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champagne drappier
The vineyard
The vineyard adjoining the DRAPPIER House covers 55 hectares of owned land and
50 leased. Amounting to 70% of the total area, Pinot Noir is the master. Planted
essentially on slopes facing east, Chardonnay covers 15%. Pinot Meunier, which
made its appearance on the domaine at the end of the 1950s following some historic frosts, represents 13%. For the remaining 2% the House is proud to grow Blanc
Vrai (Pinot Blanc), Petit Meslier, Arbane (an extremely rare indigenous grape variety)
and since 2013 Fromenteau (Pinot Gris). The domaine can thus boast ownership of
the 7 official grape varieties of the Appellation Champagne.
The soils
The cradle of the DRAPPIER House, the village of Urville is surrounded by JurassicKimmeridgian hills of the same type as those producing the Chablis Grand Cru, but
here they are planted predominantly with Pinot Noir, the symbolic grape variety of
the domaine.
The environment
Our family vineyard has been cultivated with care and respect for the environment
since 1808, while vinification methods are natural and gentle to leave the soul of our
terroir express itself.
Ploughing - Grass cover - Natural fertilizer - Majority of the electricity used comes
from solar roofs - Vinifications by gravity - Minimum addition of sulphur - Labels with
100% vegetable ink
Our wines are made with respect for their characteristics, with neither discoloration
nor filtration. The liqueurs de dosage are matured for 20 years in oak casks and then
kept in demijohns. Their concentration is such that we can use them in infinitesimal
quantities, in this way allowing the wine to express itself undisguised.
A family Champagne
Since 1808, the year in which François, an ancestor of Michel DRAPPIER, moves
to Urville, the domaine has been in the same family’s hands. In the 1920s, after
the phylloxera and World War I, Georges, nicknamed “Father Pinot”, plants a
Pinot Noir vine derived from massal selection called Pinot Fin. The wines made
from these grapes have an incomparable finesse. Today André DRAPPIER the
Patriarch is always present on an everyday basis while the eighth generation is
preparing to join a House which remains proud of its independence.
Cistercian cellars
An annex of Clairvaux Abbey, our cellars were constructed by Saint Bernard in
1152. They bear witness to a great Cistercian epoch during which Champagne
wines were served at the court of the French king. A tradition which has been
maintained because today the DRAPPIER House delivers its wines to the presidential residence of the Republic.
Pursuit of the prefection
So far the DRAPPIER House is alone in Champagne in using the Ovum, a barrique which embraces the perfect curves of the egg, considered the form sine
qua non for the ageing of a wine. Our cellar also houses oval and ovoid casks,
all dedicated to the pursuit of perfection.
The Nature
Brut Nature. 100% Pinot Noir, Zero Dosage. A Champagne with a vigorous temperament and of incomparable purity. An adventure for the taste buds.
Brut Nature Without Addition of Sulphur. The Brut Nature in its extreme version,
vinified without sulphur. The absolute fruit of soil 200 million years old.
Brut Nature Rosé. Rosé made using the saignée method, 100% Pinot Noir. The
red fruits dance in a minerality with no dosage to mask it. A living Rosé.
The Classics
Carte d’Or. Fruit, freshness, finesse and vinosity. An invitation to taste.
Blanc de Blancs Signature. A touch of Blanc Vrai, 5 %, adds a special note to the
95 % of Chardonnay, which lends all its elegance to this precious cuvée, signed
in handwritten gold leaf.
Rosé Brut. Always 100% Pinot Noir. A fruity Rosé dominated by strawberry and
mulberry. A discreet dosage imparts length and freshness.
The Specials
Millésime Exception. An exceptional year which blends 60% Pinot Noir and 40%
Chardonnay, both partially aged in oak barrels. Power and depth of aromas in
memory of a great year stamped into the glass on each bottle.
Quattuor. To the forgotten Champagne grape varieties: Arbane (25%), Petit Meslier (25%) and Blanc Vrai (25%). A very rare Blanc de Quatre Blancs.
Cuvée Charles de Gaulle. The Pinot Noir dominates with its 80% whilst the Chardonnay’s 20% brings elegance and length. A homage to the General, an illustrious
customer of the DRAPPIER House.
The Iconics
Grande Sendrée. A unique piece of land scorched in 1836 by a fire which
bequeathed it the name “cindered”. A spelling error gives it the originality of the
“s” in Sendrée. 60% Pinot Noir, 40% Chardonnay, the best casks for the ageing of
a vintage wine in the very best years. Champagne at the summit.
Grande Sendrée Rosé. Even more rare, this Prestige Rosé is unique. Derived
from the same parcel of land, it has been vinified using the Pinot Noir saignée
method but, in contrast to what is general practice in Champagne, a touch of
Chardonnay gives it brio and bouquet. A very fine Rosé Champagne. - USA December 2012
Grande Sendrée Rosé 2005 : 94/100
...the 2005 impresses for its complexity and nuanced, delicate personality. The
Pinot is especially evident here, especially in a bouquet that is distinctly Burgundian...
Grande Sendrée 2004 : 93+
Drappier’s 2004 Brut Grande Sendree blossoms from the glass with expressive
nectarines, honey, Chamomile, wild flowers, mint and marzipan. Rich, sensual and
layered, the 2004 is another wine that impresses for its personality and breadth...
Quattuor : 91
The NV Brut Blanc de Quatre Blancs Quattuor is laced with hazelnuts, almonds,
orange peel and dried pears. There is an attractive, oxidative quality that makes
the NV Quatre Blancs Quattuor quite appealing...
Carte de d’Or 1995 : 93
..This big, broad-shouldered Champagne captures the essence of the Drap- pier
style to the fullest...
International Wine Challenge - USA June 2012
Carte d’Or Magnum 1995: Gold Medal
Mature, warming aromas, toast and nuts, rich poised beautifully balanced, very
delicate, long hedonistic, almost «emotional»
Wine Spectator - USA December 2012
Blanc de Blancs : 91/100
A lithe Champagne, powered by racy acidity. Offers fine texture and flavors of
white peach, candied lemon zest, pastry dough and crystallized honey, with a firm,
minerally finish.
Carte d’Or : 90/100
Lightly chalky, with a firm backbone of acidity framing flavors of ripe apple, biscuit,
candied lemon zest and ground ginger. Shows fine texture and good length. .
Brut Rosé : 90/100
Spice and licorice notes lace flavors of candied black cherry, currant, stony mineral
and kumquat in this tightly knit rose. Lightly creamy in texture...
Grande Sendrée 2004 : 93/100
Firm and lightly chalky in texture, but well balanced overall. This shows flavors of
ripe apple, biscuit, black cherry, spun honey and citrus zest, with a zesty mineral
base note that lingers on the finish.
Wine Enthusiast - USA December 2012
Brut Nature Zéro Dosage: Editor’s choice 91/100
This is dry, but not quite bone dry. The richness of the smooth Pinot Noir is
enough to round out the crisp apple and lime flavors, giving it a wonderful brightness. It could be aged, though its freshness makes it drinkable now.
Quattuor Blanc de Blancs Brut: 91/100
This blend of Chardonnay, with portions of the rare white Arbanne, Petit Meslier
and Blanc Vrai produces a wine that’s richer than a blanc de blancs, with notes
of crisp peach, pear and a hint of red fruit. It could be aged for a few months to
deepen the flavors.
Brut Nature Sans Ajout de Soufre Zéro Dosage: 90/100
By not adding sulfur to the wine, André and Michel Drappier have managed to
produce a wine with greater depth than most, perhaps compounded by the slight
oxidation that gives richness. It’s a food wine, dry and packed with baked apple
flavor, finishing on a high note of acidity.
The World of Fine Wine - UK November/December 2012
Vintage Champagne and English Sparkling wine Tom Stevenson’s top wines
Drappier Grande Sendrée distinguished with 18,5
Charles Heidsieck Blanc des Millénaires 1995 Joseph Perrier Cuvée Joséphine 2004
Dom Pérignon 2003
Drappier Grande Sendrée 2004
Alfred Gratien Brut Cuvée Paradis
Henriot Brut 2005
Perrier-Jouët Belle Epoque 2004
Veuve Cliquot Ponsardin La Grande Dame 2004
Le Guide des Meilleurs Vins de France 2013
Champagne Drappier selected among the best Champagne producers:
Cédric Bouchard, Charles & Piper-Heidsieck, Georges Laval, Henriot, Laherte
Frères, Laurent Perrier, Marie-Noëlle Ledru, Philipponnat, Taittinger, Tarlant, Veuve
Le Guide Bettane et Desseauve 2013
Champagne Drappier selected 3 B & D
Some prestigious customers
L’Espalier - Boston
Fat Duck - London
TB Palace - Jurmala (Riga)
The New Otani - Tokyo
Phoenicia - Malta
La Tour d’Argent - Paris
Greenhouse - London
Lasserre - Paris
Tickets - Barcelona
Mandarin Oriental -Thierry Marx - Paris
Shangri-La - Paris
Hotel Negresco - Nice
La Chesery - Gstaad
La Côte Saint Jacques - Joigny
Carré des Feuillants - Paris
Alain Passard - Paris
Piaza Duomo - Alba
Le Verre Volé - Paris
Lavinia - Madrid, Geneva, Paris
Kyomi Mikuni - Tokyo
Flute - Paris, New York
Cafe Imperial - Praha
Elysée, Palais de la Présidence - Paris
Villa Crespi - Orta
Société des Bains de Mer - Monaco
Trishna - London
Vina-Roel - Barcelona
Conseil Constitutionnel - Paris
Troisgros - Rio de Janeiro
Four Seasons - Milano
Pied à Terre - London
Cru - Nantucket
Dos Cielos - Barcelona
Mezze -Kuala Lumpur
Astrid & Gaston - Lima
Unisson des Coeurs - Osaka
Dry - Barcelona
Caves Augé - Paris
Hedonism Wines - London
Chez Maurice - Berlin
Rob - Bruxelles
Pierre Gagnaire - Seoul
Denis Martin - Vevey
La Ciau del Tornavento - Treiso
Leela - New Delhi
Champagne Drappier in the air
TAM – First Brazilian airline - Grande Sendrée in First Class
MALAYSIA AIRLINES – Carte d’Or in Business Class
AIR CANADA - Carte d’Or in Executive Business Class
JAPAN AIRLINES - Grande Sendrée 2002 in First Class
CHINA AIRLINES - Carte d’Or in Business Class
AIRMALTA-Carte d’Or in Business Class
ETIHAD AIRWAYS - Blanc de Blancs in Business Class
AIR FRANCE - Blanc de Blancs in Business Class (2015 - 2016)
Rue des Vignes - 10200 Urville - tél. 03 25 27 40 15 - fax 03 25 27 41 19
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