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Bali Free Map
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Boat monument on Dajuma beach In Pekutatan and all around Dajuma, Puri Dajuma Co2ages Beach Eco Resort & Spa Keep Bali Clean for the World Tel. +62 (0)811 388709 - Fax: +62 (0)361 813230
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What to do around Dajuma? Rambut Siwi Temple Rice Fields in Medewi Pulukan planta<ons Rice farming tour Cycling around Dajuma Bunut Bolong Jungle Trekking Rice Fields Jerukmanis Waterfall To Gilimanuk and Java Bunut Bolong Holy Banian Tree Rice Farming Tour Rubber Factory Rambut Siwi Temple Pondok Bambu Scenic Point Pulukan State Planta:on Pekutatan Center / Shops Medewi Surfing Spot Body boarding, Kayaking, SUP & Sailing Cycling, Motorbiking Volcano Spa Fishing Offshore To Denpasar Surfing at Medewi beach Volcano Spa Strolling along the beach Fishing Stand-­‐Up Paddle Kayaking & Sailing Body Boarding Offshore Fishing Jerukmanis Waterfall PEKUTATAN TOURIST MAP
- Heading to East after leaving Puri Dajuma’s private road, you will meet friendly Balinese people at their
peaceful village on both sides of the road. By turning left for 50 meters and then right again, you will enjoy
the shadow of the plantations on a nice road.
- Heading to West, you have to go up to the main road to get in the heart of Pekutatan village. Before and
after the Junction to the North, a choice of local shops proposing materials, clothing, pharmacy,
hardware, food and drinks may entice you.
The day market takes place around 8 AM to 8PM depending on trade activities. It is an animated meeting
point for the fresh food products from the villages around Pekutatan.
The night one is located east in a big location, 200 meters from the junction to the North.
2 km from Puri Dajuma, in the middle of Pekutatan, there is a junction to the north of the island (Pupuan
direction) with a small temple in the middle.
After a few kilometers, you will find on the right an old factory where the rubber tree sap is transformed
into natural latex. Using natural material in a traditional way, the process and its long different stages is
quite impressive in terms of human involvement. Should you visit this reminder of old times, the schedule
have to be checked in advance.
Rubber factory is located in front of the main entrance of the State Plantation, covering 1200 hectares.
Rubber trees have replaced the former coconut trees, as the main plantation.
But clove, coffee, cacao as well as mango, papaya, vanilla and the everywhere coconut are the products
grown there, thanks to the rich volcanic ground of Bali.
You may have a visit organised, to better know about the State Plantation, or you may watch it from your
own when climbing a little bit higher on the road.
Pekutatan center is the place where you can leave the busy road to Java for climbing a smaller and
beautiful Balinese road to the north of Bali.
After 7 Km you will pass through a giant « Bunut » tree (which means. « with a hole ») myth full and
sacred. As such, there is an old temple surrounded by the forest, with points of view of the ocean on the
south, and mountains on the north.
You will find this 15 meter high waterfall at 8 km East of Bunut Bolong.
From the welcoming Manggisari village you will go down on foot to the Stream, using a path through
local plantation like coffee and vanilla.
Surrounded by a pristine environment you will enjoy its clear water falling down to a large natural
bathtub : a hit for flowing water lovers.
Don’t forget your walking shoes as the ground could be slippery… and your bathing suit.
Medewi beach is well known by the surfers community from all over the world about its left long wave,
gathering competitors each year. It is located 2km from Puri Dajuma by the road and less than 1 km by
the beach when the water conditions at low tide allow to walk along the seashore and cross two small
Another attract of Medewi is its hinterland, a great landscape in a peaceful atmosphere. Using small
roads and paths, you may enjoy the large rice fields covering huge slopes, the coolness of the Medewi
river dam, as well as the communal irrigation and channels, called « Subak ». Quiet traditional Balinese
houses line the plantations.
An opportunity to deeply breath in the nature, with some views of the ocean.
Like it ? book the « Farming tour » and become for one hour an authentic rice producer !
Located 7km from West Pekutatan, overhanging the ocean and surrounded by rice fields and fruit
plantations, Rambut Siwi temple is a main holy place for the Hindu Balinese people. It has a close
relation to the spiritual journey of Dangyang Nirartha , a famous priest from Java Island.
Built above a cliff in the XVth century, in a wondefrful traditional Balinese architecture, it is a must at
Puri Dajuma
Beach Eco Resort & Spa
Pekutatan, Negara 82262, Bali
Tel. +62 (0)811 388709
Fax: +62 (0)361 813230
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