2015-16 Audition Results


2015-16 Audition Results
 April 18, 2015 My Dearest Singers, Please know that these ensembles were created with great care, compassion and thoughtfulness. There are some who will celebrate and some who will battle disappointment. Either way, I encourage you to pause for a moment and react with grace and trust. Reacting with grace means that you allow yourself to see the bigger picture for a moment. Put yourself in others shoes. Be a team player. Reacting with trust means that you can see that whatever circumstances arise, you are singing with great people and making excellent music. The Rockford Choirs take pride in making superb music in ALL choirs. Music making is an endeavor that we make together to promote equality, build relationships and learn about humanity. Next year promises to be an amazing year. Everyone has a journey ahead of them filled with challenges, leadership opportunities and MUSIC. Mrs. Scott Chamber Singers 2015­2016 Soprano
Baileigh Aldrich
Stacy Coleman
Katherine Parker
Laurin Soupal
Sarah Umlor
Allison Ward
Andrew Brown
Kameren Butler
Grayson Harding
Blake McWatters
Tate Radaz
Mitchell Todd
Alto Kallie Deen Avery DiCocco Betsy Hoekstra Raquel Maciel Stephanie Spalding Alyssa VanZanten Bass Tyler Coon Josh Dominowski Aidan Fryc Brad Sanders Bradley Sinclair Harrison Witt Advanced Women’s Ensemble 2015­2016 Soprano Alto Cameo Brodowski Hailey Brenner Clare Crumback Madelynn Bursley Meredith Dickson Marlee Busalacchi Jessica Gerkey Kaylee Gallini Lauren Hyink Allie Gamble Jenny Hughey Becca Gauthier Chloe Kampf Hannah Hudgens Grace Kropiewnicki Allie Koelewyn Emma Kowalczyk Samantha Lund Olivia Marvin Brittney Morris Katy Mullen Gretchen Parker Emily Pilarski Hannah Oostdyk Olivia Poll Brittany Perry Rose Sickery Haley Riccobono Jessica Simons Casey Rickett Taylor Snedeker Natalie Wierenga Sierra Olejniczak Eva Wang 

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