brochure - Sleepy`s Express


brochure - Sleepy`s Express
Medium / Firm
We want to make your online purchase as
simple as possible. Our mattresses have
been designed to suit varying comfort
levels, offering a range of foam and spring
supports throughout the collection.
Medium / Firm Feel
If you are looking for a bed that offers a combination of comfort
and function while still providing ample support for your sleeping
body, you should have a look at our Summit mattress! This
range is available in a medium or firm feel.
Support Technology
The innovative Z shaped spring design is unique to
SleepMaker’s Miracoil Classic. This design provides great
surface coverage and suits many different body types.
Comfort System
There are lots of layers of Australian made, premium grade foam
in our Summit beds to offer a comfortable rest every night.
We are excited to let you know that all of our mattresses are
made in Australia by SleepMaker.
10 year manufacturers guarantee.
Australian Made Mattresses
Sleepy’s Express proudly supports local manufacturers
and suppliers. All our mattresses are Australian Made.