October 2010 PDF - Alfred G Pearce


October 2010 PDF - Alfred G Pearce
October 2010 issue
Alfred G. Pearce Limited
Alfred G Pearce are Producers and Processors of Conventional and Organic, Fresh and Frozen Vegetables. Importers - Exporters.
AGP crop update
Swede crop
With the new season in full swing,
intake quality has been very good
overall from the South West. There has
been a low percentage with some rot
internally, but generally the season has
started well, although the size of the
swede is smaller than seen in previous
years at this time. Lucy will be visiting
our growers over the next fortnight to
assess quality.
Parsnip crop
Florida Carrot sample
Carrot crop
Currently lifting carrots at Elveden
Estates in Norfolk. The quality of early
carrots has been very good. The effects
of the prolonged drought that crops
have experienced during this growing
season are now starting to show in
some varieties, with a low percentage of
splits being seen in the ‘Florida’ variety.
Splitting mostly as a result of the high
level of rainfall over the past month.
The only variety showing signs of cavity
spot is ‘Caradec’ , but the levels are still
very low at 4-5% of crop affected. Lucy
will continue to visit Elveden weekly to
sample fields and assess quality.
Chantenay Carrot quality is good, with
good crown size and high and consistent
plant populations. Length is variable,
due to the dry spell between fields but
not a problem moving forward.
A small sample of cavity spot has been
detected but little that will cause any
quality issue.
Currently lifting parsnips in Norfolk.
Now into main crop parsnip, the later
drilled crop is still trying to bulk up
after the dry summer, but overall
quality is good.
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AGP News October 2010
Visit 1: Hobsons Farm
On Wednesday 22nd September,
Michelle Bailey, Julia Wheldon and
Peter Gresty joined Katy Negus and Lucy
Wagstaffe on a visit to our Yorkshire
grower Roger Hobson, with the aim to
assess fields to be strawed. Crop quality
was excellent and certain crop evidently
bold. Brix testing was carried out on
each dig with a variance of 6.5 to 9.4 (all
Nairobi variety). Roger will organise
18 people to sample all fields w/c 4th
October to finalise fields to be strawed.
A repeat visit by Bakkavor and AG
Pearce will take place 1st December to
view strawed fields and assess quality.
to Elveden Estates to repeat the process
will be made 18th November.
Visit 3: Bejo Variety Trials, Holland
A visit to Bejo variety trials took place
on Thursday 30th September at Bejo,
Holland. Michelle Bailey, Adam Tindall,
Julia Wheldon joined Simon Pearce and
Katy Negus to view over 100 different
varieties of carrots. Decisions were
made regarding future variety options.
Visit 2: Elveden Estates
A further visit was made with Bakkavor
to Elveden Estates where our trial
variety field was dug and sampled and
fields assessed for possible ridging.
With immature crop, taste was still fairly
poor on most new varieties. Nairobi
and Florida far exceeded all other
varieties for sweetness. A further visit
New Launches
and Promotion
18th September 2010, Tilmanstone
Salads: 12mm Diced Carrot for M&S
Country Vegetable Carrot & Coriander
Soup and 15x15x40mm Swede Batons
for M&S Traditional Root Roasting
Vegetable Pack.
M&S Dine in Promotions scheduled
for wks 43,45,47,49 and 51.
Brix, PH and
Test Tasting
Routine daily testing taking place.
Results to follow in next months
AG Pearce New Team Member
Lucy Wagstaffe joins the team at Alfred
G Pearce having spent two years within
the fresh produce industry following
her graduation from University. Her
initial role will be to support our
existing growing and supply chain, in
terms of raising awareness to customers
on agronomy, variety selection and
monitoring our overall crop quality.
Forthcoming Events...
BCGA/Elsoms Carrot Trials Notts: 7th October 2010
Monthly Meeting at Tilmanstone: 26th October 2010
Elveden Estates Variety Digs: 18th November 2010
Hobson Field Digs & assessment of strawing: 1st December 2010
Quality Management System
Field to Fork
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