drum lessons - Dave Brogan


drum lessons - Dave Brogan
With over 30 years as a drummer, performer, songwriter and musician, Dave brings confidence and fun to his
lessons, along with the flexibility and understanding to tailor lessons to your needs and learning style.
Solidify time, tempo, rhythm
Develop a deeper groove
Explore drum rudiments and how they apply to the kit
Improve recording techniques
Build performance confidence
Expand limb independence and coordination
Develop playing technique
Learn drum parts / licks
Improve music reading
Get advice on working with a band / group dynamics
Contact  206-334-5585  [email protected]
Dave has performed with:
Jack Johnson
Jackie Greene
G. Love
Matt Costa
Brett Dennen
Tim Bluhm
Mike Stern
Steve Kimock
The Holmes Brothers
Hot Buttered Rum
Aiko Shimada
 Yamaha Drum Artist
 Featured in the June 2010
issue of DRUM magazine
Dave Brogan is a professional, internationally touring musician working with some
of the most talented artists in music today. He has studied drum kit with Jim Chapin,
Bernard Purdie and Kenny Aronoff and has a Bachelor of Music degree from the
University of California in percussion performance and composition.
What Dave likes to focus on with his students is drumming “for the song.” Being able
to construct an interesting drum part, playing steady with feel and busting out the
chops to create excitement when itʼs called for will make you a fun drummer to play
with. His real world experience has taught him that drumming is not about having
the fastest hands or playing the most complicated fills - itʼs about clarity, feel, self
expression and joy. Dave wants to communicate what he has learned about
drumming over the years to others!