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Welcome to Purely Cosmetic, the UK’s leading aesthetic concierge. If you are considering a cosmetic
or non surgical procedure their consultants provide a bespoke service, helping you to select the
specialist who best suits your individual needs. Purely Cosmetic only work with top UK accredited
specialists to provide you with the peace of mind that you are in safe, experienced and professional
hands. All our recommended Cosmetic Surgeons, Doctors and Dentists provide the latest in Facial
Rejuvenation, Body Contouring, Non Surgical Treatments and Cosmetic Dentistry, and offer excellent
aftercare services. To learn more about the wide range of procedures available contact;
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Dr. Jhonny Salomon
dancing apsara
The Apsara is a supernatural and seductive muse in Hindi and
Buddhist mythology, and the inspiration for Dancing Apsara fine
jewellery. Designed by a team of two modern-day adventurers from
London, this exclusive jewellery firm are the creators of uniquely
ornate pieces, fusing ancient Eastern jewellery tradition with
Western design and their own deep-rooted love of precious stones.
During a trip to Cambodia in search of unusual gems, the two
gemologists discovered the legend of the Apsaras. Inspired by the
tales of these seductive divinities, the designers continued their
journey to source genuine, rare precious and semi-precious stones
throughout the Far East. At the end of their adventure the idea
was formed for a line of jewellery that could have been worn
by these Goddesses, the Dancing Apsara.
Using ancient techniques that have been passed down through
generations each piece is carefully created by hand. Each necklace,
bracelet and ring therefore becomes a piece of deeply personal
art to its owner, enhanced by an array of precious stones such as
Carved Aquamarines, Emeralds, Pearls and Sapphires. Dancing
Apsara pieces are meant to bond with it’s wearer and provide
exotic, careless beauty for the world’s most interesting women.
“One of the most gratifying moments in plastic surgery is the unveiling of a facelift” says surgeon
Dr. Jhonny Salomon in Miami, Florida.
Achieving a natural result where you still look like yourself, only 10 or 15 years younger,
is quite challenging and can only be mastered by surgeons that are true artists. A sense of threedimensional analysis, superb craftsmanship, and a well-defined artistic vision are key elements
involved on the surgical journey to an exceptionally rejuvenated look.
And Dr. Salomon is famous for doing it to perfection. As no two faces are alike, his complete
analysis of details of the facial aging and unique combination of supporting procedures, such
as eyelid surgery, forehead lift and neck tightening, make his results impeccably tailored and
bespoke for every person.
Caring for the skin which envelopes the face is key to achieving a younger look. He adds
“It is vital to assist with resurfacing treatments such as chemical peels, like the Eclat Medical,
or Cosmetic Lasers which are as effective as the Fraxel or CO2.”
The best of the best is on hand at his MedSpa in Miami, Florida, undisputed Mecca of
rejuvenation and wellness. Just remember you found him here first.
+(001) 786 431 4502, [email protected]