The Old Lucketts School Educates our Children


The Old Lucketts School Educates our Children
Spring 2012•
The Old Lucketts School
Educates our Children
Welcome to the Preschool and Child Care programs at the Lucketts
Community Center. Whether the day is sunny or wet, mornings inside
the classroom trailers (our temporary home) at the Lucketts Community
Center are brightened by the sounds of little ones. Age three to six, they
greet the staff with yawns and smiles (mostly) and good mornings to Ms.
Donna , Ms. Wendy, Mrs. “M,” Ms. Jo or Ms. Heather.
The curriculum is designed to meet the social, physical and educational
needs of today’s child. Emphasis is placed on developmentally
appropriate activities which embrace both play and learning experiences
set in a safe and loving environment. Donna Van Wagoner,
the preschool teacher, and Wendy Overton, the child care
supervisor, as well as their support staff, bring years of
caring experience to their roles, the goal of which is to
promote a positive self-image in every single child at the
Center. As Ms. Donna stated when asked about her career,
“It’s what I do. I do it because I love it. What can I say?” It
In This
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7�������������������Annual Yard Sale’s coming!
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9�������������������Lucketts Sampler
10–11������������The Lucketts Mudrats
12�����������������Backroad Safety
All photos by Steve Hillebrand
by Pat Howder
Lucketts News & Notes
Circulation 1963, is published
jointly by the Lucketts Ruritan
Club and the Lucketts Community Center Advisory Board
(LCCAB). The Lucketts Ruritan
Club is a non-stock 501(c)(3) Corporation in the Commonwealth
of Virginia. The LCCAB is also
a 501(c)(3) organization. Correspondence should be addressed
to: Lucketts News & Notes, 42361
Lucketts Rd., Leesburg, VA 20176
or by e-mailing the coordinator.
Photos by Steve Hillebrand
Designer & Coordinator
Mary Gustafson
[email protected]
703 777-1684
Cynthia Richardson-Crooks
[email protected]
Steve Hillebrand
David L. Crooks
Lucketts Ruritan Club
[email protected]
Peter Baker
Vice President
Dan Wiseman
Steve Scheiblhofer
Gretchen Burgin
LCCAB 2012 Officers
703 771-5281
Ross Mink
Vice President
Joyce Webb
Matt Quitter
Hilary Cooley
you like to
contribute an article or
give us your comments?
Mary Gustafson
703 777-1684 or email
[email protected]
is professionally gratifying to hear from parents of former students and the
students themselves as they share their best memories of their experiences at
our school!
The Lucketts Community Center Preschool offers classes for children at
three and four years old. The three year old class meets on Tuesday and
Thursday from 9:00 am to 11:30 am or 12:30 pm to 3:00 pm. The four year
old class meets during the same time but on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
Children must be age appropriate by September 30th of the school year and
potty trained. The preschool follows the Loudoun County Public School
Lucketts Child Care is a year round program and is open from 7:00 am until
6:00 pm. Program options include full-time and part-time care as well as
drop-in. Children must be three years of age and potty trained.
Registration for the 2012-2013 Preschool programs begins in late February.
Registration for Child Care is ongoing.
Both programs are state licensed and meet
and exceed the licensure standards set by the
Commonwealth of Virginia.
Please call the center at 703-771-5281 or
e-mail [email protected] for additional
Rural Enterprise
The Lucketts Store
by Doug Fabbioli
It seems like the best businesses evolve once a person discovers what they really
love to do and then turn that love into a venture of economic viability. Suzanne
Eblen, the Lucketts Store, is a perfect example of this!
As a youngster, she used to sell her toys at recess. As an adult, she became
addicted to auctions as well as yard sales. When having large barn sales at her
family farm in Lovettsville was not enough, Suzanne purchased “My Wits End”
on Rt.15 north of Lucketts. This was good for a while but she felt the drive to do
more and bring other like-minded dealers into one permanent space.
Photos by Steve Hillebrand
In 1996, with little more than a few nickels and a rough business plan, Suzanne and
her husband purchased the Lucketts Store. They simultaneously saved the building
from a likely demolition since it had been abandoned for a number of years. It was
a combination of Suzanne’s strong determination, her supportive family and a few
fellow dealers willing to work with her, that allowed the store to grow. Currently
the Lucketts Store is the anchor of Lucketts retail. People travel from many other
states to shop at the store. With over 30 vendors, every corner of the building
is full of eclectic, interesting and colorful finds. The out buildings have all been
merchandised as well.
Photos by Steve Hillebrand
The sheds and gazebos continue to multiply as more success reigns on this fruitful
team. The Design House, located on the north end of the property, opens one
weekend a month displaying products and designs that change each month creating
a shopping/shabby chic art gallery feel. Prices are reasonable. The music piped
throughout is diverse and stylish, and the staff is genuinely happy to be there.
Her Ground Hog Day sale in February, the Spring Antiques sale in May and her
Holiday Weekend sale in December are enough events to keep things special.
Photos by Steve Hillebrand
Photo by David L. Crooks
Bottom left to upper right Ground Hog Day Sale held
first Friday through Sunday in February; lively sales staff
and customers; Christmas time at The Lucketts Store as
seen from Mrs. Luckett’s garden; look for the sign of the
ground hog for The Ground Hog Day Sale; the inside
of the store is packed with beautiful and unique finds;
Suzanne Eblen, owner, and furry friend.
Photo by David L. Crooks
Bring an out of town guest or a neighbor and experience this gem of Lucketts. With
the great shops we have in Lucketts, you can see why people come to visit us here.
The Lucketts Fair Turns Forty—
and I Remember When...
This year signifies the 40th anniversary of the Lucketts Fair and a great time
for reminiscing. Do you remember the Log Cabin Tour? The early crafters
and entertainment? Did it rain cats and dogs? How old were you when you
first came to the Fair? Do you have a favorite poster? You can even tell us
what you look forward to every year.
The Lucketts Community Center Advisory Board (LCCAB) invites you to
share your memories by participating in the “I Remember When...” campaign
by providing your input on all things related to the Lucketts Fair over the
last 40 years. We will compile your contributions and publish them in our
summer edition of the Lucketts News & Notes. And, space permitting, some
will be included on this year’s Fair booklet.
The LCCAB is made up of volunteers from the Lucketts community. By
volunteering they give back to a community that serves the many needs of its
residents. The LCCAB meets the third Tuesday of each month at 7pm at the
Lucketts Community Center. Please join us in supporting the Lucketts Fair
and other community events by volunteering. For additional information,
please call the Lucketts Community Center 703-771-5281.
Please email your “I Remember When...” story
of past Lucketts Fairs to Mary Gustafson at
[email protected] Stories may
also be hand submitted to the Lucketts Community
Center on weekdays between 9-5. You may remain
anonymous by so indicating. Deadline for
submission is April 16, 2012.
We look forward to hearing and sharing the many
The Lucketts Fair means
something different to just
about everyone. To our guests
it is about the fun and the
time families can be together.
For others it is that plus the
camaraderie of volunteering
side by side with your neighbors
to bring to the public a
traditional fun-filled weekend
for our many visitors.
Photos this page by Steve Hillebrand
stories that you have to tell.
Our traditional Holiday Party was a smashing success!
On December 4, 2011,we gathered at Skills USA
and were treated to wonderful live music performed
by Mr. David Bilowus. A classically trained pianist,
David lives in Leesburg where he owns a piano
instruction business. To everyone’s delight, David
played his rather large repertoire of holiday music
including “Silent Night”, “Sleigh Bells”, and “White
Christmas”, and of course the night would not be
complete without arousing chorus of “The Twelve
days of Christmas” and the “Linus & Lucy Classical
Top four photos by David L. Crooks
We had dinner in the festive dinning room where we
sat at round tables adorned with linen cloths, frosted
magnolia leaves, holly berries, and candles. Our
meal was blessed in a traditional manner by one of
our charter members, Mr. John Adams. The food
was almost as good as the company we kept and the
tainted beverages we consumed. Responsively, of
The leader of the Ruritan’s acknowledged and
thanked those who had been generous with their
time and talents throughout 2011. Special tribute was
paid to our long-time members who for many years
donated their time to our Ruritan Club. Some have
been members for decades. A recent member, Steven
Scheiblhofer, was honored with the Ruritan of the
Year award. This special award is given to the most
outstanding member of our organization for 2011.
Bottom two photos by Steve Hillebrand
Ruritan’s share three common aspirations: Character,
Generosity and Compassion. So, it was no surprise
that after dinner many of the Ruritan folk lingered, to
cleanup and restore the facility to its original form.
We will remember this fond night of laughter, handshakes, and holiday good wishes.
The Christmas Banquet is a much look
forward to occassion for the Ruritan. It is a
time of such good cheer, reminiscence of the
year and congenial fellowship. The cuisine
and refreshments are top drawer, too. Then
there’s the trash fun that you can only have if
you’re member of the Lucketts Ruritan!
I will echo to you once again, “You will find some of
the nicest folk in all of Loudoun County right here in
this room”. What a great night!
We invite you to join our wonderful group of men and
women. Email us at [email protected] to
find out more.
Brought to you each
Saturday 8am–noon by
the Lucketts Ruritan.
Suggested donation $4 for
4 large trash bags;
larger loads—larger
donation. You must
be from Loudoun
County. Recycled
boxes must be
flattened! Steel,
aluminum, plastic
may be co-mingled.
Not accepted:
liquids, yard waste, large
furniture, toxic chemicals,
car batteries, industrial
waste. Trash service closed
Christmas and New Year’s
Steve Hillebrand
by Peter Baker
Recycling &
Trash Collection
Interfaith Relief
Drop off canned/nonperishible food every
Saturday during trash
service. This is extra
important during the
holiday season. For
further info about
Interfaith Relief please
call 703 777-5911.
Join the Ruritans
Meetings are held
at SkillsUSA during
renovations to the
They are on
the second
Tuesday of
each month
at 7:30pm.
No invitation needed,
just join in. Meetings
include dinner (served
by ladies of the Furnace
Mountain Church), a guest
speaker and business
meeting. Email us at
[email protected]
for more information.
Steve Hillebrand
A Ruritan Traditional
Community Center
Facelift Update
The Lucketts Community Center renovations
include geo-thermal lines in the ball field, the
storage tank for the sprinkler system and the
installation of our newly refurbished windows.
Most notably is the arrival of the new bell tower.
Our building is topped with solid copper roof.
Steve Hillebrand
All photos this page by Steve Hillebrand
We are delighted that the folks from Falls Church
Construction Company have taken such care
in renovating our
historic icon. They
will be able to use
our building as a
fine example of
their magnificent
renovation skills. We
all look forward to
the finished product
which is scheduled
to reopen in early
autumn of this year.
1. The new bell tower is back home after total renovation. 2. The
Lucketts bell awaits being retumed to work. 3.Gary Bauserman, the
Falls Church Construction (FCC) foreman, recreates a new bell tower by
hand. 4.Gary oversees repositioning his special project. 5. FCC workers
replace the newly restored windows in the old schoolhouse. 6. Workmen
work on the old façade 7. Digging begins for the geothermal heat system.
8. The sprinkler system water tank is put under the building. 9. The
ball field is reconditioned after the digging is finished.
Annual Yard Sale Reaches
13th Year
Thirteen years ago, Boy Scout Troop 1910 held its first Yard
Sale. The troop utilized the common collection site at the
Lucketts Elementary School and obtained the use of a local
barn for additional storage. There, they shared space with
cows and pigs and learned to collect, sort and maintain a clean
inventory. Next, they used a different local barn that had a
wood floor but only housed pigeons and bats. Here, the Boy
Scouts honed their skills by covering everything with VERY
large tarps. Another move was made to a local barn without
inhabitants. Currently, a local business owner graciously loans
the Troop a commercial building for collecting and sorting
their inventory. This space is equipped with electricity and
indoor plumbing!
The yard sales have taken on unique themes, based on the
donations. Some examples, like the year of Avon bottles (full
& empty), the year of tin boxes (all shapes & sizes), the year of
baskets, the year of exercise equipment (some used & some not
so used), the year of TVs, the year of kid toys, and on and on.
The citizens of Lucketts have been extremely generous over
the years. Our donations have been from one end of the
spectrum to the other. Some of the most memorable donations
have been a baby grand piano, a car, a pinball machine and
Beginning Saturday, March
31 flyers announcing the Yard
Sale will be distributed at the
Ruritan Trash Collection at the
Lucketts Elementary School.
Collection of donated items
will be on Saturday, April 7,
14 & 21 during the hours of
trash collection at the school.
If you have large items or
questions about the sale,
please call Matt Quitter
(703) 777-8511.
Mark your calendar,
the Yard Sale is all day
Saturday, April 28.
All photos on this page by David L. Crooks
The proceeds will be used to maintain and support the Troop
with their monthly outings and endeavors.
Churches Combine Their Voices
Church Calendar
Faith Chapel Presbyterian and Christ Church have formed an ecumenical choir.
Inspired by small congregations, these two faith-based organizations decided
to join their forces and are opening Choir membership to any and all in the
Lucketts and surrounding areas.
Worship Service on
Sundays at 9:30 am.
Current choir members boast of having so much fun! While some can read
music, it is not a requirement since the talented Choir Director only wants you
to like to sing. The choir sings at both churches once a month during regular
services and at Christmas and Easter, but there is no pressure to be there every
time. Christ Church’s services are from 9:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. and Faith Chapel
meets at 11:00 a.m., so there is never a conflict. The Choir meets for rehearsals
on Monday evenings at 7:00 p.m. at Faith Chapel. Make a Joyful Noise!
Faith Chapel
Worship Service on
Sundays at 11 am.
If you are interested in finding out more about us, please call Pattie
Palmer (703-777-1973) or Betty Hutchison (703-777-2944). This Choir would
love to see (and hear) you!
Christ Episcopal
Photos by Steve Hillebrand
Bible Study every
Wed. night from
7:30-8:30 pm in
the church house
(white house next
to church). Sunday
morning service start at 9:30 am.
All are welcome.
703-771-2196 or visit us at
Bethel United
KLB is looking for a
co-chair for the Lucketts
Community. The Clean
Up dates are April 1-30.
Bags may be picked
up at the Lucketts
Community Center
in March. If you are
interested in helping, call
KLB at 703-771-4231.
For the second consecutive year Smarts Mill Middle School (SMMS) was
designated as a “School to Watch”! Smarts Mill earned this National Forum
honor by maintaining high levels of performance in three categories:
• challenging academic environment
• environment that is sensitive to unique developmental challenges
• a socially equitable environment which provides support to students and
The school will receive a banner and will be recognized at the upcoming
conference in June. Congratulations to all students and teachers!
Photos of Smarts Mill students by Carolyn Mullen
Spring is
Keep Loudoun
Beautiful time!
Local School Gets Noticed
Photos by Steve Hillebrand
Sunday morning
service starts at
11 am. All are
welcome. 41799
Stumptown Road, Lucketts, VA.
Free-will offerings accepted.
703-779-7745 or visit us at www.
Recent winners of the Spelling Bee held in
January at Smarts Mill Middle School.
Two Lucketts students, James Mullen (left) and Sophie
Frey (right) performed at the February talent show.
1-3 Parents, students and volunteers
during the recent Book Fair at
Lucketts Elementary School; 4
Lucketts ES Principal, Brenda Blue;
5 Santa takes time from his busy
schedule to make the day of this
young man; 6-7 Music teacher, May
Trible leads
Lucketts School
Christmas sing
along; 8-11
Santa ferried
by the team
from Lucketts
Firestation #10
and his helper
made the rounds
of the back roads
of Lucketts;
Lucketts own, Makayla Benjamin had
the opportunity to show at the Winter
Equestrian Festival in Wellington, FL
February 12 and 13. She won both of
her classes in the Low Children’s Jumper
Division, and was Champion for the
Division. Congratulations Makayla!
Breakfast with
Santa was the
Thank you
to the many
volunteers from the
Lucketts Community
who made possible the
events pictured in the
Lucketts Sampler.
All photos by Steve Hillebrand
The Lucketts Mudrats
Reprinted from Cora Marshall Heflin Kohlhoss’s “The Lucketts Baseball History”
I am Cora Marshall Heflin Kohlhoss and I would like to tell you how the Lucketts
Baseball Team was founded. I will be 94 in November, so bear with me about some
of the dates. I remember most of the players but I also went through the old score
books for the others.
Photo by Steve Hillebrand
When my brother Walter Brown Heflin came home from the service in WWII in
1945, he and my husband Matt rented Mrs. Emma Willard’s farm that adjoined the
Lucketts School. Matt and Walter both worked full time in Washington. DC and
traveled back and forth five days a week. Their DC jobs meant the real farming on
the Willard Farm was done by my daughter Jane, my son Matthew and me with the
guidance and additional help being provided by my father Charles Marshall Heflin.
Pictured above is Lucketts’ own
Cora Marshall Heflin Kohlhoss
as she shared reminiscence of the
happy times in Lucketts. She is
shown displaying a picture of her
“Boys of Summer”, the Lucketts
Mudrats, a team which she
played a key part in organizing
made up of Lucketts men
returning from WWII.
As of this writing Cora ia now
95 and in excellent fetter.
Walter, having played baseball in high school at the old Leesburg High School,
loved baseball and wanted to play again. My brother Jim Heflin, who had also just
returned from the service overseas, wanted to play baseball, too. Because Lucketts
didn’t have a team at the time, Jim and my brother Johnny joined the Ashburn
team while Walter and my brother W.C. played for the Leesburg team in 1946.
As lots of other Lucketts men wanted to play baseball too, the Heflin brothers
joined together to start the Lucketts team in 1947. At first they played their home
games at the old Leesburg High School diamond alternating with the Leesburg
team. In 1948 Walter decided it
would be better to be at Lucketts
and the Lucketts Baseball
Association (LBA) was formed. The
original members included Walter,
Jim and W.C. Heflin, Marshall
Fleming, Johnny Stocks, Jesse Loy
and Cora Kohlhoss.
As we needed the consent of the
School Board to use the Lucketts
School diamond, the LBA sent
me to Mrs. Kincaid, who was
our District Representative. Mrs.
Kincaid met me at the School and said she thought that it would a splendid
opportunity for the young men of the Lucketts community and granted the
School Board’s approval. This pleased us very much. Walter and Johnny Stocks
put up the money to buy the equipment and lay out the diamond. Scorecards, a
scoreboard and uniforms were provided by local businesses and individuals.
The Loudoun County Baseball League consisted of eight teams including
Aldie, Ashburn, Leesburg, Lucketts, Middleburg, Purcellville, Round Hill and
Unison. In 1956, Unison withdrew and was replaced by Arcola. Two of the
fields, Leesburg and Purcellville had lights allowing for each team to play
twice a week with a day game on Sunday and a night game on either Tuesday
or Thursday night. Regular season play commenced in late May and continued
throughout the summer concluding with a round robin playoff in September.
G | 10
The first few years Lucketts didn’t win many games but after that we
were more competitive. As the caliber of baseball throughout the League
increased annually, so did the attendance and interest throughout the
County increased, growing year by year.
At the same time, the Lucketts baseball team became more and more
successful. In the years ‘53, ‘56, ‘57, ‘59, ‘60, ‘62, ‘63 and ’65 Lucketts was
the Loudoun County Baseball League Champions.
Every fan had their favorite team and players; and, the contests and battles
were always hard fought and memorable. There are many games that I
remember but there is one game I will never forget. There had been a
major rain throughout the County one Sunday morning that cancelled all
the other games. Our Lucketts was a very important game with Purcellville
and both teams were determined to play but the field was covered with
water. Walter decided to burn off the wet infield with a gasoline-fueled fire.
Most people thought he was crazy but it worked and at 2PM the umpire
yelled “Play Ball”. It was a tight game but we won 3-2. Admission in those
days was only 50 cents but we took in nearly $400 as members of the other teams
and fans from all over came to see the Big Game. George Ward who wrote Sports
for the Loudoun Times Mirror referred to our team forevermore as the “Lucketts
Those were glorious times with many a Sunday meaning a good ball game
followed by a great fried chicken dinner and lots of beer and horseshoes. It was
a community effort with everyone helping out. Matt and I “Kept the Gates”
collecting admissions; and Joe Frye and Jesse Lloyd were the scorekeepers.
At the end of the season, whether we won or not, we had a big Baseball Banquet
at the Lucketts School with all of the local families furnishing the food to honor our
players for their efforts on the field throughout the year.
G | 11
Photo by Steve Hillebrand
Lucketts Community Center
and surrounds
Country Road Safety
Thru Lucketts Bluegrass. Saturdays
Apr. 28 7pm-10:30. $15 at the door at the
Living in Lucketts is such a unique experience. And driving on our beautiful
country roads is a byproduct of that experience. Over the past few months,
several vehicles have gone through fences, into yards, grazed trees and
“rutted” grass. In
addition to deer, foxes,
raccoons, rabbits and
squirrels, fences can
suddenly “appear”
if you are unfamiliar
with road and shoulder
conditions. Most of
our country roads just
have dirt, gravel and grass which can be very dangerous during inclement
weather. So, please exercise caution as you drive our beautiful roads. The
property you save could not only be yours—but also your neighbors!
Mar 24 The Great Lucketts Egg Hunt.
Lucketts Elementary School.
Apr. 2–6
Apr. 10
Apr. 27
Apr. 28
May 8
June 12
10am. $5 per child at the Lucketts
Community Center Gazebo.
Spring Break Holiday Fun. Trips,
crafts, games and fun! 8am–6pm.
$50/day or $225/week at the
Lucketts Community Center.
Lucketts Ruritan meeting 7:30pm
at SkillsUSA
Deadline for Ruritan
Scholarship applications. For
more info see your high school
guidance department or email
[email protected]
The Annual Lucketts Spring Yard
Sale. 8am–1pm. $10 to rent a space
at the Lucketts Community Center
Soccer Field.
Lucketts Ruritan meeting 7:30pm
at SkillsUSA
Lucketts Ruritan meeting 7:30pm
at SkillsUSA
For more information
contact the Lucketts
Community Center
Lucketts Community Center Advisory Board
42361 Lucketts Road, Leesburg, VA 20176

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