Zootopia-City Lights


Zootopia-City Lights
Join us for our sensory screening of...
Showing on Saturday, March 26th at 10:00 am!
Tickets cost $3.50 (adult attendant required &
will be admitted free)
Sensory Friendly Presentations offer a special
opportunity for us to accommodate families who
are affected by a wide range of complex neurodevelopmental disorders. We have reduced our
admission price and relaxed many of the traditional theatre rules. Our auditorium lighting is raised
and the sound is adjusted to a lower volume
during the movie. Our guests are encouraged to
bring their favorite snacks, walk around during the
show, sing their favorite song, or feel free to shout
out loud with all the excitement of attending a
great movie at Schulman Theatres!
For tickets, please visit the theatre’s box office the
day of the show.