March 2010 - Virginia Watercolor Society


March 2010 - Virginia Watercolor Society
By now you have
received your notification for
the 2010 VWS Exhibition. We
congratulate those whose
paintings were accepted
and feel the pain of those
who were not. Both of us
have had our share of
acceptance and rejection.
Sometimes as an artist it
Bev Perdue
is hard to keep in mind
that it is but one person’s opinion. We hope
that regardless of the results you will come to
Richmond to celebrate the XXXI Exhibition.
In this Waterlogue you will find information
from Eleanor Cox and Kathy
Miller detailing the Saturday
festivities, including the
opening reception and
awards banquet. Garry Lou
Upton will give information
on the “Salon Des Refuses”
and welcome reception
at Crossroads Art Center
on Friday evening. James
Susan Stuller
Bassfield and Jenni Kirby,
owners of Crossroads, have graciously donated
the gallery space. You can read more about
Crossroads Art Center in this Waterlogue.
The Awards committee has been putting
in long hours and we are beginning to see
the results. Please remind everyone that we
are the oldest state wide art organization and
encourage them to donate.
A special thanks to Karen Schwartz for
updating our VWS website. Please be sure
to check it regularly for updates and new
We look forward to seeing all of you in
Richmond in May. Gerald Brommer promises to
be a wonderful workshop instructor. We have
studied with him in the past and enjoyed it
On another matter, we have had no group
step forward for 2011, though various artists have
tried. This means the life blood and continuity
will cease. For one year that means no
exhibition, no Waterlogue etc. We ask all of you
to reconsider this to help maintain our groups
long running artistic endeavor.
Beverly Perdue Jennings
Susan M. Stuller
VWS Artists Please Note
Shipped work MUST arrive April 27 – 29th.
Ship in reusable container with prepaid
Cultural Arts Center at Glen Allen
2880 Mountain Road
Glen Allen, VA 23060
Please label boxes on the outside with your
last name and VWS 2110 Exhibition
Hand-carried works MUST be delivered April
30 – May 1st. 12 to 5 PM
All paintings must be ready for hanging
with screw eyes and wire, framed under
acrylic glazing (no glass), using only
white or off-white mats. Poorly matted or
framed paintings may be disqualified.
Maximum frame size in any direction is 48”
This includes diptychs and triptychs,
which must be in a single frame.
Accepted paintings must correspond
to the photograph submitted. Work that
differs substantially from the entry file will
be disqualified. Paintings marked for sale
at your current market price will include
a 30% commission to the Cultural Center
of Glen Allen. Paintings marked not for
sale should include pricing for insurance
• Please put your name and phone number
on back of painting.
• No Styrofoam of any kind in shipping
• No glass on painting.
• For all shipped paintings please include a
$25.00 check for handling fee payable
to VWS
Bill Kinsey, Exhibit Chairman