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Spring 2005
Tutoring Program Provides A Life
Lesson To Sussex Tech Students
Junior Matt Adams is one of six Sussex
Tech students who tutor Hispanic children at
La Casita in Georgetown.
Homework - a necessary evil for most
school children of any age. Doing homework can be an overwhelming task for
children who do not have any assistance
at home. When you add in the factor that
a child's parents cannot speak or read
English, doing homework can be very
frustrating and an impossible venture.
Joe McCarron, a coordinator at La Casita
in Georgetown, recognized this fact and
began an after-school program for
Hispanic children in the area. La Casita,
which means "Little House" in Spanish,
is a support facility for the Hispanic population in central Sussex County. It provides guidance to Hispanics about how to
live in the American culture.
Several Sussex Technical High School
students learned about La Casita and its
after-school program from their Spanish
teacher, Kerry Stewart. They decided the
program would be a good project for their
Leadership competition. Run by volunteers, McCarron was delighted to get the
extra help.
We can have up to 60 kids a day
supervised by only four adults,"
McCarron said about the after school program. "Now that the Sussex Tech students are helping, our kids can get more
individual attention."
Since November, Katie Collins, Wes
Broadhurst, Matt Adams, Natalie Hearn,
Katie Carey and Patrizia Gugliotta have
each been volunteering at least one-anda-half hours a week tutoring Hispanic
students in grades kindergarten through
six. They started going to La Casita as a
group, but now do not hesitate to visit the
facility individually.
"Before we began, we assumed the
Hispanic kids were so different than us,"
confessed Katie Collins. "But after being
See La Casita - page 2
Presidential Classroom Teaches Politics To STHS Junior
Sophia Bay of Seaford, a student at
Sussex Technical High School, was
one of 400 students from around the
United States and Puerto Rico who
recently attended the Presidential
Classroom in Washington, D.C. The
week-long program provides the next
generation of civic leaders with an
extraordinary academic and leadership development experience.
Eight unique and challenging academic programs are offered to the high
school scholars including seminars
and crossfire debates. It also provides
two days on Capitol Hill visiting congressional hearings and examining
legislators' roles in making public policy. Over 40 volunteer instructors take
time off from their professional careers
to give students a rich and rewarding
experience. Guest speakers are also
featured including members of
Congress, Presidential appointees,
journalists, military personnel and
Washington insiders.
Sophia was nominated for the
Presidential Classroom by her school
where she is a junior majoring in criminal justice. She is also actively
involved in the JROTC program in
which she serves as Battalion Chief.
At the Presidential Classroom, in
addition to the many banquets and
formal dinners, one evening scholars
who are involved in the JROTC program were required to dress in their
The mission of the Presidential
Classroom is to prepare young leaders
for responsible citizenship and provide
outstanding high school students the
chance to explore the political process
Sophia Bay, a junior at Sussex Technical High
School, recently attended the Presidential
Classroom in Washington, D.C. where instructors
included Professor Bob Borda (left) and U.S. Army
Captain Cheryl Tennet (right).
Local Skills USA • 3
Geometry Quilts • 5
Bowling • 6
Calendar • 10
Page 2
Spring 2005
La Casita - from front page
Students Visit The Big Apple
Members of the Media Broadcasting
Communications technology at Sussex
Technical High School enjoyed a
Christmas trip to New York City on
December 22. The day began with witnessing the live filming of NBC's Today
Show and afterwards receiving a studio
tour. Everyone then gathered back stage
at Radio City Music Hall for a tour of the
production area and received a special
treat when they met actor Richard Gere.
The students were impressed to see how
their studies are used in the communications industry.
According to instructor Gary Conaway,
his students will soon have a chance to
learn on more of the latest industry-used
equipment with the receipt of grant
money from Tech Prep and the Perkins
Applied Technology Education Act. The
money will be used to purchase six new
Avid editing systems and three new digital camcorders for the technology at
Sussex Tech. This editing equipment is
used by 85 percent of the motion picture
industry and 90 percent of the prime time
The afternoon in New York City was
spent independently sightseeing at Times
Square and then all met at the location of
the Late Show with David Letterman
before the ride home.
Students who enjoyed the trip to the
"Big Apple" were: 12th grade - Brett
Carpenter, Mike Hurlock, Ashlyn
Johnson, Aimee Mankins, Brandy Putz
and Mitch Reichner; 11th grade - Matt
Adams, Wes Broadhurst, Drake Burd,
Katie Carey, Katie Collins, Paul Duvall,
Luke Everhart, Patrizia Gugliotta,
Natalie Hearn, Chris Huskey, Merci
Lyons-Cox, Joe McCabe, Amy Pfaff, Beth
Short, Alex Stamat; 10th grade - Alison
Conaway, Nick Del Negro, Amber
Drummond, Bret Hall, Karlie Harris,
Leslie Jackson, Claire Kunzler, Zackary
Lynch, Katie Marvel, Kelly Marvel,
Danielle Parsons, Kyle Perry, Sharon
Pingue, Marisa Sternberg, Ben Toomey,
Tai Ward, and Laura Beth Winik.
with the kids, we can see that they are the
same as we were at that age. They are
really good kids."
Matt Adams also confessed that at
first he was afraid he couldn't handle the
problems that might arise while tutoring
the Hispanic children. "The English of the
very young children is not very good,"
Matt said. But this challenge in communication gave the high school students the
opportunity to practice their Spanish lessons.
After a few months of being involved
with the Hispanic children, the Sussex
Tech teenagers have learned a valuable
lesson that they did not expect. "Once we
began, we could see that we could help
and make a difference," explained Wes
Broadhurst. "Then our involvement at La
Casita became more important than just
the Skills USA competition. We want to
inform others about this great program."
The Sussex Tech students plan to continue their tutoring of the Hispanic children even after the Skills USA competition is completed. They are now conducting fundraisers to help supplement the
after-school program with art supplies
and other needed materials. They also
pledge to continue their tutoring next
school year.
"The Sussex Tech students have
shown a lot of personal growth during
their involvement at La Casita,"
McCarron acknowledged. "They now have
a more professional demeanor about
them. We have been very happy working
with Sussex Tech to make this an excellent program for all involved."
Work-Based Learning Student Profile
Ashlyn Johnson of Milford is spending the second half of her senior year at Sussex Tech working
as an intern in the afternoons in the Georgetown
office of U.S. Senator Tom Carper. Ashlyn s duties
include doing research projects and organizing the
event schedule for Mark Lally, Senator Carper s
regional director. One of the perk s of the job for
Ashlyn was having the opportunity to meet
President George W. Bush during a recent Senate
Intern Luncheon in Washington, D.C.
The Media Broadcasting Communications
major has had plenty of experience toning her own
leadership skills. She served as vice president of
her junior class and is president of the Class of
2005. She has also been president of the Key Club,
vice president of the Student Government
Association and is in her second year as vice president of the State Skills USA organization.
Ashlyn also has been working part-time for four
years at Bonanza in Milford. In her free time,
Ashlyn Johnson
Ashlyn likes to participate in
gymnastics and ride horses.
Ashlyn plans to attend college and study radio/television
and film. She has been accepted
at Troy State in Alabama.
Spring 2005
Page 3
Dozens Of Students Win Skills USA Awards
Sussex Technical High
School hosted its annual Skills
USA Local Awards Ceremony
and Dinner on February 9.
After weeks of intensive competition in each technology
area, as well as in leadership
events, the students were honored for their accomplishments. Top students will now
participate in the State competitions for the opportunity to
qualify for the National events
this summer in Kansas City.
Skills USA is a national organization for students in trade,
industrial, technical and
health occupation education.
It encourages students to
strive for excellence and teaches leadership skills and recognizes the achievements of the
technical students at local,
state, and national levels.
Rebekah Ricksecker
Skills USA Student of the Year
Named Sussex Tech s
Outstanding Student of the
Year was Rebekah Ricksecker,
a senior, who has represented
Sussex Tech in state and
national Job Interview competitions for several years.
Criminal Justice instructor
Susan Brady-Sekscinski was
honored as Advisor of the Year
for her efforts in coordinating
Leadership activity which
resulted in Sussex Tech for the
first time not only entering
Community Service competition, but having three teams
Sussex Tech winners are:
Advertising Design
1. Leslie Messick
2. Jimmy Blevins
3 tie. Joel Podlaseck, Ryan
McGarrigle, Matt
Steedman, and Ray
Architectural Drafting
1. Nathan Pryor
2. Benjamin Berg
3. Jarrod Griffith
Automotive Technology
1. Jeff Adkins
2. Jerry Townsend
3. Calvin Sears
Basic Health Care Skills
1. Ashley Hewish
2. Charis Tomlin
3. Brad Taylor
Cabinetmaking Contest
1. Joe Garner
2. Erik Gallo
3. Colin Jackson
1. Jake Schirmer
2. Dustin Parker
3. Amanda Keim
Chapter Business
1. team of David Britton,
Jarrod Griffith, Briana
Gallo, Deziree Hitchens,
Kiara Hughes, Latisha
Collision Repair
1. Ryan Chism
2. Chad Hudson
3. Sam Colatriano
Commercial Photography
1. Sharon Pinque
Community Service
1. Amy Pfaff, Chris Huskey
and Ashley Rickards
2. Joey Buck, Tony Zeidler
and Kris Bell
3. Katie Collins, Katie Carey
and Wes Broadhurst
Computer Maintenance
1. Dustin Stroup
2. Andrew Foxwell
3 tie. Devendra Singh, Kyle
Collins and Clinton
1. Amy Workman
2. Ashley Rickards
3 tie. Jessica Houston,
Victoria Collick and
Lindsay Shipley
Criminal Justice
1. Bryan Schieferstein
2. Brian Teves
3. Derek Remo
Customer Service
1. Alexandra Stamat
2. Alexis Hernandez
3 tie. Brittany Whittington,
William Schuler and
Max Day
Diesel Mechanics
1. Connor Pavlik
2. R.J. O'Neal
3. Ben Friedman
Electronics Applications
1. Zachary Rickards
2. Brittanie Truitt
3. Dan King
Electronic Technology
1. Patrick Dubinski
Extemporaneous Speech
1. Bianca Strand
2. Ashley Hewish
3 tie. Greg Logan and Erin
First Aid/CPR
1. Michelle Gorman
2. Robin Myers
3. A.J. Brooks
Health Knowledge Bowl
1. team of Devin Middleton,
Rebekah Ricksecker, Hiral
Patel and Ashley Holton
2. team of Renee Warrington,
Amanda Curtis, Brittany
Bowden and Meg Snyder
3. team of Candice Windsor,
Tanya Thawley, Janice
Allen and Kim Nagle
Job Demonstration
1. Destani Gibbs
2. Cynthia Barnes
3. Mike Pfaffenhauser
Job Interview
1. Rebekah Ricksecker
2. Tanya Thawley
3. Kinsly Joseph
Marine Mechanics
1. Joe McCabe
2. Dan Prettyman
3. Matt Prettyman
Motorcycle Technology
1. Justin Feltwater
2. Doug Myer
3. Randy Howard
Nail Care
1. Samantha Johnson
2. Andrea Rash
3. Megan Hudson
Nurse Assisting
1. Danielle Diaz
2. Erica Chituck
3. Jessica Johnson
Opening and Closing
1. team of Amanda Wood,
Ashley Workman, Brynn
Mann, Hope Cornell, Jenny
Hubbard, Lori Dahling and
Megan Lewis
2. team of Caroline Darsney,
Hannah Bienhoff, Mindy
Logan, Pam Merritt,
Caitlyn Parrott, Kelly
Schirmer and Anne
3. team of Kristen Burns,
Lauren Correll, Chelsea
Harris, Amy Lewis, Sharee
Mitchell, Candice Rummel
and Zach Spece
Occupational Health and
Safety Manual
Tricia Peoples
Outdoor Power Equipment
1. Jeff Osterhout
2. Randall Kidd
3 tie. Mark Thompson and
Derrick Loper
Prepared Speech
1. Ashley Reynolds
2. Amanda Curtis
3 tie. Morris Ryder, Claire
Kunzler, and Alex
Preschool Teaching
1. Brittany Whittington
2. Rebecca Hassinger
3 tie. Kristen James and Eve
Principles of Technology
Cory Hitchens
Promotional Bulletin
1. Kris James and Kristin
2. Jen McFarland and
Miranda George
3. Colleen Sagers and Lindsey
Quiz Bowl
1. team of Katie Nennstiehl,
Kristen Cunningham,
Dottie Osterhout, Todd
Johnson and Amber
2. team of Mike DeRogatis,
See Skills USA - page 4
Page 4
Spring 2005
Skills USA - from page 3
Devendra Singh, Joel
Syphard, Jeff Moya, Joey
Polichetti and Jesse Dayton
3. team of Joe Forester,
Cynthia Guyer, Traunna
Young, Josh Rash
Residential Wiring
1. Bryan Blocker
2. Angela Carroll
3. Cory Atkins
1. Kyle Moore and Branden
2. Matthew Lewis and Jon
3. Chelsea McCall and Lauren
Named Sussex Tech’s Skills USA Advisor of the
Year was Mrs. Susan Brady-Sekscinski (kneeling, at
left), criminal justice teacher, who was instrumental in
coordinating involvement in the Community Service
Leadership competition. Above, she is showing students how to do gardening tasks around the high
Technical Computer
1. Ed Santos
2. Maxwell Davis
3. Brad McDaniel
Seniors Entertain
Seniors At CHEER
Technical Drafting
1. Richard Furgeson
2. Lisa Peracchio
TV News and Anchor
1. team of Ashlyn Johnson,
Amy Pfaff and Schyler
2. team of Katie Collins, Patty
Gugliotta and Luke
3. team of Merci Lyons-Cox,
Beth Short and Katie
Another project by students in Community Service
competition was landscaping the new swingset area
for the PACTT Center. Doing the duties are, left to right:
Joey Buck, Tony Zeidler, and Allen Coverdale.
3D Imaging and Animation
Kevin Gross and Leslie
Technical Math
1. Devin Middleton
2. Melany Dubbs
Rebekah Ricksecker, at piano, and
Hannah Bienhoff, violin, recently visited the
Georgetown CHEER Center to entertain the
seniors. Both Sussex Tech seniors took the
opportunity to showcase their wonderful
musical talents with a delightful medley ranging from classical to folk tunes and more
modern pieces The senior citizens enjoyed
the young musicians so much that they have
asked them to return for another concert.
Hannah was also honored by being
selected to the All Eastern Orchestra and was
one of only two violin students from
Delaware to be chosen for this ensemble.
Students were selected from Maine to
Maryland and gave an incredible performance in Baltimore on March 3-6.
15 STHS Students
Perform In Sussex
County Honors Band
Television Video
1. Aimee Mankins and Brett
2. Mitch Reichner and Mike
3. Wes Broadhurst and Matt
Web Design
1. Amos Scott and Grant
2. Anthony Shepherd and
Justin Kates
Photo by Rich Taylor, courtesy of CHEER News & Views, March 2005
Elementary Pupils Visit Tech ...
Students from Long Neck Elementary School visited Sussex Tech’s Media Broadcasting Communications technology to get ideas on how to improve
their morning announcement show. They were accompanied by teacher Tammy Rust, intervention specialist
Kathy Bryan and assistant principal Scott Steedman.
Sussex Tech students advising the younger pupils
were Ashlyn Johnson, Kyle Perry, Chris Huskey, Erika
Conaway and Wes Broadhurst.
Fifteen Sussex Tech students performed in
the Sussex County Honors Band Festival in
February. They were:
Grade 11 - Flute, Katie Collins; Clarinet,
Patrizia Gugliotta; and Tenor Sax, Ricker
Grade 10 - Flute, Kelly Marvel and Jessica
Guyer; Clarinet, Katie Marvel; Alto Sax, Marie
Haas; Baritone, Bret Hall
Grade 9 - Flute, Ellen Rowe; Clarinet,
Alyssa Youse; Tenor Sax, Andy Sheppard;
Baritone, Matt Dickerson and Rob Wilgus;
Trombone, Travis Wharton; Percussion,
Heather Baker.
Congratulations to all for their accomplishment.
Spring 2005
Page 5
Geometry Quilts Provide Lessons
In Math, Sewing And Giving
Students begin cutting out
material under the guidance
of parent volunteers. Left to
right clockwise, from bottom
left, are: Chris Mitchell, J.T.
Tana, Mr. David Mitchell (volunteer), Bree Littleton, Mrs.
Cheryl McCann (volunteer),
and Cortney Ward (back
toward camera).
Tristan Ruhl and Jason Rohlfing begin their quilt by
carefully measuring and cutting out the material
Ninth grade geometry students learned a
lot about angles, triangles and ratios when they
made lap quilts in class. Working in groups for
several weeks, the students created an art design
on drafting paper, mathematically determined the
dimensions of each shape in the design and then
cut out the shapes and sewed them together. On
Tuesday before Christmas, the students went to the
Harrison House Nursing Home in Georgetown
where they gave their quilts to six of the residents.
The project was completed by writing an essay on
Geometry teacher Mrs. Robin Wroten shows
the experience for their English classes.
Kari Ann Flynn how to use the sewing machine.
Madison Muth, Jenna Sinnamon and Ellen Rowe
study the design of their pattern.
Darius Sivels and Alyssa Youse work together cutting material.
Clockwise from bottom left, Lee
Vanaman, Hannah Krieg, Samantha May,
Shykia Roach and Calvin Yelverton gave
Miss Alta Adkins their geometry quilt.
Jenna West, Jenna Sinnamon, Ellen Rowe, Kylee Rickards and
Madison Muth proudly display their quilt featuring both rotational and
reflectional symmetry.
Olivia Trudeau puts the “finishing
touches” on by hand.
Layton Harris was the happy recipient of the
quilt made by Taylor Mushrush, Robbie Syphard,
Chelsea Terriault and Kenny Leaf.
Page 6
Spring 2005
Bowling Lanes Provide A Good Meeting Place For New Friends
There's a new sport in
Mrs. Neal also credits
town - or at least at Sussex
participation in the bowling
Technical High School.
team for helping many of the
While most winter athletes
younger students at Sussex
were busy bouncing balls
Tech be able to be part of the
up and down the basketschool community.
ball court or making take"It is hard for many of
downs on the wrestling
our freshman to find a place
mat, a few Raven students
where they feel they belong,"
were keeping their grip
Mrs. Neal explains referring
relaxed while consciously
to the challenges of students
slightly tilting their stance
leaving their home schools
forward before sliding up
and coming to a place where
to the foul line and deliverthere are not many familiar
ing the ball down the lane.
faces. "I have seen several of
The fact that there were no
our bowlers be real quiet in
competitions against other
the beginning (of the seshigh schools didn't deter
sion), but are now joining in
these athletes from showwith the others and having a
ing up at "practice" and
lot of fun."
creating the camaraderie Freshman Matt Dickerson delivers the ball down the lane during a Tuesday afterMembers of the 2004-05
noon of friendly competition.
of a team.
bowling team at Sussex Tech
The Tuesday afternoon
After receiving Board approval to use Martz, senior Michael Martin, freshman
bowling team at Sussex Tech is a sevenweek after-school program that provides school transportation, Mrs. Neal and fel- Cortney
another opportunity for students to be low teacher Cathy Young took 14 ath- Dickerson, freshman Heather Baker,
involved in a school activity. There are no letes to Millsboro every Tuesday after- sophomore Krystalyn Reilly, sophomore
try-outs and no one is ever cut from the noon during the winter sports session - Nicole Hopkins, senior Kyle Moore,
seven weeks during December through freshman Corey Stranick, junior Jessica
Junior Jessica Smithson first pro- February.
Smithson, freshman Jason Rohlfing,
Kyle Moore and Matt Dickerson like freshman Casey Irvin, senior Amanda
posed the idea of a bowling team to business systems teacher Sabrina Neal. A being on the bowling team because it Mallet, and sophomore Josh Graver.
veteran at the sport, Jessica's father gives them a chance to be involved in a
High individual averages were
manages Millsboro Bowling Lanes which school sport. "I like to bowl, and no other recorded by Casey Irvin and Jessica
offers the students special discounts on sport at school interests me," says Kyle, a Smithson.
games and shoe rental.
"Bowling is a great way to be active
"I really want to see high school bowland
take part in a sport at school," agrees
ing (competition) in Delaware," says
a freshman who had never thrown
Jessica. A popular collegiate sport, bowla
ball down a lane before joining
ing is a recognized high school sport in
several states, but not in Delaware.
Some team members are
more experienced. Freshman
Heather Baker and sophomore Krystalyn Reilly have
years of experience in the
sport. Heather has belonged
Krystalyn likes bowling
because it keeps her active
and focused.
Nicole Hopkins' father
and brother are very talented
bowlers which Nicole says Cortney Ward waits her turn while Jason
can be intimidating to her. Rohling perfects his stance before delivering
"My brother is on a college the ball.
team, but I'm not very good
According to Mrs. Neal, it is hoped
at it," the sophomore admits. that the bowling team will continue next
She adds, "This team has a year.
Jessica Smithson checks the scores while Mrs. Neal, lot of great people on it and
"Besides being fun," said Mrs. Neal,
Krystalyn Reilly, Amanda Mallet, and Heather Baker watch the they have helped me to
"it is a great way to make new friends."
action on the lanes.
Spring 2005
Page 7
Local BPA
Members Bring
Home Many
State Awards
The Sussex Tech chapter
of the Business Professionals
of America (BPA) attended
the state conference and competed in several categories.
The Sussex Tech chapter
received the Quality Chapter
Distinction special recognition
award - one of only three in
the state.
Congratulations to the following state winners who now
qualify for national competition this summer:
Ben Berg - 4th, Management, Marketing and Human
Elizabeth Cox - 5th,
Advanced Word Processing
Tashona James - 4th,
HTML Fundamentals
L.J. Sekcienski - 3rd,
Fundamentals of Word Processing
Allyse Silvernail - 1st,
Digital Media Production
Jessica Smithson - 1st,
Extemporaneous Speaking
Advisors for the local BPA
chapter are teachers Andy
Feightner and Sabrina Neal.
attended the conference were:
Megan Campbell, Melissa
Mahoney, Forrest Culver,
Julio Gonzalez, Kevin Justice,
Christian Savage, Andy Thiel,
Amanda Marsiglio, Dustin
O Bier, Dale Short, Jude
Tibeau, Maria Zinszer, and
Jessica Smithson
1st, Extemporaneous Speaking
Allyse Silvernail
1st, Digital Media Production
Pie Faces Help JROTC To Raise Funds
The JROTC held a fundraiser in which students could vote with their pennies to select a member of the staff to receive a cream
pie in the face. The staff and administration at Sussex Tech were very cooperative in the cadets efforts by allowing themselves to
be creamed for a worthwhile cause. Below are the lucky winners:
Susan Brady-Sekscinski,
Criminal Justice instructor,
was the victim during Lunch A.
Kurt Schneck,
English teacher,
likes the ‘dessert’ at Lunch B.
Bill Collick,
Dean of Students,
awaits his fate during Lunch C.
James Durkin,
Health/PE/Driver Ed teacher,
grins and wears it at Lunch D.
Page 8
Spring 2005
Sussex Tech’s Athletic Trainer
‘Trains’ For International Olympics
Photo by Shawn Carter, courtesy of The Sussex Countian
State Wrestling Champion ...
Senior A.J. Brooks stands on the podium as
the Delaware State 275-lb. Wrestling Champion.
He also placed second in Conference competition. His high school career ended with a 35-4
record. Fellow seniors placing at the
Conference Meet were: Matt Donahue, 6th, 112
lbs.; Ryan Chism, 3rd, 145 lbs.; and Derrick
Loper, 6th, 171 lbs.
Sussex Technical High School Athletic
Health Care instructor Carolyn Maull
recently returned from a trip to
Innsbruck, Austria where she served as a
volunteer certified athletic trainer for the
United States Olympics Alpine Ski Team
at the 2005 Winter World University
Games. The USA medical staff provides
medical treatment for all members of the
official U.S. delegation who fall ill or are
injured at World University Games housing, competition or training sites.
Ms. Maull was a certified athletic
trainer at Princeton University for seven
years and at the University of Denver for
two years. She is a graduate of the
University of Vermont and Columbia
University. She is a certified athletic
trainer, a certified strength and conditioning specialist and a certified personal
trainer by the National Athletic Trainers
Commissioners. This is her first year as a
teacher at Sussex Tech. The Milton resident enjoys skiing and golf.
During Ms. Maull's two-week assignment in January, she was evaluated by
the United States Olympic Committee
(USOC) medical staff, administrative
staff and National Governing Body (NGB)
staffs to determine medical skills, rapport
with athletes, cooperation with rules and
policies and demeanor with sports and
administrative officials. This was her sec-
Boys’ Basketball ...
Henlopen Conference second team members are Brandon Hudson and Tracy Jones.
Girls’ Basketball ...
Henlopen Conference team members are,
left to right: Janis Henderson, second team;
Monette Malabet, second team; and Charis
Tomlin, honorable mention.
Super Bowl Champ ...
Sophomore Jill Willey was the winner of the
Super Bowl competition sponsored by the cafeteria staff. She is shown (right) receiving a
WalMart gift certificate from cafeteria manager
Bev Harp.
Sussex Tech teacher Carolyn Maull congratulates U.S. team member Warner Nickerson of
Bates College who just won the silver medal in
the Men’s Combined Skiing at the Winter World
University Games in Innsbruck, Austria.
Nickerson’s goal is to compete in the 2006
Winter Olympics in Torento, Italy.
ond step in her climb to the Olympics; her
first being a two-week study at the
Olympic Training Center in Lake Placid,
N.Y. in the summer of 2004. This is to
assure selection of the most compatible
medical team providing service to athletes and coaches to assist in achieving
competitive excellence.
Ms. Maull s goal is to be chosen among
the best which are eligible for appointment to the winter or summer Olympic
Tech Graduate Is A
Top College Wrestler
Former Sussex Technical High School
student Daniel Waters was featured in a
recent article printed in USA Today. A
1996 STHS graduate, Waters was a Navy
Seal before going to American University
to wrestle for the Eagles. At Sussex Tech,
Waters was the first Conference champion for the Ravens, and he placed second
in the state at the 125-pound class.
After the Navy, the Laurel native
spent three years at Penn State. He made
the starting lineup as a Penn State
wrestler but was hindered by a torn ACL.
After earning a degree in finance in three
years, he enrolled at American University
to pursue a master s in international
affairs and to wrestle.
Waters was 32-5 last season in his
first year at American, but he tore the
ACL in his other knee. Wrestling now at
174 pounds, Waters has a 27-5 record
heading into the 101st Eastern
Intercollegiate Wrestling Association
Tournmanet held in Navy s Alumni Hall.
Spring 2005
Page 9
The Curtain Call Players present ...
A Country Christmas Carol
Cynthia Guyer,
Angela Massino and
Ashley Elkington
show off their costumes.
Backstage crew Rachel Trout,
Miranda George, Mr. Donn Steele
and Jamie Deptula review stage
management cues.
Cast and crew take time
out for a group photo.
Brittney Whittington
works on painting the
backdrop while
teacher and director
Rosalind Wiktorchik
scans the set.
Tiny Tim’s family
consisted of mother
(Katie Marvel), sister
(Emma Wiktorchik),
father (Schyler
Conaway) and Tim
(Caleb Weed).
State Mock Trial’s
Top Attorney ...
The Sussex Tech Mock
Trial team competed in state
competition against 22 other
high schools. The judges
commented on Tech’s preparedness and level of competency.
In the second and third
rounds, junior Phillip Lewis
was awarded the gavel for
Best Attorney in the rounds.
This was the first time Sussex
Tech has had a team member
win two gavels in a single
competition. Phillip is a
Criminal Justice technology
student at Sussex Tech.
The team was assisted by
Deputy Attorney General
Chris Hutchison and Sussex
The ninth grade
World History class
Person in History
press conference to
study world leaders’
government theories. Teacher Jamie
Carlson holds the
microphone for King
Louis XIV (Austin
Buckingham) while
his press agent
Livingston) coaches the
King on how to
answer a question
from the press.
Page 10
Spring 2005
Students’ Posters Promote Organ Donations
Thirty-six students in the junior and senior Health Pro technology
classes created artwork for the Gift of Life Donor Poster Contest sponsored by the network’s Philadelphia office. Winners and their school will
receive cash prizes. Gift of Life has coordinated more than 20,000 organ
transplants since 1974. According to the network, there are more than
85,000 people nationally, and 4,200 locally who are waiting for life-saving
organ transplants. The poster contest is a great way for students to
increase public consciousness about a very important decision.
Shown above are several of the Sussex Tech students’ entries.
Dates to Remember
4 . . . . . . . . . . . . . .School Reopens
7* . . . . . . . . . . . . .End Third Marking Period
8 . . . . . . . . . . . . . .STEM, 11:25 a.m. Late Arrival
11 . . . . . . . . . . . . .School Board Meeting, 4:30 p.m.
13 . . . . . . . . . . . . .Skills USA-VICA State Awards Ceremony
15 . . . . . . . . . . . . .STEM, 11:25 a.m. Late Arrival
18 . . . . . . . . . . . . .2005-06 Freshman Parent Night, 7 p.m.
20* . . . . . . . . . . . .Third Marking Period Report Cards
STAR Team Meeting, 7 p.m.
22 . . . . . . . . . . . . .Teacher Inservice, NO SCHOOL
29 . . . . . . . . . . . . .Content Day, 9:50 a.m. Late Arrival
Electrical Seniors Learn By Doing ...
The senior Electrical Trades technology class has been busy this year
gaining valuable practical experience in their field. For several weeks, the
students could be seen in the halls of Sussex Tech running electrical
wiring above the ceiling tiles and adding electrical receptacles above the
ceiling in several classrooms for the new teacher SmartBoards. The
Boards were then installed and computed by the Electronics class members. Electrical students also completely wired the new trailer classrooms
recently placed behind the school.
Members of the class are, bottom left corner clockwise: Dan West,
Chris Custis, Cory Atkins, Noah McCabe, Frank Spalt, Kyle Moore, Ricky
Wright, Artie Hopkins and Nick Trasatti. Supervising the work was their
teacher, Mr. Steve Lankford.
3-4 . . . . . . . . . . . .Fourth Marking Period Progress Reports
6 . . . . . . . . . . . . . .STEM, 11:25 a.m. Late Arrival
9 . . . . . . . . . . . . . .School Board Meeting, 4:30 p.m.
13 . . . . . . . . . . . . .Teacher Inservice, NO SCHOOL
14 . . . . . . . . . . . . .Prom, CHEER Community Center
17 . . . . . . . . . . . . .DSTP Testing - Science
18 . . . . . . . . . . . . .DSTP Testing - Social Studies
STAR Team Meeting, 7 p.m.
30 . . . . . . . . . . . . .Memorial Day, NO SCHOOL
31 . . . . . . . . . . . . .Athletic Awards Ceremony, 6 p.m.
1 . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Graduation Practice, 9 a.m.
Senior Awards Ceremony, 6 p.m.
2 . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Graduation
3 . . . . . . . . . . . . . .(Rain Date for Graduation)
8 ,9, 10, 13* . . . . .Underclassman Final Exams,
11:30 a.m. Dismissal
13* . . . . . . . . . . . .Last Pupil Day
School Board Meeting, 4:30 p.m.
14-17, 20* . . . . . .Teacher Inservice, SCHOOL CLOSED
15 . . . . . . . . . . . . .STAR Team Meeting, 7 p.m.
(*The last days were adjusted as needed
for weather related closings during the school year.)
Reading To Children Is A Fun Way To Learn ...
Mr. John Orlando’s Technical Reading class spent once a week during
the second quarter going to the PACTT Center and improving their skills
by reading to the children there. In photo, freshman Liset Villalobos has
the children’s attention while she reads a fairy tale to them.
Spring 2005
Page 11
Notes From
The Nurses ...
Elizabeth Light, RN
Bonnie Hudson, RN
Top readers during the second marking period were, left to right:
Schyler Conaway, Cynthia Guyer, Jamie Deptula and Ariel Stevenson
(absent from photo).
Top Accelerated Readers
Receive School Prizes
Sussex Technical High School students who were top scorers
for the second marking quarter in the Accelerated Reader
Achievement program each received a school t-shirt and school
flannel blanket for their accomplishment. After reading books, students were tested on their reading comprehension. The top four
scorers were: Schyler Conaway, Jaime Deptula, Cynthia Guyer
and Ariel Stevenson. The program is conducted each marking
Honorable mention students in each English class were:
Murray - Dawn Hopkins, Steven Larson, Angela Massino,
Ashlee Heil, Bret Hall, Alexander Kansak, Amber Jester, Amber
Drummond, Douglas Emory, Diana Barrientos, David Wooters,
Nicholas Pryor, Madeline McCann, Bethany Callaway, Dale
Bowden, Hunter Bunting, Caleb Ricker; Liebal/Terry - Jeffrey
Stearn, Rane Boslet, Colleen Sager, Ryan Lee, Ryan Webb, Samuel
Colatriano, Paul Williamson, Clifford McCall, Sofia Bondurant;
Lieb - Patrick Millet, Robert Evans, Jesse Fusco, Spensor Ross,
Breana Spady, Steven Spera; Vanvelzor/Abbott - Jason Weaber,
Wallace McKelvey, Ashley Atkinson, Ashley Pitti, Jeffrey
Haycraft, Kevin Gross, Thomas Mancuso; Forcucci/Esham Victoria Fitzgerald, Shannon Hudson; Varrato/McKeever Bradley Snyder, Kevin O Neal, Kristen Conner, Helena Fisher;
Students Earn Recognition
As Scholar/Athletes
The following student-athletes were
named Henlopen Athletic Conference
scholar/athletes for the 2004-05 winter
sports season. To earn this high honor,
the student-athlete must attain a grade
of A in all subjects for the second marking period.
Winter track - Brianna Barron,
Kathryn Carey, Lauren Correll, Hope
Correll, Ashley Rickards, Rebekah
Ricksecker, David Ricksecker, Zack
McCarthy and Axel Moore
Those words from an old song are beginning to ring true;
"Spring is in the air; There's excitement everywhere." Sunnier
days and warmer weather will be a welcome relief!
This time of year is the perfect opportunity to "spring into
action." As you are probably already aware, recent news accounts
relay the message that obesity has become an epidemic plaguing
our youth and adult populations.
There are many reasons for this problem, but one that we hear
and experience ourselves -- is TIME. Who has time to plan menus
at home? Who has time to exercise with a busy schedule? The
truth -- if we don't take the time to make our health a priority, no
one is going to be able to do it for us!
Make the decision that you can change ONE thing in your
dietary habits and ONE thing in your exercise/activity levels.
Starting somewhere is better than doing nothing when you consider the long-term effects: coronary heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, sleep apnea, breathlessness, insulin
resistance, and the list goes on.
There are so many recommendations to give; the information
would be several columns. So simply stated, two recommendations
to get you and your family started are portion control and walking.
Did you realize that one serving from a fast food establishment
or any restaurant is usually the total caloric intake for the entire
day?* Did you know that today's cheeseburger has 257 more calories than a portion 20 years ago?* Read labels to see what a "portion" is and don't give into the urge of having seconds. Eat slower
to give your stomach time to react to what you've eaten. Replace
those hunger urges with increasing your daily water consumption.
Pull those walking shoes out. If a half hour is too much time,
try dividing it into three ten-minute strides. Make it a "family"
outing before or after dinner, and walk at your favorite place (park,
beach, field). Did you know that the average family makes 10 car
trips/day or that 25% of all trips in the U.S. are less than one mile;
41% are less than two miles?* As painful as it seems to muster the
energy to walk after a day's schedule of work, transporting the kids
where they need to be, cooking dinner, the benefits of that walk are
tremendous for your family's health.
No time like the present, you are important! Good luck!
(*data from Suzanne K. Sysko, M.D., Medical Director, Center for Weight
Management and Wellness, University of Maryland School of Medicine)
Class Tours
Sewage Plant
Nancy Goggins’ Environmental
class toured the Seaford
sewage plant as part of their
studies on wastewater treatment. The plant was recently named one of the best in
the State of Delaware.
Students Learn
EXPRESSIONS is published periodically
during the school year by Sussex Technical High School
through the offices of Principal and Public Relations.
Inquiries or comments can be made by calling 856-0961
during normal school hours, or via e-mail as listed below.
Consider Next Year’s
Classes Carefully
In many schools, it’s time to choose
next year’s classes. The schedule your
teen picks can have a big impact on their
future. Here are four questions to ask
before making a final decision:
1. Is your teen on track to meet graduation requirements? Ask to see a list of
required courses to ensure that they take
2. Will your teen qualify for college
admission? Many colleges look for students
who have taken certain classes. Check with
the colleges your teen wants to attend.
3. Should your teen take advanced
classes? Many high schools offer collegelevel courses that may be worth college
4. Can your teen enroll in college
courses? In some areas, students can take
college classes while still attending high
school -- without paying tuition.
Source: Helping Students Learn, March
2001, Copyright © 2001, The Parent Institute
T E C H ' S
Allen F. (A.J.) Lathbury, Jr., M.Ed., Principal
Carolyn M. O’Neal, Public Relations Coordinator
Editor: [email protected]
Doc. No. 95-40/05/03/01
Nondiscrimination Statement
The Sussex Technical School District is committed to a policy of nondiscrimination and equal opportunity in relation to race, color, gender, religion, age, disability, marital status, national origin, genetic
information, or other legally protected categories.
This policy will prevail in all matters concerning staff, students, educational programs and service,
and persons with whom the District does business. In keeping with the District’s commitment and the
requirement of law, the District and staff will promote equal opportunity in employment, assignment, and
promotion of personnel, in educational services, and in opportunities offered students, in location and
use of facilities, and in educational materials.
The following person has been designated to handle inquiries regarding Title IX, Americans with
Disabilities Act (ADA), 504 and nondiscrimination policies: Assistant Superintendent, P.O. Box 351,
Georgetown, DE 19947, telephone 302-856-2541.
El Aviso de Nondiscriminación
El Distrito Escolar de Sussex Tech está dedicado a una política de nondiscriminación e igualdad
de oportunidades en relación a raza, color, sexo, religión, edad, incapacidad, estado marital, origen
nacional, información genética o otras categorías protectoradas legalmente.
Esta política prevalecerá en todos los asuntos con respeto a empleados, estudiantes, programas
educacionales y servicios, y todas las personas con quien el Distrito comercia. De acuerdo con el compromiso del Distrito y el requisito de la ley, El Distrito y los empleados presentarán igualdad de oportunidades en empleo, asignación, y la promoción de personal, en servicios educacionales, y en las oportunidades ofrecido a los estudiantes, en localización, y el uso de las facilidades y materiales educacionales.
Las preguntas concernientes al Titulo IX, el Acta para Americanos con inhabilidades (ADA), 504
and otras políticas nondiscrimintorias pueden ser dirigidas a: Assistant Superintendent, P.O. Box 351,
Georgetown, DE 19947, teléfono 302-856-2541.
Excellence in Techademic Education
Sussex Technical High School
PO Box 351
Georgetown, DE 19947

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