Sun Life Financial and you



Sun Life Financial and you
Sun Life Financial
and you
Life’s brighter under the sun
It’s your financial future. We can help.
When it comes to your money, you want to make sure you do the best you can with what
you have. With good advice and the right decisions, it’s entirely within your power to
reach the financial goals you set now, and in years to come.
At Sun Life Financial, our mission is to help you achieve lifetime financial security.
When you work with us, you’re joining six million Canadians who trust in our ability to
give them the products, knowledge and confidence they need to build a solid financial
plan and put it into action.
Proudly Canadian
Founded in Montreal in 1865, Sun Life Financial
has grown to employ more than 14,000 people
around the world including North America,
the U.K., Ireland, China, Hong Kong, Japan,
Indonesia, India, the Philippines and Bermuda.
Travel across time and around the world by
watching a video about our rich company histor y.
Read inspiring, real life stories from Sun Life Financial clients.
Sun Life Financial and you
Good people doing great work
By creating a culture based on respect, support and exceptional opportunities for growth
and development, Sun Life Financial is successful in bringing in the most talented people
in the financial services industr y.
Along with having specialized skills and in-depth expertise, the employees, advisors and
investment professionals who make up our vast, global team all share a commitment to
providing you with exceptional service and access to market-leading solutions.
Focused on your needs
Our business is about making a meaningful difference in people’s
lives. In the first quarter of 2012, Sun Life Financial:
•helped Canadians cover the cost of over: 7,000,000
prescriptions, 4,900,000 dental care and 7,600,000 other
health-related expenses
•made life a little easier to cope with for 7,541 people who lost a
loved one or had a loved one diagnosed with a critical illness
•provided clarity for 1,796,022 clients who called us with
questions about their products and services
Join our team
Learn more about employment opportunities with Sun Life Financial.
Sun Life Financial and you
Solutions for every life stage
Financial planning is more than just saving
Advisors have the knowledge, skills and
money today for a distant tomorrow.
ability to help with your financial plan.
That’s why Sun Life Financial offers the
By working to build a trusting relationship
full range of financial solutions required
that’s meant to last, your advisor gains
to build, protect and enjoy your savings.
a complete understanding of your goals
And when market conditions shift and new
and personal situation. With this level of
trends emerge, our product lineup evolves
insight and commitment on your side,
to continue to meet the changing needs of
you’re able to make the best choices for
our individual and group clients.
ever y need, at ever y stage in life.
Sun Life Financial has the largest network of professionally
trained advisors with more than 187,000 advisors worldwide.
Sun Life Financial and you
Our customized products and services include:
• Life insurance
• Mutual funds
• Term life insurance
• Segregated funds
• Permanent life insurance
• Guaranteed investment certificates (GICs)
• Universal life insurance
• Accumulation annuities
• Disability insurance
• Registered retirement income funds (RRIFs)
• Critical illness insurance
• Payout annuities
• Long term care insurance
• SunFlex Retirement Income
• Personal health insurance
• Employee benefits and group insurance
• Tax-Free Savings Accounts (TFSAs)
• Group RRSPs and pension plans
• Registered retirement savings plans (RRSPs)
• Workplace seminars
• Registered education savings plans (RESPs)
• Estate and financial planning services
Mutual funds are offered by Sun Life Financial Investment Services (Canada) Inc., registered in Quebec as a firm in
group-savings-plan brokerage. Sun Life Financial GICs and Principal-protected notes are issued by Sun Life Financial Trust Inc.
Sun Life Global Investments gives you
access to world-class mutual funds and
the award-winning expertise of industry
leaders like MFS Investment Management.
Sun Life Financial and you
Action through innovation
Ever y day, we look for ways to inspire you to set financial goals and make it easier to
achieve them. This means creating engaging tools that make financial planning clearer
and, we hope, much more enjoyable.
Wondering where to start with your financial plan?
We can help with Life Stage Planner.
Retirement information, the way you want it.
Visit My retirement café to learn more about the
key things to consider when you’re ready to retire.
Share ideas about money, life and family at
Want to know how other Canadians view retirement
and their health? Check out our Unretirement Index
and Canadian Health Index research studies.
Sun Life Financial and you
Strong, reliable and secure
For more than 145 years, Sun Life Financial has been one of the most trusted names in
financial services. Through product and market diversification, along with striking the
right balance between short-term profits and smart future planning, we make sure that
we’re here for you over the long term.
Sun Life Financial consistently receives high rankings from independent
ratings agencies like Moody’s, Standard & Poor’s and A.M. Best.
This gives you the comfort of knowing that we are making sound
business and risk management decisions, have a solid ability to meet
our claim payout commitments to policyholders and the financial
strength to weather any economic downturn for a long period of time.
Take a look at our most recent financial strength ratings.
Awards and accolades
Read about the latest recognition our organization and people have received for
outstanding achievements.
Sun Life Financial and you
Responsible corporate citizenship
We envision a world where people live healthy, fulfilling lives in clean, culturally vibrant
communities, and have a secure future to look forward to.
To make that vision a reality, we deeply believe it is our responsibility to act in only
those ways that make a positive contribution to society. This philosophy is the driving
force behind the products and services we choose to offer, our internationally recognized
commitment to sustainability and the programs we have in place to give back to the
communities where we work and live.
Acting today for
a brighter tomorrow
Each year, Sun Life Financial contributes
millions of dollars and thousands of volunteer
hours to support a wide array of health
and education initiatives, arts and cultural
programs and social service organizations.
Learn more about what good corporate
citizenship means at Sun Life Financial.
Sun Life Financial and you
More than just words
Our mission, vision and values guide us in ever ything we do – from how we use our
resources, to developing our people and determining our product offering. By staying true
to our principles, we meet the highest standards for integrity, service and performance.
Our goal is to provide relevant and candid advice, encourage you to be proactive about
your finances and give you the tools to help create the life you want to lead.
Mission To help customers achieve lifetime financial security
Vision To be an international leader in protection and wealth management
We are committed to the highest standards of business
ethics and good governance.
We value our diverse, talented workforce and encourage,
support and reward them in contributing to the full
extent of their potential.
Customer focus
We provide sound financial solutions for our customers
and always work with their interests in mind.
We pursue operational excellence through our dedicated
people, our quality products and services and our
value-based risk management.
We deliver value to the customers and shareholders
we serve and to the communities in which we operate.
Sun Life Financial and you
Connect with us
On the web
Visit our detailed company and product information and access interactive
financial planning tools and resources at
Over the phone
Contact our Customer Care Centre at 1 877 SUN-LIFE (1 877 786-5433).
In person
Talk to your advisor today about Sun Life Financial. Together, we’ll create the
right plan to build, protect and enjoy your savings.
Cover photo, Fall leaves, by Lianne Clarke,
employee, Sun Life Financial Canada.
Top photo, page 8, Team Sun Life at the 2010 JDRF
Ride for Juvenile Diabetes research, Waterloo.
Bottom photo, page 8, Making life brighter in
Waterloo Region, Sun Life Financial employees at
food bank fundraiser.
Life’s brighter under the sun
Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada is a member of the Sun Life Financial group of companies.
© Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada, 2012.

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