TeleStaff Web Users Guide


TeleStaff Web Users Guide
After reviewing the TeleStaff guide and passing the 20 question quiz, employees of the Division
of Fire are required to log onto TeleStaff and familiarize themselves with the program.
Following the initial login, you will be required to change the default password to one unique to
you. TeleStaff has a time based feature that identifies when employee log on and what actions
have been taken. In early December 2013, the Division will begin to transition to TeleStaff for
scheduling and timekeeping activities such as requesting overtime, schedule changes, trades and
sick call. It is essential therefore, that each employee becomes proficient in the utilization of the
TeleStaff program.
TeleStaff Web Users Guide
Login Screen:
Web Address:
Mobile Address:
Username: Six Digit Payroll ID Number (Ex. 123456)
Password: the default is 1234, you will be prompted to change it on first log in
Access Code: 2822
Enter Username here (Payroll ID
with leading zeros, ex. 012345)
Enter Password here (default password will be 1234,
you will be prompted to change on first login)
Enter 2822 for the Access Code
When all information has been
entered, click “Sign In”
Calendar List View:
Another way to view your calendar
You will have the ability to edit you address and contact information in the General Information area.
Editing your Contacts
Follow this format: (or you will not be contacted – the system only recognizes this format)
Home phone: H:216-123-1234
Mobile phone: M:216-123-1234
Email: E:[email protected]
Text: E:2161231234@carrier code (see list below, ex. [email protected])
List of known carrier codes:
Review your profile information periodically. If you find any discrepancies, report it to the Scheduling Office immediately for
This will show your current and past assignments
This will show any messages sent to you via TeleStaff
This will show who you owe, and who owes you a shift trade along with the number of hours owed.
If you are in a probation status being tracked in TeleStaff, it will show in this tab
This will show information regarding Overtime logging/rounds
Contact Log:
This is where you will receive a message, such as Overtime that’s available, and either “Accept” or “Reject” the offer
This is where you can add a request, view to see if your request was approved or denied, and view your monthly work schedule
Select the month and year, then click
“OK”(or click the green arrows)
Roster View
This shows the daily Roster of who’s working and where
This area shows a list view of the different Work Codes you’ve used and the number of hours associated
Duty Roster
Same as the regular Roster, but has a different layout
In the Reports area, you will find Accruals and History
To Add a Request in TeleStaff:
Left click on the grey bar to the left of the date you are making the request on
Select “Add”
Gray bar area
Select the Work Code you are requesting to use
List of Work Codes
Click “Check for Issues”
Check For Issues button
Read the list in the “Issues” area
o Some Work Codes require a detail code, this can be found in the smaller drop down list next to the work
code or you may be asked to enter information in the detail code area
o Some Work Codes will require a reason to be entered in the “Note” area
o Some Work Codes will require you to enter the “From” and “Through” times
Once all issues have been resolved, click the “Save” button
Detail Code
Note Area
Detail Code Drop Down List
Once all issues have been resolved, click the “Save” button
Submission of a Trade Request:
Select the appropriate work
code (f Trade Hours-Taken)
Enter the pay back date in the
Detail Code Box (MMDDYYYY)
Enter the start and end time in which
the trade will take place (by default, it
will select the whole shift unless you
change it)
Make sure the number of hours are
correct and that a negative sign
does not appear in front of the
number of hours
Click “Check For Issues”
Select the employee who will be
working the Trade in the Name box
Select “f Trade Hours-Worked”
(this will be the only option in the
Work Code” list)
Enter the pay back date in the
Detail Code Box (MMDDYYYY)
Click Check for Issues
If no issues exist, the “Save” button will be
available. Click “Save”. If the “Save” button
is unavailable, review and resolve any
issues and click “Check For Issues” again
(Note: the system will block certain actions
from happening. An example of this would
be trying to add a Sick Day on a past shift. If
you feel that you should be able to add a
Work Code and are unable to, contact the
Scheduling Office.)
The asterisk indicated a request is
pending approval
If the asterisk no longer appears
in front of the Work Code, the
request has been approved
If “^DND” appears, the request
has been Denied and you will
need to report to regular duty
Overtime Signup
Select the actual day you are requesting
to work overtime.
Select the appropriate Overtime
Work Code
Once the overtime code is selected, check for issues
Click Check for Issues
Once all issues have been addressed, click the save button.
Issues list (you may see warnings indicating that a
code may need to be approved, for example, those
issues can still be saved. However, if you see an
issue preceded with a red circle with an X
Click Check for Issues
Work Codes:
Work codes will appear on your calendar as abbreviations. If a detail code is attached to the work
code, the detail code abbreviation will appear after the work code abbreviation (Ex. ACTBC
means Acting Time Battalion Chief). The list below are all of the work codes and associated
detail codes with their definitions.
 Acting Time (ACT)
o Detail Codes: Assistant Chief (AC), Battalion Chief (BC), Captain (CAPT), Chief
(CHF), Lieutenant (LT)
 Admin Leave (AL)
o Detail Codes: Paid (P), Unpaid (U)
 Change of Leave Request (COL) :To use this work code, select the day you are
requesting to move your original leave to. In the note section, enter the date the leave
was initially scheduled.
o Detail Codes: Cycle Day (CD), Personal Holiday (PD8), Special Day (SD), Shift
Trade (STR), Vacation Time (VT)
Close Unit (OOS)
Comp Time Earned Request (CTE): This code is used to bank overtime hours worked as
comp time. I.E. 24/12 - 24 paid at the regular rate and 12 hours banked as compensatory
o Detail Codes: Non-Premium (NPRM), Premium (PRM)
Comp Time Off Request (CTU) Must be entered on the date you are requesting to take
off – must be submitted at least three days in advance.
o Detail Codes: FLSA (FLSA), Non-FLSA (NFLSA)
Court Time (CRT)
o Detail Codes: Duty Related Extended (DREXT), Duty Related Off (DROFF)
Cycle Day (CD)
Denied (DND)
Detailed To (D_)
Emergency Leave Request (EL) This code is for up to one hour and must be approved by
the Battalion Chief.
Excused Absence Unpaid (EA)
Family Medical Leave Request (FMLA)
o Detail Codes: Comp Time (CT), Personal Holiday (PH), Sick Time (ST), Unpaid
(UP), Vacation Time (VT)
Flex Day (FXD)
Funeral Leave Request (FL)
o Detail Codes: Brother (BRO), Child (CHLD), Father-In-Law (FIL), Grandchild
(GC), Grandparent (GP), Loco Parentis (LP), Mother-In-Law (MIL), Other
(OTR), Parent (PT), Sister (SIS), Spouse (SP)
Hazardous Duty Injury (HDI)
o Detail Codes: New (N), Recurring (R)
Holiday (HOL)
Holiday Pay (HOLP)
Illness In Family Request (IIF)
o Detail Codes: Brother (BRO), Child (CHLD), Father-In-Law (FIL), Grandchild
(GC), Grandparent (GP), Loco Parentis (LP), Mother-In-Law (MIL), Other
(OTR), Parent (PT), Sister (SIS), Spouse (SP)
Injury (INJ)
o Detail Codes: Off Duty (OFF), On Duty (ON)
Jury Duty Request (JD)
Leave of Absence (LOA)
o Detail Codes: Comp Time (CT), Personal Holiday (PH), Sick Time (ST), Unpaid
(UP), Vacation Time (VT)
Military Leave Request (MIL)
OT Sign-Up AC (OTAC)
OT Sign-Up BC (OTBC)
OT Sign-Up Drug Car (OTDC)
OT Sign-Up EMS Dispatch (OTEDP)
OT Sign-Up FF (OTFF)
OT Sign-Up Fire Dispatch (OTFDC)
OT Sign-Up LT (OTLT)
OT Sign-Up Medic (OTMD)
OT Sign-Up Tech Rescue (OTTR)
Overtime (OT)
o Detail Codes: Administrative 1.0 (ADMIN1.0), Administrative 1.5 (ADMIN1.5),
Staff Alarm Response (AR), Continuing Education (CONED), Drug Car (DC),
Emergency Recall (EMRC), Emergency (EMRG), Extended Tour (ET), Other
(OTR), Public Assembly Detail (PAD), Phone Dialog (PD), Public Education
(PE), Pre-Hire (PREH), Regular (REG), Training (TR)
Overtime-Holdover (OTH)
o Detail Codes: Alarm (ALM), Personnel (PERS)
Overtime-Morning (MOT)
o Detail Codes: 1.5 Hours (1.5HRS), 1 Hour (1HR)
Regular Duty (RD)
Restricted Duty (RSTD)
Special Day (SD)
Strike Off Duty (SOD)
o Detail Codes: Late Sick Call (LSC), Personal Sick Staff (PS), Personal Sick 05
(PS05), Personal Sick 10 (PS10), Personal Sick 15 (PS15), Personal Sick 20
Strike On Duty Request (RTD) Submit no later than one hour before the start of shift.
Suspension (SUS)
o Detail Codes: Comp Time (CT), Personal Holiday (PH), Sick Time (ST), Unpaid
(UP), Vacation Time (VT)
Temporary Detail (TMPDTL)
Trade Hours-Taken (TT)
Trade Hours-Worked (TW)
Trade Taken Back to Back (TBT)
Trade Worked Back to Back (TBW)
Union Time Request (UT)
Vacation Deferral Request (DVC) Use this code to request to report for work and defer
your scheduled vacation day. The request must be submitted three days in advance. The
work code must be added on the actual vacation day you want to defer.
Vacation Time 20 (VAC20)
Vacation Time Staff (VACT)