KRS Bearing


KRS Bearing
KRS Bearing
KRS Bearing
Founded in 1953 in Romania with the German FAG stalls, the world's largest bearing
manufacturer, SC RULMENTI SA Barlad facilitys has a 60 year of experience. KRS and URB
brand bearings are produce in these plants. 1,300,000 m2 of open space, and 6 individual
production facilities with a covered area of 420.000m2 this giant factory, Was purchased by the
Turkish capital by way of privatization in 2000.
Since the establishment of our factory passed the capital of Turks and continues to rapidly
invest in new technology. $ 30 million investment in the last two years 3,200 people are
employed in the factory. 100 of Bearing the factory engineer, currently 510 engineers and
technical staff specialized in the branch, has annual production capacity of 30 MILLION UNITS
BEARING . Europe's only manufacturer of next generation massive bearing cage and Romania
is the only manufacturer of hard metal saw. Also is capable of producing 1 million units gear
per year. important export market in the United States and Europe. 80% of total exports, export
to Europe America and the western part of the factory 20% of the Asian market sells. Important
feature of our products, especially the introduction of quality control in manufacturing plants that
use without direct bearing assembly is mounted to product line. Bearings manufacture '' ASIL
STEEL '' from the 100 Cr6 (SAE - 52,100) GRADE 10 quality steel balls used are obtained from
EUROBALL of SKF. All parameters of each bearing two separate stations on the assembly line
and a 100% basis two times the noise, the tolerance, the space and a fully electronic system
and engine control devices used for passing the appropriate level of performance is produced in
Q6 Turks and Roma under the supervision of engineers to control the production of factories
and has been on world standards. In 2001, the Turkish Standards Institute, CRS bearings, the
TSE and TS-6269 Quality Compliance Certificate Required Certificate of Conformity has been
KRS Bearing
seen blessings. Adopting the principles of the philosophy of total quality and full-time delivery,
and implementing factory produces the world's well-known and sought-bearings. World markets
have been very well-known and first-place position in a sought URB brand, as well as a
half-century of experience in producing bearings in the light of a brand new gift pazarınada
TURKEY CRS under the brand name of the factory in Turkey is presented to your liking And in
Kocaeli area to serve you better with a new point of sale are sold only Brands CRS and URB
openedKRS ball industry and Co.Ltd. after that will give you the best service, pre-sales and
after-sales technical knowledge and practices of all kinds will be free. Our factory is in
accordance with the Philosophy of Total Quality is a priority for our customers' satisfaction.
Kind Regards...
KRS Bearing

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