Preflight Airport Parking


Preflight Airport Parking
Parking Lot — Philadelphia, PA
Saving the world and adding to your
bottom line with GREEN technology.
PreFlight Airport Parking is a private off-airport parking provider with locations at the Hartsfield Atlanta International
Airport; Houston Hobby Airport; Baltimore/Washington International Airport; Boston Logan International Airport,
Phoenix SkyHarbor International Airport; Raleigh-Durham International Airport; T.F. Green Airport in Providence, Rhode
Island; Philadelphia International Airport and Houston Bush Intercontinental Airport. Providing expedited transportation
to and from the airport terminal, PreFlight is the smart alternative to airport parking.
Annual Savings
Energy Savings
Displaced Energy
Displaced Capacity
47,511 kWh
10.9 kW
PreFlight Airport Parking
replaced 400 watt fixtures
Environmental Impacts*
CO2 Reduction
31 tons/year
SO2 Reduction
0.12 tons/year
NOx Reduction
0.05 tons/year
with Orion’s 234 watt exterior
lighting fixtures in their
Philadelphia location to reduce
energy consumption and
improve safety at the facility.
Environmental Equivalents*
Planting 9 acres of trees
Removing 8 cars from the road
Saving 3,922 gallons of gasoline annually
Reducing oil demand by 93 barrels annually
Nasdaq: OESX
*Environmental impacts and equivalents calculated using state emission factors per the EPA’s eGrid database.
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