Encourages the
spine’s natural
Features unique in-built spinal support column to provide snug support for
the middle and lower back. Ideal for office, car or home.
• Supports and soothes back muscles and disc.
• Ideal for hospital, home, car or office.
• Adjustable straps allow Back Huggar to be affixed to most office chairs.
Variable curve means you have the choice of using Back Huggar
either way up – provides options for different physiques.
Unique spinal
column for a snug fit.
Adjustable - remove
insert to reduce width
of Back Huggar if & as
Pressure care comfort products that aid circulation
and encourage better posture for everybody.
Product dimensions: Length 450 mm Height 338 mm
Width/depth 70 mm at thickest point Support column (extra) width 10 mm
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