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02 Boat Show Outlook
03 Marketing Plan
04 Grow Boating Changes
06 Product Updates
a newsletter for nautic global group dealers
Message from the President
If you were at this summer’s dealer
meetings, you heard me talk about a
tough road ahead through the fall and
then an improving macro-ecomonic
environment. Unfortunately, this has
played out in exaggerated fashion. The
good news in all of this of course, is that
we’re preparing now for improvement
in gas prices, consumer credit, the
housing and stock markets, and consumer confidence. All of
this will lead towards improvement in the boating industry,
and ultimately to some very good days for marine businesses.
I strongly believe that there is pent up demand for boating
products and that the boats we build are very well positioned
in the marketplace. With movement in housing, and the whole
world acting to improve the US economy, better days lay
As a company, we continue to hone our focus on the things
that we can control:
We’re gathering intelligence through statistics, our dealer and vendor partners, our end users and our competition to vigorously examine ways to improve our product offerings and refine our presence in the changing marketplace.
We continue to invest more heavily than ever in new
product development.
We’re focusing on Customer Satisfaction and using CSI information to examine our internal processes and
partnerships with our dealers.
We’re elevating our game with regard to marketing
strategies and tactics, and in a challenging market, we’re investing more than ever in lead generation solutions for our dealers.
We’re focusing on cost efficiency to remain strong, but not at the cost of quality and product development and
improved partnerships with our dealers.
We’re increasing the frequency of communication with our dealer councils, to keep our fingers on the pulse of the marketplace, and to ensure that we’re strong partners
in these tough times.
In this issue of Nautic News, you’ll read about many of these
things in more detail. You’ll see some of the latest innovations
in product and in marketing. You’ll learn about some works
in progress that are being designed to help our dealers create
success in their local markets.
As a company, we are strong. Our investors believe in how
we’ve managed through several years of industry retraction.
Our dealers are pleased with the programs and products we’re
producing. The owners of our product have responded as well,
and this is reflected in our increased market share. Our team
is as strong as it’s ever been, and the culture in our company is
entrepreneurial, innovative and motivated to win.
As we head towards the holidays and prepare for boat
show season, rest assured that our commitments to strong
dealer partnerships, quality in our product, and beating our
competition are stronger than ever.
Bob Moran
Chief Executive Officer
Nautic Global Group
Please send your 2009 Boat Show information to your Regional Sales Manager for them to input on
our website. Be sure to include the following information:
• Show start and end date
• Show name
• Venue name
• City, State
• Lines on display
• Expected Models to Display
2009 Boat
Show Outlook
Now more than ever preparation will
be the key to success at the 2009 Boat
Shows. Be familiar with your placement
in the show, which competitors are
surrounding your booth, point of
purchase materials on display, and
make sure your price points are in line
with the marketplace. It will be more
important than ever to think through
the layout of the booth and selectively
choose the boats on display. With a
soft market, we have to look for creative
ways to grab the attention of people
Fall Boat Tests
Many members of the media attended the
annual Media Day this summer where
over 15 models manufactured by Nautic
Global Group were on display at Lake
Wawasee in Syracuse, IN. Information
that they gathered and tests conducted
at the event will be used throughout
the fall and in their 2009 upcoming
issues. Representatives in attendance
included magazines like Boating,
Boating Life, Boating World, Boating
Guide Canada, Motorboating, Trailer Boats, and
Pontoon & Deck Boat.
In addition to our media event, several publications conduct “round up” style testing
events throughout the country in the fall. Here is a list of the publications and the
new models/boats they tested from Nautic Global Group:
Boats & Places Magazine / (Canada)
Polar Kraft 163 TC
Sweetwater 2186
Rinker 296 Captiva CC
at the boat shows. From colored rail
skins, wakeboard towers, amphitheater
sound systems and motion incliners
to new “european styling” and hot
R-packages - ordering boats with unique
features will capture an audience.
Once we have their attention, create a
sense of urgency to buy at the show.
We are anticipating seeing more prequalified consumers than in years past,
so pull-through promotions will be
imperative. Consumers are becoming
more technology savvy and doing their
research before the shows and then
coming to touch and feel the product.
Many dealers have been successful with
creative follow-up techniques to capture
the consumer’s information – from direct
mail pieces to raffles and giveaways
at the show. Whatever the strategy is,
make sure to capture the information to
follow-up after the boat show. And then
be sure to follow-up!
Boating Life Magazine /
Aqua Patio 240 RE IO Elite
Rinker 276 CC
Rinker 228 DB R-Package
Rinker 268 DB
Rinker 210 MTX (Bow Rider)
Hurricane FunDeck GS 220 OB
Polar Kraft Bass Series TX 175 Pro
Great Lakes Angler
Atlantic 195CC
Lakeland Magazine
Rinker 360 Cruiser
Boating World Magazine
Rinker 210MTX Cuddy
Rinker 228DB
Rinker 268DB
Rinker 276 BR
Hurricane SunDeck 2200 I/O with Xtreme Package
Sweetwater 2386 DC
Polar Kraft Bass Series TX 175 PRO
Pontoon & Deck Boat Magazine
Hurricane FunDeck 216
Rinker 248 Deck Boat
Sanpan 2500 RE I/O with Elite Package Powerboat Magazine
Rinker 276 BR
Powerboating Canada Magazine
Rinker 226XL
Preview of 2009 Marketing Plan:
A New Aggressive Focus on Interactive Marketing
At his official kick-off at our dealer meeting
in South Bend, Babe did not disappoint.
Signing autographs and smiling for photos
with dealers, Babe Winkelman truly enjoyed
this opportunity to connect directly with our
“It was a pleasure attending Godfrey
Marine’s 2008 dealer meeting.” stated Babe
Winkelman. “I’ve been running an Evinrudepowered Polar Kraft this year and I absolutely
love it, so it was great to spend a couple days
with the fine folks who build and sell Polar
Krafts and the other Godfrey brands. I was
most impressed with the way Godfrey listens
to input from their dealers and partners,
and responds by giving them the products
Babe shares a few moments with our dealers at the Dealer Meeting,
July 2008.
they need to be successful. I’m proud to be
a part of this team, and looking forward to
countless fishing memories made in my Polar
A new, custom video allowed dealers to take
a “Virtual Test Drive” with Babe to experience
first hand why he loves Polar Kraft. The video
is now posted on Youtube.
Also at the show, a special Limited Edition Babe
Package was introduced for Polar Kraft and the
custom Babe t-shirt was a huge success.
As we prepare for the kick off of Polar Kraft’s
sponsorship of Babe’s TV Show for the 2009
season, dealers will not want to miss the
additional details unveiled soon on how you
can take advantage of our Babe Winkelman
programs and promotions.
They say when the going gets tough, the tough beef up their marketing. And that’s
just what we’re doing at Nautic Global Group. We’re focusing on spending wisely with
a goal to generate significantly more leads for our dealers in 2009. Excluding Discover
Boating leads and those generated at boat shows, our goal is to generate more than
25,000 leads for our dealers (a 245% increase over 2008).
Aggressive? YES! Possible in this economy? We think so.
Every piece of our marketing plan will include lead generation as a goal. In other
words, if it won’t generate trackable leads for our dealers, we’ll probably be taking a
pass and focusing our resources elsewhere.
You’ll see a lot more emphasis on driving traffic to our websites in 2009. National
campaigns with portal websites like, as well as key magazine partners and
others will help, and disciplined search engine optimization and keyword advertising
will be added to the marketing mix.
Once consumers get to our sites, they’ll find many new compelling “lead generating
touch points,” including lead driver best practices such as Consumer DVD’s for all of our
brands, and more prominent Request-A-Brochure entry points. Online promotions,
brochures and even fabric requests will help us to achieve our goals and generate
useful leads for you.
We’ll also be re-engaging with current and past owners at appropriate intervals
to begin a brand loyalty strategy to keep our boats in consideration throughout
the life of our boat owners. And we’ll be purchasing rental databases and utilizing
various strategies and tactics to build strong electronic campaigns targeting the right
demographic groups. We’ll also utilize competitive migration data to target owners of
key competitors’ products at times when they are most likely to consider purchasing
one of our boats.
These prospects, as well as those generated through the Grow Boating Initiative
qualified by us. Once qualified, prospects will be turned into leads and sent directly
ur Ne
you through Channel Blade’s Footsteps tool.
As you can see, an aggressive marketing campaign is in the works and we’ll be sure to
keep you posted as various components come to life.
2009 Brochure Promotion to
help dealers identify prospects
In pa
Nautic Global Group has partnered with
Boaters World Marine Centers in an
effort to identify consumers who pick up
our brochures at boat shows, and turn
them into leads for our dealers. During
the months of January through August,
we’ll be giving away $20,000 worth of
Boater’s World Gift Cards as an incentive
to share information with us once they
read our brochures.
Although we don’t expect a massiveip with
quantity of leads to be generated
through this campaign, we know that
e’d lisince the only
these leads will
ke to
way they’ll be able
ank y this
rting our
h ou u for
promotion is from
r bro
in Ja
g these n
So keep an eye out for
givin h August ry 2009 re.
Reward” leads
09 w
Worl five (5) $ e’re
d gif
mon ertificate
The o
Marketing materials update
The Nautic Global Group marketing staff has been working tirelessly to complete
and distribute the brochures and marketing materials you need for the upcoming
boat show season and model year 2009. The dates when various materials will be
available for dealer use are listed in the chart below. Dates shown are estimates and
subject to change.
Aqua Patio
Hurricane Fishing Series
Parti Kraft
Polar Kraft
Rinker (Captiva)
Rinker (Express Cruiser)
POP Materials
09 Website
Loop Video
Lead Gen.DVD
NEW - 2009
NEW - 2009
NEW - 2009
NEW - 2009
NEW - 2009
NEW - 2009
NEW - 2009
NEW - 2009
2009 Luxury Pontoons
Grow Boating funds redirected to
move product
Dealers input Boating
85% of funds collected 10/1/08 – 6/30/09 will be redirected back to boat manufacturers
Funds to be used to help
dealers move product in the field
Discover Boating National
Advertising Campaign
suspended in 2009
Some Grow Boating Programs (Public Relations, Web,
Dealership Certification, Water Access) will continue under the 15% funding level
Nautic Global Group is
gathering input from dealers and will announce fund
utilization plans in early
You may have heard NMMA’s recent
announcement to redirect Grow Boating Funds
back to manufacturers during the challenging
economic downturn. Nautic Global Group
supports this decision and will be participating
in the fund redistribution. This is expected to
generate a total of approximately $140,000
for Nautic Global Groups brands, which will be
dedicated to helping dealers move product in
2009. We’re currently gathering feedback from
our dealers as to how to utilize these funds
and will make a Grow Boating fund utilization
announcement in early December.
We’d like to hear from you (US and
Canada Dealers only). Please go to: www. Boating to share your
opinion on how Nautic Global Group should
utilize these funds to help you move product in
New dealer
portals under
We are excited to announce the launch
of an updated dealer portal for Godfrey
Marine dealers, and an all new dealer
portal for Rinker dealers. The Dealer’s
Only section is a password protected
segment of our website to access
important information such as:
order status
flex fund account information
order Point of Purchase
order literature
download photos and logos
calendar of events
program/promotion start/end dates
on-line warranty registration
company contact information
dealer CSI reports
product updates
dealer best practices
and much more. Dealer portals will go live this month.
We will continuously work to improve
these sites with the latest information
and welcome suggestions as we
build these useful tools. If you have
additional information you would
like to see on the Dealer Portal please
email your suggestions to [email protected]
Dealer Meeting Recaps
Godfrey Marine celebrated the milestone of 50 years of boat building in July in South Bend, IN, while Rinker celebrated 64 years
of boatbuilding in Sarasota, FL. Beyond the celebrations that included the opportunities to meet with management teams, the
dealer meeting was tailored to assist our dealers in making the upcoming 2009 boating season more profitable.
With the introduction of many new, innovative products at this event, our commitment remained steady towards providing you
exciting new products, features, and styles.
25 years or more of service
Rever’s Marina
Long Lake Marina
Stryker’s Lakeside
Thomson Marine
Fentress Marine, Inc.
Tippecanoe Boat Co.
Eagle Lake Marine
Wyland’s Marine
Holiday Marine
Matteson Marine
Chatlee Boat & Marine
Hughes Marine
Webster Marine
Tomahawk Sports Center Inc.
Freeway Sports Center
Counce Marine
Krupa’s Boat Mart
C&P Marine
West Lakes Boat Mart
South Side Marine
Russell Marine
Russell Marine
West Lakes Marine
Sunrise Marine
Dry Dock Marina
Naples Boat Mart
C.H. Marine
Echo Bay Marina
Quality Marine, Inc.
Skippers Boutique
Pelican Marine Center, Inc.
Lake LBJ Marineland
Mark’s Marine, Inc.
Lake Gaston Water Sports
The Great Outdoors
Freeway Sports Center
Krupa’s Boat Mart
Top Brand Winners
1. Krupa’s Boat Mart
2. Russell Marine
3. The Great Outdoors
4. North Bay Marina, Inc.
5. Pally Performance Products
1. Boat House At Boater’s World
2. Ron Hoover RV & Marine
3. Pelican Marine Center, Inc.
4. Marine Connection
5. Destin Sunrise Marine
1. Top International:
Pally Performance Products
2. Top Domestic:
Hamlin’s Sporting & Marine
3. Saratoga Boat Works
4. Quality Marine, Inc.
5. Maple Grove Marine
POLAR 1. New Jersey Outboards
2. Marine Connection 3. Portland Marine
4. Adams & Durvin
5. Quality Marine
Top Global Dealer
1 Maple City Marine
2 Gart Marine Group
3 Nautic Antonio De La Pena
4 Clinton Marine
5 Central Marine Center
6 Hartley Marine
7 Mid- Missouri Yacht
8 Cambrian Boats
9 Marina Port-Lewis
10 Stone Harbor Marina
Commodore’s Club
1 Basa’s Marine
2 Coastline Marine
3 Destin Sunrise Marine
4 Nord Marine SNC
5 Beckstrand’s Marine
6 Duna Club Kft.
7 Rinker’s Boat World
8 Bay Marine
9 Kehl’s Family Boating Center
10 Leisure Marine 11 Salty Sam’s Marina
12 Grand Lake Boat Sales
13 Little River Boat World
14 Metro Boat Sales
15 Starved Rock Marina
16 High River Autoplex & RV
17 Slalom Shop
18 RC Congel
19 Ted’s Aqua Marine
Customer Service
1 Beckstrand’s Marine
2 Kehl’s Family Boating Center
3 Arnold’s Boats & Motors
4 Rinker’s Boat World
5 Hartley Marine
Thank you for your attendance. We look forward to a prosperous selling season in the year ahead.
2009 Rail Skin Colors making a “splash”
Colored rails skins are going to be a big hit this year at the Boat Shows. Many
dealers around the country have received their 2009 colored rail skin boats
and sold them within days/weeks. Eagle Lake Marine in Michigan purchased
a blue and black Aqua Patio – both were sold within three weeks of delivery.
They attract the consumers and bring them into the dealership. Due to
the popular demand we have introduced colored rail skins in Sweetwater,
Hurricane Fundeck and also added another color in Aqua Patio. We are now
offering the following colored rail skins:
Aqua Patio
Parti Kraft Admiral
Hurricane Fundeck
Buff, Black, French Vanilla
Buff, Black, French Vanilla, Blue,
Burgundy, and Red
Buff, Black, French Vanilla
Buff, Black, French Vanilla
Red, Blue, Palamino White
Aqua Patio 220BC
Raised chrome lettering
now available on Sanpan
& Aqua Patio
New products unveiled
Exciting new products and enhancements were unveiled for model year 2009 at the Godfrey Marine dealer meeting.
Sanpan 2500 IO Elite
Sanpan 2200BC
Aqua Patio 240RE with Aft Deck
Aqua Patio 220DC
Aqua Patio 240RE IO Elite
Sweetwater 2386DC
Outlander 2010CC
Bass Series TX 175 Pro
Hurricane FDGS 220
Hurricane FDGS 200
Hurricane FD 236
Hurricane FD 216
Rinker 360EC a distinctive beauty
Enthusiasm runs
high at debut
Several models within the Hurricane Fishing
Series made their debut at the Annapolis
(Maryland) Boat Show in October with North
Bay Marina. Featured boats included the 213
Center Console, 193 Center Console, and 213
Dual Console.
Hurricane Fishing Series 213 CC
“In response to the question, who builds
these boats?, the answer of Hurricane was
extremely positive,” stated Scott McCurdy of
North Bay Marina “Over and over again we
heard, Hurricane builds a good boat”.
Hurricane Fishing Series 193 CC
With over 25 years as a Godfrey Marine
Dealer, North Bay Marina knows their
customers and the East Coast Market that
they serve. “People know the Hurricane
brand name. No explanation is necessary
when I show these new boats because
Hurricane is such a well known name.” said
McCurdy, “The Hurricane Fishing Series
line is a natural addition that benefits from
Hurricane’s quality reputation.”
The Rinker Cruiser line continues to benefit
from thoughtful enhancements. When it
debuted at the Ft. Lauderdale Boat Show
early this month, the 360 Express Cruiser
exceeded expectations. The sleek lines
provide a distinctive beauty that elevates
the 360 Express Cruiser apart from the
competition. The Axius joystick control
Rinker 360 Express Cruiser
boaters to try something bigger. The crowd in
Ft. Lauderdale loved the 360’s salon, head and
staterooms with its thoughtful utilization of cabin
space and innovative trapezoidal windows allows
for a more grandiose feel to every part of the cabin.
This amazingly affordable boat will benefit Rinker
Dealers at this winter’s boat shows, and is just one
example of a born again line of affordable cruisers!
Atlantic tested and refined
The Atlantic Sport Fishing Fleet will offer 1927’ Center Consoles, 24-27’ Walk Arounds,
and a 21’ Dual Console. Over 100 Dealer
Principals and Sales Personnel had the
opportunity to test, review, critique, and
praise these amazing craft at this summer’s
dealer meeting. Our entire production
staff, sales team, and fishing experts have
identified the strengths and weaknesses
– and we have already made refinements
to this impressive line of boats, now made
alongside Rinker Cruisers. Contact your RSM
if you are interested in carrying this line.
Atlantic 245 WA
Rinker introduces swim platform
Rinker Boats introduces a new sporty swim
platform option for the 210 MTX. For those
water sports enthusiasts, the platform
offers a user-friendly means of entering
and exiting the water. The platform is
available now to Rinker retailers on adjusted
current orders or to accommodate in-stock
inventory. Color matched with a debossed
MTX logo and fiberglass molded ladder lid,
the platform adds to the sporty appeal of
the MTX. For more information contact your
Rinker RSM or parts coordinator today!
Optional swim platform
for Rinker 210 MTX sure
to be a hit for 2009.
Flex Fund process
Godfrey New Dealer Highlight Marina das Flores
Please join us in welcoming Marina das Flores located in Porto Alegre, Brazil
to the Godfrey Marine dealer network carrying Sanpan, Aqua Patio, and
Sweetwater Pontoons. They have an amazing 5000 m facility which opened
in November 2005, consisting of tennis courts, playgrounds, bistro, club
house, workshops, 70 racks in dry storage, and 20 water slips. Pontoon boats
are new to the market in Brazil and Marina das Flores has the perfect location
on the Jacui River – and surrounded by over 200 miles of river waterways.
This one stop shop offers almost everything from a service center and
parking, to water access and enjoying a leisure lunch/dinner on the beautiful
patio watching the sunset after your day of boating. We look forward to
successful years to come.
Dealer submits claims to Rose & Rose
Associates using the established PO Box or email
Claim(s) will be reviewed and approved (If not approved or material is missing the dealer will be contacted)
Dealers will be contacted by Rose & Rose
Associates to offer assistance with their
marketing plan
If the dealer requests assistance by our
marketing consultants at Rose & Rose
Associates, the charges ($30.00 per hour) will be invoiced and paid by the dealer. An automatic Flex Fund claim will be processed
Nautic Global Group accounting will credit dealer account
If dealer has a credit balance at end of month, Accounting forwards a check to dealer
Questions? E-mail Tom Rose an
[email protected]
Rinker sales
Rinker Dealer expands to new
training now online
This year the 2009 Rinker Sales training will be
going online. This comprehensive training will
address topics that are important to the success
of our dealer network in this competitive
sales environment.
Topics that will be addressed will include:
• 2009 Rinker and Nautic Global Group
• 2009 Captiva Changes and Upgrades
• 2009 EC Changes and Upgrades
• Boat Show Selling and Promotions
• Internet Sales Techniques
• Rinker’s Product Advantage vs. Competition
This is an exciting new chapter for Rinker as we
dive into the benefits of online training. You can
utilize it to train all levels of sales personnel, and
we can all learn and study from the convenience
of our home or business PC. The online training
will be accessible before Christmas 2008.
Rinker Boats excitedly recognizes
Champlain Bridge Marina’s new
location at Coeymans Landing
Marina. This new location is an 85
slip marina located on the Hudson
River in upstate New York. They will
be a full stocking Rinker dealership that has the capability to service boats
up to 38 tons. We are pleased to see another Dealer Partner investing in the
future and we support them in their pursuit to deliver a fantastic owning
and buying experience in their area. “Happy Boating” and we look forward to
“Makin’ some Waves” in the Albany, New York area!
2009 Images ONLINE NOW

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