Hajoca Corporation


Hajoca Corporation
E lectronic Invoices and Statements
A re Available
Hajoca Corporation
T ake advantage of our electronic invoices and monthly
A void mail delays and receive your bills faster
Import data directly into your accounting system
Eliminate paper and help the environment
Choose Your Delivery Method:
1. Receive an Email that includes a P DF attachment of your
statement . You may also choose to receive a downloadable file
that will allow you to import your data directly into your
accounting system.
2. Rec eive a Fax that includes your bill or statement
Sign Up Today !
Please provide the following information.
Fax the form to: _____________________
Company Name_________________________________________________________
Account Number (from invoice or statement)
Contact Person __________________________________________________________
Telephone number where you can be reached _____________________________
Which delivery method is prefer red ?
Email (address) _________________________________________________________
(number) ___________________________________________________________
If you have questions regarding this program, please call your salesperson
or credit office at the telephone number on your statement.
E-mail this completed form as an attachment to: [email protected]

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