The Flocker, June 1992



The Flocker, June 1992
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Table of Contents
Bull RiderJ.T. nailing the Bulls Eye.
..............1Whento Throw, YouHave to Know
Paragliding safety from Mike Reeder.
A word from Dave Robsory the President of the Rocky
Center Spread..
Mountain Hang Gliding Association-
John Coyne pa)ang his dues one mile from Limon.
4 Ridge SoaringThe Clouds ........L0
A facinating flightbyJim Yocom.
Treasurer's Report
Site Committee Report.................4
Find out about our sitesfrom Jim Yocom.
Don't Drown Your Gear...............
A good tip from Dave Crabb.
Vice President
Dave Robson
Terryr Hackbart
Dave Brown
Flight Director
Safety Director
The Flocker
By Dave Robson
owdy folks. I hope you all had abetter Memorial
day weekend than I. I understand those who
made it to Dinosaur had a good time even though
cronditionsweren't too fuvomble for X-C fl)ttg.
Be sure to mark your calendars for the annual
July4th "Weekend on the Mountain" at William's Peak
Sincemost companies will be observing the holiday on
Friday, it will be a three day weekend affair this year.
The annual potluck dinner will be held under the club
tent on Saturdaynight. The club will providebeer, sod4
hambuqger and all the hamburger fixins. Pleasecontact
Dave Brown (73TM57) andlet him know what you will
be bringing to share. He can also let you know what
items are needed. The weather hasrft cooperated real
well the last couple of years, so hopefully it will turn
around, and this year will be the one to attend.
Also not to fara-round the corner is Buffalo Bill
days coming up on July 17th- 18th. Terry Hacklcart is in
charge of putting that together. Pleaselet him know if
you c€rnhelp with either the booth or with the flying
competition. Terry will have more info at the next
meeting. Pleasegive him a call if you have any items of
interest for the booth. Pictures are always needed.
Finally, thanks to all who attended the last
(- t:rN+> )
7. t 2-_-a
meeting with Marlys Wills, if you missed it, you missed
some great stories and videos of Chris and Bobby in
their younger days. I especially liked the flying motorrycle. We had one of the largest gouPs she has talked
to, and she sold more then three times the number of
books that she usually does! If you didrt't get a copy of
her boolg George Greer has a few more at his shop in
Heritage Square. I thinkshe discovered that she should
be talking to more hang glider pilots in her travels
instead of the book dubs that she has been spending
time with. We are a much more captive audience to the
subjectthenmost otherpeople and can appreciatesome
of the storiesa lot more.
I don't have much to say about the flying
lately, since I haven't been flying lately. For the most
part the weather hasn't been all that great here on the
front range anyway. I've also beenbusyadjusting to my
new life asabadrelorand doing a little traveling. For the
most part that'sbehind me now, and summer is here so
let us all get out there and soak up some of the Colorado
summer sun. Seeyou at Frogs for the nerctmeeting.
guorABLE guorDs
JttNE 1992
wtll probably never
llst frontat ltft as a PrlmarJr means
of soarlng."
Dennls Pa$en
The June Club
Where? Senior Frogs, 1 mile west of 66 Avenue on
When? ]r;lre 77, [email protected]:00pm
lure 7992
Events Calendar
Sept 5-12 L992U.5.Nationals,Telluride, CO. Triangles,
out-and-retums, race to goal. Entry $295. For
more info sendSASEto: NickKennedy, P.O.Box
1026 Telluride CO 81435(3[,3)72,e3905.
By Jim Yoeom
s of April V\ 7992we have $1529.80in our
checking account, $1383.81in savings ard$/2
in petty cash for total assetsof $3,105.51.For comparison, last year at this time we had $854.59in chechng and
52245.05in savings for a total of $3099.74.
We had several new and renewing members
last month - Jeff Stutzi& Bob Meyers, Tom Nelson, Terry
Hackbart, Craig McMillan" Dave Niemeyer, Greg Pfaff,
Kelly & John West, Jeff White Mark Windsheimer,
Mark Boys, Terry Patton, John DeGraff, Bob Kooser,
Chris Taunt, SteveGlazener, Ted Hughes, Al Godman,
john Coyne
William Laurene, Henri Werij, Dale L^anan"
getting your phone number wrong in the membership
listing Craig! The only experses for the month of April
was $45.00for postage for the Flocker, and $7.50dinner
bill for our April speaker.
The XC seasonis upon us - get into the RMHGA Cross
C-ountry Contest. Feesare:
$20- ClassA (thosewho have flown more than 100
$20 - Clas.sB (those who have flown more than 50
miles but less than 100)
$15- Class C (those who have flown no more than
50 miles)
$10 - Paragliding Class
$5 - L,ookout Mountain dass (open to everyone,
longest flight from Mt. Zon wins)
C-an'tpromise what the prizeswillbe thisyear,
but in 191 we had prizes from Ball varios, Wills Wing
Sept 14-1* L9th Tdluride Hang Gliding Festipal. Speakers, dances,clinics, films, swap meet. C-oupled
with Nationals. C-ontact: Hugh Sawyer (303)
72U772 or Joel Parker (303) 72e6070.
and Pendulum Sports. The grand prize of a Ball M50
was given to the winner of Class C (Chip Verrill) so you
dort't have to be Jim ["ee or Brad Koji to win something
nice. @y the way, Chip hasmoved into ClassB this year,
so all you novice XC pilots, sign up for Class C!)
By Jim Yocom
our RMHGA Site Committee had its first meetng ApnlZ?, 1992.Eleven peoplecame to discuss
their ideas and volunteer their time checking out new
sites. Presentwere Ansu Crawford, MarkTobias, Tom
Nelson" Craig Thompson" David Brown, Greg Pfaff,
ScottComeaux,JohnWest, MarkRowland, DougFaude,
A number of ercistingand potential sites were
discussed,aerial photos reviewed and detailed maps
ocamired. Over the next several months, we hope to
look into various sites and determine the availability of
additional sites, especially in the fr.ont range area
Greg Pfaff volunteered to ched<into Jefferrcn
County Open Space land and Boulder County Open
Spacefor potential flying sites. We are especially interested in the possibility of flying on Open Spaceland on
the north side of North Table Mountain. Access and
landing areas will be examined and a report on the
feasibility of pursuing flying there will follow.
Craig Thompson and Tom Nelson volunteered
to check out Denver Mountain parks, especially Red
Rocks as a potential site. They have also located what
The Flocker
seemsto be a very nice site near Castle Rod<,and will be
doing more work on actually flying there.
Doug Faude volunteered to find out more
about flying Blue Mountain, located just south of Coal
Creek Canyon. There are several possible launches
from about 9fi) ft to a000 ft above the potential T.7-q.
Scott Comeaux will be checking out the new
construction nearthe Buffalo Bill Memorial. It appears
an acces.sroad is being cut down near the old "Spider
Web" launch.
John West has been and will continue to work
with his crcntactin the city of lakewood to develop a
hang gliding training program for pilots with special
skills. At somepoint we are hopeful this will lead to the
reopening of Green Mountain for flying. Nothing is
near certain at this time, so don't count on flying there
anytime soory but John's work may Bve us the best
chance we have seenin many years.
We will continue to monitor the situation at
Mt. Zion (Lookout) as the new highway corstruction is
finally completed and the area becomes more developed. Follow-up workwill also be done regarding the
use of the retired landfill areajust south of SeniorFrogs
There were several other sites mentioned that
could use someoneinterested in futher investigation. I t
appears that at one time we had the permission of the
ForestServiceto usetheacessroadto thetop of Geneva
Basin Ski area, and people launched off the ski runs.
Geneva Basin felt the accessgiven to pilots was somewhat of a pain, and the site fell into disuse. If anyone has
more information about flying there or is interested in
chechng out flying there now, let a member of the site
committee know or talkto JohnWest who actually flew
Therewere other sitesand ideas discussed,but
to really find out what is going on come to the next Site
Committee meeting scheduled for Wednesday June
24ttr, 5:30pm at 855Lupine Stneet,Golden That is one
block west of l-70, on the NW corner of Colfa< and
Don't Drown
Your Gear
By Dave Crabb
ta bit for your knowledge. I have one of those
-l- waterbags with the hoseand dip dose valve. L,ast
July or so it leaked as I was flying. l,ater it leaked again
as I transported it in my harness. It didn't seem to do
much right away but that was not just the calm before
the storm. A crcuplemonths later I flew from the lower
launch at Williams to the new I2out by the highway'
Jaynewas on launch and crouldnot receive my transmissions. Tums out my printed circuit board had corroded
from the wetness. It had taken months to fuil. It also
took months to get repaired. The repair time was long
becausethe service centerwould find a problem, order
parts, and thenbe able to find more problems' Final cost
(l suspect this was a deal becar:seof how long it took to
rcpatu)was $135.
Moral of the story. DON'T carr5rwaterin your
harness. Those clip valves only take a small bump to
release.If yourbottle leaks it may damage your radio,
vario or other things. I have also had my pa::achuteget
a little wet from a leak This crculd cause damage or
deployment problems. So watch your bottles. Don't
er<pectthem to never leak I now carr;r mine outside my
harnesswheneverl am not flying.
by Mike Reeder
tt". of n" are at the l.ookout south launctr, fucing
I eastout overDenver. We're readyto go, thermals
are coming directly up launch with good crcnsistency
and strength and being pr:shed by light southeastwinds.
What conerns us is that winds aloft at 9000MSL are out
of the southwest at 25 knots directly over the baclg and
withourlaunchat 7000MSL, we know the potential for
a rotor ocndition e><ists.
Ninety per cent of the time we
flyl,ookout, winds aloft are somecomponentwest, but
not usually this strcng. We always joke about the rotor
and say that "all we ever fly is a G.D. rotor." As long as
the convection is strong enougtL the westerlies are
lifted and we usually have light eastwinds. many times
we are able to climb up to & punch into the westerly flow
aslong asthe thermals are strong enough, and the winds
light enough.
Paul Ferguson of Ball Variometer leaves the
launctr first, flies straight to aknownthermal generator,
finds one and begins to dimb. At this point I turn my
back and preparc to do a reverse launch. Had I been
watdring I would have noted that Paul climbs about 300
feet then gets trashed in some er<tremeturbulene, gets
away, and heads for the 12. Some cumulus have
covered the sun now and the thermals get light and
short. Todd Bibler and I discuss the potentid and
decide that the clouds are going to be around for a long
timeand thatwe mightaswell laundg fly downandgo
backto work
I launchfirst, flyout inalight thermalandgain
about 100ft. The airfeels real weird, sort of lumpy, and
turbulent. I call Paul on the radio and ask for wind
direction at lhel .7, he says its due south almost southwest, and becauseof that he fuiled to make the primary
lZ. I immediately realize whats happening and it's not
good. Sincethe clouds cameover, the lift hasweakened
significantly, and the westerlies are dropping and begrnning to spill over the back I immediately head
towards the LZ but before I travel even halfway, I feel a
forwmd and downward push against my canopy, the
leading edge rolls under, and I hit the brakes to recover.
As I reinflate the wing I tell Paul on the radio I just had
a leading edge tuck I'm irstantly hit ager+ then ag'ain
The Flocker
People have asked when and how did I decide
and the canopygoesinto "parachutage." I shout on the
radio twice "l'm in a rotor." "I'm in a rotor." I want Paul to throw the reserve. The decision certainly wasn't a
result of some great midair intellectual discourse. I
to watch the whole event, so he can learn what being
rotored is all about, so we can compare notes later. Since made the decision months ago after watching four other
pilots in similar circumstances, continue to fly the canI'm probably only 150ft. AGL, I only have a crcupleof
opy all the way into the ground" with the score ground
secondsto attempt to get thewingflyingbefore I impact!
I'm way too low for the sure fire cure which is a full stall
4 pilots 0. only one of those four was able to walk away,
and even he nequired assistance.
and re-inflatiorg so I pound thebrakes and leap forward
By observing and e><periencingI have learned
in the speed seat. All I get for my effort is a slow spin to
the left backinto the hill. Suddenly my right hand leaves somebasic lessons. First, when you are in big down air,
whether it is a rotor,
the controls. I manrel
thebackorsinkside of
at this, I hadn't told it to
a thermal, or just a mimove but it does anycroburst of down air,
way, like it has a brain
and the glider collapsof its own. Not only a
esorparzchutage it is
brain, but eyes,because
er<tremely difficult to
it seeswhere it is going.
get the canopy flying
The pilot brain is still
forward again. If you
looking at the glider
are high enough, at
and trying to make it
least 500 ft. AGL you
fly. But the hand
have a decent chance.
knows, sees, and
Lower than this and
moves. Quickly as a
you usually go all the
rattlesnake strikg it
way to the ground. In
all cases I have
reserve, built into my
watched, and in my
own cese, when you
is gone. Later, Paul
near the ground probwould tell me I was so
close to a very nasty
the down air sort of
rock outcropping on
splashes against the
the side of lookout, that
ground and back up,
the reserve actually
Paraglider blow back recove4r system.
and the canopywill rebounced off and into
inflate, dive, and the pilot will surge, beooming the very
the air. now the glider, as gliders always seem to do
poor substitute for a wrecking ball. Surge and penduwhen they near the ground in these circumstance,
lum is no problem whenyou'rehundreds orthousands
suddenly re-inflates and instantly dives toward the
of feet up. We do it all the time. But when you're close
ground. Apin Paul would tell me that at that moment,
to the ground it is extremely dangerous. Secondlesso&
I shouted the ever popular "oh s- on the radio, but I
yor.rlre never too low to at least attempt to throw the
don't remember that. My attention is suddenly to the
spot where I will impact. My 180lbs.ofbone and tissue reserye. I probably didn't start my throw until I was
well below 100ft. I wish I had started soonec but it still
is about to become a poor o(cuse for a wrecking ball.
worked and stopped myblast into the ground. Thirdly,
Just as I accelerate downward I hear a loud pop, the
reserves do work! In last years statisresewe has opened and instead of acceleration I'm
tie,7 of 11 pilots who deployed were
greeted withwonderful deceleration. I could probably
uninjured. Much better odds than the 4
make a stand up landing but I'm already prepared for
out of 4l witnessed who didnt th-now.
a hard probably injuring PLF,so I hit roll to my right and
However, the bottom line of when to
jump to myfeet, so thatanyonewatchingwill know I'm
throw, is YOU have to know.
okay. I'm down and safe and the reserve worked.
but we were going up. The moment had cometo decide
to land or ride the surge south. Two hang glider pilots
ran a couple miles south and quickly landed at the
abandoned dump site behind Senor Frop restaurant.
Sincethe area to the south was relatively clear of significant development, I decided that if I stayed in front of
the advancing clouds I could always burn to the south
and safely land before the gust from the front reached
me. StevePhillips in his HPII and Todd Bibler in a Ninja
were now the only other pilots in the air- We
T-t ver heard those stories about paraglider
reached cloudbase at about &500 MSL and decided to
.E pilots flying 50 miles under head southwith the frontbefore we found ourselvesin
the clouds.
cloud streetswithout circling or losThe clouds seemedto be the darkest, and cloudnear the mountains, so I angled to the
ing altitude? Well, I have heard the southeast into slightly
dearer air. Stevewas about half
stories and have yet to experience a mile west of me, and Todd right over the front range
As we passedby Mt. Morrison a few miles
fl)ot g in such a cloud street, but mountains.
south of launctg Todd was huti^g trouble keeping
flF.g a cold front can be just as aheadof the front and turned directly downwind. I later
learned he landed in the mountains near Deer Creek
canyon in someone's drivewaY!
The last day of May began in brilliant sunAs I neared Chatfield Reservoir about 15 miles
shine, with small cumulus clouds already forming by 9
south of launctr, I radioed to Steve I was heading SE
AM. I was at Lookout mountainby 10:30AM' By the
toward Sedalia. Steve did not clearly respond so I
time I had set up, larry Tudor was in the air, working
assumed his radio battery was drained. Ten miles
hard to soar. Shortly after, Dave Crabb and Brad Koji
further south Steve radioed he was on the ground in
launched and climbed out, so I followed' Severalother
Roxborougtv just south of Chatfield reservoir. I later
hang gliders and paragliders quickly launched making
learned that Stevehad stayed too farwest and too high
the marginal air even harder to work I was flying a new
for too long. Clouds formed around and below him,
glider and a Z-1 harness for the first time, so I had little
leaving him completely disoriented. He quickly spidesire to mix it up. Searching for thermals away from
ralled downbeneath the cloud losing 1500feet,but was
the crowd, I spent close to an hour and a half getting no
now behind and below the lift band.
higher than 1,000feet above launch. Meanwhile, Messrs.
I was now the oniy pilot left inthe air. I still had
Tudor, Koji and Crabb had slowly worked their way
qcntact with other pilots on the ground who kept me
south about 15 miles and were talking about trying an
appmised of conditionsbehind me Thanldully Jonathan
out and retum flight.
Miller had been at Golden Wings shop in Golden when
Severalpilots at l,ookout had sunkout, the rest
he heard me going souttr, and he volunteered to chase
of uswere strungoutbetween launchheight (me)and a
me in my Suzuki Samur:ai. By now I had angled east to
thousand or so above, when I noticed the skies to the
larkspur and was flying over I-25' I still was only
north becoming increasingly dark Watching it move
reaching 9500feet MSL, only about 2500 feet above the
toward us, I remembered seeing a fi'ont on the weather
ground in the Palmer divide area. It was upon reaching
forecast, but hadn't really believed it would crome Monument hill aboutZ)miles northof Colorado Springs
through at a useful time of day. As it reached the north
that I reached my highest altitude of 10,500MSL.
side of Golden, the lift became increasingly stronger
It was at this point I began to be conerned
and smoother. A pilot driving in from Boulder said that
about how much further I could go' My plan had been
winds north of the doud line were about 25 mph and
to ridge soar the front, making passesup the side of the
gusty out of the nortlu By now there were four hang
doud punchingout furthersouthas I found myself too
glider pilots and one par:aglider pilot still in the air. The
far back and high in the cloud bank The plan had
iky was getting darker and doudbase coming dowrl
By Jim Yocom
The Flocker
Get Your Site Guide
llrhile USHGA is arm waving about a national
site guide, a Colorado, Utah, Wyoming guide is
available from the Rocky Mountain Hang
Gliding Association.
lllrite to the RMHGA for yours today!
$3.75 for members.
$5.75 for all others.
worked perfect so far. It was unbelievable watching the
clouds form around and beneath me, flpng through
canyons and around mountains made of clouds. My
ecape route was that if the frontbegan to overdevelop
I would fly out of the lift to the south and land in front
of the fr,ont, giving me time to safely secure me and the I
glider before the inevitable gust hit. Now, for the first
time, my escaperoute was being cut off. A large thunderstormhad developedover PikesPeakandwas moving to the east.Another storm on the SEsideof Colorado
Sp.i.p was already dumping rain violently to the
with thunder and lightning. At this
ground complete
Call for great service, prie
and the latest info on gliders, harnesses,and accessories!
Dealer for all brands/ NO CITY SALESTAX
Hamesses- CG10m, Wills Wing Eric Raymond
Ball Varios - in stoclg new & used Demo the recording M50 and M22!
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July 3rd - 5th. Saturday the 4th will be the potlu& The club will
rrpbty the burgers and drinks. C-allDave Bpwn (733'M5n to find
out what to bring to make the meal crcmplete.
point I decided it was time to take my escape rcute
Lefore the thunderstorms cut me off. I put on the speed
tobeat the front to the souttg gtiding from the north side
of the Air Force Academy to a landing in a field on the
SWcomerof I-25and SouthAcademyBoulevard. I even
stayed on the east side of l'2,5 to avoid the Air Force
Academy airspace!
Oncesafely on the ground I unclipped walked
the glider to the side of the road and had iust enough
timJto hy it flat on the ground before the front caught
up to me and the wind gusted to 25 mph. Jonathan
arrived about 20 minutes liater to help me break down"
Following a meal at Village Inn, we retumed to Denver
by 5pm.
My flying time from Lookout to Colorado
Sp.i.F, a little over 50 miles, was about 90 minutes.
And to think the seasonhas just begun! |Y
The Flocker
Cross Country Entrance Form
I Pleasecheck the dass you wish to enter. You may not enter a dass lower than your best flight,
For those having flown over 100 miles.
For those having flown between 50 & 100 miles.
For those having flown less than 50 miles.
Lookout Class - longest flight from l,ookout Mountain.
!*u .,
Send this form and entrance fee to:
! Muili"g"*Add.."s
I Pnon
I USHGAMember#
Box 28181
lakewood, CO 80228
TA XON LY4.2%..
IV ..
TELE : 303/278'9566 OR F A X : 3 0 3 / 7 5 0 ' 3 2 2 6
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The Flocker
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Wante& One M/F roommate to southwest suburban
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E8 F
x 5<
d. 0,3 o>r{
E S3