Enjoy Architecture - 3D Architect Home Design Software


Enjoy Architecture - 3D Architect Home Design Software
The new Arcon
Enjoy Architecture
Architectural Home Design Software
Professional Architectural Design and
3D Visualisation Software
Building Professionals
Arcon Evo combines visual design, professional CAD capabilities and clear project execution in a single
program. The new software development is a powerful, flexible design package offering an extensive range of
CAD tools for all aspects of building design allowing you to construct to the smallest level of detail. Together
with detailed plans, produce automated 3D models, elevations, section details and working drawings to meet
your clients brief quickly and easily. Exchange project-related data with partners via the IFC BIM interface.
Simple-to-use interface for
2D planning and design
The modular toolset provides tools and icons for
specific elements of the design in a logical manner.
Easily identifiable, each tool will guide you through a
particular part of the design process and will be
familiar to anyone having used Windows based
software. Each tool can be customised and adapted
to your preferred drawing style with full flexible
options, easily accessed at any time.
Customisable windows and doors
Extensive window and door customisation tools
allows for endless variations to be produced. Select
an existing type from the library and change any
aspect to ensure it suits your design requirements.
Save your selections, preferences and new designs
to the library for use in future projects.
Advanced staircase editor
Generate complex staircases. You can adjust
the parameters and see the changes instantly
in 3D. Supports many stair types. When
placed, stairs will automatically create a
ceiling cutout for the stairwell.
Simple or complex roof designs
For simple roof constructions you can select
from any of the standard roof types in
the library and simply drag and drop in to
position and amend pitch etc as required.
Alternatively use the free form roof editor to
create complex roof designs for more unusual
shaped buildings and the blending tool for
creating complex multi-roof structures. Easily
edit the roof settings from pitch and eaves
height right through to wood construction
details. Then modify the roof easily with
dedicated tools for dormer windows and
The new roof designer provides clearer
dialogue options to help understand the
elements that can be controlled. With more
flexible details available to each roof side, the
construction and display of even the most
complex of roofs is easier than ever before.
Working in 3D mode
The flexible 3D mode let’s you fully interact
with the model. Make direct changes to
individual construction elements and their
component parts using the new in-line
measurement tool and dialogue boxes.
Enhance the appearance of your 3D model
from a large selection of 3D textures. Convert
standard textures to 3D elements and apply
to facade, cladding or roof surface. Create
high-quality renderings with ambient shade
and real-time shadows and reflections. Your
projects can quickly and effectively be
turned into a full visualisation scene. Its
compact format enables fast scene building,
combining close-to-reality quality and simple
In-line measurements
The new in-line measurements
feature provides a fast, easy
and visual method for making
direct changes on-screen in
and around selected elements.
Usable in both 2D mode and
3D mode, in-line measurements
can be used to change the size
and position of windows, doors,
walls, roofs,, skylights, dormers,
stairs, 2D symbols,
blocks, furnit
iture items etc.
using 3D
texture overlay
No longer apply tiles as flat
textures to roof surface but
as three-dimensional instead.
Other key features
• Layering function for adding wall hatchings and
wrapping detail around windows/doors
• Plan mode assistant for producing detailed
drawing sets for planning applications
• Save unlimited plan layouts for use with future
drawing projects
• Further enhance 2D drawings with building
regulation details available
• Advanced timber construction display in walls,
floors and roof
• Easily modify wall levels at varying heights
• Create complex multiple roof structures using
blending tool
• Extensive range of windows, doors and skylights
• Bi-folding doors now available
• BIM compatible via IFC interface
• STL export for 3D printing capabilities
• Other supported formats include DXF/DWG, 3DS,
Google Earth, Collada, o2c
• Mobile 3D visualisation on tablets via o2c viewer
• Set geographic position through Google Maps to
display accurate lighting conditions
• Pre-set lighting scenes available. Modify existing
ones or create your own
• Place SketchUp models directly in to drawing or
3D scene via the 3D Warehouse interface
• Landscaping tools for marking out plot, paths,
ponds etc and for setting height levels
• Convert any 2D shape in to 3D objects
• Use terrain brush for quickly applying landscape
materials and contours directly in to 3D scene
• Define individual areas on walls for applying
specific materials to
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Import SketchUp models
directly in to project
Mobile 3D visualisation
on tablets via o2c viewer
3D Architect Home Designer Software
Eleco Software also provide a range of home
designer products for self-builders, builders,
developers and home improvers. Ideally
suited for planning and visualising new builds,
extensions, renovations and conversions.
See website for details: www.3darchitect.co.uk