Nutra Ease Cooking Guide - Tasty


Nutra Ease Cooking Guide - Tasty
Getting Started
Basic Heat Settings
Your cookware is designed to cook all types of food and is
Medium and low heat settings are recommended for most of
specifically made to cook vegetables in their own natural
your cooking needs. There are times that a higher heat setting
moisture. If you are cooking food with this waterless method,
is appropriate such as boiling a large pan of liquid etc. Here is a
here are a few tips that are good to follow:
simple rule to follow:
k Fill the pan at least two thirds full on matching size burner.
k Place the lid on the unit, pour 2 tablespoons of water on the
lid where it meets the pan and spin the lid.
k Begin cooking on medium heat for waterless vegetables.
k Reduce the heat to low when the valve clicks rapidly and cook.
(When the valve clicks on glass-tops, turn to low and slide pan
half-way off the burner for 3-5 minutes, then slide back over
burner on low.)
Each piece is made to form a seal with water during cooking.
Pouring two tablespoons of water on the cover will begin the
sealing process and as it cooks, the seal will prevent vapor
from escaping around the lid. This seal must be achieved for
your clicker valve to activate properly.
If you remove the lid during cooking to check your food, the
cooking time will be lengthened because the water seal must be
formed again. When you check foods and they are not finished,
replace the lid quickly and turn the heat up for a minute or two
until the valve clicks again. Then turn the heat back to low and
To boil or fry.... use medium-high.
For Anything else, use medium.
k Refer to page 5 of your cookbook for additional
cooking instructions.
Your cookware may have some traces of polishing compounds or
oils on it so make sure and wash each piece and lid with
It is critical that you properly preheat your cookware before
warm soapy water and 1 cup of vinegar before initial
placing meat into it. When cold meat is put into a preheated
use! If the cookware is not pre-washed, it may turn a golden
unit, the meat will stick until it browns and begins to release
color when heated.
juices. This will cause the meat to loosen after a few minutes.
Occasionally after cooking, you will notice a minor film or
k Preheat on medium high for 4 to 5 minutes.
imprint left in the cookware. This film is sodium and mineral
k Sprinkle cold water into the pan from your fingertips. The
residue from your foods that adheres to the stainless steel.
water will bead up like mercury on the surface of the pan
when it is the correct temperature for searing meat.
k Place meat in unit and sear with lid partially ajar until it
loosens (usually for about 5-10 minutes).
Use a damp paper towel and sprinkle some stainless steel
cleaner into a dry pan. Work the cleaner into a paste while
rubbing in a circular motion to remove this film and wash with
k Once it loosens, brown the other side and cover the pan.
soapy water afterwards. Only use the cleaner on the inside or
k When the valve clicks steadily (after approx. 5 minutes),
on the bottom of the cookware because the cleaner can dull the
reduce to low and cook according to the recipe.
k Thin meats like chops will cook in about 5 -10 minutes.
k Cook thick meats approx. 8 -12 minutes per pound.
k For large cuts of meat such as a roast, sear it on
the salt will not completely dissolve. It will
settle on the bottom and can pit stainless steel.
Preheat water before adding salt to prevent this.
Cleaning Instructions
Cooking Meat
continue cooking.
k If you add salt to cold water for boiling pasta,
Nutra Ease
Cooking Guide
both sides and then reduce the heat and simmer it
for extra tenderness.
high luster on the outside.
Cleanup is easier if you immediately run hot water into the hot
pan as soon as you finish cooking. In about 10 minutes, the
utensil will wash out easily.
Normal Washing should be done with a sponge, dish cloth or
nylon scrub pad. If oil or food is ever horribly burned on a pan,
k If cookware is overheated, turn the burner off and
remove the cookware until it is cooled.
k Refer to page 6 of your cookbook for additional
instructions on cooking meats.
remove the handles and spray with Easy Off oven cleaner for 15
minutes. Then rinse with soapy water.
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