Bio Corey aka Dj Core –


Bio Corey aka Dj Core –
- Bio Corey aka Dj Core –
- 1989 From the early childhood Corey began to listen to different music
styles like Jazz, Blues, Funk and Pop from the radio as well as from
the different tapes and records of his parents. The positiv influence
of music was allways fastinating to him.
- 1994 The curiosity for the different music styles incited him to exchange
music with his friends. That’s how he gathered information about
electronically genres like DnB, House, Techno, Trip Hop into his
- 1999 After a certain time DJ CORE got attentiv through paragons like DJ
Steel, Rob Swift, DJ Q-Bert to do his own « DJ’ING ».
With the purchase of his first Technics 1210 equipment his rage for
DJ’ING was settled. Till 2009 he collected miscellanous records in
the areas of Hip Hop, Funk, Jazz and Pop.
- 2008 Through his engagement and his flair for danceable Hip Hop
Classics and the combination with Funk as well as his apparently
(obviously) passion for « DJ’ING » he got a contract by the label of
« 90bars ».
- 2009 Through the purchase of – at that time new – DJ system Serato
Scratch live he broke into new markets. Core begann to practice
how to mix all kind of genres togehter as a Mah Up mix. From now
on hew changed into a Open Format DJ.
- 2015 What ever you are looking for - a dj for a festival, club rocking dj,
private party, chill out « DJ’CORE » has a professional level, which
permits him to accept all types of bookings. He’s proud to be one of
switzerlands best open format dj’s.