Where did we come from?


Where did we come from?
Where did we come from?
What does it mean to be h uma n?
Why do people suffer?
What do I believe?
Why should I believe anything?
What is truth?
The university is a place to ask tough
questions and seek honest answers.
The Christian Faculty/ Staff Network
(CFSN) (www.GeauxTo.com/cfsn)
welcomes you to a new semester.
David Baird, Associate Professor
Sarah Baird, Teaching Associate
Center for Academic Success
Bob Bradley, Assistant Director
LSU Center for Energy Studies
Laura Hensley Choate, Assistant Professor
Counselor Education
Maurice Craddock
Louisiana State Youth Opportunities Unlimited
Barbara Craig, Instructor
Foreign Languages and Literatures
Rebecca Crump, Professor
Suzan Gaston, Director
James H. Gill, Jr., CETF Chair
Construction Management
Steven G. Hall, Assistant Professor
Biological and Agricultural Engineering
Edward Henderson, Professor
Philosophy & Religious Studies
Eleanor B. Howes, Instructor
Sung Joon Jang, Associate Professor
Jeanne Jendrzjewsky
University Lab School
Gary E. Landry
LSU Ag Center
Jimmie Lawson, Boyd Professor
Sylvia Lea
LSU Law Career Services
Charles Overstreet, Professor
Plant Pathology and Crop Physiology
Ric Pincomb, Research Associate
LSU Center for Energy Studies
Jason Rowntree, Assistant Professor
Animal Sciences
Karen W. Sirman, Assistant Director
Technology Support Center
James J. (Jerry) Spivey, James M. Shrivers Professor
Chemical Engineering
Versa Stickle
LSU Center for Energy Studies
James W. Stockard, Jr.
Curriculum and Instruction
Jodi Thorp, Academic Advisor
E.J. Ourso College of Business Administration
Chester Wilmot, Associate Professor
Civil & Environmental Engineering
Look for our booth at Fall Fest.