12wk challenge_2008



12wk challenge_2008
Jenny Lynn’s
12-Week Challenge
The contest is open to anyone to join
Check out the 2007 Challenge Winner
between January 1st, 2008 through
April 30th, 2008.
Sign up at www.jennylynnfitness.com.
The winner will be announced on
July 28th 2008.
The winner will be based on before
and after pictures; the person who
makes the most dramatic changes
to their physique by using my
12 Week Program will be profiled on my
website and enjoy an all expense
paid* weekend to train in Louisville, Kentucky
with me as I prepare for the 2008 Olympia.
Good Luck,
Jenny Lynn
We will correspond via E-Mail using photos to
make adjustments to your diet and workouts as
* (includes: round trip flight,
hotel accomodations and meals)
Velda lost an amazing 30.15 pounds of body fat and gained 8.65 pounds
of muscle mass during her 12 week transformation.
Read what others had to say about their
12 Week Body Transformation:
“I came into the challenge with the goal of losing 30 pounds and you’ve helped me do just that.
I sure did learn a lot especially about nutrition and supplements.” Diana Claire
“You were always there to answer a question, to give me words of encouragement
and I always felt like you were there when I needed you.” Gale Young
“I learned how to manipulate my diet to make immediate changes that are
both healthy and permanent.” Lynette Hindshaw-Duford
“This program has given me a foundation fo rhow I want my health and fitness. I would recommend
this program to anyone that needed to jumpstart their weight loss/exercise routine.” Lara Silva
Enter the Challenge!
E-Mail me at: [email protected] or visit my website at www.jennylynnfitness.com for more information and to see more amazing results

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