Knowledge for
Report preliminary
closings on the last
day of the month.
At the close of
Automate cost
Prepare and
analyze reports
using multiple
dimensions, with
no need to create
redundant merged
Build ad-hoc
reports instantly
from your desktop.
Knowledge for
Plan using
“what if” scenarios
with data from all
areas of the
centralized or
budgets off-line or
online, then write
back into
PowerOLAP for
consolidated final
Forecast using
changing current
data, allocations
and structures.
Get the knowledge you need now to compete in a real-time world.
Do you have the information you need now to run your business? Can you make
decisions as quickly and as effectively as you must in today’s economy?
Can you cut costs, budget strategically, forecast the next best step, all on the basis of
key, up-to-the-instant figures?
The problem is that your systems don’t deliver the intelligence you need right now… and
your highly paid, highly skilled staff is keying numbers into ever-expanding spreadsheets.
PowerOLAP is a solution that leverages the tools and expertise you already possess.
Real-time analysis and powerful reporting using Excel or your Web browser.
Hidden within the structure of your current systems is the information you need,
unavailable through standard reports. Accounting, HR/Payroll, Manufacturing, Point of
Sale, Customer Service—these applications contain the information that is essential to
run your business. But they have not yielded their data easily. Until now.
PowerOLAP provides dynamic on-line access to multiple sources, using the most
common tools at your disposal—the Excel spreadsheet and your Web browser. Data
flows directly through PowerOLAP, so you continue to report using Excel. PowerOLAP
combines advanced analytical and reporting capabilities with enhanced spreadsheet
productivity. The same data can be accessed in real time using your Web browser.
Dynamic budgeting and forecasting: planning for success.
PowerOLAP is an invaluable tool for budgeting, planning and forecasting. You now can
build models and perform “what if” analyses on a solid foundation of current information.
PowerOLAP creates bridges to future success, giving authorized staff interactive access
to operational and profit plans as they are being developed.
A Business Operating System delivering unprecedented speed to knowledge.
By connecting all critical databases, PowerOLAP becomes the core of your own
Business Operating System. Management, analysts and MIS are joined together with
easy, online access to all important data sources. This Business Operating System can
be your organization’s nerve center. Dynamic planning, budgeting, forecasting, analysis
and reporting with PowerOLAP.
A Business
Everything needed
to manage and
plan for success.
Share all critical
knowledge in one
consistent view.
Go off-line, then
All using
your Excel
spreadsheet or
Web browser.
Discover a new world of productivity and competitiveness.
PowerOLAP dynamically integrates data from your various transactional data sources,
enabling you to budget, forecast, analyze and report using up-to-the-instant data. You now
have the tools and the information to compete in the real-time business world.
Fast and flexible analysis, reporting and business
modeling, across multiple dimensions.
Every day, you think in terms of multiple business
dimensions: Products, Sales, Accounts, Regions, Periods,
Actual vs Budget. Now you can create and re-create
multidimensional views in PowerOLAP with drag-and-drop,
double-click speed. See instantaneous results for your
analyses, queries and “what if” scenarios as they reflect your
changing business conditions.
budgeting and
analysis and
directly from
using your
familiar Excel
Dynamic access using Excel or the Web
With the click of a button, create a spreadsheet or Web view from
PowerOLAP and work with the tools you know best. From Excel,
it’s simple to change a view and to perform higher-level analytical
functions. Spreadsheets with dynamic access to underlying data
sources are sharable throughout the enterprise or via the Internet.
Also, your spreadsheet or Web view will update automatically as
the underlying data or structure changes.
This is true end-user empowerment!
spreadsheet or
Up-to-the-Instant Reporting
With PowerOLAP, you won’t wait until well into the next
month to create mission-critical month-end reports. Standard
or ad hoc reports reflect data entries as they occur.
Enjoy the benefits of true online processing—live!
Web browser.
Finally, one
simple solution.
200 Hyde Park
Doylestown, PA
p: 215 345 0200
f: 215 230 2828
Reports, created from spreadsheets or the Web, are also
dynamically linked to the data through PowerOLAP. When
new data enters the database, the reports, graphs and all,
are updated. Fast, accurately and automatically.
PowerOLAP delivers the knowledge you need to manage your business and to succeed.
Get all the information you need—now—to effectively operate your business:
[email protected]
Advanced analysis, including “what if” and on-the-fly capabilities, using multidimensional
Powerful data access and ad-hoc reporting from your Excel spreadsheet or Web browser
Up-to-the-instant, real-time data from all of your critical organizational databases
Enterprise-wide sharing—permitted users in the organization may read data wherever they
are, through thin client connections and via the Internet
Multi-user access to the same data, at the same time, across your organizational servers,
ensuring one version for all
Fortune 1000-class budgeting and forecasting that is cost-effective for all companies
Copyright 2001. PowerOLAP is a registered trademark of PARIS Technologies, Inc.
All trade names referenced herein are either trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies.

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