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NL #232 reduced
MATDA Board Of Directors
Keith Christensen- President
Commercial Tire Center, Salina, Ks
Scott Woellhof - Vice President
Champlin Tire Recycling, Concordia, Ks
Brent Colgrove - Secretary
Farmers Co-op, Plymouth, Ne
Steve Burhenn - Treasurer
Becker Tire, Great Bend, Ks
Julian Albers
Mitten Inc., Oakley, Ks
David Brown
David’s Tire, Wichita, Ks
Justin Glasgow
Performance Tire & Wheel, Topeka, Ks
George Hoellen
T.O. Haas Tire Co., Lincoln, Ne
Dave McMannis
Canton Service Center, Canton, Ks
Diane Miller
M & M Tire, Abilene, Ks
DECEMBER 15, 2013
Convention Dates and Location Set
Mark your calendars now! The MATDA Board has selected The
Drury Plaza Hotel at Broadview Place in Wichita, Kansas.
Friday, March 14th to Sunday, March 16th, 2014. Please make a
point to join us. Reservations may be made by calling
1-800-325-0720 and refer to the group number of 2189763.
Also be sure to find the applications to nominate the Industry
Service Award and Employee of the Year Award. It’s a great
honor for recipients. Nominate someone today.
We’re planning a great lineup of speakers. However if you have a
suggestion or request don’t hesitate to contact Shawn Herrick,
MATDA Executive Director at 785.286.1110. This event will be
“All The Luck You Need!” for a great 2014.
Look Who’s Sharp
The Safety and Health Achievement Recognition Program
(SHARP) provides incentives and support to small, high-hazard
employers to work with their employees to develop, implement
and continuously improve the effectiveness of their workplace
safety and health programs.
Scott Osment
Hesselbein Tire - Tulsa, Ok
SHARP Business T.O. Haas Tire - All Four Kansas Locations in SHARP
Mike Riddle
American Tire Distributors, Wichita, Ks
Congratulations to T.O. Haas Tire who as of November 2013, has 14 stores
who are part of the Safety and Health Achievement Recognition Program
(SHARP). All four of their Kansas locations are part of SHARP: Junction City,
Colby, Hutchinson and Medicine Lodge. Tony Thompson
Thompson OK Tire, Beloit, Ks
Mike Vondenkamp
Tire Dealers Warehouse, Wichita, Ks
Jeff Webster
Take Ten Tire, Ponca City, OK
The T.O. Haas safety initiative has allowed the company to save thousands of
dollars per year in workers' compensation insurance premiums. The recordable
injury accidents have improved from a high of 21 in 2005 to just 2 through
November of 2011. The company has earned many awards in its 64 years of service, but according
to Randy Haas, Safety Director, the company "considers its SHARP
achievements to be at the top of the list."
“Treadmarks” is published monthly by the Mid-America Tire Dealers Association, 7321 N.W. Rochester Rd. Topeka, Kansas, 66617. Appearance of Advertisements in “Treadmarks” does not constitute endorsement by MATDA of the products or services advertised. For further information concerning “Treadmarks”
or the association, contact Shawn Herrick, Executive Director, at the address above or 785.286.1110, fax 785.286.0611 or e-mail - [email protected]
DECEMBER 15, 2013
AT [email protected]
A Big Thank You to the Sponsors!
Our Scholarship Golf tournament was held in Marion,
Kansas at the Marion Country Club on a Sunday,
September 22nd. Thank you to sponsors as well as golfers.
We raised enough money to allow scholarships to be
awarded at the Annual Convention. And the Scholarship
Applications are with this newsletter. Sponsor an applicant
and send it in.
Kelle Oil! !
BF Kris Kroen!
TCI! !
Champlin Tire Recycling!
TO Haas Tire!
Federated! !
Hey Mach! !
Hesselbein! !
IMT! !
Myers Tire Supply!
Rod's Tire! !
Rudolph Tire!
Thompsons OK Tire! !
Yokohama! !
M & M Tire! !
Prairie Ag! !
Farmers Coop !
Federated ! !
Yokohama !!
Two Hole Sponsor
Hole Sponsor
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Bev Cart Sponsor
Contest Sponsor
Contest Sponsor
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Two Hole Sponsor
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Lunch Sponsor
Contest Sponsor
Two Hole Sponsor
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Two Hole Sponsor
19th Hole Sponsor
Two Hole Sponsor
Two Hole Sponsor
Two Hole Sponsor
! Contest Sponsor
Goody Bags for all!
48 doz balls!
The Winners!
We don’t want to forget the players either. Some guys
appeared to be having a rough time of it. But were out
there having fun anyway. It was a beautiful day.
Longest Putt Hole #9 Winner Rick Sprueill
Closest to Pin Hole #12 Winner Randy Shumway
Longest Drive Hole #6 Winner Jamie Shepard
Longest Drive Hole #13 Winner Dan Mize
1st Place Team with a 56 - Steve Burhenn, Randy
Shumway, Joe Unrein, Mike Hammeke
2nd Place Team with a 57 - Dave Haskins, Daniel
Mize, Brandon Smith, TJ Harold
3rd Place Team with a 57 - Mark Miller, Jamie
Shepard, Jeremy Head and Rick Sprueill
Thank you to all the teams for playing.
A huge thank you to Mike Vondenkamp who pretty
much put this tournament together single handedly. It was
a beautiful course, very well organized and the food was
Speck's Tavern owners lose $16K in
credit card charges made by trusted
By Megan Hart
[email protected]
Former Topeka police officer used prepaid card
with no value.
While shuffling through a stack of papers
Thursday afternoon, Debbie Maichel, owner of
Speck's, and Brian Harrod explain how credit
card fraud lost them nearly $16,000.
The owners of Speck’s Tavern say they lost
$16,000 in an unusual case when a longtime
customer presented a credit card that had no
Debbie Maichel and Brian Harrod, owners of
Speck’s Tavern, said a customer they knew well
charged about $12,000 in food and drinks in the
first six months of 2013. The charges appeared to
go through, and the problem only became clear
when the money and $4,000 in fees disappeared
from their account.
The Topeka Capital-Journal typically doesn’t
identify crime suspects until charges have been
Maichel said they received the first chargeback
related to the customer’s Visa card in March. A
chargeback is when a card issuer seeks the return
of funds from a merchant, usually due to
customers disputing whether the merchant
actually performed a service or because of fraud,
according to Visa’s website.
A representative of Sunflower Merchant
Solutions, a company they contracted with to
process credit card charges, spoke to the
customer in question and assured the owners the
problem had been addressed, Maichel said, so
they continued to allow him to use his card
through June. They had to hit a button to “force”
the charges when the machine declined to take
the card, she said, but they continued to receive
payment for the charges and thought the issue
was resolved.
Brian Sloop, president of Sunflower Merchant
Solutions, confirmed he had spoken with the
customer in question.
The customer placed a call to what he said was
his card issuer, Sloop said, and told him there
had been a problem with the card and the issuer
had resolved it. He isn’t sure if the customer
actually did call a bank.
In June, the owners planned to renew their
business license and pay insurance premiums,
Maichel said, and discovered $16,000 had been
removed from their account without notice. It
turned out their customer had been using a
prepaid card, which only can be used until the
money loaded onto it is exhausted, as if it were
an ordinary credit card that could continue to run
up charges, she said.
“We didn’t know it was prepaid,” she said. “It
looked just like an ordinary Visa card.”
They then received a large stack of chargeback
reports, Harrod said, and had to fill them out with
an explanation of the charges and an argument
they at least shouldn’t be charged the $25 fee for
each incident, which pushed their losses from
$12,000 to $16,000.
“Not only did we get frauded, we got ripped off
by the credit card company for another $4,000,”
he said. “A lot of small businesses couldn’t take
a hit like that. It would shut them down.”
Maichel estimated they also spent about $200
making copies of receipts and mailing forms to
dispute the chargebacks and had to switch to a new
company after Sunflower Merchant Solutions shut
down their account. They were able to shift money
from other accounts to carry on business after the
$16,000 was withdrawn, she said, but had to deal
with the inconvenience of temporarily losing the
ability to take credit cards.
Sloop said a large number of chargebacks
indicated a business was a relatively high risk.
“A large number of chargebacks are going to signal
a risk that most of the time, that underwriting bank
is not going to want to continue,” he said.
Harrod said they trusted the customer because he
was a regular and because he had previously
worked as a police officer in Topeka.
The customer explained the amount of time he was
spending in the bar by saying he was in town
temporarily to testify in existing cases before
moving to a new job, Harrod said. In retrospect, he
said, they shouldn’t have continued to force
“The whole time he was ripping us off and smiling
and shaking our hands,” he said. “Maybe we didn’t
do everything perfect, but we didn’t fraud
DECEMBER 15, 2013
Monday Morning Motivation:
Champion Mindset for Success !
In my Pinnacle Performance customer service
training, clients learn the ‘Power of Positive’ and
how, conversely, having a negative attitude repels
and creates negative responses in both internal
customers (co-workers) and external customers
(those fine folks that pay your bills).
Negativity is also a major deterrent in achieving
success. In short, negative thinking leads to
negative results.
To achieve and sustain success the belief in
yourself is paramount. Many individuals fall
victim to negative thinking about themselves,
believing they are ordinary, or worse, inferior to
others. This counterproductive thinking ‘positions
you to fail’ and, sadly, many lads and ladies accept
this fate and lock themselves in to maintaining
mediocrity. As soon as you say (or think) “I’m just
a (fill in the blank)” you’re stuck in the mud.
Champion ‘Pinnacle Performers’ believe they are
the best every day and behave accordingly.
Simply put, to achieve ‘World Class’ performance
you must first believe you are World Class.
Topeka police Capt. Scott Conklin confirmed
police have an open case related to the alleged
fraud at Speck’s but said police need to speak to
the suspect.
Believe To Achieve…MISSION I’M-POSSIBLE Choose to Accept It
He also confirmed the suspect had been employed
at the Topeka Police Department. The suspect
“separated” from the department in September
2011, Conklin said, and is believed no longer to
reside in the Topeka area.
[email protected] Away LLC
- Steve Ferrante
1-866-721-6086 ext 701
Harrod said he doesn’t expect to get back the value
of the food and drinks the customer purchased, but
he hopes to regain the chargeback fees.
“Some of the swipes weren’t even $10, and we get
a $25 fee,” he said.
Are You Ready for an I-9 Audit?
Every employer, no matter what size, has to deal
with human resource issues, regulations, and
employment law changes. Contact your local
marketing representative to learn how Federated
Insurance can provide you with resources to
help with employment law issues like harassment,
discrimination, hiring and firing practices, and
employment eligibility documentation.
Visit to find a
representative near you.
*Not licensed in the states of NH, NJ, RI, and VT.
© 2014 Federated Mutual Insurance Company
DECEMBER 15, 2013
On The Light Side
...Tire Dealership in Missouri
Customer: “They charged me $110 for working on my
Tire Dealer: “What did you have done?”
Customer: “I just came because the car said service was
needed on the car.”
Tire Dealer “Yes, you got an oil change and tire rotation,
state inspection and a car wash.”
Customer: “Tire rotation? Aren’t they always like,
rotating as I drive?”
Tire Dealer “Yes, but the tires are removed and swapped,
the tires on the rear are moved to the front, and the fronts
to the rear. It’s to help the tires wear out evenly.”
Customer: “They wear out?”
Tire Dealer “Eventually, yes. They do.”
Customer: “Why?”
(try to describe traction, friction, and the breakdown of
soft compounds like tire tread over concrete.)
Customer: *blank stare* “Isn’t my car pretty?”
(As the customer leaves, they pull on the door about three
times before they see the push sign.)
The mission of the MATDA is to
promote closer cooperation and
better understanding between the
tire dealers of Kansas, Nebraska,
and Oklahoma; to provide
professional lobbying and
governmental relations; to
provide effective training and
education to enhance members’
business acumen and help
them better serve the consumer;
to promote public understanding
of the industry’s concern for the
environment, and to provide
such services and activities that
are proper and necessary to
achieve these mutual goals.
7321 NW Rochester
Topeka, Ks 66617
p 785.286.1110
f 785.286.0611
[email protected]
• MATDA Convention and Trade
Show March 14-16, 2014, Wichita,
Tire collection and processing
Trailer placement
Licensed in KS, NE, MO, IA, CO, SD
Used tires
Playground/Landscaping mulch
Recycled picnic tables and park benches

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