t chiXdrwi .8<sttX4 ?ing iroyNI ihe ^o^^ir, *^iag *rowd ^» X^H^** aad ih»
Ntodon M4gt i» calling ^CTm*t Tho»^ i?er< thB fir»t txmee X eon^.ttflKi -tea
papar, X ioo&t a pieoa Qf wwy *^ Itd l^ew a aot^ X put th» naae OJF the tw
^ ^he ^©ep^ ^4 Xtd vw^ wfcAUver t»ly corrwpond viih the <fc<m» thai X ^ad in
nsy in »y w< Oft to iNL» p«^r* JW S» a^ont fiix i«&jath» X iias pli^iag a tw
tmw» X plsy»a "SfwH Ton [email protected]«r Ho?rr» MU »»iXag^N I pX»2wX *Who*s TJaa-fe
Knocking," aot tt3&io<ktng »t the So^e'^* .<mc <^uae thai»-toooi»^ 1&oe«^ yx?u ^ntt,
.our ^(&^ iNkt X e*8ti r«n»1s<r ^» correct nam, but si l^eusi X think ii bad
»©a^Mng 1,0 d^ Nith 1»MU BaiS.iy.r* Wmti Tou CoMe ov«r io ?fy B^ueo,* tb»i
naui t&s (me of ttai»
ytetU Md y^^<fvw 18WW * ^S a^owt (»Samael» BilX» th® Sailer?^
^SsS^yJ 1lto* Nli^» x di4ntt fcnw "Bt^aacX* Bm» the S»iXar»fl Ai thai time^
X aevw laaw BBwmael« Bill^ ih< $<dlX»r*8 Xi> it .xisU4^ X h»ye n&vsr teoim
ii^ fesii they wey^ ^»ny tli&»» litce p<i0ple noald »ing# T&<m CIUEW ^K^imd a hand
organ and h«M gxltid mii three tm^ for a nUlcel, Tba oldw Tfe»o$r» and girXa aa<i
th* y&mg teidn vould tyy to feXXcw ihe MggT Qn^»» And alX toe i>«epX< eat o&
ih<» o®m<rs^ ih^y dAdntt go riding auUaobilee and carrisge»» Tha etre^-^i wept
s»ad^ of amd asd a eo\^plt of »treeic v^e oo^blestenee^ and 1/fea Blwt-rixs Xtghis
Srfl X
Hay n^ X9$B
i^m v&» sert £^ eia » great big high iroa f^^w aael they etuek way in .Uxe aly<
And they were Made of Garbcm Ughta^ carbon Xighta, 31 .enn the first aXectyie
ess'4 I wwm vhtsn ^» Jacteson lisa was ^ut. in^ and X ..en nh<n itw firyfc »ul»
oay Tnaai out a And I i»» here tbrough aXX oJP iteai^ and I n»» here vh«a tfeey
pXay»d ih$ Uno<rft» ife» .ebotti&c^e, quAdriXi»<^ a»d «tery dwe* ihat tbw was,
Nst [email protected]^ nas no J»»B^ and I m« hw?« dwrlng th« r^ii%a yfeyfeNa .r»*
Hon Xo^ ne go back nw to ay «85le# Z pXayd niih tteie ti^»to2Bfi«tt<» Th^
ve moved io N»giM^a^ aromd 1900 <® Nt^isise ^d St» An^p^ir^ 80^2 XBga»3^®
Si3mit» X^aiy fatbw w^#d «FVir tfeore snd opNnod & larg»r sho» stsT<# Xt was
te^ye nfaere X amd io go; in ih» ^wste houa^ and pr*eti<w» tot nobody c©yld get
ia* Tfen noigS^ont uaad t0 tfere r Igpiete)? »i a»» rot-tos fr^.^^ aiaXo Nk»^
<tnyt g ih6y oould teid ^d ^terw^ aa^ the ®or» <th»y ihas^Nf at we^ the U^d»r
X TOOd pUy* iltl» » f<Bi?] «^ X n«w lyk^ pUydt with any ei^r b^y ^iat^i4»
of alcmg sid» of ]pfaono<E>^fe reeerd* Trytag to play &gAi»»t tfe^ ph^n^ys^h
rwri* VeXl, »y fa^iw ^i<^ wfe«ft X ws.s .bo^t finoea asd a tiaXf yiMirn old^ and
who 1 » » vary talwitd aa^eian and onn^d & ^«m3yy @-fe03?<» »cd
th*^- had a »on by ^6 wa» »f MofflEy nho va3 an axpTt yl.aliaEai»t» I'd .ay Xtd
pufc Ma againat luayeiarti »i -tMa ti®^» He feftd X»Any»4 amsie 3jft the right v&y* So
they *@te<id ^y »othT, e*id, "Vtey deat't yo% let Mm ^©ai® <yy»r ih« Inks with teiry
ajad be good eoiyny fer M^? ¥h<srtlX b# Al>U t.o pX»y »u«ic errer ih^»»» So
whna I wwt m ever t^n »ltl» hla, X wAy towi a f- tw, ltd th^ played by
NR^U» Well, X etsri fiaidUsg aro^d with tte^ b«t X tei^, ft&aM* Mrs* Itoia'tg used
io Mic» Kfc»i X pX»y»d* ^o &nw ve»d play sar or tve qjher^i sbetd hoXlw
.Br^&lBEloim*'1 X nevwr knew irhai llBrNi^a©N»*1 ira»» *IBr«^3do<m,<* that [email protected] -fco 4ieeard
See! X
M»y a, X9S8
itee »uxLc and pX&y wb»^<wer ^XoOies you ^ould ^it in ih»re» Tteat was ^ie
beginning ©f »y si»»le»X trainiag i0iieh X vas io pni io U8« in XatT years,
Affc«r ] ?&, ?<?m^ veiai to t.h» ^ii^ M«nxy .nd X f<aw>d the ^Lret band
and we nwe ia texg B^c^^ M^»»l»8i^i» tot her^ i» »om» ©1 "Vr boyn yho
pUy1»d 11i^h J^* BNP ih^ t
NI<»ilU«« «
4^<] AX3. rWit» <© iRighi ^aad
[LaHoccAi] Hnr^ ^oyt X we^ pXsy^ nith WMI ^may ^^g» iriplin^ Jew
Gi% e^ gaitna^ ^ »A tfe^ aitrNir^ Wit aNml» ^*IE»» I ^o 10^ Nn^i^ h* nas a
l»rb«p» h© pl^»d baaa^ <tNE l<?te X*tftoe^» coamei^ ihis van i&t jflyst groi^
^f bey» thai ^ <wer bad playa^ .»i'^h# TM» v&« in X^ng Beach, l&swiiisipp^.
V plt^d for 4<met«, ftsd ^ifftrwt othwr Affair a3?OBi^ ^^ B#&eh^ Herxderroi's
3 % m^^ Si^te ®a^ *^ imy oih<F i?3AW aXong i3^ teLf Oeaat, Comiag
^a®k io Sw Qrl^iuss "tlaat ni&t^r X joinad anotlw ©xitfit, i^er® 2 pX&yd -with
Je. Tujopw l^iir T-*W^-6»n«l}, wiio p3*snd g^tar. AAa tujagw play»d
baw, ttyoa^« f^iee pl»^»d impHnji M»]Eiry Tomg aXno pUyed -yiolin^ Sleic LaRocoa,
<wn«i* TMtt ^o^ ^Uyd IJR th» Xri^h CEhanneX* We^X^ 1by ihia tia< my ryim* h»d
b«n Nnaim t^1t X M<^ a ^n* »»fti<$iaa^ X cloa*t si^ X ^as goodji Wfc th<jy knii
^feay eoald g^t ar foy ^We i.nd l ets leaothsr groi^ at f»U^a X play»<l «ith»
IMs is b»@te ®> icsm <^ag ^r s^^o »«!tion van Bu»« B*yv^, baw, H«nry Toung,
riolin^ Ji»Bi» %la^hji ir^ WIK tt Kt^l^^iber to Urry Sfei»lds» He pXa^ gui-Uy,
[email protected] X^QCGQ. e^F&»t» X pX&3r»d with tnot&er <r^p, down-fccnm^ Su»u SAyw»^ guiUr^
Itillie Oiaiisy^ ^wm^ Barry Mmiw (vh^Nier this boy ia rel&i^ "to iXcide NyReai or
not X [email protected] knew} lm^ X played id-th 1M« buneh in ^h<i dcw&toim section,
V3sfcat3 ^.IXn '^s^ iiaeirmenifl did i^y pl*^ X ^id^ti get that,
Real x
Nsy n^ 1^8
i&tea*! tou ^^^ g^ i^? ^»XX» 2tU UXX yo%» 3u»u Sayai^ played g^iar,
miie <Nii»r pl»y.e4 ba»», Barry Km^ played vioUn, »ad I played the QOOTx^t*
W» play4 in t^ dcfwntotm iwitloii, ihai is vay^Xow Sl^Uc fields Av^iue, Mow
this i$ in 190^ (03^ <^d ^ wad »0^ ao, X wwt sh^d of n^ ^ateaient.,
(^ and *0^ <u^ .^^ t^ ^^ ¥rMwn l?aad XplayiidNith a boy fta^ed Qwgi
»ba-» ^<^^ ^^1 ^^<
<^^ tfei» boy eeUa ioe csr«am
wrwrsd -feb* strKrfee iwSay, T3,^M»^ a^ Kiefe M^<m» TMt ^ot^ aisd iOl t^
abm gro^n mo ®a33Ad 1^6 ^MWji no w^tt an^ nfew ^h» y^^)aNmts ran ®^,
they »n Mi^petr^ on< by oai. In X918 tl90fa?] X twe^ wy om b«nd» a^tsg
brasa and clxrinet* X vae
t mmM ^ lota^of 5®^ laihouph I r»e«iv^|
* tws j»ec^Mi W«>] teaw ai»^ i»afe<4 aw» ^o p>lfty f^ notbing .. X
had <toe WjTorn,
Xi na« here iNrt I »^&rUd tatd^ <m^id<?
j^^«* ^ »^&<^ttd jobs «ith Mil Otllaty
t^.. . ^^ ^,, B,^^ ^^ ^ . ^ <,. ^ ^, ," ^^
v»» aia Xri«te CEN^iX <yougp* X» b»tw&«i tosB X playsd ih» ^ietmte tthow, X
f^U<im<i ifetsws X hlre4 aiy^^lf oat 'to play aood »wio» Asd it «as hey that X
atarfc puitisg th^e pi«c^ i^gether, fl^ faavin' SOTTT ©&e take <^B domi in noUtion,
Tfe® ortgl^l »e^^8<sript6 I »tiU ba^e iod^y and X }iftv doc^^t» U prwa, aoi
only ^EW leitw, tert fiE*^i »ff»davitrS,
(At .lt^,|'n|^ftt^ ymwi* 3 Ek,.:^y%^^ r^ftd ih» JTeUowlng dewwrrfci] IIArfadavit*
Stef of, yarfh of QI.IWRS. BeforB w, Bartd I.. Hwam, tt» aadwtga.d
*%ili Emy « Soiary rgbHe diOy <s^Xified a^ai <^a^lp»lon»d in *ad £^ ^e ?l«ri8jb of
Orlmi^ Biate of Irf>ulai<t8<i, ^rs^naXly oam» a^t iwean-ed Mrs» AUce ^.erQ, a
fwal. pcr^E^ w^ i^i ago ^f minority end fall ^1X ^own mto me, N©1^7 rubUc,
irho first being diOy worn, diecl&sed emd said ss r^n^K»» That (i^onit vas yl3.
arxox I^ROCGA
n»y n^ i^se
geqm^nt^irUh and faa® jx^-eonaUy ^ncmn far mora Ux&a iM«nity^f3lyt ywtr» ^a^
^t J# URocca who r»si4e» in the olty o^ Mm OrUanfi, Sta^ of Louisiana,
tb<A ^^armt i» »n <»rgani<3t fey prot^^ioa and <lwiag ^h»
of tiae f3?<m
t9^k ^ W^ ft dwm @a p^p^r Tiyri^us ec^[email protected],iion» o3?igiRSttecl 1bgr t&0 .aid
- tTigT ^&g^t "feha^ the «<^4 Beffli^M^f t^ Mtoeoa erlgjja*i<4 »ad pl»y®^ the
f^wWl<W*, amoag «M^ ceapo^itiona ws tfee tt^>«r ^re»enily tema
afowwBUoned as»few> by w^ not Imswing th» reateg amd vriting ©f msi® >n^
wmXd eUfew play on N.<» eoam^t <fV ^M thn ae^tioaa^ nus^w to ^cment^ ihat
on -fche oceaalan nfe^R tht »aid ^oninie^ ^, UHocca flr»t played Tig^r Bag* 1$
a<poassmt i^ .»&^ ^h» first tlwe th»i d^p<m<m^ bBd wflr b»*rd »afif, and thww^xm
r#d^e<d WSSQ t^ Kriiingj thai ^e^tmen^ h&js &Xwty8 oonsidt^r^ tir aforersentionttd
X. Doataio/X'W^a .< th* ^»posw .nd eriginator of tfa<i .ong. srwoUy taom
a» «ad ^tita^d »Tig»r S»g*» SHgaNl, »&r8* Alio» Xlwn^ aw?m -bo and ii^#orilKd
to Wosm m tUa tw^Xfyx ^<ky of ^im»> 1940» ^>vi^. I'* H^%»ftB^ Mo^ry ^ulbljle»n
[URoccaiJ »<nr yon w^i^ U »>k: aa *lxm^ th» ffia^ ih»t pUyd in MX1 0<OX&ty<«
band? thlB man ooald tenv b»<^ eroimd ii^r ^^ if ha wa» U'vi^ today^ a»srb» a
y»<r or ^wo oMer ^han ar» H« a»y U -fehe fttiiar of «^sk» ©f itweo G<ai&"fcy boy
playi^ arowtid t^day* Tte*^ X ^att too» beeftuse X have aey^ «tt any ^f ihw
bo^s» s^ ^oy pX*y®4 ia ^h» 4<»mtmm »<»eiAon^ MIX OaXlttty was .feh® Xetadcr QT
W ^.th^toMd, «nd tt* play^ wl7« tre»ib(»«. Th.y had a boy by to«
{j twO
name of Wa/2 4on»i toicw M» righ^ rw^ clayed dnaaa^ BaUXin^ler pX&yed th®
taps ^olin» and ^ felXa by ^fee WRe ofjbi^ nhay-plAyad elaapinei and, X plsyfld
the ^@rR ?t* X ^oU<md a boy in there by iha n&m of P^iBfewm? oy sosiething
li)i» <m thai order ^10 play^l ni^h NUa ^rlor to m® Goxing into M© taaiid^ iteat i»
Heel I
SS»y ^ 19^
X to^k odd ^obtf Kitfe hla, I wa<ntt a regular mwiber or <®iy ^iffid bewiee in
SOayo^ m ibe pl<^ur» sfaw« 2)iy^ig X912, tlb, or «a3 X played on ih^ ^Mur*
ahcws* 2 played osn ife* J, S, «xwioi& boat, X va* biyd there as ^ctya sum
and X ^Swi^ the l^t» l^als BXt»<i,n thm fenewa to »c at* **^©go Blse»,<* vithc^
the M<Nlc <Hr»ln in it, Aftd X had pla^red bl^e» »ixdXar to thai before 2 Ter
feeiffd tht NSi# Xo^i» Slne»»al
Xn wy w3y ^raiaing at eohooX^ ^ t^® cXosi?^ oaEnro^ee ifee^- had a ntaa&er
^ey <s&U«i **T)3»
Olty,11 WeU X h»d X^^n<»d iM» nmber «^ during the-»
?» ^seollA was -the wn ^o ta^xt u< ^cw to g$ through OWE- MttXe parts in
^i» ^la^teid tiia 1^$^ ^ro^ w .ix^ag it, 2 way in tfe« b»ek singiixg^ and
2 vs
»Btte«BMdb«Jbr on m» ^m^y ^id ^ eall<^ m» out in ^.<mi <u3d .«y
I 'm^ yem io ^jsg ifejK, A^d 1 ^ oyi tAi^^ and X had rfc*g< f^ighi, and Z
ccRildteH si^ ^ ^3i»g, X 00^,dn*t rww^w nhat X dia> ^ui b» ihongN; X did
M»W^s grwt that it »oul4 9wd go<sd if X w£td ^a» ©^ in ^ fmii ^
do it, 3?©« tb»t»^ 1^»t ^oyd conatgrwti^ is &ot ^eir^i AjE^l^a* Thai i^, tfee
eh^rd <y9wfcra<?il©n .h(»^en<^ is tha chord <i<maitru<sMo& o^ all th< Uu^, x*u
give ^a an i^a ^f ^n it goe» a)3d let ifa» negroeB ^ let tfeast <^iii^ ^E^y
jw X was gtexg t© »ay s^aetMng ifast»» veapy bad <Ksd X juai ir^rfc to ^orreei
^ Ut, tlw nhit» »cn ^faat ^^ so o^h about tMs msie 1w it io pieow,
{Sin^> lme»w^« a^jii aln^ng hw^tne ^Hoftgama, In th^ m.^»st,»] ^^n itn e^
ttei^ ipfeorfc 1^^i2»e if 1 played this amemget vter» X va« X KSS dmgraei^g ife^
actoA »d tee Holy Scrtptw that I toougat. I played tUs pi»ee taeat .tag.
wiatiesa emd so ^^ .in^s &^in# aromd th< s&m» ausica^ tteme]. Then eom^
the otto bXw ifa»t X played <ma a'myon< ^f ttiem wilX fii ifeai ehor<i, and not
H*el I
M»y 21, X9$8
on* of t®ts ^mti<wwr f^si AWiea Xllce they a&y .ifaia Tb^ut eti©r^ eoaatmGtic®
OKEse &tQm* Xt va« oaiae%fl<tg<»4 Ufee X did &U »gr Biuifecrs* [email protected] X played a imr
if I pX&jwt th^ aN»lo4y, and nhw «e 6<^^ dc^n io ^At MO e»U tho "la-^^wn**
'b*osw3^ of the fXngTing "beeoiw too dlf^SE^tt io HB ©» the oornet, X eouXdnti
pla7 ^^ meXo4y <K!^ £1^ ii in ^ aa^ pUfit, Eot b^ag a v^r weaUle
msicina^ 2 had io Jfalf nfaftt<ivtr X cottM GO^K ie jgy car, thai X knowed 'vwoSjSi
cone wsy Hitb ay f3jttg«(T»* S^a^e * fsto^ ^ hna fei< HBgara asd [email protected] »i»d
ijaftt ^0^ydinni-» Xm? aoy- <y^nsr iw^» ^hst I <?omp^»ed »r« th» .uw Nay» tb»
Xa$^ ^art of ih» t(Tig«y tst&* is n^Mrig Imt ^oim PhiUp ^&tt<w»s ^&rc&* [ainga
.nd ^U ?b«i Tigw»<l» iifettrt 43t4 X g»t tbai »uggeeti<m1? *?alw tilt
Ugi part of the .thing iM<?h is ioo EBa^x for ew i& tfao ^iisgwrlng aaotd I »ity»»
»<ar tBr h^U ^.^ th» d<priX ^tfa ii"*^ aMh^w^H^ w ^N1 hoam X begRXi io .ay ^
neUL lfcbfttt» goo4^ a fakw tfe&t ^oa OonH k&ow hew io play* X rd» E^^ml*
»G«f» 8BoU Thai Tiger** p<rt<] Th»t»8 not laiftgre »wie, ^fe»t»» v^ic w<a
ausic, ?b»a t^<y eymei»« ae, tey* X hav« it. hir^ in .feh# r*c©rd» wh«r$ I got
ii» Sotf vetlX Ufe» ibt tt¥ttdgwty y<wt,*1 taeft-fc iairodueii^^ about f®wr
)^W throuL^ ^rets^<sa» gXis*] N»XX^ i^^i vould that yai»d y®u of?
[AU*n»3 t&^l t.^iU W*
[L»Roccft»3 T^<»* nmtt iroa^dn1! know, NEt It» th» aian iiho ^<?^poa<d it-w"£ )mCTi«
In s^- early day «'fcen X(<i b«r ih» drta?wi, go da, da tgivec r^XX off Q£ bras»
ICM^] that is ^hat. the rMytha of tfaat ^&tr<KiQ®tl-ca» Ko» w^ [email protected] to tNt oth«r
^gri, in thai «OwrgU,< Warn fro» tht chord eon»truotio» of -Uw tt&^rgia Qwigp
* l»ta<» iM» song ]» and »o on, 5fcw if youtXX listen good io thi»
[email protected] «Moh i« » Biff^pent, ^i^fereni rfayttea l<mi .logs **yidg^ty ?ee-t*n] Xt<»
ih< aim old ttme but ba?ofe»& dewa Uk® vh<& I us^d -to ge to ibe diffopent
He^l 1
May a^ 19$8
^bnwt^rs ss^ »w thdfta feXUa in Jigtiflm» That vfis »i«a»tiBg, ih&t<s %h^re
ihe id«w go* ife»i AraK* ^.^1 to-»*^a rua^Xay » t®i8^*ad*^<top ti^®^ i^ ot^y
m?ds^ tfc»y u«td to <io that An the old mitoriXXt acta, Ktw^th^i Xs t^ saaw
coax l[»i®feiw«]» NEfe tte« ^^y la»i ^^rt thai ie (±S.rf*r<snt i» n^ oim, [Sing»
tyi^J X aay h»v» he*rd th*i »c«M>Kfe^ye, *8d Mte0 a f»Ie»ap^ i^ cam<i io ^F ralnd,
tb« tiwmd^ X donlt im<n» i^<ye X feaard it.^ ^r 1 nay hav coaipwd i-fc^ X doatt
knov> feat feeing a ^k«p» o^ dtc%»i let mym» eXr t^XX sroi^ yon ean hwy a
tldag twUy, It iry not WM to ?w aAad, °n. ywr, .lx ynw, ftew months,
iNm »o»th<^ nvei WJ^ you imcw yout3tl b« ^ it Kid y&Er fiag«r»
.U fSnM late th»t whai you h^KFd, T^% donft ksoy iiln^e y&tt»iy g<it it« B&i
?^utr» t*Xa3?ina it, Utif <s«Mlng ^p^i your Ixxty, T<m pu^iing U
yim teiemr
^tii» not 'fe^> 0^ttr »an t^At y®% ^tsrd ifei< ^^ag ff^, non i'fet» 3^ar inttfr-
pr«Ution, thaset Uk* fl^ gr-t bs^ l^aa<y«, tbey feftv^ tfffwr nany ^(^T} lii»
in ep<ira* They Nnw »^i tb»i Xee4 a^ oefa Ban l^ds bin diyfciE^iiye fft^le «r
»ouX U it* Xn w- fe»nd ^«y h*3 ^Oy <me M^el^d ^^z b^dj^ there nas so
name b»ad®, »MU o>r negro, feefor® it< They *n ca<e »n»r, Th«y say the^ Od,
tmfe 2 pr^vd <iiff<9?ft&t^ ^fe<m vi ogen^d tt ^^»«iEm»^w<» en Smos^ -fcbe fin-n^
K» n^re l^i M^w Yoapk Wf<ar» tbm bwefru»» ve had to feav
in tuxedoa
^»f<5<re tw ^oaX4 <^<e «^ & ^ir»i GX»»$ c%fe^ a^t a^it«# We wiui caaing <mfc of a
44.V aad ^odjag int^ ^a of it» moyfe ^tidio^? &a^ thn l*rgi»ri pln<;e in ^w T©rk»
HF» WWE^ iiae grNitwt ..naBtlon ®wer felt Bro*dvay 1^ fifty years* When ¥<
<®riv»d UMET^ Byott^ay wa» blAck i^th negro wi^iasi^ ragti»^<^* Aft^r oir
8ennaii<m crated amd tfe»y found ^at w ospw f^m NQK OrX<anB they e«ni ag«Rt»
dcnm }we to g»i b»Rd»» Tbe flyat Iwid that cane io Xaw York, Whoever»e Urtw"
lag t© »» Z a0k yoix for faimest ^o Xoolc ^ itee papers, oei go by MsyshalX 8t^»ra<c
R»el X
N»y a, 1958
U.p B«rvic^ or Br» B^Gb<m<» Up serriee^ birfc leefe ^ th«s< thju^gs thai 1 tfla.X
y<m, and you viU fenw t^ai ^h^y faav^ told mtiretfaa abosi this mM^U^ Ja»»
Bond* They ess&^ ^h® »g<ni» eiwe to New Orl&ana and .eewred t^e e^rvice of th»
Original Greole Sasd tlx»n eaXlitt4 B^gtl^e, t^^r pl&yd ai ^lufe BoXordin* at $0th
and Br^a<iway* Th«y opened thwa ws. Mfcreh .UMI tix^h. Toia 3P<Mftd the MCN Torlc
STch the toih lyad »ev«x^h ^f 1^X7» Th»y warii^d far tteft J»*n ^saXled Gliffcird IWb
or 4*ok W^N) <md hi» ^arfcaw?, A ^aneing »^fc, T1&»y »l0p
SCOT th® patront of
Itoi pl»c<, toy discing aaauil^, They w^p(t m»^©efafyl* They p3ay»d rAgtifflH anyd.o,
?fa»7 WR"* 01^ 5^ X»<« i^ua iw& v^^lea, th<»y Drwi into PXwtftgSr ti- [» 'walw^Xle
eireui^]* Xf ^-oa Xoote i^ 3Ln ©i^wi^r of t^a ^»r^<fl-Y y&n lAU ^x^ tNtt ttiey haT*
an «^tt?ti»»nent in t^rre <md ^h^y e<01 tfea'a-Xvw iht Sivasi xaing® of Sagtiaw,
MU ^ohn»<m# amaaage^ i^d ih»y feav« »n Aien^ thore, X caa't r«aeaber .the ag n<fet«,
t^sSK Symmn Ag<^^f* 1^* %r!<l^»yiy X ^m^ yoa riMtd Into ^M^ i<^>e ^%i ^^Ifl^y.
Mar^h ^he ^«n^ ^1?» h^ to »ay is r<sg*3^ to this a^l^ at ifei» iiw, tM^
m^^ned to be great creoX» b»nd, n<^o band jRron X«w Orl»<m», i^iich waa tiie ftrs^
»#^?o "foftnd io eome to H^i Twlc^ Wi» pl»yisg» AU righi^ Itr, tIyqutes<OE^» y^a^ it»
to ipter^ yeaa»x3 ^a»^ la
mor» and ^oy po-fcuit and
1,ht c&tearsii attra^iicmft* ^tnglKpy ttprifig?) %u»U ia nh&t the ^aacers vnt and it
ofZ^i i» looked fer by tNxi« 1^o do saei ^ss'?e»» A gro^ of wn the oUw eveaaiag,
tach lenowing orly too 'w^.l an the s%b&Tet» of §<w Torle^ dieldad the Iwst
rerfcammt orehBctnw iia tht ei'fcy are ^eei^®Et<», Bwly<», and the T^teiio* T}ie»<
orehas'fcyas ge-fc n<»ar«" i® X»gitiaaaU JSUR% fituff thftn a®y of the otiie^ s* Th^
gtmint ja^z bftiida »i Ml»«8webT^s^ ^GweTer^ aotw^^^ta&dlng ihe sober G^pinioa
of it, ar^peay to >ae drawing NisiseB* -^her^* I*»U in ifee aio»T»i3E^ the jaa^er^ go
to ifork a^d ih® dane^s Mi tb<» floor to remajba there un-fciX they -fcepr-le ovor^ if
^&y ^» ~^^
tb» band ke^s ^* placing, Xi Xe*V6s no qmticm ^i what they li^e to dano»
io thai. felnd of im^ic, *nd it i^ a teind, If the ^tew» ee< aomose they knmr
at U^ .tsUee, ii(s cowson io h»ar^ <f0h^ boy8, aa they roll iheir ^y©® nhile
nosiing paat, »nd ih^ "Oh, boy»<* oqpresslan 3pr<sA»biy d^crib^i i&e ^a bimd
msU better ^w a^Mjag aia. eoAi»«
ENteAt} K<^* ^ ^^< »egro«» m» eo <grwii <u^ tfcey .aid th^y cme to law
Torlc Wore sr, er w^r ®thw bAi3d$ tliai (^ie ^ere, tb<y never nas neiiced and
-UwS.r msie ®ou34n>t. ^w feewa sRy 4Uf^wt ib»n th<^ v«re pUy&»& «iyi^^tB .!».
i& the iwM, fe^t, they &otio»d th« Mxl&X&nd ^a»e Ba»4» We .tood out, we mdt
Mstery* [Vo pla^d record?] Wt»re ao^ [email protected] t^ ^i^^^^i^ bui Wls r^<a^» ^»t
we X^ft f^ po^fcwity, & v»s- ef pla^Uig that h*8 BWW b»*n proved ^ ^ <tM»
d&y* The wiy w pXftred vas ia ^E^ fer%» Any r<a^d that you pi^k ^ ^ ^ ^ ,
[BeeX X^ emH,] X teo<»r 3^thiat a^out m»i^ X<» ^w?t tn ignorant »&h^Xar of
m»ic^ Wfc X want to too awsy ^SMW, a^Kra pX&ee» ir^ey X eould hftsr gooa maie^
ax^ X tee bo» ^^- played b^fegt^u^ a^tya^^ody and 4i^^^ irlo<B<« against
w aaothar. 1 UT^ it .t th, Fm»h ^T. ^n I »or!»d dow tew. l^atog
XigteiN vhaK I J^»t a a«re ^oy» X ^ouM »e© ®aa pws^n »ia<|iag one iim# ^d
aso^xer <me Mng^ *^n»t ii» i^wfeh^ ii w $oatya-wsX<^y w no-fe^ bt^ tiy^
iyess^d ws «aeh, and ^ later ye»r< vh«n X ino®a^or&^»d tj^at., nhat we i^d vw
ootbAag fo^Efe ^oEv^#aii<m of in»t^tin^^»# Tou Ufee "?&. Uvery SU^le Blu©»,<* rey
in$Un^, I »sy 1$ ifoe ei&rinet ^» de d& da da< Olartoei ancver a», i^©dlw>d^o»
U '^0. Mst«n U tfc«a tbree of thaia distinct mel<KH^», fa^e ihe tyc^bont *psrt
and youtlX h^ve a melody, tate» tfai^ oXarinei, you»U ^are a melody, tafee the
eomet, y&utll hav< a ^loay^ 8^4 Ui^y»ye thre<t <li»ilnet melodias ^orkj^ng together,
R»el 1
Hay &, l9§8
Tbat i« v^ thty hsvo TWW fe^yi o^t h«w nolsedy .ls< eo^Xd wrer play tha nay
we pU7»a bee»%s» ^ey dAjdn't tisve tiifi idea or the nete^ Are you finiahectT
tetetl ^ruat *^»^ww^»»*X^i g^>ing i^ anm ii off,
tnd if &eel X
May ti» 19
»»y a> l9$8< Kfi n
Ua^t m§ 0<m»UR ® atr<^, Sir ^lewa»^ 2.o^isiana
Voicwt Soalaiejt ^&afe» <Hicfc)
(SwNy) XiiBmsni Si^^d B* ixXflai xii^iib
Triirt %-^h*3rt.
uioic USQQCA
M(^ a, 19%
Xn inB the Mw Qrle^» pspw and ifoe Tljgu^j^jreae
u»* Tfa»y »ay tMat w vwe not frora Kw Orleana, ru aak ?fe.» ^rquhart to rea4
thin *^a»s and <?»asl^« wfai<;h i? an ediiorlaX that app»sr»d in the M^? Orlea^a
lsW1^e ^9 ^W 2G» 1^@» ". Urquhart, would you please read that?
IS®ha^, y^tt] ^m »nd ^aaarm. Why ie the Jaas iwwio^ and, therefore, ihe
^a»s band? Ae -wxx a*k nhy is 1Ae diw n^eX or g??iww^^.pplng deugbnnt? AXI
ih« ms^fe?Utl<w ar» a low »tr<wk j^ ma»s taatw ttmi has not yet GCBtte oiifc
in c5^i:U5E»i3,oa»s wash, 3Wo^d, one aiight go farfeher^ »nd s^ i^i j»as msie
i» » indecaayfc sto^y ays^<?jp»t^ and ooimterpointwl, U.^ the l^y<^w anecdt^^
<0»o. In UB youth, it <&» Ustwtd to bluaMngXy ls^a4 el^s^d doo(r« and dyiam
c^rt&in^ but like all yiee, ii ^reir bolder tmUl it dar<^ dccwt mzrro^dings,
mid v&s t<a<r»t#<l bws»us» of its o^ity
"»e utmaUy thtok of p^pl. .s ly^ M^I or a««awie<l, as if th^.,
we . »3^1© Mna »«p»yating t»e ^^ai cl^m. The f»Gi i«, hoN«v«r, tfcat
tfeOT are my mntions in ih< bewpe of th® sw, Ttw i», nrst, the gr^t
a0<i<ably NtH o§&lo<3y-^i?hw» iKwt ef m talr war sw^s ai
»oa» Ume is cmr
Uve*^»i^.t a 1-ftr isaateer pA&» <^ i<t tew Wtti^iuayie® of har^my^ ^sr» thn
mXodic t^uenc», the »txm«» .» ii most I^quenUy i» eall^ ha» inOnlteXy
Uss inier^si than ^he bX^din|g of not^ into ehord», .Q [thntjthe oo-ifeining of
wreX<aagths «m give nw aeat^tie s^»*ti6H», Tfcf ioner core ef fear^ony i»
»[email protected]« n»arl,r <11 tfe» iyuly great music in mjoy»d*
«Xn the houw there is» ho»»yer, anoth^p ^>ttrfc?rwit, py^>«?^r apeiikiag, doim
^ ^& bssetaant^ a ida^ of »emmi»* hAll ©f rhytim, 1^ in there 1tfn hewr -fch.
Q£ the Xndl»R dauce, the throb of ifee Oriental twi&ourines and keitle toxm»» the
oUUesr of ih» elc^»^ th^ eUefe [slAvio?] of h^els, l,he ihw^ty<-t®^ty ^f-^r^k
Bfl XX
Hay n^ 19^
et tbe n<gro baa^lOji and, i-n fa^t^ tfae natiT» daacir of » worXd, Alth^^x
o<ss»tonly Aaeociaitd with »»lody^ and l^aa orfc4» .with hlEraaayy »Xso^ y^yfcltoa i^
no^ n^e»*arlXy «a*ie, aad h» 1»fao lorves io k-p Ume to 'fcfce pulse of the
Wchewtml pwforaanc* by patting fe^ fo^i tep^a 1*fe» ^h-^<r floor i» not
3EXwws«rily a ausic lo^w, T^ ta^a«od<xr»i»ts ta e^»»^i<m go ^o Uyt as ^o
3?r<m<roe<i W»^ ^<m r^yt&m^ laid »i » oiait the jp»tp«>dleutw Mn- <m th»ir
bar» of vritten aiucic, ao tshat ih* riafk of a m©!Bote^oa« pix3Aaiio& in dwe Away
t*ProaIa»^Xy, is the baamttit- h»ll o^ rhyths, i« fowad rag^time^ and of
tN?»< most dwroittd te flBlt $f th* i^pl»$»d a^c<Rt, th<re has d«v«3lop*d a
fcTOtherhm>d ^t ihos» [email protected], dtvoid of Ma^Kmi<s and .v»n ^f awXo^ie infl^lne^, lov
.fco fairly WfcUcw la noise, <^B csrUla n»fcw aound ^o^dt »6d ^fiaiaagle^K hsus an
aoceiii^ alnu&si an intcaidloatiag »ffest, Xike <?rixd» oolers WE^ atroag pi»r^»»a
t.fee i^hi &ft U^h w tb» -w^^e plwm? In b^^. To e^fa *. th«se ^r
^tW aaiKie is a d^Qtighi^ and * danco to the yssUble bray of ths »aelcW> give«
a »en»ual dfiUghi nore 5 iii|te^is» aa^ quit» different £p<?a itee Xaageur Qf ife»
Vieartw waits w tb« wflnsd smtlaeal; «Bd reep.rtm eK.tlofi of .ightmth
ee&tyry «lnu«t«
«I» th« »&tt«r ^JF ^M* ^»n»» %w Orl » i» p^iicnlarly int«rBSied^ aiac»
it has W«n wl ^y w^g<i»t»d that this parUc^Ur forsi of miaical vice had it»
birUi ^ iMe eity^M^thai it <s»%®, in faet^ £rom 4oubtjTul surroundiaga i% ®^E»
«I BS» [email protected] do not recognize ih< honor of parwiihood, 'but[vith .uch a
oi3 ula'fcia&, it bahooves wi to be last ]to »ocepi ih^ &troeity in p&liie ^o^tety,
.nd vher^ it has ers?pt in w^ sheuld make it a point of ciTie h<mor io St^presa
Xt* Its m^leal .v»X%& i< nil, and its poasSMXUies of hsirm are gre»t««
H^t 23^ X9$8
Uyi^&t] Wi»U» yoa C»FI j|@^ fir »n ihw nbat fl» p»opl» teaew st ihi» time about
jaas N^aie< Tb»y goft a Xoi of people Kitb lip .<rvie»^niUtRg to talfe aTE^out U^
bat ih»y w«r«nti h»r® to def^ad this mnio, (toly Kicic LaBocca vaa here^ aieidhnow about
iMfs muaie* H^»t> .^» anawwn 'feo that san» arUcle* ViXl you ?!.»»« read
thin i&to ^fe»t thing^
llfe^^te^ r»ad» fr^a ibe MtfK OrXeaniE ^|.^e^|^<i^%e^ Jurr ^3, 3^181 ] *lt^a»<i
and ^»»»im»t Mw OrliMma, ^me ^Q^ X9X§» To th* SEditor ef tfee ti%8<i»3K^ity^x<»»
iftey ear^fyUy r-ding ye^r ^it^^etifig e^liicrixX^ 1^»»® wad Jasetna» it .AWWI
U js® U ^iapXay protfeimd »fe(tXl wne»^« t m %o d<»fead«r of j*»B» but I thinic
yem ah^aME r^co^nia* it" for i^ai it ia i<."r fttyl^ ojT ^Xa^riag*
it to !&.
diM» novel IJ? 7^® niU, but R0?t to ^fee tgre»»»«-d3?ippl»g ^ugbnni,1 nhich !,. an
<MKrfeh»teie . tidbit a» <(ny
chef can «on<;oet»
»J»s> a»y betiw 1bt c®»ii^*r»d .fco ift» dariag s-tyle IR »1dyt»^ nLi<th ar»
d^axtures from «hai »&» P^cpo? * ^»H ywa ago, and »«K(tt^iim&« ditplays ibi&gn
not 'bwau-feiM.* Jail, * dt^arture JftroM th* propw in .Eaaie, at&y diagpXiy tMng<
set beautiful} it r«v»X$ Is close harmony and noif, A» many claasic cotyoaitiona
are faU of <?Xo»^ hiurwoiay and n&iue Also, thee» thing® .teeuM not condawi jasa,
*>Xoa Mnt tb^i rhy^ha $*© al^K^i foe disp*aw<d nlih, the 'bltga^ing of aoiws
iiaio ©3303pd» »o that cwteini^ ww«X»Kgt£yi g3.i?» »w A»»ih»iic a^n^ations tbetn^
auffiaj^i to
..w s bwintifuX siissi^aX struc?tm^» A» .»®ily tofe color*
<wel<wa»Xy m canv» and pred^ioe be^aU^uX pieiixrew*
»With<mt fttyuciwn ^d puX»^ti<m th^e is n^ W^ hu»n ih?olteing ia
n^eeaeary <mn in ih» claBsical, oth^rtse there la no app»»l to wio^on^ and
id.theut 'escieUcm it beconas aotMng* OXi^aieal wrie earriet e&notant appeal to
^y BI 19$8
tiK ssaotU»» by aw » of t^ throtofeing and nolae you aaeribe to j%»e«
ty&»® %usiQ msiy eaXX io ine »©n»uaX in aoiR» T-e©p2T»^ btrfe X prefer -feo
ooneidar i^ mereXy the .ame *F^«»X -fc!»i m&k<w *m ir»ai to aiarch, or dan^se,
W£Q <Aa^ it qoieteis ih» pul»»^ 50 one will sfly ^xe <i^wei ia th» same ^
ewy^n»# Bye eo^ ii ia an $.ff®ct t^e mstws of aa»io have siriv»n for,
th<mg^ you i^iiwh it ^r oalXiR^ it yenned .tintia^at acid U^^xr ^t a
Vioarurte i?<ai»#tt
{aigaad] »ma ^UT»»
&t] yww tfala yw ew B- h«wwU toom tola wui in Mw.Orlean*.
iW4 xt^ ^»u y!&% on^ tJ'Ong* Xi dlds»t evan flgant ia Sw OyXean» »t thlg ti»»*
Ko c^ pUy^ ii in Hw <^Xt<^, Th^ &^ ao J(fc^ l»iids ia Ht?tf QrXean^ 1^,
^uNiri^ would j^% read th»i ..eend XetUrT
[^xdiart r^adt firoa t&w M<rw ^l«an» SSS^r.
<my ^ me*] t*»aftgti««,
Jw, aad ^^»iie Nuai^^ Sw Qrle»&», IA,, ^m 2^ XW» To th<i Sdii^ of
^o Iter?a%®?t ^ ^t no w gooa mmi» <V»B^^ r »ww^ go wi
tian o^wkiQ jKsaie 1» an .amsa^d ia&te, Jr»»s tm»ntt .r^i got .duoatin
qualities in ii*
<To admire <»:U»»ieal wasi.Q does »oi ladieato oir s.» tst^rftrrly i»t»XMgwit|
U only Inaoatw yea'v got .om te1n«. fert^ do- Uk. .xtwm, totelUe<mo.
wad stu4y to i^r»ei*t< opiratic »asi^»
«» »Kd gi»ai» isay acq^ir^ U»U®, but imU feae eeme doim
throngM the ^iy3M»»d o^twlea a< .o^etfcing jaor^ thaa an aequired iasi^, and we
donH-istudy, labwit., m^c on^ or eos^oae 8tasUs,11 fettt we do nith »ri,
.Itw S«ffw»w md Bob TayW aay MTO bs.n am flddlws, bat thw.a
Bs^t II
Hay 21, W3
he&p Qt dS.f^er^xc< be^-we^ fiddX&rs and ?ioli£i»ts,
fhe <Mfferwice between. BeXodj and fasr%oxiy» Zs t^fre ^ny^ Can
-there be any melody without harmony, And i©n»i &1X harmouy aa&lody? Signed* N,C,w
Hl^u] All right* Start over f^r us»
tPiano mi^Q played^^-^atArfcs OVKST.]
^te^3 ^13- ri^bi» SUrt. over nov^ 2i>s stated, ii»^ r»ndy, Ob, ihat vas
to<» imat v*s the n&ne of th&t b^ the ^ay?
tteS^^i x don(t taiosr th® aame or it# Ifs jaet soja® eb^[email protected] that
ca^e to
«^- ^E^ and X Wtf;e teai and ii stuck -»ai-fch -is,
iffias] ^ ^^»
[Nor<» plane, de^on^mtJL&iE relaUonsMp or tt^aUoaaX 3fa^Xws't and nTiger Bag^9]
ina so on* That <s ^ow X got asr .fcwsxeB, mderst^d? Xt^ -b^ke the ehord
oosstruction «na ycrte Is ih»©e timeg an4 B44a^ aroTOad unUl X be^^ a meloay or
i^y attfi» ii^ny of ih<? iim^s Z»d take th$ co^et, tita-^e, ^cw o»eXoc^ in the
mm±l.^ HhflR Z got Off a Jc^?» A tLeme would Hit in »y m^»d @ay, Uke HSIcel»ion
^BngX««*) I*d go to the p»rk in wy youth, ^ad I Ib-s&rd ^ tyne pla^d [aoai
»ings txase]. And that.»» * pieo» of opOT, Mow if X <m^ play th^ Skeleton
^ i^le" for y^u in t^r® X&Ur, you irill notice tb&t ^* ohord cemair-^i^
KfiUi thft lUECflptlon of on^ ehanfc^ is iAe txmw. ^li it»jBt * diff^rQct iwlody
aed it's wlced ^differcsni, it's a diff^eat arrasg^ent ^ it* Bui th< idea
cone frari opera, Aiid most ftXX a^- pl«[email protected]& o^[email protected] j^om Asierieas m%sie<«w<to negro
msio-the msia that. ^r forafatl.wa brou.l.t to tois sowtry. ;,w I .IX g, "
fyrt)w^ the instruai^Rt® the aiusxe the colored man iw are JEtefip«an» The
Htel XI
Bay a, 19%
tfei&gn that 0W f©ref&iher» laroughi her®, their mthod of droa, tihelr ;<tyumeriw^
and tfielr «mXt83 w ^ite pAopl<its ealiure< Ihxi ihn llaw OrX^ans ^®A& GX^>
ree^nt^ put- OR a prcigTKm [*Wid9^ Wide Worl4»t> TV ehow] e^ (m -fehis boat
Jkre)i^.dniat3* n^d on ihi< boat ws ^h* lcmrfc dcwa th^ I could ever hgiv htard*
They had Ms»i« W.9^ ainging on the baai ^lich I fencar jin ny d<^ no negroes <ang
or pl&yttd on iM» l^&t» Ai^i -fchjoy had negroe» and i^ii-Mit 'ateieh waa afalnc"i tht
ouAtsnk of tl-e ^©ut&, tou may think ihai Xta ^reju^ie^d againai the n^ro^ ba-t
X(» »<yt< X ^»^1 &s gffitefe for him we X f^l for JN3?»eXf or aay nMU p<aEl»<a!i, tewfe
X ^mH believe in g^tng ^« tr^po credit f(Kr |to%»thing ^tiai he di^i<i do*
B^wuse X w * oa^ptRtey ea^ t iaughi »^y ef tfe^a ifee^ ir«d®«, aifad if you
ear» Xtll go to M f«?r<ni hou»»a land pi©k <%a e%t t^r y<m* And le^ thea aegrofa
t«Xl ^ Ki .ufowi X U^hi ^heiR ^eir -fcrw^a* I va^itt against ih< xiegroes, T^my
iwe Muaftn bftlngs Mtee ae* Tho only Udag I ixad iti ay n|nd Wi» agalxyBt miMng*
Koir W^s loorlngs in »8gr<a(atiCTa» ^eoplt iblBle ^feai X>a h*r4^ but if Ood %^»ii
hia to 5$ whiter or »»Ant a»iy oih«r p^opXi? to be diff«r»i&^, fee «o^M hw i7»4<
u» aXX <m» ^^lor» H» i»ouX^ntt ^»v® variety of Mrd»» horc-, and aaFs3^»X»* Thi»
i» plMn oo^im<m »«nee ia3Mng* Xta not aa .dueattd aukn, but t.Ms eant-fc voric»
Wj^ii ih$ytre irying to fore® dowa -^e ^ottth irod ibai<» ntoAt Nitrtth»U Stea2*n»'
Xtiter h^® ^id* X3C 3^u rft»d Ma Xe^tea^ he «<tfflit<i -te »e in a lyfc-fcer t!mt ^r
reason vfay h» elate^^aied CTa the Xiare v&s beeauee I di^ntt give ii^ eolor^d man
a Nleat£» Mow, hay was J io give the eoXor^d »<m a ^.ftk-t Bot faavlag a^eociattd
niih him^ s&i laaowtn^ ^oXore^ men, no-t hailing played jnuaic wiih t©?i, hoir WAa X
to giy -U^ise <i<?Xor»d a & ^e&k? I eoul<3n>t evfl® give itself a br^k^ I h^d
to m&tca -fchat l^^aJI* X*ett» go b&^k io iMs Tlifteft^iee^nms to floet, out eepase I
B#el XX
Way 21, 19$8
$et ihi» tagpe aXl awod ^, Xta wy ahoad of B^T <ioyy ^^e»
W-^tt] That'? »U rigfo^, wtXl changt it womd, don»t iiOT-y.
[LaRoccat] And have you read iioreething isaiai etfear p^Ofple have to say about ^a»s
ia N W Or3,eftne« If tla«&» people jLn Neir Orlewra^ were wo. ^fe» spot <md they »ay ihi»
au^ic v&e a ctlff^nmi »^U, 1^0 are ^hese p»opX^ Ui^s» ^ortbem cayp^t^gg^ra to
WRO and «»y that t^ift n^g^o ¥)Xay^ "fchijl music whfta be ^i4n>t pl&y it» bwsawr iJF
ii oeisUd is Xew OrX^iBis XtM e«rt<^in thest pt<npl* h<re ifo^ld h^cye kncwx afeo^fc it,
Oo afa<»d aa^ r^d, ^t* l^tqnbart*
(W^t y^» Ssw iht »^ Orlw £^<?»^^^m<?» ^Oy 8» m8t} »»aagtim»,
Jas«, asd C^ratio Mu»to,t S^mr hE((Xemxs> l.o%i»i^fta^ Jtt&e 29» 1^X8» ?o .Ui^ Sd^ter
of the ^lyy^Pi^R^mf* ^r re»peoi« -fco 9«B»P* In iodayt» W«r In Ms let^T oaa
^Bftgtinr^ J-s, atid C^»r»iie Ma^t^*1 Me te5.t» th^ n&il aa %h^ fe®^!, Vh^Ei<rvw .
iXB-aon AwifB to pwtwd to w eultw wd i?Bnn«» t thu his neighfeor, be
take* a n^g &t n^Rieyar ^M» »... ef follai ^njoy^ 'b» it ya^Uaie^ ^%»», ^oiigUB
^airlwia^ ewsiis »^ppXm«st»^ /p<a^^lsr nov»3^, w <fv^ 4o%gteBttte» On .d$oimt of
.fefoe na^ ^^iy ^1^ itho g»t ^b^tr ideas J&PO® a >^end band ®t©any, hav^ pretiidtd
U b» too cyMur^d to a^oy lr<kgtisi»«* X nndTstaiad s«^<MEtaX »Ksier» of ®»»ie
teav w^d ^ys&c^ation is t<h»ir iwteittedl^ cl»s»ic»l cr^Uonc, Tht^e is ncyfching
^a the yule» of hTaw^^ er the acrfc stiaidardfi of eXafi»ie»l am$ie to so^eem
IX'agtlme< that po»se<ss<» »wit attd ^ndividuala.iy^ and ie not aereXy a loud
tenqpiBg in Ir&kua time of som» t»r»$j^y popular tysa^
tt0a$ eminwt authority on Ntriaony and eoanterpoini givn to a c^rialn Xw
Terk o©s^>©se3? credit for »b»oXat» <eoyre<;i&<i«® is feia ^oa^o8ltio^»{ this cc^ioser
ha» a national y^xi&ii^n of yw »* yfc&nding^ and hB» o^B^MKd i^iny trag-t^»<
<t&CTpe«liioas .
a^i xx
May 34 S^SB
W the «ffwt of this «©->©all»d e2.%»ifi^tt2. nueU is so ^pXiffeing, S^maay
woulEt be »e Ae»^i^3.c mad eX<ry»t<4 a ^oontry &. <me eonXd find, T^ey haTe b-n
nwiWKi «&d eoctdXid <m tfee norfc approry®el ansleal MU»^ *od .uccewi^d In pedldling
their cultixy® i® ^h» r«»t of itie n^rlfS, and X invite yo^ to fl^d any real oWw
in thm* Th<y h»d ao 'r»gfeiatt< w »JAS^ to d»gr*d» ^^ but vh«n iha i^» c»»e
^h< ihln 7«ae<r of eun%re sM poMsh er&ofeed And peeXed^ *n<t ahcw^d the s&^»
old bru-fc^ b<n»»tb*
^t^ us be a» int^Ueeiiaal .d possible, but ^hia IX-»aab«feoXitr»ihan-tho^t
»W^y4e au^cea IN« w»dl<r «faAt<a w?^ng»*
li^S^St] Ta ^ .^©tfe^r ^ae htre$ jisa^ t»kt your ttme i»i^h ii»
lffte<l A3^ i^^i^ we»U top ^fe» »cMin.
l^p^H^ r»ed» ^cw Kw OrXoana Ti^gt,
, d?xitly4» X918l3 llt^»Bs< and
.R«etl»..» a- o^-n», tey a, Zf^ To toe Witw »f to, Sjaa.^aZBai*
Kbo said .a^a^ii'wf X^ i» a ni^hty poor d»f<m*» U ^r io 1^b^ An ifiao®<nt
flttr&agwr in th<i jfa^y, <g»gt^»< iBsS .jAfim1 ar^ two diffw^at things, ftnd
the argn-n^ 3^» afe&^t 'jwi»ia.<
«Who said ep«rat
»311a"e» »%feen ^obaay Conws Mar^t©g Ho%®» to oar d*yff v oould ^Arnft tfecmst^a
of »r»F-rfeiBMW* «M«ifa ^v^ ^Xighttd th^ xiatioa, !?. love ty^tlm^< yh«n ifi^ ^^
a aaryel of towiie si^Xieity, tt one doe» not pewiv imhaxw^ioas A^ia
laow can ha ^laeif httd ainsic? (eig»»d) Oasiofl %»w^ia,tl
SM» f tee l-t pTBgrapfa quoted tr^ . Ittu. dat«d »- OrleaBs, faly g.
X91S. [Thi» l<*tttr in alL®ttws io Bditor»» oolmi ta^er h<»a^ <*»Ra^ijyst and
»^*Sfl^» N«» Oyl<^R», J%Xy 2^ ^^B, To the ^itor of t^ TAmi^l^eA^me,» is«u»
Of ihily ^ X9Xa,] <*Ufc would fee a duU [email protected]»iti9K if it wr« not for [email protected],
Best ftda^d io mak* plaasant oyr hoyr® of rew^aiien i© ragtiffi® imsie, wjlih ilyg
a^i xx
^ay gX^ 19 S8
BpartOAng^ ^ r^rtim tb&t nfins every li»Ua<3r» The s&i- $an be »ald
of jsz% my®i<3» Xi ha» co®e io sUy, It is m©rire(Xou»2^ syaeopatedy alive irittb
color, passion, savage rfeyUm, saecessrully turning ^he igiad ^©m coaiw^l&Uoo
.nd rqwe. The i.avigorating msic o.t a &ood jat» baa^ inspires and that, in
part, accowfc3 jf©r its «ne<;M», {sign»d} V»T*U,tt
[Mocegf] W#3J.^ the ^eat a»yt^>@ ts-ied to Bicmi the p^^X^ji but ^ey di^»t
do it* Xt toote th* C^iginsX M^dtXai^ tez B^d to wf» i^ people* Itd lite^
you to 3E^ad this n<?W circular 2^:e thie part rigbi hww, and gXvw<^ the
date, yEm»lX <w it. ri^t on ih$ Wlio% of t^ eirGuX^**
[^u^i r^adfft] oNiweh ifaft ewexith, 19X7^ »MxieU^ ^» Ban^ Cte^^t^p^
Dixieland Jaza MatfiBpUversr BiabXe BXae$»*yox iroi. Original 2ixi.eX»B4
tosi Biuo4 (Be^^riptioa of :r<^ord,i trmiw, te^e .nd performers] .«
[Woew] ((Th» ^*t» »B»ie
(Ig22&iiit3 wrht ^&^ m!l8i<3 ia th^ v#ry Ute»t tM^g in the develo^iiseu-fc of
i»3»is< It has s^fti&itRi power < d psnetyaiion io in^^ot n^y lite inio a
m^ai^ and wilX feflit^ ordinary bm^ (tocers on i^htir feet till l^eak^^t ti^0,
»Mwy Si&bl» BXa«>< in parfci<mlsr we reepwmwid bewuie, on tb» prineiple
thai Wee ciar^i Uk^ iMe partieular irarie'iy «m l3t a p^aiUv^ w^ for t^e
eomm or garden lcln<S of bXu<»»«w
(JSSSSSS*! TH" 1" a Tictor eirealar steteaent th<t it.s a nw kind of aa8ie»
Francis White
Is ^ doping 3^-^ yoy i»ill find ^d»rtx£^k^^»^w^<-d&s^ibl^n ra n^
rhythm, not few beat* bat glT<n - two besf. All nasic prior to that, ragUm
h*d fcusr ^eaia a^ it vas aade of a jwitpy rfc^fcim and it w^it someiid^g like
[demonrferates da de d? dt, eie»] ?h^i-Nfas the yhytJten, teid ibatts the same
rhythm that X»m goteg to «^ow yoy ^h»t iMs segro ba^ that ea^e ei^ht .^©y®
N»y ^ X^B
aftar ut haa^ th»t i» Jo® OUTer'» first ree^ydings* Will jon s-fcop it?
i»>} Swly.
[^Ueastl Xt<» 3^a4y now( go ah»sd
t&5s^xl ^ w»^ ^° p3^y f^ hiistory a toi&oU raoord X l^ink ii<8 ttThn
Canal Stratrfc Bluw,** ^r Bjig 01iTwt»s Cr^le AMkt Bmsd* Xtt» a 0l<oiyieca
profit rw>artd» X dos »i tenoir iri^i d^te it <yw oyt^ feitfc tlin amb^ i» ^333
on the oppodt® nid< X^Bk» OiOXed H?he OBV-^I Street BXn<r»t Xi conl^ be
a^oixt tight jw», b»o»u« ^ asr ^eelle^tioxi la X^ there wu [email protected] elaetTic
^pe^Nfingji It xcmld have io com» in b«twe<m .t? ^td t^» lfeyibe X<m irrong,
bat I knew ii ewalt fe»^»^re »A» bteai^e X v&s »tilX is Hev te^ X %^t
3 io h«ar thi» ri^erd and thw rh^ts» ©f thi» great Or<oX» tea^ irith Joe
OXiw, (Play ipBwd,] I ir*Kt you M^ien io -yyi eXarin«»i in pariloizlar amd
rixytoi that th«y using a^d X«n UIX yon wh^» ii 0(Mae« firm*
*i Mr, X<<ao<w fo*» to »»y abont rh3rfch% in ^h» nwBhttr is Xeafc in ^» »ayie»
Sc&t singd along nith feanjo »ce<^ani^eni,] That is a s^p that X hav^ m^t
<m yeorda plfiyed ^Igjtit year® before that, they ug?*d ti^t a« s ri^Tttm ^ok(T&^ad, Thai olarinei part !. contained i& ihs lt8i» I*oul» BXu&B1' sAmoet nol/e
tw note, tSe&t tingieg,} Son h«re*s ay ^ff. [aoai,]
^B^e&»3 tNiit» fch« ^ixielarbd stop,
[Wte§iM3 ?hai (Sbow that ^fe^ had h^ird -fche Original MxieXana Jaze B^a*
Wh»n they pv^ that fftsp te^ind it. The clarinst par^«^^ v^t io pull tMs
3Tftcord apart for you^ ri^it nff». X»m gQ'ona shoi? you ife»»» aigroea eopics w»»
[Ua^ -bhe p^rt JT^r ihe olap3jsi»t,} Ton hoard U»t part -fcfa^re? <t»}PfcS^ Where
the t>Uvo?y ^tafelw Blu«?ft
Heel XZ
Nay a, X9^
[Badd^l] Ton get it over tb«re, X tMnfe* l»oek h»r®, right ^?t* >>Xd.very
SiaM« Bluw»11
[LaHooc*»] S^R X vani you %Q U»t<n to tMs» tgr <teyn»ffc parfc» [PX&^ Sftetion
of 3Micer^ $eat#»] You hwr4 it* »aw~-tead tbe»» aiyrow oy wgrot8 ee®» to
Ifw Tork* BojFore tb^ tei»ar<i th4
laad liand ree<?Nl i^r ir<m3d haye b»«i
tfarona on ^b^r .RT®^ not i^ov^a &^fc th® do^r^ NEI ^xwm < ii feodjlly, Koir
Vm. going to go to tM» |wt <hT» h* *ak:es Ma el«ria»i aolo, you wiU &oii<?»
t^»i tfe^ b«»jo s^aialatea a .axophon* tX^-fe<mg^ag* Tb<y a »icffh<m^ tMr
m# U-sS.9 a2AWN rws^rd bec*u«e ii<a alwi U<etie»Uy Mice ii» [B*coyd pX&y»]
W Ton hear the bioajo sianOaWag .Iflp-ttmgae «m a lGC0pfe<meT Hew tiiat
r^ttem Ui«y pUy i» $ix^tl»nd »i<^. Th® lawi wtetg &f th« Sixisland reeoirdiBg,
WP.^ 3^fct» g<sri to the 6larinfft pari» Xiet »« a- if I ^EOI £tnd ii aeir^ I<U
lym ^ pieic ^sp th^i f^eXiiSi iMng in tibere* [T<K»X ^ AX Bwnara* Msaie,
2i»&oooat» ^ a«B»ts o» aiwsie aap* feer<i to hear»] fhi» i» the ^t» X<o%i» Blu»B«
vMf <ed ycmtXX bwr nhAt th» a®<[ro plays- Xit«i ifi iMt re^wA* Th»re»» the
aOa^-Unei^ng, These r»eoapd» mr» a&de six ywra b<^fw ife<i negroea r»o^>d»d
tbelw, Nw te«p«<» th. yrt, tmy atgre bud that .r« mBt, that twla
Anftrmg arid aU of iNa» theytd holley Mgh^ M^<ar» bi^^« Thay got it
mit the MxieXand record» Xow^ yio^ don(t ?aeaa io -fetU
».» w jxist coai& ^roa
leadon, ^gXaiad^ and we eouM ^sve h<&ard the negroe* pUying to Meir Orleans.
Th»^<» ifflpoa»ibl<» Th^- hwrd .fehiis rec^ra* Tfewe it is* [SoaU*] Tfea-t»s ^r
le^^ss. tfe<ty aaa* {Xaiiai<» U viife iehsalc, tefemk, .is^] Th»y Xenv« e^ tbe
Xayfc ao?fc«, tX<^^ tchunk, ic^mk»] Tbat*» faow
you hw? mftny .Khite <sn(»fe8 .fchatt» igaoran't too e
teWl ?ott sfaenl^H get eacoii^ BCK,
the s^grensts ver»» And
May gX, X9^S
Hiesre(e ^mia^e r^eoyd* He osOled ^M» *ISwe*t UiUe 1?apa*fl X^^lft
Aswtyor^* Xtts an Ofecb K»cord, y^or^ed by Pro<^s», am X right, there^ ^»
£te^rt,t3 T<»^ i^t is eorrect*
[I^lpcoa?] TNA*e c^?reet# O&to thia tme XtXX Khcw yoa t^at they have ^«a
t^ vfthiele of th« "Orferieh ^«Wt which i^ ife< siyling of ^[email protected] A^wtr^ngtg
pX.aying, »0»t3?i0h ^aXN»tt tMy»le, ec&: ting ef *10<^ieh WU^« ^a oom^iff,
wMoh sr^ mintaXU^UO* vitX ittu»ie pXa^lng,] Xta n^t taking aaythJ^g aga^u^
X^e Ar^t3?eng beenttse ha ^iw one of the Mo^fc Qufcst^aMng of the o<[email protected]
auiticianft* Thai»*t aak» N^^ili didn't m»k» ih^ ^&er ae^roe®
tea ^r H*»I xx
N»y ^ H9»
?^y 21» 19% < ^eeX XIX
^Ue^x 2^X8 Oowtiasoe Stye©t, S«»i Orl<^Eus» X.oyislmi*
Voi<wu XksttiaioKSaws (Mefc) X^o©e&^ Bap^bol<w»
(Boddy) Wl^^a$ B$.e^rd B, illim^ K<»moth
Trtat Br^afeaaE^
BeeH 132
W] Xi*« ^Nay» go ahead, put i-t on»
?ou <tiat1> r^dy*
1^13,<m>} Xtts ready* The iiebine^* w&r%©d ^p»
[X^Kocoat] TMs is Ayaatroag in fals <sarly day, tKtt»Ae» begins at Ory sol<?,
»<s»t »in&l^g s^nft of tl0»tri^ W<tlfeft ^atiX pian^ «^U«] I* ^m play saons'bhing
eX-fl {S^»t with iapaRbeam »ol© in i»3^ei X<iUU ^^a»*1 Qte, 8^Tt, XteuiB
Armrtamg and to 8^ n^» (4w^ ^3» 19^) <.
B uai^t»Uigibl»,] You
W ?t.a»H {nayn N^iy ^«i4^ ty 0^8^ Vi lfi§6M
t] iifh<r® ^td t&At eoar ^» nmr?
ItaRoccat] IIAM Mi^i totg*l( (8i^»} "Xfa An Kig^t 3i<mg»» aad so forNi
Xt did not ^tt in th»i reeor^* The id<tt ^ame freai ii^ »*X1 Xjl^t. tetg,ft S<®,
X was, a wi tel a r^w <mXd cmoufUge A ^m^. T»tee a ^.<se a»a g^i righi
off it* Kew it*» aei all ^h» tim^ "toA 1 tafe^a* frc^ di^fir^ii XiitXe ps^fca
of ^fwnt tteingd* SONI^ of ihat, beeame &^ Uae i?«y the aKUsta [email protected] go^ng^ 2
ooi^d 9M U it* Itei ttee ap^aia theac eo^s ^rora ^AIX Kigtei I^ng*f* ?roia *tUX
Mj|,^^»wl£t<s MX Hi^M Le®g<N T^ ra»t of t^ ^^»^>»<
<] Th&tt8 to& N4* l^» 3<aa rw^diag r«p< ts U»tXf^ i, a»< s^i|p<? baote»]
ThKt>« ^3» ^ftsi x« eoa^d do,
[LaRoccAt] Tteai<@ aXX rig^^» ^Q^ ih» m^Mn^ plw,
(mgg«3mne». r»» ^i »
tNmHa< S^s^ eoiEaswfcs dx^ag ltOiaEtyiofa W<3Jtet ^y 0©JBt] TMs i^ the saffia
chord <[email protected]^etiGR a« Xiwfcyaag wee QB. ihe previous r»e&rd* Tiukt I pls^red
th<r»* Oa fei» w^g ^at [Na »ad] $tou^- ^»(1 MAS tNat. it?
[Allant] X^t(s » .» X ^iainte Uta ibe 0Ui®r side* Xt v*s <tS»f«t Mtils P^a,*
.wa&ntt it?
^y ^ 19^
[jt^g^^j Stop the metin»« [X>aSoee& a^aie with "S^eet UtUe P^pa**1] 't3iwwt
UtUe ^ap»#s that wa8 tbe »ame *. N0©t,rich V&lte,11 l?Xay» "Osirich Waltcfi tey
OBJB ?i l81i$7 (Ha.reb X6» X91B) witi. coments<] This ia tht oxOy p&rt ihey a0a»i
tAlteH SIB^ ^^Qitect %^maMmts uaini^U^.I^»}
[|*a^&c^at3 X guew yo^itve n^tioed ^.fc<^ !!%. in feoife record*7 TM< reeord V&B
pXay^dl profeabSy i«n ywira g^ tw&.lTa y&[email protected] Ww Arms^yong'n wfttf pl&^r^d, X»U
let you kncsw feiow ^.r 'fetr G^3lii%^ a N^ oatrri^d pXaylng ih» STig«y Hag»tl Thin
1» tea] jtei^la^ ^'(^L^- tlal&eX] ^j ^d Oyy* Thi» idt «a2y aboirfc a ^^ar ol4»
Between tMs »M tb« one tba-^ X pXs^ th»t n»8 playsd, &lmo»i t^riy^vo yeera
ago, forfc7-»one years »g0y ye%tU <e^ tJae diJ?Jf»r<nc»» [yUy» N5>JLg^r ^Lgft by Gry
with cocmw^i] ^hail» -nbat ttses* vW^ am 0A3.1 good am»ie# Seme of th^»
pr^h«t^ tJ^&i ^o back ia Afsic* l^'ye oiw th^p» < d ^tod owfc aNifai ifc;^ nagro
greats ff7vr thar»» [Triia^t, »oXo»] Tfa^s safta i» spying [email protected] *yia»^<mg» Tfeatt»
Amtm^s styit h»t» cs^ltd» IttU shew iiow
imiiait dcnm to the otfeaa?
[dm*ia^ cna«abls]» Xi*» pitiful* X^ you h$ar le» UXIci^ &teoaii ^he great
Or^T I i»]aQuld&li eriilei»t t^U r^eor^ bec^uw X grt ro^Xties oi^ it, ^ui it
i» only to lying ^0 th^ p^3JL«? aft^r forty^<m» yB»y» [^^rnt] ^le n^^"o h»a nwr
invented ax^rtMng fi^u* Ta&« Arm?tro$ig <w»y from *eai> a^d ^^y* XX go t^c^ to
A£rio&» Son I»1X BOW play y&u a record 'by tht QriginiO. JRixieXand <?»»2; Ba&d»
ffTiger Bag,8 r$l<^s»d in X9l8» (Maeio niih .one s<mi »n^ cows^i'fcas] Mow ntx»%
this record tfsc m^s it vas iaa^e ia-fco an t^gM-fc^incb hsm^ almost f<%rty<ii<^e ywrs
I ago] . listen to -tha <B4ing of tfeia stop [ai <nd of ree^p-d], TM8 i« *fcfe» 2^yth»
the early segro b«ad» awd f^r their-^trtcciird OTer]* Md you ^wKf [Soat»]? Th»
awt eotMltttos t^at siany m.uiiciajin eo<ulditH .vn play today, Tb^ comet atood
May a, X9^B
about twwiy to ifeKwi3r<»£lye f»«i ^esn th® NOT, th» tro^tbone was fm®^ fwai^
the eXsrinei had a ne^arate little hom -^t cs^eg ont this cl^i-bn^Ln^h h^m to
about a fow^in^h b*U< JUad be stood right near ibe pl*©o» The pi^io faeed
att^y3.g;M under the horn. The dn^® ^fcood along »ide aa^ a^l whe^ the red
ligh^ W2u34 theyt^ h&ve a vfeiie M^ht burning* Aad vhwi ^^ y^dUght &c%iie ^^
v w&s to aU comi too» *sd ii<» a a^raole how «« eame ia 'feogttfeer, I«Xl
sever feaeir* Maytr Ood iras -with u». 2 dontt knov, te^tt ymi .an 8»® "Ui^ ^iff^rnR<»»,
The^ hav<5 n*fyir proved ^1 this ^X*3?ing^ a&d X* Xl iwger tbt last. r&maining ye&ra
Vve |rot, th»y aijatl» fire »en Gaa play as good vltk *X1 th® ^le^rieaX pr&e-^
ni-feh a^l -fehe i^yGFVamt&is tti»t 'fcfet^ fcaye aad .l^ctrioml re^oyOing^ Gy any imy
th»y naai io -fe*fe« it. Tfe^^ e^i^ »ky w pX»y r»gi^i», bat t^i^ [email protected] ^risitoi
jate* 18»wKFe *^1 the ro^ts ffin cemUiAed in two rwsrdingfl, X .II play you th»
(ty.W?y S'fe»^l< SXa<w% vhieh ie ^Be eounieypa^t -fehat i»J£<w ^ all tte» ot^i^r Hela
i&»i has nyey tewm luda ^ ^e ihl» d<^r, ar^ in ttee^t re<i0rdi^s» H^34 i-fe*
C^S^S^ Wfc^^t »a^i a^thtog.}
Ufig^i^] Co ahead fonwsme, ^fe, ah, [Ma»i<^iffitd fw (mmen-fe® »,ftftr ibtt
a<l^hteg 8oimd» la ih^ y«e^4*] TMe i» ^feat X Xearst wi^n X iia® jat ^Li^ery
@u^u siw,It QW^ TI IB^» a^®ol» We i^ed .inf a Uia« aemg »^hi©^.« ^
G^oa<5r Gsw, }fhs^ Tia» X» Xt?nf <^e of the boy^ w&eO io MoXXer (onw]« Th&t«»
tttwe X ^o?fe ibe id^* f^^t*
[Xnsic oeattoxe^ »Mywy Sta^U SXu-»*t by OX)JB, n 181$$,]
[ItN^^AtJ ^tea^ VSM the nrBt noyelty ro^o^d eyer iasued by &ay pii^r^grs^h,
ta^er caae ijne exy^XaagMsg ^yGmbcm^, th^ e^isg .axophoBe^ tt^t whateoi, But
tM» record Ittdl the» p^in^od ihe wiy fo^ other »Bj?ici^3t$ i© copy from»
[AH^»] 0, X* Vhin»T«r y&u<re ready,
n^a. in
^7 21, 19^8
[La^occ&t] T^l^atn fieoute .»as sent- to Mew @rXeauas U fiKd banda th»t ccmXd
play cmr t53p6 of »sy?ie# Th^y rec®?d9d every iriait« esd e^^ry ^olor&d Niad»
Thai can be &tte»i»d by the Xiving people wi'io hw?® vorlc is ifao phranograpfe
places on C$t&aX St* [»ue& a« M^rX^.nt»J ww 't&egr're »«v«r»X p»ople tJ^&i Nw»
axpr^ss ^dea» ^a tfeia thing* Aodl t^^ oouldnH f^nd a^ ^t ^&nd8 In Bw
OrXoan#» ^o th^y ^aa'b to ¥*»-^Kia^ to r
»^ Tfi3imefi»w> and ihey s^Xeoiad
^ o* iWly nfco V»B to ^<»&o»» .^e 3tath«ar of ^aos aisd tte» cr»»to(r of the blue»
and vho ©mOd neiiNsr ^3Ay 19X^» w ja»%, X X<»t yeu b^ar fei» yceord^Etg and th«a
yon ;Mg» ^^ y®x$r0tXf» TM» i» 8»t]Eid^le ree^3?d» [Xuaic* ^^s »i83.e»} Sxcuse
^ X totge^ -feo read .Vi< ouabsr Aa "U^ope^ i»oct3ld yon do ^at> ^l< S^a&arfc?
Ite^fiSliJ T^fcmsi -^t niw^r M tftft r<^erd?
[LaJftoccat] The reeot^l and t^^ iita^,
tJSSri^S.Q aThi? §oo^-^ <^w Bliw^8 plared ^3r Bft%dyts Orchestra, Mo» 8^t20»
[UHocQ»»5 T<OX t«% ^ie Ut^tbt ^CT^-OeXuaNLa*
(teitxto^tl Oolwfi^a*
EI^^s] ^^e^rdingT
s^rfet3 S^^wdint, 7T3TX
[L»Kocc»»1 <^od* Sw» ye<XX play tM» r<>oog?d tfot ita^^ QJ? t.he Bl^a^ ^ricf
g^wi so naefe i^&^« !& ti» p*^«r ^f irhXoh X b»d ^& [email protected] <iXippi&gB alX ifeia stuff
and one ito he eaid h« Mad i!» fi^st (^igix»X Z)ixicl»nd ^awa »<^d^ tMs nftg»%»
imi3Ll X isad M» <;©rr»[email protected]^ wid ^irt> N^k ^ ^l«te<* Xato ^ filae, yautXl find
ttefe paper» WI^R you look ihreu^a t«%, ^on Mrloui .e^oUr^ Xeoic thy^ugh thnt
mUri<tl «nd yontXl C<?MI» ^ where tMe aegro na^ <iren trying to ^ak^ the X&xie»
Xasd JA»Z Bioad nare, [Nasio, "Hootelng C » Blu«%»3 Wa tot^ tfff a
^OT^S j3»nt9 Ismd,
a<ax ixi
Nay ^ X^8
4J^<N9,»3 Are ^w feXXsms pl&ying by .w, or ay th»y reading fir^fc msi<i-^cs&
you teU?
X o<n0xi not tOl^ X irami»t ^here wi X w^ulda't say nometMng i^t
X <^a<i issew*
lAU^t] Wh»i d<?w it 8oiad Xike7
llats^^] It d<mtjfc .ound like Bnything^ C^EVttaii^aaX wric, t
vaJwikw 10
ooimd Uk-e^ bat I 1»»nt you io know thai they nw ia^r<&e»<d viili ihe Mxielandl
Bimd b»c*^e they cos» t^ one ywr aft«r, Ustesi to t&wi nov yith th® 8Hoofelxtg
GeWf* ^«^ t^ay4 th< roster CTO» ai^ the donfcey bray, Bo ifcey eemc out ni-t,^
thalr i^FveXty, TM« btetd wae
to Nm Torfe to eey^»t» ^atnn^ y,» osn thn
yietor^ Tte»y war* a flop, Tfa«y IK&I into ttee hands of tb^ r< t^iy^» That t0
wlwe X got iheir bogus eh^e^ t<?fa(lX flxid i^t An ^ eUp^ljags almost, ifti<K
X 3pX»3T®d th» »0t# XiO^aia l&n©ai<( for ycm^ X<i^^i t© thai [cos? l^taMonl* ©{yfe
the "Homing Omrllt That ^11 ^Xy go to »ho»r yon ^Nti i^e n©|£re wa^ <!9pyiRg,
Xa M«( wa Mttle imy j^ ih^ughi ^ ^oisld 4o feeiUr bee»a»# b^Lsg A» the negro
had ^he a»<^l»ney ^n the ra^time jmwic thai M» m^io ^9 genna e<m o^t beiUr
tiaa wa* l^d ®f %u«io,}
[SAHoeeas} thai is 1irfey b< faiXed cause he eo^ldn'i ev«ai play ragii^s aiid h*
ceuXdatt play ;fauB»» Btop ^h« ns.chino.
Hp^f] H^re ^» go,
y^witt] TMw i0 a Colmbis nKi^rd^ ^1 Bsv»n»i Skyttw Ko Tim To HaTe tH<i
Blu^a^** fe7 the Xxauialaiaa nve, ®277$# They oaXX tfe<wwelv$s * ^aasss ^rehettya*
?h<^e ?miflX [email protected] ihe great Aloide ^^^% plfiy* i u?i$] That vss th* ^.es'fe
Anion X>&4»liEi XouiaiiiKa live. One of the ^ada» Xsoarioia Kfao Ued all tihr&^h
this y<»arbG&k ^N^r^ X^$]< Thai I had placed wiiii lOj* in X9U^» I neyea*
May 21^ ln5;6
«v®n Eaa^t? the -Tian< Th»y c^ime to [email protected] Tork in aboat -the latter part. of tl8 or
the beginning of (19< ?hait^ when X a^fc Ani<m £»ada«
lAHgnt] ^Swe ¥er® tbes® people fr^ on Ws record?
l*%te^s^] ^ell^ "to taU th® truth^ Tsllow wss £roffi here, Whe'feber X^acia va$
faew here or aot, X don't te^@wf< I didn't know hlis» Because th^s n&n^- peopXe
came t© K^w T<^rk 'fchat X didnti toioEW» They had a band thtr<« After ih« Cr®@U
bami> ^^ ^^<^ ^»»^ ^° ^oa» 'to ^ E11 T03 ^ citly ivs^ t!he3 X-aCoetie Harmosy Quintet,
Tjaey open *t the "Qold^i @lad®»»R Th^ir ^tay 'wa: about four [email protected]» The piwE^isi
v«nt nith Cla^y Murray in ^and^ville. They never vere heard a^a5.n* This nas a
wfeite grou,?* It d n^Ter ^nown tfrse bo^» Tb«n ce^e Tom Broien .^lth falg
recapganiKftd 'tod to Nam Xorte Ciiy> where ifeoy tried aui ai R^iseiow^teer^s eBd th»
anpEiag^merrt ^altfd out while ^.y were ^Xaying* That laighi t.hey trie^ at H^aly*»
and were rm o^i aftfir tiie firfffe isighi* Before i,i2ey .finished the firsi nighi
Brow's b&nd disbasidwi a^d nerer tried agsdji* Tbam ca»te <?^nn^ M^oher and hi*
Bag'iinr Oyot^* Tfe»7 failed tE> »«ow4^ vs'^jojm&nt ar.d went bac^: to lie^ Orleans*
That was In 3^X7 and yl8»
4^1w] Wtoe did you g<i ihat informtion? Xs inat from a boole tMere?
[Muai0 »iqps»]
[Wto<^a»3 [email protected] I get t^ai inferrsation?
[ilX^t] Thai you JH^. r^d
[X-ateLC^t] Hear I happm to be tbsre? I kttcw i^i«n they ware ttxere*
UaXdfloit] ^ you «ade a note?
£Wo<?c^s3 ?eah, yeah, you »ft«
[Altai < 3 Thait» your inf&^nation?
I.UBocG^s] Xeah^ yeah, yeaii* Look, you eee here* They say ihxs nig^©r band
Hay 21^ X^
X«ffc hw ia 191£« Th«y Qed 4*Bls Uw* Becay If yon look t^p ih<i pX»[email protected]» <fch»t
X >t«U yw»* Bwl» what I tell yo%» cop» Bwhel wh»t X i<XX yo%<^fc<:U twi« X
do&*t i»U >W» t no He? 1.
[iXX«ai3 I »^ ^x»i*» aU yigfafc,
lUKocc**} lit 3^u a<akt HNI l<« th^3?e^ dontt eom$ Uek h«re any mw®, jFiyrt
brand - a daan Uap» ^ssi twh»1il Xt» teXUag you i» ^it tr^^*
EAX^gu] ValX^ y&o w» ^ese ^cwt< p^&X^ «y tfe^r fi^w Kw Orlwr?
[L*Roco*(] t d<mti 5m<iw< b%t 1 b<Eppw t© te?w, i^ty ww la t>Nl paper, and ywsi
know toy X te»r it? X (ei a2X th^it doaa in aei^i^ tT^ry A»a that ^vsm thwa^
w»ry ^sd ^<mt ^d> i^at ^bey ^-^ s^ ^aA ^^7 <^^^H do» Bttfc I nteoalda <mi
tfat (sMppSiigs out» X <B»ly w3» no'U^i^Ml ^ -thee* t>^ag» on pap^r a&d X printed
ii dcwaa en a pi«s»» ef p*^w JCor fsiur« r»^oFOoe«» T^^ to o»»e anything can*
^ irMeh X dida<i <a(ptfl?fe-^»M<iM U ^ia-rti^w^ X tmv tb» p^oof* X 4ontt teaoir nfey
X di^ it» ^fe t^3T <^«y« <wUed ir a Jmk aum» 2t'v» iwred iMngfl ain^e^,
Scd of R-l HI
N«y ZX. 19S8