Rich Color


Rich Color
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Rich Color...
... That Lasts a
Whole Season!
Beneficial to Plants
Color-enriched mulches provide many of the same
benefits as regular bark mulches. They allow rain water
to get to the soil below, while helping to prevent water
loss due to evaporation during dry weather. In addition,
color-enriched mulches deter weed growth and benefit
the plant’s root system by helping to maintain a moderate
soil temperature.
Color Lasts for One Full Season
The biggest selling point of this product is its colorretaining capacity. Mulches colored with Heartland®
Enriched Colorants don’t just look great when they are
spread in the spring—they hold their rich, eye-catching
color from spring to fall. The colorants used are highly
resistant to UV fading from exposure to the sun and do not
wash off in the elements. The wood itself will deteriorate
before the color stops adhering to the fiber.
Looks Great!
Mulches colored with Heartland Enriched Colorants
look great along the house or under the trees. The
color choices include rich reds, golds, browns or black
mulches that enhance the natural landscaping of your
yard. Natural mulches can quickly begin to fade or “silver
out,” providing a limited window of aesthetic pleasure.
Mulches colored with Heartland Enriched Colorants take
on a robust, colorful appearance that improves the visual
appeal of the entire area by adding consistently colored,
contrasting or complementing shades of ground cover.
Safe for Children and Pets
Mulch made with Heartland Enriched Colorants, processed
with Color-Safe Technology™, is completely safe for
shrubs, plants, pets and children. Independent laboratory
tests have confirmed that color-enriched mulches
present no more concern for children or pets than
regular mulches. While some parts of the world still use
lead or cadmium-based pigments in paints and coatings,
Amerimulch® understands the risks involved with heavy
metals and VOCs and avoids using any hazardous or
threatening materials in our products. We use some of
the same materials to color the wood fiber that other
companies commonly use in lipsticks, cosmetics and
food containers.
Our Heartland Enriched Colorants have been tested by
an independent, nationally-recognized laboratory. The
study monitored how acute exposure to our colorants
affected skin, eyes, lungs and the digestive system. The
results placed Heartland colorants in the safest category
the study recognizes.
Application Tips:
For maximum benefit of your Heartland colored
mulch product, please observe these guidelines:
Dump Bulk Mulch Onto a Tarp: Freshly produced
mulches may be subject to colorant wash-off,
particularly when exposed to heavy rains. The
colorant that washes off can stain driveways or
yards. It is recommended that bulk mulches be
placed on tarpaulin to avoid any discoloration to
the ground surface.
Wet Surface Before and After: If no tarpaulin
is available, we recommend you wet down the
driveway or lawn before dumping the mulch and
wash the surface off with soap and water after
applying the mulch if there is any visible residue.
Avoid Rainy Days: Try to schedule your delivery
and application on a day when heavy rains are
not expected.
Wear Old Clothing: Wear long sleeves and gloves
during application of the mulch.
Turn the Mulch Over Once: At mid-season, turn
the mulch over with a rake to expose a different
side to the sun and elements. This will freshen
up the look of the mulch without requiring
additional materials.