Zak McKracken – Mayan Maze Map


Zak McKracken – Mayan Maze Map
Zak McKracken and the alien mindbenders
Map of the Mayan maze in Mexico
To use this map, follow the numbers and letters.
If you just want to get thru with it, and spoil the fun, the quickest way (I think), is to take the
first entrance.
Go through the first door.
Go to the end of the corridor through the last door.
Take the first door on your right.
Enter the middle door.
The outer Ring..
The middle ring
The inner circle (Circle ?)
The statue room
I wont take any responsibility for using this document.
If you get lost, and starve to death,
or if your computer crashes, or anything
bad happening, it won’t be my problem, or my fault.
If you open this document, you agree
to the terms.. you are on your own.
There is a ghost mummy walking around these chambers.
Bring your lighter and light the torches.
Enjoy the game.
These pictures differ from various consoles.
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