New Plymouth Community Cafe Invitation



New Plymouth Community Cafe Invitation
ReGeneration Community Cafe
Good conversation, good ideas and good company
Friday 20th May, 6pm-7.30pm
St Mary’s Peace Memorial Hall
44 Vivian Street, New Plymouth
All welcome!
Welcome to Community Cafe
The Cafe consists of a series of questions, or ideas, written on paper table
cloths. Participants are asked to move randomly between tables and have
conversations for around 20 minutes on each of the topics. One of the
biggest benefits of the events is the networking, communication and chance
to develop our ideas together.
Questions rather than Answers
At the ReGeneration World Cafe we will be exploring the following questions
about the communities that we live in.
How can each person be involved in and support the local economy?
What social functions can we put back into the hands of young people?
How do we care for those who are vulnerable?
How can we begin to entertain ourselves?
What do we do to protect the environment and ourselves?
Aotearoa New Zealand

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