UndeRCoveR? We don`T Think So


UndeRCoveR? We don`T Think So
We don’t
think so...
When you need to blend into the crowd,
use our MP3 Earphone Adaptor to
ensure that your cover’s not blown.
Due to popular demand, CRS MP3
Earphone Adaptor is a simple yet
sophisticated two-way radio
accessory designed to be used
by those involved in surveillance
While it looks like you’re listening
to Shirley Bassey using your iPOD/MP3
headset, you are able to stay in touch with
support and monitor your subject’s every move
without arousing the slightest suspicion.
By connecting your MP3 earphones to our
1 wire, 2 wire and 3 wire radio harnesses,
those under surveillance will never know
that you are connected to your two-way.
So the next time you need to blend
into the crowd, contact CRS to
ensure that you and your team
are suitably equipped
to conduct your
Another quality product from CRS Accessories
CRS Accessories offers a wide range of high quality spares and
accessories specifically for two way radio use:
• Antennas
• Audio Adaptors
• Batteries
• Chargers
• Earpieces
• GPS Microphones
• Headsets
• Leather Cases
• Microphones
• Bluetooth
• Specialist Audio
When you depend on it, insist on CRS.
Telephone 1300 307 334