Car-Lifts - NANI – Verladetechnik


Car-Lifts - NANI – Verladetechnik
Car Lift
Made by NANI in Germany
Car Lifts from Nani are lifting the cars between different
levels of a building (e.g. parking garage) or serve as a
concealed underground garage, as shown in the
pictures 1 - 4 below.
In car showrooms such lifts are not only being used for
the transport of the cars between the different levels of
the showroom, but also as a show presentation lift.
The development, design and manufacturing of the car
lifts take place in our own factory at one location.
Therefore we are able to fulfill any special request concerning the configuration, range of
functions, design, coloring etc. of the lifts.
Additional features, such as PVC rollo barrier, “run-off-protection”, Locks, reinforcement of the
plateau, higher speeds, Bio-oil or the complete construction made of stainless steel are only
some examples for all the additional requirements we could fulfill.
When using the car lift as
underground garage the
additional space you are
achieving aboveground is the
biggest advantage of course.
The canopy of the lift can be
used as an additional
parking space or can be
designed as lawn. Otherwise
one can use paving, tiles,
asphalt, concrete or simply
metal as floor covering.
This offers the possibility to
create the car lift fitting to the
local structural conditions in an
aesthetic way.
Furthermore the car is protected against weather
conditions and theft.
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