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Towels- By Doctor Joe
Cleaning Cloths & Supplies
Fall & Winter Catalog 2008
Dear Customer,
Towels- By Doctor Joe ® is proud to introduce his exciting Fall & Winter
Catalog 2008. It is packed full with innovative cleaning cloths and
towels that will make your cleaning tasks so much easier!
Doctor Joe- The Towel MD
The cleaning cloth is often the product on the front line as you start
any job. If it doesn’t perform well, your tasks will turn into drudgery.
You don’t need towels that push water around until it evaporates...
or cloths that leave “streaks” instead of removing them.
Dry that tear, The Good Doctor is near and he has your remedy! Whether you prefer the time
tested white terry towels, the sporty lint-free surgical huck towels in six nifty colors, or the new
high-performance microfiber...he has it all with just one call 1-800-944-3192.
There are also gloves for your personal safety. Disposable gloves provide protection from
biological threats. They are available in latex, vinyl, and in hypoallergenic nitrile. On the other hand
are chemical protection gloves. These are reusable and provide safeguards from a broad range
of chemical hazards.
Last but not least is your prescription. Yes, the Good Towel Doctor does provide prescriptions.
On page seven you will discover instructions on the care and washing of your new towels. You will find
this useful. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Just call 1-800-944-3192 and we will help
you with your treatment plan.
All forms of plastic are accepted for payment...except your Healthcare card!
Best Regards,
Doctor Joe
The Towel MD
Microfiber Closeout Towels
Ultra-07 The Orange Blossom
- Soft Knit Towel
- Size: 16x16, 50/pkg
- Soft & Absorbent
- While supplies last
Your Cost: .69/EA
Major Retailer
Microfiber Closeout
Eight (8) pack
Regular: $8.95/pkg
Closeout: $4.85/pkg
Your Price: $3.85/pkg
Towels- By Doctor Joe
All Purpose Microfiber Towels
Best All Purpose
Smaller Size Terry
Ultra- 04
Smaller Ribbed Microfiber-
Terry-Ribbed Towel, heavy weight,
available in 2 colors: green & blue,
use for scrubbing 12x12 @ .89/EA
All Purpose Microfiber-
The Best-Selling, medium weight.
Available in 6 colors: green, yellow,
pink, white, blue, and red (fuchsia),
shown above, 16x16,
6 /pkg @ $9.50/pkg
Larger Size Terry
Order online
Medium Size Terry
Fine Fiber Terry
Medium weight, available
in 4 colors: blue, green, yellow,
and red (dark pink), with
distinctive black overedge,
handy size, 15x15 @ .95/ea
Lint-Free Microfiber Towels
Perfect Mirrors Every Time!
Full Thick Terry
Larger size, available in
4 colors: blue, green, red
(dark pink) & yellow, use for
larger jobs, 6 each per package,
16x24 @ $7.35/pkg
Fine Fiber
Glass Towel-
We guarantee 100%
streak-free glass & mirrors.
It is that simple. This flat
surface microfiber is
completely lint-free.
available in 6 beautiful colors,
16x16 @ $1.35/ea
Your order ships in 24 Hours
Towels- By Doctor Joe
Product Showcase
High Performance Microfiber
Soft for furniture
cleaning, polishing
& dusting.
Lint-free, will
bring up chrome
and porcelain to
a brilliant shine!
Lint-Free Suede Microfiber-
Very soft, feels and works like a real chamois, medium
weight, in green, 16x16, 6 /pkg, @ $15.95/pkg
Now on Special! @ $11.50/pkg
100% Pure Cotton
The only cloth
known to perfectly
clean ceramic and
glass cook tops.
A little Windex ®
and WOW!
Surgical-Huck Cleaning Towels
Triple Washed Towels- Softer & more absorbent.
You can now color-code your cotton cleaning cloths!
True Blue- the cleaning industry’s best-selling
towel, lint-free, 16x25, 100/cs @ $65.00/cs
Sale Price $49.00/cs
Green, Yellow, Orange, White, & Red
(fuchsia), lint-free, 16x25, 100/cs @ $70.50/cs
Sale Price $59.00/cs
Plastic Wrapped- in all colors shown, lint-free,
16x25, 100/cs @ $79.50/cs
Sale Price $69.00/cs
Phone orders 1.800.944.3192
Towels- By Doctor Joe
“The Rag Shop” - Cleaning Cloths
Go Green with Mill-End Wipers and Cloths
that have been “previously loved!”
Laundered SurgicalHuck Towels100% cotton, sterilized,
100 EA/cs approx. 15x24 @ .36/EA
New T-Shirt Remnants100% cotton, sterilized, approx.
16x20, soft & absorbent, excellent
for polishing:
10 LB case @ $26.90/cs
25 LB case @ $59.75/cs
50 LB case @$114.50/cs
SNF Diaper ClothWashed flannel fabric,
very soft & absorbent,
100% cotton, sterilized,
approx. 16x20:
10 LB case @ $23.50/cs
25 LB case @ $53.75/cs
50 LB case @ $97.50/cs
Doctor Joe’s Hand Towels
Guaranteed to absorb like
a mop after one wash & dry!
Medium White Towels 15”x25” Size and wt.
consistency. Every towel is thick full terry,
3.0 LB/DZ, with real mill hems @ $13.90/DZ
100% Cotton
Medium Colored Towels 15”x25” Size and wt.
consistency. Every towel is thick full terry.
Choose from three colors: Blue, Green,
and Deep Red, 3.0 LB/DZ, with real
mill hems @ $14.90/DZ
Your order ships in 24 Hours
Towels- By Doctor Joe
Five-Star White Terry Towels
White Half-TowelHeavy Weight
Spotting & Cleaning
24X24 @ $24.50/DZ
White Wash ClothsMedium Weight
12X12 @ $4.95/DZ
Heavier Weight
13x13 @ $8.95/DZ
White Hand
TowelHeavy Weight
Spotting & Cleaning
16X27 @ $19.50/DZ
White Terry
ApplicatorThe Best Selling
Cleaning Cloth
Medium Weight
14X16 @ $11.50/DZ
White Bath Size
Spotting TowelMedium Weight
20x40 @ $29.50/DZ
White Half-TowelMedium Weight
Spotting & Cleaning
20x20 @ $13.50/DZ
Order Today Online
Cleaning Specialties
Prefold Baby Diapers
The most popular cleaning
and polishing cloth, wash
to soften before using,
16x20, @ $1.75/EA
Sale Price $1.05/EA
Utility Towels-
Lighter weight
wash & dry to fluff,
100% cotton,
16x19, 5 DZ/PKG
Gold Center, 32 OZ/DZ @ $7.95/DZ
Blue Center, 32 OZ/DZ @ $7.95/DZ
Green Center, 32 OZ/DZ @ $7.95/DZ
All White, 28 OZ/DZ @ $6.95/DZ
Phone orders 1.800.944.3192
Towels- By Doctor Joe
Disposable Gloves
Maximum Biological Protection
Basic Latex Gloves: 5 MIL,
100/BX, Sizes: S, M, L, XL
Lightly Powdered @ $5.95/BX
Powder-Free @ $6.95/BX
Basic Vinyl Gloves: 5 MIL,
100/BX, Sizes: S, M, L, XL
Lightly Powdered @ $5.50/BX
Powder-Free @ $6.50/BX
Disposable Blue Nitrile
Gloves, lightly powdered,
6 MIL hypoallergenic, 100/BX,
S, M, L, and XL @ $8.95/BX
The Purple Haze
Nitrile Glove, powder-free, provides
total chemical protection, 6 MIL,
hypoallergenic 100/BX, S, M, L, XL
Your cost: $9.95/BX
Code Blue
Doctor Joe’s
Premium 6 Mil Gloves
They work better!
Textured Blue
Nitrile Gloves
- Powder Free
- 12” Length
- Heavy Duty
- 8 MIL, 50/BX
- Ambidextrous
- S, M, L, XL & 2X
Your cost: $15.95/BX
On Sale: $11.50/BX
Maximum Chemical Protection
Gloves for
Economy &
Your Safety
Premium Yellow Latex Gloves
- Flock-lined & economical
- 18 MIL, individually bagged
- Sizes: XS, S, M, L, & XL @ $9.50/DZ
The Blue Max
- Neoprene-on-latex, flock-lined
- Longer lasting, 22 MIL, individually bagged
- Resistant to a broad range of chemicals
- Sizes: M, L, XL & 2X @ $17.50/DZ
Order online at
Green Nitrile Gloves
- Flock-lined, 15 MIL, individually bagged
- Maximum protection againist abrasion,
puncture, cut, snag & to the broadest
range of chemicals
- Sizes: S, M, L, XL & 2X @ $24.50/DZ
Your order ships in 24 Hours
Towels- By Doctor Joe
Ordering your towels and supplies from
“The Good Doctor”
Doctor Joe’s Guarantee
The Good Doctor guarantees all of his “prescriptions.” If anything
is not to your satisfaction, simply return unused products in the
original packaging within 30 days. Upon receipt of your return,
Doctor Joe will issue your choice of credit, refund, or replacement.
Special order items are not returnable. Certain items are subject
to a 15% restocking fee. Our goal is to make your exchange or
refund as easy as possible. Please allow 7 days after receipt of
return to process your refund. Unless there is a manufacturer’s
defect, shipping charges are not refundable. All used or washed
merchandise is not returnable.
BEFORE YOU USE THESE PRODUCTS- Please carefully check
your entire order (Rx) immediately upon receipt. All claims for
shortages must be made within 48 hours of receipt of order.
Remember, there are no returns on “washed towels.” It is
therefore vital to perform a test-wash on your prescription before
placing all of your towels into service. Please thoroughly wash
and machine dry one or two towels from your order. Try the
towel that you washed. If you have any questions or
concerns, immediately call Doctor Joe at the EMERGENCY
TOWEL RESPONSE CENTER at 1-800-944-3192 before
proceeding any further.
Washing Instructions
We care about what happens after you receive “your prescription
for towels.” You are considered to be the most important part of
our practice, and we are very interested in your overall
“towel health.” Doctor Joe has never lost a patient! That’s why
it’s essential to offer some suggestions on the care and wise use
of your towels, even before you remove them from the package.
COTTON TOWELS- In order to reduce freight cost, some of our
towels have been compressed. Please WASH and DRY
BEFORE putting them into service. They will fluff beautifully!
“Doctor Joe is ready
for your delivery!”
HOW TO PLACE YOUR ORDER: Call 1-800-944-3192.
Amex, MC, Visa, and Discover accepted. Because
Doctor Joe maintains one of the largest inventories in the
industry, most orders are shipped the same day they are
received. Special order items can take 2-3 weeks. All
pricing is FOB shipping point, Pennsauken, NJ. All
pricing is subject to change without notice. We are not
responsible for typographical errors.
Follow instructions listed on the towel label. Bleach could damage
your towels. Use bleach sparingly, if at all, unless you have
purchased our special BLEACH-PROOF TOWELS. Also, never
drink bleach. There are safer ways to make your teeth white!
POSSIBLE SIDE EFFECTS- Do not wash different types of
towels together. Dr. Joe suggests that you wash each color
separately. NEVER wash white towels with colors. Stay away
from fabric softener, as it reduces absorbency. Do not overload
washer or dryer, it causes your towels’ fibers to weaken and
possibly fray. Your towels’ useful life will also be shortened.
MICROFIBER TOWELS- actually lift the dirt or wax from
the surface you are cleaning and then store the particle
or liquid in the towel until it is washed. Microfiber can be
used wet or dry. When using Microfiber wet, it is very
important to wring the towel as dry as possible. If a
Microfiber towel is dripping water, it is too wet, and could
leave streaks on the surface you are cleaning.
Microfiber towel becomes too dirty, it will also begin to
streak. It is then time to wash the towel. This is easily
done by just throwing the towel into a washing machine
and washing with any soap or detergent you prefer.
However, there are five restrictions: (1) Never wash
Microfiber towels with other types of cotton towels…
the Microfiber towel will treat the lint generated by the
cotton towel like dirt and store the tiny cotton particles
within the microfibers. (2) If you are using specific
microfiber towels with furniture polish or lemon oil, wash
these towels separately. Do not mix with towels used
for cleaning windows or mirrors. (3) Never use fabric
softener. The Microfiber towel will accumulate fabric
softener as if it were “Scotch Guard” (water repellant) and
saturate the microfibers, reducing its effectiveness.
(4) Use low temperature when drying. (5) Do not use
chlorine bleach with microfiber.
BEFORE THEIR USE! Nothing will bang more lint out of
the towel than a few good spin cycles in the dryer. Washing
also makes your towels softer and more absorbent.
Remember to clean the lint trap before and after each drying
cycle. A good wash formula is 1 cup of white vinegar with
½ cup of detergent. This will help release lint, break the
towels in, and keep them fresh. It is also useful to
soak new towels in a cup of ammonia and several gallons
of warm water. This will disolve any oils or treatments in
the fabric that inhibit absorbency. Another good wash
formula is 1 cup of ammonia with ½ cup of detergent.
Keep in mind that colored towels, because of chemical
penetration into the fiber, are less absorbent than white
Phone orders 1.800.944.3192
Towels- By Doctor Joe
Product Showcase
High Performance Microfiber
Soft for furniture
cleaning, polishing
& dusting.
Lint-free, will
bring up chrome
and porcelain to
a brilliant shine!
Lint-Free Suede Microfiber-
Very soft, feels and works like a real chamois, medium
weight, in green, 16x16, 6 /pkg, @ $15.95/pkg
Now on Special! @ $11.50/pkg
The only cloth
known to perfectly
clean ceramic and
glass cook tops.
A little Windex ®
and WOW!

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