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Driving Technology, Creating Waves
Neil Jenkins
Managing Director, Gibbs Technologies Ltd
Avenue Road, Nuneaton, Warwickshire CV11 4LY
[email protected]
Gibbs Technologies has spent almost 10 years and over 1 million man hours researching
High Speed Amphibian technology. The first product to embody this technology made its
press debut in September 2003 to world acclaim.
Figure 1: Gibbs Aquada - Fastest Amphibian in the World Both On and Off Road
The steps from being a concept to a product are on the surface quite simple, but the reality
is quite different. Weight on an amphibian is extremely important; it must be monitored and
evaluated in the same way as a NASA space programme. If the weight of a rocket exceeds
the thrust produced by its engines it cannot take off or perform; the physics of a HSA are
exactly the same.
Gibbs used FE analysis extensively during the development, and is continuing an
aggressive programme of weight reduction to further improve vehicle performance. Altair
has supported this work on a number of components for weight optimisation; an example
being the suspension upright.
Figure 2: Concept Design Optimization - Used to Determine Optimum Material Layout
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