November 10, 2010 - Cumberland University



November 10, 2010 - Cumberland University
The Cumberland Chronicle
The Cumberland Chronicle
November 10, 2010
Student Activities
*Movie Night @ The
Roxy and CU Dawg Day
@ Maggie Moo’s
- Every Tuesday
*Studio Recital IV
- November 10th from
12:00pm – 3:00pm
*Student Run Production
- November 19th from
7:00pm – 9:30pm in the
Fine Arts Center
*Lee Austin & Mindy
Spears Recital
- November 20th from
11:00am – 2:00pm in the
Fine Arts Center
*Band Concert
- November 22nd
*Christmas for All Angel
Tree Program
- November 22nd –
December 8th in Labry Hall
Sports, Home Events
- November 24th from
12:00pm – 3:00pm
Sports, Away Events
- November 13th from
12:30pm – 4:00pm in
Williamsburg, KY
- November 11th from
6:00pm – 9:00pm in
Campbellsville, KY
Cumberland University, Lebanon, Tennessee
Vol. VII Issue 5
Human Trafficking and Child Prostitution Rings
Uncovered in Federal Crackdown
By Lane Cryar
After a three-day federal crackdown on child prostitution rings in more
than forty cities nationwide, more than 884 people have been arrested and 69
children have been rescued. Known as Operation Cross Country V, the federal
sweep is part of the Innocence Lost National Initiative. This initiative was
formed in June 2003 by federal agencies including the FBI's Criminal
Investigative Division, the Department of Justice's Child Exploitation-Obscenity
Section, and the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, as a
countermeasure against an increasing occurrence of child prostitution. Through a
total of 39 Innocence Lost task forces and working groups at the present
moment, the combined efforts have resulted in the recovery of 1,250 children to
date, with a reported 438 indictments, 625 convictions, and 58 complete criminal
enterprises successfully dismantled.
Despite the continuing work of such task forces, many people continue to
remain oblivious to the problem of child prostitution and forced sex enslavement
that exists throughout the United States. The cycle of victimization often
commences with children 13 years old and younger, targeting children of
immigrants who may be less likely to go to the authorities, or through bribing
runaways with promises of food and shelter. Child prostitution is not merely the bane of overpopulated cities or
known highly immigrated areas, as in Tennessee, authorities announced on November 8th that they were
arresting 29 individuals connected to gangs known as the Somali Outlaws, the Somali Mafia, and the Lady
Outlaws, who were involved in the trafficking of underage Somali and African-American girls in a prostitution
ring. The children were transported by the gang members from Somali immigrant communities in Minneapolis,
Minnesota to Nashville, Tennessee, for forced prostitution over a ten year period.
The children who are coerced into this modern day slavery are victims of psychological, emotional, and
physical abuse. The tactics used by those who exploit these children are horrific; where persuasion fails, gang
rape is often used to force submission. In the most recent child prostitution sting, a common tactic was for the
gang members’ girlfriends to recruit the girls with promises of haircuts, clothing, and money. Additionally,
human trafficking investigators face difficulties surmounting cultural barriers, where the family members or the
victimized girls themselves are afraid to bring shame upon their families. Advocacy groups report that many in
the Somali community deny the problem exists for the abovementioned reasons as well as due to fear of
retribution from gang members. The Minneapolis based non-profit group Breaking Free is now providing
targeted assistance to the Somali community through health services and counseling for girls and women who
have been involved in prostitution and sex trafficking.
As more underground prostitution rings are uncovered and the victims of child prostitution and human
trafficking are liberated, the continuing efforts of the Innocence Lost National Initiative will expectantly result
in a greater awareness of the ongoing problems of exploitation and victimization extant in our society. With
education and expanding social consciousness, the stigma sometimes applied to these children should be lifted
and the burden appropriately applied to the true perpetrators of the crime: the gang members and their associates
who profit from the exploitation of children, as well as those who frequent illicit establishments run by the same.
- November 14th from
9:00am – 12:00pm in
Bristol, TN
- November 14th from
1:00pm – 4:00pm in
Chattanooga, TN
- November 19th from
6:00pm – 9:00pm in
Campbellsville, KY
- November 21st in
Nashville, TN
Take a Break with SAB
By David Webb
Stressed over impending finals? From the Student Activities Board,
producers of Afterglow, comes a holiday party geared toward those of you who
need to take a break from the constant studying.
Take a break with us and relax. Drink a steaming cup of cocoa and enjoy a
few snacks. Bring your significant other for a cozy evening that is sure to be a
reprieve from your stress. Also planned is the screening of a holiday movie that is
yet to be chosen.
There will be plenty of games and activities set to the tune of cheerful
holiday music. Be sure to bring your cheesiest holiday sweater and/or tie; you may
just win a prize if yours out-cheeses the rest.
The tentative date is Thursday, December 2nd, and more details regarding
the event will follow in the weeks to come. Look for flyers scattered around the campus, or just ask Student
Affairs for more information as the date grows closer.
Quote of Infinite Wisdom
“Our eyes are placed in front because it is more important to look ahead than it is to look back.
The Cumberland Chronicle
The Lighter Side of Life
Adventure to the Late Night Double Feature Picture Show
By Jennifer Talada
Over the Halloween weekend, I had the intense privilege and pleasure of attending one of the most
scandalous and scintillating live shows anyone could imagine. Yes, you guessed it: the Nashville Rocky Horror
Picture Show! This was a special year; it has been 35 epic years since the Rocky Horror Picture Show premiered!
I had to prepare myself mentally before I could even think about attending. The rumors I'd heard struck fear in my
heart, and I was admittedly a wreck on the way down there.
I'd refused to dress to the occasion, but my companions had taken the event to heart. I had zombie dude on
one side and Magenta on the other. We arrived at 11 o'clock, since the show started precisely at 11:59 p.m., with
toilet paper and toast in hand to a riotous troupe of characters waiting outside the Belcourt Theatre in downtown
Nashville. It was a long wait to get in, but we passed the time by pointing out the oddest dressed people, and there
were quite a few!
I couldn't even begin to describe the chaos that surrounded us when we got inside. Four hundred Frankiefans packed into an old style theatre: chaos is the only way to phrase it. Our first order of business was to be
welcomed to the show, and then we proceeded to the part that I was dreading the most.
You see, if it’s your first time at a live showing of the Rocky Horror Picture show, you are designated a
"virgin." Fantastic, yes? Only, it gets worse. Virgins must then, and this is a bit crass, walk around the theatre
with a balloon between their legs and let people pop it. Now, I'll admit that I was very tempted not to admit that this was my first time, but I took
it like a champion! I got a huge "V" in red lipstick on my forehead, and I trampled around the theatre in my 3-inch high boots, getting toast
thrown at me, water squirted at me, and getting my balloon groped at.
After that humiliating adventure, we sat back to enjoy the show. If you've never been, there are "plants" in the audience who randomly
shout out various things during the presentation. It is utterly hilarious; they are crass, caustic, and totally unrepentant! The show itself was
fantastic. We put our sunglasses on and did the Time Warp. We tossed the toilet paper like it was going out of fashion, and we even tried to make
Frisbees out of our toast.
So, in the end, my grand adventure turned out to be a fantastically uproarious learning experience. I tried something completely outside of
my comfort zone, and I had one of the best nights of my life. So, all I can do to end this little review is to whole-heartedly recommend anybody
and everybody who is willing to tolerate long lines, crazy psychos, relentless swearing, and sweet transvestites to attend this shameless show.
The show is put on by the cast of Little Morals at the Belcourt Theatre twice a year: one weekend in April and one in October. Tickets are
a measly $10, and it is worth every penny. This show will make you shiver with antici….(SAY IT!) …pation!
Bulldogs Ranked 17th in Coaches Poll
Cumberland moved up one spot to 17th in the NAIA Football Coaches' Top 25 poll released Monday by the national office. The Bulldogs
defeated Belhaven University, 45-7, this past Saturday, ending the home schedule a perfect 6-0.Cumberland, 8-2 overall and 4-1 in the Mid-South
Conference West Division, plays at the Univ. of the Cumberlands this Saturday at 11:30 a.m. CT. The Patriots (6-3, 4-1) and Bulldogs are tied for
the division lead and the winner of Saturday's contest will claim the outright championship.Cumberland has been ranked in all seven regular
season NAIA Football Coaches' Top 25 polls.Cumberland posted a season-high 45 points and 401 yards of offense in the win over Belhaven. The
CU defense also limited the Blazers to just 117 total yards, including 28 in the first three quartersThe unit registered four sacks, blocked two
punts, intercepted a pass and recovered a fumble. The Bulldog defense is ranked in the Top 10 nationally in five categories, including fourth in
sacks (32), fifth in total defense (243.5), seventh in scoring defense (15.5), ninth in rushing defense (93.3) and 10th in pass defense (150.2)
The Green Eyed Demon
A serial installment by Alex Alea
The hooded figures obliged Ryan’s demand and stepped away from Sam and Nicole. But as Danial tried to get some
answers about what has been going on, the hooded men did something that the brothers had not expected.
Chapter 4, Part 1
The hooded men grew claws, their arms and legs grew longer, and their faces took a shape similar to a wolf’s. The
hooded made an incredible jump all the way to the top of the five story building behind them. As James and his
brothers looked up at the hooded figures, more of them emerged from the roof, but these hooded figures had their
brother Jack. Ryan called to Jack, but he seemed to be unconscious. The hooded figures jumped off of the roof and
started toward downtown. Ryan told his brothers, Nicole and Sam to get in his car. Ryan had a Lamborghini that he had gotten from winning so
many fights. Danial, Sam and Nicole got into the car with Ryan, but James refused to get in the car. James proclaimed that he had a faster way of
catching the hooded figures. Ryan left James behind. As Ryan pulled away, James clenched his teeth and his body began to transform into its
demonic form. After the transformation was complete, James repeated the actions of the hooded figures and jumped to the top of the five story
building. He began scanning the area for any sign of them. He spotted the hooded figures eight blocks away. James jumped to the next building
and began running across the rooftops of the city towards his brother. He happened to jump over Ryan as he was making a transition to another
rooftop. James followed the hooded figures to an old church, much like the one he had been brought to and sacrificed at three years ago. He ran
into the church and found that a ritual was being performed on Jack. At first he thought that they were doing to Jack what they had done to him.
Then he noticed that they were not doing the same things performed in the one done to him. James didn’t feel like waiting to find out, so he rushed
into the room where the ritual was taking place and almost instantly, four hooded figures came to defend the priest. Ryan, Danial, Nicole and Sam
arrived on the scene within seconds after the hooded figures came on the defensive. Then there was a loud wailing noise, then a burst of flames. A
tall, muscular figure emerged from the flames. His eyes were black and soulless, his skin was pale and covered with scars, and one of his arms
was similar to a sword. Danial nervously asked James, “Who is that?” But before James could answer the demon answered him in a thousand
voices, “My name is Legion for we are many.”
The Cumberland Chronicle
Editorials and Reviews
National Football League: Week 8
By Kaitlyn Gross
The 2010-2011 football season is now in full swing! While some teams are doing as well as expected, there are a few
that seem to be behind the curve in W’s.
-The Detroit Lions easily had the worst reputation last season. However, this year, they seem to be picking up
a few wins. First, they kill the St. Louis Rams. This past week, they slaughtered the Washington Redskins, 37-25.
-We, of course, cannot forget the Indianapolis Colts. This season has been a struggle. They started off in the
bottom of the division after two losses to the Houston Texans and the Jacksonville Jaguars. Look at them now. They
showed the Texans how to play REAL football on Monday with a score of 30-17.
-The Tennessee Titans are also doing pretty well this year. However, they could not keep up with the San
Diego Chargers. They lost 33-25. However, it will be real interesting to see how they play with new player,
Minnesota Vikings veteran Randy Moss.
-The Miami Dolphins immediately began to tank after losing Dan
Marino. However, they seem to be picking up their stride with a win against the Cincinnati Bengals,
-At last, we cannot forget Green Bay. They played the New York Jets, which is always a
tough opponent. However, Green Bay gave them something to complain about. The Packers picked
up a win against New York, 9-0.
Week 8 left many exciting wins. Week 9 seems to have an even better battle plan. While the
Tennessee Titans are on their bye week, there are several other teams fighting for the top spots. Look
out for Indianapolis Colts v. Philadelphia Eagles, Miami Dolphins v. Baltimore Ravens, the New
York Giants v. Seattle Seahawks, and the San Diego Chargers v. Houston Texans.
Randy Moss: Good Investment or Poor Judgment?
By Kaitlyn Gross
For the past week, there has been gossip surrounding Randy Moss. The Minnesota Vikings recently
released him from their team. It has been confirmed that the Tennessee Titans have been the ONLY
team to claim him for this year’s season. However, there is one question that remains. Is Randy Moss a
good investment player, or is he a waste of space on the field?
Randy Moss was a first round draft by the Minnesota Vikings in 1998. Ever since then, he has
bounced around from the Oakland Raiders, the New England Patriots, and then back to the Vikings for
the beginning of the 2010 season. All of a sudden, he is kicked off the Minnesota squad, and back on
the field for the Titans. Many are wondering why, and if the Titans made a sound investment. A good
answer? HECK NO.
While the Vikings have not given a clear comment on why they released Moss, his past seems to
explain why.
-In 2002, Randy Moss did not comply with a traffic officer’s orders to stop, and he hit her. A search of the car revealed marijuana
possession. Hence to say, he pleaded guilty.
-In the last 2004 season game, the Vikings played the Washington Redskins. The Vikings were down with two seconds left on the clock.
Moss walked off the field and into the locker room, claiming that nothing would have helped.
-In 2005, the Vikings played Green Bay for a spot in the NFC Wildcard. While the Vikings won, Moss mooned several Green Bay fans
after the second touchdown of the game. He was fined $10,000.
-Throughout his football seasons, Moss has been accused by several players of giving up too easily. Coaches claimed that he has no work
ethic and lack of skill.
-In 2008, news came out that he was involved in violence against women. A woman accused him of assaulting her, and then not allowing
her to seek medical attention. She immediately got a restraining order. While everything was dropped and resolved, one has to wonder if he paid
her off to make his past “go away.”
So I ask all of the Titans fans, do you really want a man of poor character and decision to represent you on the football field? We will
have to wait how long Moss plays before he gets back in trouble once again.
Reach Out
Bullying. It’s a problem throughout the nation, but it’s something that we should be able to fix. So, why
does it seem like nothing is being done about this increasingly prevalent problem? Some people may say that
bullying is just a minor offense, but it can lead to so much more. If a person bullies once, then that is a gateway for
them to do it again and again. It only takes one instance of bullying to lead someone to commit suicide, and that is
something that we should not get complacent about. Of course, this is in response to the recent elevated
occurrences of bullying and suicides that have been happening across the country, but what we seem to forget is
that this has been happening forever. And if we do not do something to stop it now, then it will continue forever.
What can I do, you may ask. Even just simply watching out and not tolerating it when you see it helps. If
you want to take a more proactive approach, then you can share your experiences with others, volunteer with
adolescents who are experiencing bullying, or even intern with different nonprofit organizations that work with this
type of thing. What really matters is that you face bullying and put a stop to it. For information on advocacy and
volunteer / internship options, go to Put a stop to bullying and bring about a better world.
The Cumberland Chronicle
Sports and Fine Arts
The Starting Point
By Megan Akins
Starting today, every two weeks the music department will be featured in the The Cumberland Chronicle.
Information will be organized into three sections: Department News, Music Faculty News, Music Student News, and
Upcoming Events. We are very excited about sharing our information across campus and thankful to The Chronicle
staff for being so willing to take us on. If anyone in the music department, students or faculty, has anything that the
feel would make a good article or something they would like to see added simply shoot me an e-mail at:
[email protected] or contact Dr. Paise. We are both very excited to be embarking on this
adventure and will take ideas that our fellow musicians have.
Department News:
On October 21, 2010 the official new chapter of CUCMENC was formed and confirmed by the hosting of
their very first annual cookout to provide a bit of fun time and to build collegiality among members of the music
department. Several students and Professors attended the event as well. The members are also planning a music
workshop and bell ringing for the Salvation Army in November and December.
Music Faculty News:
Two professors have recently been given acknowledgement for their talented musicianship. Professor Glenn Martin, who teaches Music
Theory, Jazz Band, and much more, on October 27, 2010 had the tremendous honor of having The Tennessee Tech Tuba Ensemble perform his
original music. Ginger Newman, adjunct voice instructor, was honored with a Best of Nashville Award by the Nashville Scene recently as well.
Remember to congratulate these two members of the music faculty.
Music Student News:
As for the students, two thumbs up for the The Band of the Phoenix on their Halloween performance! The songs included Tales of the
Crypt and Thriller. The performance was an absolute crowd pleaser, and the performance of the original Thriller dance by the members of the
color guard was superb. It also helped everyone get into the Halloween spirit as all the members of the band were in costume and there was every
personality out there from Fred Flintstone to a champagne bottle. Great job you guys and we can’t wait to see what you do next year! Also,
another important event was Bill Sakalaucks’ Degree Recital. In which, he performed some amazing vocal pieces of art including Old Man River.
Bill is a Vocal/General Music Education K-12 major and is also lined up to student teach soon. So be sure to congratulate him on his hard work
and amazing performance.
Upcoming Events:
- Music Teachers Talking: A Discussion Group for Future Music Teachers
Featuring Mr. Ron Meers, an Instrumental Music Educator from Riverdale High School, Rutherford
County, TN. This will take place on Thursday November 11, 2010 in the Choir Room at 5:30 P.M. It is
required for CUCMENC members.
The Great Performer Series
Featuring Patricia Racette, a soprano, in The Fine Arts Center on Tuesday November 9, 2010. It is required
for all music majors.
Studio Recital IV
In The Fine Arts Center on Wednesday November 10, 2010 at 12:00 P.M. It is required for all music
The Thriller Marching show on Saturday
October 30, 2010. They performed Tales of
the Crypt and Thriller by Michael Jackson!
All while in costume.
Mindy Spears and Lee Austin’s Degree Recital
In The Fine Arts Center on Saturday November 20, 2010 at 12:00 P.M. It is required for all music majors.
Band Concert
In The Fine Arts Center on Monday November 22, 2010 at 7:00 P.M. It is required for all music majors.
Cumberland Christmas Choir Concert
At The Mill in Lebanon on Sunday December 5, 2010 at 7:00 P.M. Attendance is required for all music majors.
A Golden Opportunity
By Megan Akins
Tuesday, November 9, will be the next concert in The Great Performers Series at Cumberland
University. It will feature the gifted and accomplished soprano Patricia Racette. Ms. Racette performs regularly
in many of the leading opera houses of the world, including the Metropolitan Opera, Royal Opera at Covent
Garden, La Scala, and the Lyric Opera of Chicago. She is one of the foremost interpreters of the heroines of
Puccini. She was recently featured in the live HD broadcast of Madame Butterfly from the Met in the spring of
2009, a performance which was seen on 1,000 screens in 42 countries. In reviewing her performance in The
New York Times, Steve Smith wrote, “In every dimension Ms. Racette’s effort was exceptional; hers is a
performance not to be missed.” Cumberland is excited to have this opportunity to offer an artist of this caliber
to the music community of the Middle Tennessee area. To learn more about her incredible career, check her
Possibly the most intriguing aspect of the program at Cumberland University is that the first half will
feature songs and arias in Italian and French, while the second half will feature an all English cabaret/jazz
format, with performances of tunes from The Great American Songbook, featuring music from composers such
as Gershwin, Sondheim, Ellington, and Mercer. Ms. Racette attended the University of North Texas in hopes of becoming a jazz singer, and sang
with the top jazz bands there. Her voice teacher encouraged her to delve into the operatic repertoire, thus beginning her journey toward becoming
one of the world’s leading sopranos. This recital allows the rare opportunity to see her to show two distinct sides to her love of making music. The
performance at Cumberland is in preparation for a recital at the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington D.C. later the same week.
The Great Performers Series brings world-class performers to the middle Tennessee area, and is a collaborative effort between the
Cumberland University School of Music and the Arts and the Nashville Opera. The concert is on Tuesday, November 9, at 7:00 P.M. in the
Heydel Fine Arts Center, Cumberland University, Lebanon, Tennessee. For ticket information, please call the School of Music and Arts at
Cumberland University, 615.547.1364.