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issue - Huron Women`s Shelter
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A Message from the Executive Director
HWS welcomes new office manager Tammy Chambers
Festival of Arts and Crafts - July 6-8, 2012
Interested in becoming a member?
Please consider a donation to Huron Women’s Shelter
Look for our holiday donation tear-out postcard
Take a Swing Against Violence Golf Tournaments - June 20
and June 27
Music of the Night Benefit Concert - June 18
Backpack Donation from Bell Aliant - August 28
New program supports mothers of young children
Stay informed of the latest updates from HWS through
social media: Twitter, Facebook and YouTube
How can you help?
Now Needed for Winter and the Holiday Season
Breakfast With Santa - December 1, 2012
International Day of Remembrance - December 6
Fa La La La La Benefit Concert - December 16
Huron Women’s
Shelter, Second
Stage Housing &
Counselling Services
Please send your comments, questions or
concerns to:
Huron Women’s Shelter
376 Huron Road, Box 334,
Goderich, ON N7A 4C6
Contact us by phone at: 519.524.5333
24 Hour Crisis Line: 1.800.265.5506
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Season’s Greetings From
Huron Women’s Shelter!
The holiday season evokes images of cozy homes
and happy families. We are all striving to achieve this
“Norman Rockwell ideal”. For many of us, the season
means baking, and decorating, and more entertaining.
We bustle to find the perfect present for everyone on
our list and engage with family and friends. The pictureperfect holiday is difficult for all of us to achieve. But
for some families it is not possible to achieve that ideal.
Huron Women’s Shelter assists families, who have
experienced abuse, and we work hard to help women
and children create a safe and happy future.
During this holiday season, we invite you to give us
a hand. In this newsletter, you will find a number
of ways to help. There is a list called “Now Needed”.
If you want to enjoy a shopping spree, you can add one
or two of the items in our list to your shopping spree
and then donate them.
You can make a financial donation and we will mail
out a tax receipt. If this donation is received before
December 31st, your tax receipt will be usable in the
coming year.
You can make a donation and make it a gift for a family
member or a friend; we have included a tear-out that
you can place in a holiday card that says a gift has
been made to us in honour of your friend or family
We will all be at the grocery store purchasing the things
that give us that holiday feeling. As you shop, you can
add one or two non-perishable items to your basket
and make a donation. Or you can purchase a turkey
or a can of cranberry sauce and we will turn that into
a holiday dinner.
In closing I want to thank the community for the
on-going generosity we experience throughout the
calendar year, and for the bountiful kindness we have
always experienced during the holiday season. May
you and yours have a safe and joyous holiday season.
Michele Hansen
Huron Women’s Shelter now has some
new platforms where you can follow us.
In addition to visiting our website at, you can “Like”
Huron Women’s Shelter on Facebook, and
follow us @huronshelter on Twitter for the latest
news and information from our organization.
You can also check out our recent video, “More
than just a bed: Inside Huron Women’s Shelter”
on YouTube for an inside look at how our
organization works to support abused women
and their children throughout Huron County.
Since 1985, our shelter has provided safe, temporary
housing for victims of woman abuse and their children.
Second Stage Housing has been operating
since 1991 and provides rent geared to income
apartments in secure buildings where women and
children can live for one year.
Residents are offered individual and group
counselling, as well as information on housing, legal
aid, financial assistance, and job training.
Residents benefit from a feminist analysis of woman
abuse, an empowerment model in supportive
counselling and the understanding and support
of the staff and other residents.
We believe that women, given emotional support,
and much needed resources, can be empowered
to recognize their own strengths and choose a safe
and fulfilling future.
The Huron Women’s Shelter welcomed a new business/
office manager earlier this year when Tammy Chambers
of Goderich joined the team at the Shelter offices.
Tammy has stepped in after the much-deserved
retirement of Janet Sherratt, at the start of June.
Tammy attended and graduated from Goderich District
Collegiate and then studied business administration/
human resources at Sheridan College in Oakville. Upon
graduation in 1996, she returned home and began
gaining relevant experiences in workplaces which
make her a great fit at HWS.
Tammy started her career at a law office in Goderich
which exposed to her a wide range of legal issues,
some of which help her understand what women are
facing when dealing with the law as survivors of abuse.
“When I see the various documents come through here,
it helps that I am familiar with the legal terminology,”
she says.
She then moved on to a five year placement as an
executive assistant at the Community Care Access
Centre in Seaforth where she enjoyed “the whole sense
of contributing to people.” Her last stop before HWS
was at the Bluewater Youth Centre where she was an
assistant for seven years, leaving just as it closed this
“All of these jobs have given me a solid background
working with confidentiality. I understand the whole
sense of security, safety and sense of well-being. I
appreciate how to be careful with who you let in and
out of the building, making sure people are safe and
that you are being cautious about the information you
provide,” she says.
“It feels good to know that you are contributing
somehow towards people’s betterment,” says Tammy.
“At Bluewater, the residents got to know me as the
‘complaint lady’ – I tried to resolve some issues the
residents had and I took their complaints back to the
powers that be. In that way, I gained some valuable
experiences working with senior management and
operational management.”
At HWS Tammy says she is enjoying looking at new
approaches to efficiencies. Since taking on the role
she has helped implement a new accounting software
program, which has been a challenging job but one
she enjoys. “I’m just excited to get things organized
into some new systems, but we are taking baby steps
as it’s always so busy here. But busy is good! My days
just fly by!”
Tammy can be seen flying by herself as she enjoys
power walking over her lunch break.. Off hours she
is the busy single mom of two boys ages 8 & 10 who
both play hockey and other sports. “I seem to be going
24/7,” she laughs. “But I love living here in Goderich. I
love the small town feeling.”
Tammy comes to her position with both a personal
and professional background in social services.
Her parents, Lynda and Gary Chambers, worked as
registered practical psychiatric nurses in Huron County
and fostered an atmosphere of caring, understanding
and respect at home. Her father now works for the
Huron Perth Crisis Intervention line out of the Seaforth/
Stratford hospitals, taking in calls from people with
mental health issues.
As well, Tammy is impressed by the work being done to
help women and children at HWS. “I really had no idea
the depth of the help the shelter provides. It has been
a great education for me. Now, when people talk to me
I can say it’s a really amazing place with counselling for
women and help for children. It’s amazing. The people
here are wonderful. I am so impressed with how warm
and caring the front-line staff are with the women, how
they make the women feel so comfortable and safe
when they are in a vulnerable state. Here, women are
free to express how they are feeling. It has felt right for
me here since day one.”
Our annual three-day Festival of Arts and Crafts,
which took place between July 6th and 8th,
2012, was a great success this year, bringing in
an incredible total of more than $25,000 for the
Huron Women’s Shelter.
The event was held in a new, temporary location
this year, at Colborne School site (formerly Victoria
School) in Goderich.
A very special thanks to all of those who supported
the Huron Women’s Shelter again this year.
Patrons explore the many booths at the annual
Festival of Arts and Crafts in Goderich.
Artist David Vasquez of Innersoul Art was
just one of the over 100 vendors at this year’s
Festival of Arts and Crafts.
The Rotary Book Sale was a popular spot for
Thank you to all of our volunteers and patrons
for making this annual event a great success!
Cheryl McKay of Shaggy Chic in Wiarton
displays her wide selection of scarves.
For an annual membership fee of only $10,
you can attend and vote at our Annual
General Meeting, and will become a part of
the larger voice of our organization within
the community. Board meetings are held
monthly at the Huron Women’s Centre in
Goderich. Everyone is invited to attend.
New members are elected annually.
For more information, visit our website at:
w w w. h u r o nw o m e n s s h e l t e r. c o m /
Please consider making a donation to
Huron Women’s Shelter
R Give to the Alice Munro Fund
R Help HWS purchase gift cards
which are used throughout the year as birthday
presents for the women and children in our
shelter and second stage housing facilities.
R Give to the Roma Harris Fund
including providing for food, clothing, or meeting
the basic needs of the women and children in our
shelter and second stage housing facilities.
which provides for shelter and care of pets while
women are escaping violence.
Look for
our holiday
R Allow HWS to direct your
donation to any area of need
A gift has been made in your name to the Huron Women's Shelter. Your gift will support
their important work across Huron County. The Huron Women's Shelter believes
that women, given emotional support and much needed resources, can be
empowered to recognize their own strengths and choose a safe and fulfilling future.
Your gift was generously given by ____________________________.
For more information about the shelter you can visit,
follow @huronshelter on twitter,
like Huron Women’s Shelter on facebook
or watch their video on youtube.
Your support will make a real difference in
the lives of women and children in need.
I support Huron Women’s Shelter
Name: _________________________________________________________________
Address: _______________________________________________________________
Phone: ___________________________ Email: ________________________________
a benevolent fund which supports the dignity and
self worth of women and children by covering the
financial cost of things that may be challenging for
women in crisis to afford (including dental care,
participation in recreational activities, etc.)
Please direct my donation to _______________________________________________
Enclosed is my donation for
My donation is paid by
q$25 q$50 q$100 q$250 qother amount
qCash qCheque qMoney order
Thank You For Your Support
Golf Tournaments
Our 13th annual “Take a Swing Against Violence”
Golf Tournaments were held on June 20 at the
Maitland Golf and Country Club in Goderich, and
June 27 at the Wingham Golf and Curling Club.
On June 18, talented vocalists, including the
HuronSong Choral Ensemble, performed for a
fantastic crowd at North Side United Church in
Seaforth, with all proceeds supporting the Huron
Women’s Shelter.
The events brought in a combined total of more
than $15,000 for the Huron Women’s Shelter.
Congratulations to this year’s winners!
We hope to see you all again next year!
Guest soloist Alyssa Darling Howard sings
“Over The Rainbow” from The Wizard of Oz.
The 2012 winning team proudly display their
trophy at the Maitland Golf and Country Club
in Goderich (L-R): Eleanor Schnall, Roma Harris,
Jan Filman, Michele Hansen.
The top team for 2012 at the Wingham
Maitland Golf and Curling Club: (L-R) Nadine
Wathen, Judy Campbell, Michele Hansen, and
Dorthy Fitzpatrick.
On August 28, Bell Aliant employees Gary Muxlow
and Woody Woods presented Huron Women’s
Shelter with backpacks filled with school supplies
as part of their Backpacks for Kids program. The
program, which is celebrating its 10th anniversary,
brought in approximately 7,000 backpacks
this year. The backpacks were donated by Bell
Aliant staff, supplies, customers, and community
partners. Huron Women’s Shelter is pleased to be
part of this valuable program.
Huron Women’s Shelter, Second Stage Housing and
Counselling Services is pleased to offer a new group
program for mothers of young children in Huron County.
Mothers in Mind© is a group program for mothers
who have experienced family violence or other hurtful
experiences and have young children under the age
of four. It is designed for mothers who wonder about
whether these hurtful experiences might be affecting
their relationship with their child and their own feelings
about being a mom.
Mothers in Mind© focuses on the needs of mothers who
have recent or past experiences of abuse, and find that
those experiences are making parenting difficult. The
program provides mothers whose young children have
been exposed to hurtful events an opportunity to learn
ways to help their young children begin to heal. This
program supports women to become the mothers they
want to be.
Mothers who come to Mothers in Mind© will:
• begin to increase their confidence in being able to
respond to their children in a sensitive, supportive
and effective manner;
• learn how to separate out adult stresses and issues
from parenting issues;
• discover useful ways to cope with anger, anxiety
and stress;
• create ways to provide a safe, secure environment
for their child;
• develop positive parenting skills and learn about
child development.
The group will run for ten weeks and will be offered every
spring and fall and may be offered throughout Huron
County depending on the location of the referred families
to help make this program more accessible. Subsidy for
transportation cost is available, as well as healthy snacks
and useful items for children.
If you are interested in attending or know someone who
could benefit, please call to set up a pre-group meeting.
For further information, or to refer families please contact
Connie at the Huron Women’s Shelter at 1-800-265-5506
ext 232, or Arletta at Second Stage at 519-524-1620 ext
Follow us @huronshelter on Twitter
Like Huron Women’s Shelter on Facebook
Watch our latest video
“More than just a bed:
Inside Huron Women’s
on YouTube at: watch?v=OBQwf5zWlh8
Visit our website:
At the Huron Women’s Shelter we’re all about
providing shelter, support, counselling and
advocacy to women in need, and the best way for
us to achieve our goals is through your continued
support. Here are just a few of the ways you can
help us make a difference in the lives of others:
In Canada, more than 1 million children have witnessed
violence against their mothers by their fathers or father
figures. In recent years, the rate of exposure to domestic
violence more than doubled, and rates of major injury
are highest among infants and one year olds.
Huron Women’s Shelter is reaching out to the public
like never before -- and keeping you informed of all the
latest updates on programs and services, upcoming
events, the needs of our organization, and much more,
through social media. Here are some of the places you
can find us online:
Subscribe to our newsletter, visit our new website, orcontact our staff for more information.
Do the people on your Christmas list already have
everything, or do you have someone on your list
who’s hard to buy for? Consider making a donation
to HWS in their name this year. Donations are
gratefully accepted year round, and can include
basic needs, personal care items, non-perishable
food items, and monetary donations.
Some items we are in need of for winter and the
holiday season are:
• winter coats and snow pants for women and
children (toddler size and up)
• water-proof mittens and warm hats
• winter boots (toddler size and up)
• polar-fleece blankets
• gift cards to Food Basics, Zehrs,
Walmart and Zellers
• turkeys (8-12lb)
• food storage containers
• Christmas gifts for children, teens and women
Your support is greatly appreciated, and makes a
real difference in the lives of women and children
in need.
December 6th Vigil
École Polytechnique
Montreal, QC
Thursday, December 6 at 7:00 p.m.
Courthouse Park, Goderich
Saturday, December 1, 2012
8:00 -11:00 a.m.
Knox Presbyterian Church, Goderich
Join us on Saturday, December 1st, 2012 for the 18th
annual Breakfast with Santa in support of the Huron
Women’s Shelter. Young and old alike (and those inbetween!) will enjoy a wonderful morning of delicious
food, entertainment, crafts and, of course, a visit with
Old St. Nick.
Established by the friends and family of the late Sue
Munnoch, a Board member of our organization and
a vibrant member of the Huron County community,
Breakfast with Santa is held annually to raise funds and
spread positive goodwill.