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Jungle Safari - Gospel Publishing House
Jungle Safari:
Where Kids Explore
the Nature of God
Buck Denver
& Friends present …
What’s In the Bible?
MEGA Sports Camp®
Game Plan
Standard Publishing
Jellyfish Labs / Phil Vischer
My Healthy Church
The Jungle Safari VBS Kit is super simple because
it already has everything you need to lead and plan
without having to buy separate components.
The What’s in the Bible? VBS is a one-of-kind shared
family experience that will bring the families in your
church closer together as they journey through the
Bible—from Genesis to Revelation. Kids will walk
away from the week knowing the BIG story of the
Bible—­God’s Great Rescue Plan!­—and what it
means to live as a Christian.
In MEGA Sports Camp® Game Plan, kids discover
that God has a special and unique plan just for them.
Five sessions focus on key character traits that help
them become better athletes and followers of Jesus.
Session 1: God is CREATOR (Genesis 1)
Session 2: God is PROVIDER (1 Kings 17)
Session 3: God is PROTECTOR (Daniel 6)
Session 4: God is SAVIOR (John 3, 19, 20)
Session 5: God is KING (John 14;
Revelation 1,4,21, and 22)
Day 1: What is the Bible?
Day 2: What is the Old Testament?
Day 3: What is the New Testament?
Day 4: What is a Christian?
Day 1: Moses’ New Family (Exodus 1,2)
Day 2: Moses’ Desert Training (Exodus 3,4)
Day 3: M
oses’ Royal Challenge (Exodus 7:10–12:40)
Day 4: M
oses’ Great Escape (Exodus12:31–14:31)
Day 5: M
oses’ Faithful Life (Numbers 20,
Deuteronomy 34, Joshua 3)
Age Levels
1st through 6th grade
Starter Kit
Reproducible songs, music videos, sheet music,
split tracks, MP3s and MP4s.
DVD-ROM with all videos and music in MOV and
MP3 format (for use in presentation software). What’s
in the Bible? Music CD
MEGA Sports Camp® Game Plan Music CD
(Cheer Music CD sold separately)
Compelling, kid-friendly mission videos for Opening
and Closing time
DVD with all videos. DVD-ROM with all videos
and music in MOV and MP3 format (for use in
presentation software). CD-ROM with all print
materials and activities
Music & Media DVD & CD with all coach segments
and praise music; Director DVD & CD-ROM with all
Director’s helps, print materials and activities; Art
Kids will learn the motions that accompany the new
Yancy songs
What’s in the Bible? Music CD
MEGA Sports Camp® Game Plan Music CD
Four age levels: preschool, preteen, elementary,
and teen
Family Prayer and Devotional Journal
Sports Flash, Theme Keepers,
Welcome to Holsom: Adventures in Faith
Director’s Guide and Leaders’ Guides for all age
levels are included in the kit, including Opening &
Closing, Bible Stories, Snacks & Games, Activities,
Service & Missions, and Crafts & Music
Director’s Guide Book, CD-ROM with all print
materials and activities
Director’s Guide; Cheerleading, Basketball, and
Soccer Playbooks for Sports Head Coaches
(Baseball and Flag Football Playbooks sold
separately); Coach Huddle Book for Huddle
Coaches; Rally Guide for Bible Sessions
Decorating Pack & Guide, Bible Story Poster Pack,
Daily Theme Poster Pack, Site Names Poster Pack,
and Jungle Serving Hands
Promotional Posters & Registration Posters
Poster Pack (8), Art CD-ROM, T-shirt
(additional shirts sold separately)
in Kit
New special needs adaptations give you confidence
to welcome children who have special needs into
your church. Your team will be equipped with
teaching tips, informational forms, and suggestions
for ways to encourage families during VBS.
The What’s in the Bible? VBS includes 2 formats: 1)
A Shared Family VBS Experience and 2) A Traditional
Church VBS Experience
This award-winning* VBS is flexible, volunteer friendly, and easy for non-athletes. Use it beyond VBS for
Saturday mornings, Summer midweek programs, fall
festival events, days off school, or missions trips.
*3 time winner of Outreach Magazine’s Best Outreach Resource for
Children’s Outreach.
Weird Animals:
Where Jesus’ Love
Is One-of-a-Kind
SonTreasure Island:
Where Kids Discover
God’s Love
El Rey que viene
(The Coming King)
Group Publishing
Gospel Light
Concordia Publishing
God filled the world with a lot of crazy creatures …
including you! When kids feel weird, different, or even
lost in a crowd, nothing compares to the unconditional love of Jesus.
Who wouldn’t want to explore a tropical island? At
SonTreasure Island your treasure seekers will play
island games, create colorful crafts, and enjoy
tropical snacks. But more importantly, they will
discover the rich treasure of God’s love through the
life of Jesus.
Ernie Quintillas is a well-known historian. His son
Luis and Luis’ best friend Paolo are out of school
and looking for adventure. The boys venture out in
search of dead kings and their tombs, and make a
wonderful discovery—they find Jesus himself, who
will be the King of their lives. Set in Jerusalem in New
Testament times.
Jesus heals ten lepers (Luke 17:11–19); Jesus
reaches out to a Samaritan woman (John 4:1–30);
Jesus washes the disciples’ feet (John 13:1–17);
Jesus dies and comes back to life (Luke 22:47–
24:12); Ananias bravely helps Saul (Acts 9:1–19)
Day 1: God Gives Us Jesus
Day 2: J esus Helps a Young Girl and a Sick Woman
Day 3: Jesus Cares for a Samaritan Woman
Day 4: Jesus Forgives Zacchaeus
Day 5: Jesus Lives Forever
Jesus Enters Jerusalem; Jesus Is Crucified; Jesus
Rises from the Dead; Jesus Appears to the Disciples
on the Road to Emmaus; Jesus Ascends to the
Right Hand of the Father
(Day 3–5 stories are included in the Weekend Kit.)
Age Levels
Starter Kit
Deluxe Kit $169.99
in Kit
Ages 3–14 and adult
Leader’s Pack: Bilingual $59.99
(student packs sold separately)
Audio (Spanish only) and lyrics to 8 original songs
Sing & Play Stampede Music
Leader Version 2-CD Set
Reproducible Music CD (Deluxe Kit);
Reproducible CD-ROM with music
(Weekend Kit)
Sing & Play Stampede Music DVD; KidVid™
Stories DVD; Weird Animals Ultimate Director Go-To
Recruiting & Training DVD; Decorating Places DVD
Preview DVD (sold separately for Weekend Kit)
Sing & Play Stampede Music CD
Reproducible Music CD (Deluxe Kit); Reproducible
CD-ROM w/ student music (Weekend Kit)
Reproducible songbook included in the
Teacher’s Guide
Preschool Bible Play Pack; Bible Bands
Pre-K, Kindergarten, Primary, Middler, and Preteen
(Deluxe Kit); Weekend Kit: Reproducible CD-ROM
with materials to print/email
Three levels of full-color student take-home leaflets,
sold separately in packs of 5
Ultimate Director Go-To Guide; Sing & Play Rock &
The Tail End Leader; KidVid™ Cinema Leader;
Imagination Station Leader, One-of-a-Kind Bible
Adventures Leader; Critter Café Leader; Untamed
Games Leader; Spotlight VBS™ Leader; Preschool
Director; Preschool Adventures & Missions Leader;
Preschool Games Leader; Preschool KidVid™
Cinema Leader; Preschool Craft & Play Leader
Pre-K/Kindergarten Guide; Primary, Middler, and
Preteen Bible Story Center Guides; Theme Center
Guide and Bible Games Center Guide; Counselor
Guide (Deluxe Kit). Weekend Kit: included on
reproducible CD-ROM
Fully reproducible Teacher’s Guide included in the
Leader’s Pack
Decorating Places: Weird Animals DVD; Clip Art &
Resources DVD; Publicity Poster
Decorating Poster Pack, Pre-K Posters and Props;
Teaching Poster Pack Elementary, Decor and More
(Deluxe Kit only)
Cardboard stand-up Jesus figure available
New this year: KidVid Cinema; Weird Animals Bible
Memory Buddies App, featuring all 5 buddies FREE.
Clip Art and free music downloads, including the full
length Weird Animals theme song.
With our Reproducible Power Pack, print what you
want when you want it! Includes Teachers’ Guides,
Student Guides, Music, Clip Art, Skits, Games, Bible
Story and Verse Posters, and Daily Videos on two
CD-ROMs & one DVD-ROM. $99.99
Yes! Developed originally in Spanish—by
Hispanics for Hispanics
Don’t forget crafts and extra promotional posters!