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For our Beauty &. Cosmetic Surgery
Guide 2009 we visited the world's top
anti-ageing clinics to meet the
inspiring surgeons who are pioneering
non-invasive treatments that don't
involve knives or needles. We went to
Hollywood to see the men who
keep our favourite celebrities looking fresh and, back
at home, scoured the country for cosmetic doctors,
dermatologists and surgeons to trust. We talked to the
most eminent scientists about the latest anti-ageing
creams that use adventurous cutting-edge genetic and
stem-cell technology, and sent a brave team of testers
to trial the new lasers, injections and machines and report
the results with honest accounts of what to expect.
Never have there been so many great options to help
you look and feel your best. As always, if you are considering
surgery it's crucial to get a reliable referral and make
sure your surgeon is either registered with BAAPS, the
British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (tel:
or ISAPS,the International Society of
Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (tel: 001 603 6432325).
And remember, in all things subtlety is key.
6 Nice bodywork!
The next generation
of magic machines,
by Emma Smith
16 American idols
And the winners are ...
LA's finest cosmetic
surgeons, by Olivia Falcon
28 The Xpert factor
The names you need
to know, by Olivia Falcon
and Emma Smith
34 Facelift
your spirits
Diary of a facelift,
by Vanessa AnstrutherGough-Calthorpe
38 Hey,good
Addresses for success the best anti-ageing
clinics, by Wendy Lewis
46 If I could turn
back time ...
Rejuvenating creams,
potions and gadgets, by
Amy Wilson Thomas
56 Looks ahead
What's new,
by Wendy Lewis
He believes
ttle best plastic
surgeons look
at patients vvith
an artistis eye
La Clinic Montreux, Switzerland
The lowdown Michel Pfulg's
speciality is the face; he was a key
player at the famous Clinique La
Prairie before setting up on his
own. La Clinic,set in a lO-bedroom
chalet, has gardens overlooking
Lake Geneva and the Alps.
Star doctor Dr Pfulg uses the
golden ratio, a mathematical way
of measuring proportions, to finely rebalance facial
features. He also attends painters' workshops to
keep his eye focused, as he believes the best plastic
surgeons look at patients with an artist's eye.
Services Three state-of-the-art operating theatres,
an in-house dentist, hair-transplant clinic, resident
endocrinologists and a spa offering treatments using
Carita and Helena Rubinstein's Prodigy Re-Plasty
range (which Dr Pfulg helped develop).
Who goes Swiss bankers and the smart ski set fur coats from Gstaad and St Moritz pile up in the
entrance after the ski season.
Ring 00 41219667000
or visit laclinic.ch.