Avaya IP O ce Helps Improve Dental Care


Avaya IP O ce Helps Improve Dental Care
Avaya IP Office Helps
Improve Dental Care
For Centres dentaires Lapointe, offering high quality dental care starts the minute a customer calls to
make an appointment.
Centres dentaires Lapointe is a
family-owned business, currently with 16
dental centers across the province of
Quebec. Founded in 1987, Centres
dentaires Lapointe is a multidisciplinary
company allowing dentists and denturists to work in an environment that
provides complete support and training.
The company’s head office provides
centralized services to dental centers,
including incoming call routing, a high
tech lab where they provide laboratory
services for all centres, as well as a
training academy for their dental
professionals. This gives each dental
centre high quality, dedicated support,
allowing them to focus efforts on
customer care and dental excellence.
To improve their customer service, Centres dentaires Lapointe wanted a telecommunications solution that would
allow existing customers all over Quebec to dial a single toll-free number and be immediately routed to their local
dental office, without delay, and without the frustration of being put on hold or routed to voice mail. And with plans
to grow the business, the company knew they would need a better communications technology platform upon
which to stage their expansion and continue to provide top quality customer call response.
Centres dentaires Lapointe installed Avaya IP Office Server Edition on a VMWare platform in their head office to
serve the call center.
Avaya IP Office Contact Centre Center (IPOCC) integrates with the company’s main SQL database that stores all
customer information, providing incoming phone number recognition, and routing calls to the proper dental office
based on customer ID, without operator intervention.
According to Dave Genest, IT Director “The integration of Avaya IP Office with our customer information is critical:
it provides a streamlined experience for our customers, and reduces the need for call center intervention.
We also liked that we could install Avaya IP Office on a VMWare platform – it gives us call recording and backup
capabilities, which are important for our business.”
Results have been impressive since implementing Avaya IP Office and IPOCC:
65% of the 1-800-LAPOINTE incoming calls have been redirected to dental centers, completely bypassing call
center personnel: Customers are connected immediately to their assigned dental center, even though they all call the
same number.
Call center agents have been reduced from 14 in peak periods to three plus a supervisor.
The number of phone lines for the call center have been cut in half and the company is saving money on long
distance charges.
If a dental center cannot take calls, it’s very easy to make that center inactive and route calls to an agent, ensuring
customers are not put on hold or required to leave messages.