Tishman Speyer Case Study


Tishman Speyer Case Study
Tishman Speyer Case Study
D-Series LED Area Luminaire | Size 1, Size 2
D-Series LED Parking Garage Luminaire
Project: Tishman Speyer, Edison, NJ
Lighting Consultant: Liberty Lighting Group, Chatham, NJ
Project Size: 3,000 parking spaces
Product Used: D-Series LED Area Luminaires, LED Parking Garage
Sitting in the shadow of the Menlo
Park laboratory where Thomas Edison
created and patented devices for
electric light, Tishman Speyer found
LED lighting a tool to reduce energy
and maintenance costs while ensuring
quality illumination for its 3,000-space
parking facility.
The company’s Edison, New Jersey
parking facility is located in a densely
populated area near the intersection
of the Garden State Parkway and
New Jersey Turnpike. The facility is
comprised of a five-story, 2,560-space
parking deck plus a 440-space surface
lot used by workers in a corporate
office park. The garage was previously
illuminated by 175-watt metal halide
(MH) luminaires with the surface lot
illuminated by 250-watt high pressure
sodium (HPS) luminaires.
“The previous lighting gave the
facilities a rundown look especially in
the surface lot where the light cast a
yellowish color,” said Clarke Paulus,
Tishman Speyer property manager.
“The parking areas appeared even
drabber during the winter when
workers often departed after dark.”
Maintaining the previous lighting
system was expensive. In order to
maintain a safely illuminated parking
garage and surface lot, lamps had to
be regularly replaced, which was labor
intensive and required the rental of
expensive equipment.
“Safety and liability were paramount;
we wanted tenants to be able to
come and go without feeling any
sense of danger,” explained Paulus.
Tishman Speyer originally considered
fluorescent lighting to illuminate
the facilities until Chuck Serafin, the
company’s chief engineer, researched
and recommended LED lighting for
greater overall efficiency.
“Efficiency goes beyond energy
conservation,” Serafin said. “We also
considered economic efficiency and
searched for a system that would offer
the right combination of aesthetics,
quality lighting and long-term service.”
Tishman Speyer worked with Liberty
Lighting Group, Inc. of Chatham, NJ
to specify Lithonia Lighting® D-Series
luminaires for both the parking deck
and surface lot based on Serafin’s
comfort level with the brand, the
luminaires’ appearance and the
fact the luminaires were lightweight
enough to be mounted on existing
poles with existing brackets.
The company installed 720 D-Series
LED Parking Garage luminaires in the
parking deck and 62 D-Series LED
Area Size 1 luminaires in the surface
lot. Twelve D-Series LED Area Size 2
luminaires were also wall mounted
above the garage entrances and
along the back exterior wall.
The LED luminaires were a one for one
replacement of the previous 175-watt
MH and 250-watt HPS fixtures, with
D-Series LED Area Size 1 luminaires
mounted on existing 30-foot poles
spaced between 60 and 135 feet
apart. D-Series LED Parking Garage
fixtures were pendant mounted at
nine feet and spaced up to 28 feet
apart, with D-Series LED Area Size 2
luminaires mounted at 12 to 30 feet
on the parking garage exterior spaced
approximately 85 feet apart.
Although the D-Series LED Parking
Garage luminaires delivered
significant savings out of the box,
Tishman Speyer included a motion
sensor on each fixture to further
maximize the energy savings and life
of the luminaire.
The luminaires are programmed to
dim light levels during unoccupied
periods and operate at only 26 watts,
a 34 percent reduction in power
consumption. In their dimmed state,
the luminaires still provide twice the
illumination levels required by the
Illuminating Engineering Society (IES)
standards and will immediately return
to full illumination levels when motion
is detected.
In addition to delivering significant
energy and maintenance savings,
the D-Series LED luminaires are also
DesignLights Consortium® (DLC)
qualified products, meaning they can
provide further savings in the form of
rebates from local utility providers for
increased ROI opportunities. Tishman
Speyer received a $100 rebate from
New Jersey’s Clean Energy Program
for each parking garage luminaire (720
installed) and $162.90 per luminaire
for each surface lot luminaire (62
Paulus reports tenants appreciate the
upgraded site-wide lighting provided
by the D-Series LED luminaires.
175W MH
250W HPS
250W HPS
“We searched for a system that would offer the right combination of aesthetics, quality lighting and long-term service.”
— Chuck Serafin, Tishman Speyer, Chief Engineer
“They like the whiter, cleaner light and
the wider lighting footprint,” Paulus
said. “They also comment on the
improved visibility and better line of
sight, which makes them feel more
When at full illumination, the
D-Series LED Parking Garage
luminaires deliver 7 to 9 footcandles
and dim to 2 footcandles during
unoccupied periods. On the surface
lot, the D-Series LED Area Size 2
luminaires produce a minimum of 0.5
footcandles throughout the evening.
The LED luminaires with motion
sensors in the parking deck yield
in a 40 percent reduction in energy
consumption, earning Tishman Speyer
a New Jersey Clean Energy rebate.
The system also significantly reduces
maintenance costs, with the LEDs
lasting up to 10 times longer than
comparable MH and HPS lamps.
“It is not unreasonable to expect
a three-and-a-half to four year
payback based on the energy and
maintenance savings,” Paulus said.
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