New epoxy Rondar Enterprise


New epoxy Rondar Enterprise
Tim 6-3-2011
New epoxy Rondar
Photographs taken at the Dinghy
Show 5-3-11
The boat is owned by Paul Hobson of North Sails. Paul will be sailing it at an open
meeting near you during the early part of the season. The aim is to fully evaluate
all aspects of the boat before it goes into full production.
Eager early morning viewers inspect the new epoxy boat.
The quietest our stand was all day!
Same hull, different cockpit layout, easier to build, strong.
“As Jack Holt would have designed it if building in 2011”.
Clean internal layout, double floor (bailers recessed).
This boat fitted with centre main and really neat tower for the mainsheet
block. The case is reinforced so the tower can be mounted in the best position
for you. A traditional transom main system can of course be used too.
New jib sheet system. No difference in sheet position, but gives the option of
the mounting track as shown here or in the traditional position.
Track can be
mounted in
position here
Jamb cleat position optional