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inisters and bureaucrats
have no business to govM
ern cricket, ruled the Supreme
Court on Monday as it landed
a major blow to the autonomy
enjoyed by the Board of
Control for Cricket in India
(BCCI). The court also asked
the Centre and the Law
Commission to consider bringing BCCI under the ambit of
Right to Information Act.
The Bench of Chief Justice
TS Thakur and Justice FM
Ibrahim Kalifulla said, “The
public at large has a right to
know and demand information
as to the activities and functions of the BCCI especially
when it deals with funds collected in relation to those activities as a trustee of wherein the
beneficiary happens to be the
people of this country.”
The Bench went on to order
surgical reforms in the administrative set-up of the Board by
forming a nine-member Apex
Council to take decisions with
regard to cricketing affairs of
BCCI. The Bench approved
almost every recommendation
made by the court-appointed
Committee headed by former
CJI RM Lodha and comprising
two former SC judges, Ashok
Bhan and RV Raveendran. This
Committee was asked to oversee setting up of the Apex
Council in six months. This
body will have five full members
elected by the BCCI annually
along with two cricket players
(one being a woman) and a
nominee of Comptroller and
Auditor General (CAG).
The court decided it was
time to end the political
patronage enjoyed by cricket in
the country and to make cricketing affairs accountable for a
change as it held, “We do not
think that the game (of cricket) flourishes in this country
because any Minister or civil
servants holds office in the state
associations or BCCI.”
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the age limit of office-bearers at
70 years with a three-year continuous tenure at the helm of the
0_a$) B2b[P\b1228U^a]^cRWTRZX]VW^f
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0_a!() B2_d[[bd_1228PbZbXU_^[XcXRXP]b
BCCI and State cricket associations. It also approved the finding by Lodha panel that members cannot hold dual mem-
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bership of a State cricket board
and BCCI simultaneously.
This directly would affect
the present BCCI president
ndia on Monday slammed
Pakistan for “sponsoring”
terrorism and unrest in Jammu
& Kashmir and interfering in
the internal affairs of the country. Maintaining that Kashmiris
are “our own people and they
were being misguided,” Home
Minister Rajnath Singh charged
Pakistan with playing an “irresponsible role” by claiming
itself as protector of Islam and
Indian Muslims.
Making this assertion in
the Rajya Sabha, Singh said the
Indian democracy and its people were the best guardians of
minorities and chided Pakistan
for not being able to set its own
house which is rocked by
sectarian violence.
Referring to the demands
for “plebiscite”, Singh said it is
“outdated” and people of
Kashmir were being “misguided” on this issue. “Kashmiris
are our own people. We will
bring them on the right path...
We will make them aware of
the reality,” he said.
Home Minister’s strong
statement came a day before
Pakistan is set to observe Black
Day on Tuesday to support the
Kashmir cause. Singh said
Pakistan’s role in fomenting
trouble in Kashmir was “napak (unholy)” and pointed out
that the neighbouring country’s
failure to manage its own affairs
resulted in its division. He was
obviously referring to creation
of Bangladesh.
Assuring the RS that the
Centre was taking all possible
steps to restore normalcy in the
Kashmir valley, Singh said, “I
want to assure all minorities in
the country that they should
have faith in the Government
and not be misguided.” The
Minister made this point as
members from several parties
urged the Government to
assuage the feeling of alienation
among Kashmiris.
He said the Government
was open to the suggestion of an
all-party meeting here in the
coming days over the Kashmir
issue. This proposal came from
Leader of Opposition Ghulam
Nabi Azad and was backed by
Sitaram Yechury (CPM), D Raja
(CPI) and Sharad Yadav (JDU).
Participating in a discussion
on the Kashmir situation, these
leaders expressed concern over
the situation with Azad claiming the State was sliding back to
the 1990s when militancy was
at peak. He said the curfew was
now on for the tenth consecutive day in ten districts of
Kashmir Valley causing hardships to common people.
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n a surprise move that will
have its bearing on the
polls, BJP leader and
nominated Rajya Sabha
Member of Parliament Navjot
Singh Sidhu Monday resigned
from the Rajya Sabha. He is all
set to join the Aam Aadmi
Party (AAP) which hopes to
make a major electoral foray in
the State.
Rajya Sabha Chairman
Hamid Ansari accepted Sidhu’s
resignation with immediate
effect. Sidhu will be a prominent face and a big crowd
puller for the AAP, which is
hoping to upstage the BJP-SAD
combine in the Assembly elections early next year.
The resignation of 52-yearold Sidhu has jolted the BJP as
it had nominated former
Amritsar Lok Sabha MP to the
Rajya Sabha on April 22, something which the party thought
would have ‘pacified’ the disgruntled leader.
Sidhu had made way for
senior party leader Arun Jaitley
who contested Lok Sabha poll
from Amritsar in 2014 and lost
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n a major breakthrough for
the Modi Government, the
Congress has agreed to a fivehour debate on the GST Bill
though no date has been fixed
for introducing the Bill for
Parliamentary Party meeting,
Prime Minister Narendra Modi
said the Government will talk
to all parties on the GST and
seek a consensus for its passage.
Congress leaders in the Rajya
Sabha Ghulam Nabi Azad and
Anand Sharma are slated to
meet Finance Minister Arun
Jaitley on Tuesday. “We will talk
to all parties on the GST and
seek a consensus for its passage,” said the Prime Minister.
Sources said that top leadership of the Congress has
allowed its leaders to “negotiate a compromise on the GST
since other Opposition parties
have taken a different line.
The Business Advisor y
Parliament in its meeting on
Monday allocated five-hour
debate or discussion on the
GST. However, no date and
scheduled has been fixed.
Other parties like the
JD(U), the RJD, the TMC, the
BJD, the Samajwadi Party as
well as the BSP have extended
their support to the Bill. The
CPI(M) and the AIADMK
have, however, expressed certain reservations. On the first
day of the Monsoon Session,
while the Government indicated it was willing to accommodate most of those changes, the
Congress said it was never
against the GST per se but only
opposed some of its provision.
“We are in favour of the
GST, we want to give a GST,
which is meaningful, which
brings down India’s transaction
cost, makes our industrial produce globally competitive,
brings down the burden on the
Indian consumers and the producer i.e. the
Industry. That
is the objective,”
said Deputy Leader of
Opposition in the
Rajya Sabha
Sharma at the AICC briefing.
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two more years,” he added.
When asked about outsourcing players, Bhatia said
the Board of Control for
Cricket in India (BCCI) has
provisioned for playing three
outsiders in the team, but the
CSCS has picked only one.
“We are quite happy to
it. The former cricketer was not
happy with giving up his Lok
Sabha seat and did not campaign
for Jaitley during the elections.
Delhi Chief Minister
Arvind Kejriwal hailed Sidhu’s
resignation from the Upper
House, saying it requires courage
to give up a Rajya Sabha membership to “save” his State.
Top AAP sources said the
52-year-old politician will join
the party in a few days’ time.
There was speculation that
Sidhu may be in the race for
AAP’s chief ministerial candidate in the State.
“People can give their rt
hand for an RS seat. Ever seen
a sitting RS MP resigning to save
his state? I salute Sidhu ji for his
courage,” Kejriwal, who is currently touring Punjab, tweeted.
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ormer Finance Minister P
Chidambaram’s son Karti
has once again defied
ohammed Kaif, the former Indian cricket team
all-rounder, has been selected as skipper of Chhattisgarh’s
Ranji team, said president of
Chhattisgarh State Cricket
Sangh (CSCS) Baldeo Singh
Bhatia on Tuesday evening.
P Krishnakumar has also
been appointed as bowling
coach for Team Chhattisgarh,
Bhatia said.
According to him, Kaif ’s
role in the team is not restricted to captainship only.
“Kaif will act as a mentor,
fielding coach and most
importantly his presence will
boost the morale of young
Chhattisgarh team. Even as
the contract with Kaif is
signed for one year, his tenure
may be extended for one or
Anurag Thakur who also heads
the Himachal Pradesh Cricket
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^f]_T^_[TfT´[[ QaX]VcWT\^]cWT
sign Kaif as his international
and domestic experience will
help the team to grow and
compete against tough teams
in the group,” he said.
The R ajasthan T-20,
R ajasthan
Rajasthan “A” and Under-19
teams coach P Krishnakumar
has been appointed as bowling coach of Team
According to CSCS officials Krishnakumar has successfully led Rajasthan U-19
team to winning the Runners
Up trophy at BCCI’s Cooch
Behar tournament.
He was the also the
Assistant Coach for the
Rajasthan Ranji team in 2014.
Secretary CSCS Rajesh
Dave and Treasurer Vijay
Shah were also present at the
Enforcement Directorate
(ED)’s summons in the AircelMaxis probe.
Karti was asked to appear
at ED’s headquarters on
Monday morning. But his
advocate handed over a letter
to ED officials seeking “clarifications on the need of personal appearance.”
This is the second time
Karti has evaded his questioning
by ED. Earlier, when ED summoned him to appear on July 5,
he sought more time claiming he
would be travelling abroad.
In the summons issued by
ED’s Investigating Officer
Rajeshwar Singh under
Prevention of Money
Laundering Act (PMLA), Karti
was asked to bring all his bank
accounts — personal and business — from 2005 onward.
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2^d]RX[0\T]S\T]c1X[[! %
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usinessman-cum-TV actor
Anuj Saxena, famous for his
roles in soaps "Kkusum" and
"Kumkum", has been booked
by the CBI in an alleged C20
lakh bribery case involving
Director-General of Corporate
Affairs B K Bansal.
The CBI has registered an
FIR against Saxena, alleging
that his company had bribed
Bansal to ensure that he does
not order an SFIO inspection
against his company Elder
Pharmaceuticals for charges
of illegal collection of C175
crore from 24,000 investors,
diverting funds to companies
abroad, and not making returns
either on the principal or interests to the investors in due time,
agency sources said.
Anuj Saxena, named in
FIR, is believed to be abroad.
Saxena who is Chief Operating
Officer of Elder Pharma has
not been arrested by CBI,
which has already taken into
custody Bansal, middleman
Vishwadeep Bansal and two
more private persons.
The case emanated from
complaints received by
Registrar of Companies (RoC)
in the Ministry of Corporate
Affairs from investors, who
had alleged that Elder
Pharmaceuticals has collected
over C175 crore from over
24,000 investors under
Companies' Acceptance of
Deposits Rule. More than 1000
complaints were filed before
the Registrar of Companies.
Complaints were filed by many,
including senior citizens.
The company had allegedly lured them by offering attractive rates of interest ranging
from 9.5 per cent to 11.5 per
cent to investors on deposits
ranging from a 12-36 month
The Ministry of Corporate
Affairs instituted an inspection
by Regional Director (West)
Mumbai, which claimed the
company had allegedly not
kept 15 per cent of deposits in
liquid form in 2013-14, accepted C138 crore through borrowings from other companies
which were against law, they
The RoC report also stated that there was misuse and
diversion of funds to subsidiary companies, joint ventures and companies overseas
There was a transfer of 9.8
million GBP to Elder
International for the acquisition
of shares in Nutrahealth PLC,
transfer of 10 million euros to
Dubai based subsidiary and 3
million euros to acquire a
Bulgarian entity.
Advancing of 1.9 lakh GBP
to Sinchro Health Limited and
remittance of funds to Nepal
joint venture partner was also
found by the RoC.
Investigation recommended a reference to the SFIO for
further probe and tracing of
end use funds and for the
investigation with regard to
overseas subsidiaries, joint venture companies and tracing
the investment outside the
Report was examined by
both the Deputy Director and
Director Inspection and
Investigation in the Corporate
Affairs and they recommended a SFIO investigation
To scuttle the probe, the
DG Corporate Affairs allegedly demanded a bribe through
the Delhi based middleman for
not recommended the matter
to the SFIO
During the course of the
investigation the CBI also
recovered papers related to 20
properties of B K Bansal and
the properties are worth over 6
crores. The total default
amount in the main scam is
over 175 crores, the sources
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agging behind its scheduled
deadline, the Union
Ministry of Social Justice and
Empowerment has finally
made the move to fast-track the
process of making all the 22
international airports in the
country disabled-friendly.
The Ministry has invited
bids to conduct an access audit
of all the international airports
to study if they are accessible to
'divyangs', also known as people with disabilities (PwDs).
This is first of its kind exercise involving India's international airports to study the barriers, if any, that make travelling difficult for people suffering from various disabilities, for
the aged and pregnant women.
The Department of
Empowerment of People with
Disabilities, under the Ministry,
has invited bids from empanelled access auditors for the
project under the Centre's
Sugamya Bharat Abhiyan
(Accessible India Campaign).
In a bid to achieve universal accessibility to PwDs as
desired by Prime Minister
Narendra Modi's vision of
?=BQ =4F34;78
mid concerns expressed in
the Rajya Sabha over reports
that 'Nilgais' had been killed in
Bihar, Environment Minister Anil
Madhav Dave on Monday sought
to put the records straight, saying
the Centre had not given any permission to the States for culling of
wild animals.
Dave clarified that States
"utilise the powers vested with
them under Wildlife (Protection)
Act, 1972 to mitigate humanwildlife conflict". These include
scientific management of population by translocation of animals,
fertility control of animals, construction of barriers, improve-
?C8Q =4F34;78
ontinuing its flip-flop, the
Government on Monday told
the Rajya Sabha that a forest
management institute under the
Environment Ministry has submitted a draft national policy,
which is under consideration,
weeks after dubbing the document
ment of habitat, use of deterrents.
He further said that declaring
a species as vermin is only for a
limited period of time and only in
areas outside forest, adding that the
losses borne by farmers in crop
raids by animals, cannot be
ignored either.
He furnished details on the
basis of which Bihar had proposed
to get Nilgai and Wild Pig declared
as vermin while Himachal Pradesh
as merely a "study". Environment
Minister Anil Madhav Dave, in a
written reply, said "The Indian
Institute of Forest Management
(IIFM), Bhopal under the
Environment Ministry was asked
to prepare a draft National Forest
Policy. IIFM has submitted the
draft policy document which is
under consideration."
had sought similar status for
Rhesus Macaque. Other States,
including Maharashtra and Gujarat
has placed similar requests for
Nilgai, besides Uttarakhand for
wild pig.
'Inclusive India', the campaign was launched by
Union Minister of Finance
A r u n
and Union Minister of
Empowerment Thaawarchand
Gehlot last year on December 3
on the occasion of International
Day of Persons with Disabilities.
In its strategy paper on
making India Accessible, the
Ministry declared to make that
all the international airports
accessible to all the people
with special needs by July 2016.
However, while it was supposed to complete the task by
July this year, it could only initiate the process of the exhaustive study.
The bids will be finalised
next week, following which
the selected auditors will have
to conduct audit by July next
year. They will evaluate the airports on different
parameters, including
width of doorways,
ramps, tactile flooring, adaptation of toilets for wheel-chair
users, Braille symbols and auditory signals in elevators, said
the official.
As per the strategy paper
prepared as part of the Centre's
campaign, an airport is considered accessible only if people with disabilities face no barrier in entry and are able to use
all facilities, including for
boarding and disembarking
from flights.
Access audits are an important means of ensuring accessibility and must cover all
stages of planning, design, construction, maintenance, and
monitoring and evaluation.
New Delhi: The Government will soon
bring forth a legislation to punish those who
pollute River Ganga, Water Resources, River
Development and Ganga Rejuvenation
Minister Uma Bharti said on Monday.
She was responding to a question in
the Rajya Sabha on whether the industries
polluting Ganga have been punished. To
this, she informed the House that there
are 764 industries on the banks of Ganga,
which are polluting the river, "We have
taken action against some, and our
Government is committed to taking
most stringent action." She said that decision in this regard would be taken after
consulting the State Governments.
"Poor people go to jail even for
stealing beedi, but those polluting Ganga
do not go to jail," she pointed out.
In response to yet another question
on whether releasing offerings of prayers
like flowers in the river was also polluting it, the Minister said, "Ganga is not polluted because of prayer offerings, it is
because of industrial effluents, sewage and
plastic, which obstructs the flow." But,
when the prayer offerings get stuck in the
stagnant water it causes some pollution,
she added.
The Minister also said that the river
is pious, but not chemically pure.
"Ganga is always pious. Sadly, if we
test the water in a lab, from the perspective of the chemical content, it is not clean
but from the point of view of respect, it
is pious," she said.
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he first edition of the India
Skills Competition 2016 T
the first of its kind in the
country - culminated on
Sunday with 24 winners from
different States qualifying for
selection at the World Skills
International Competition in
Abu Dhabi next year.
The competition marked
the first anniversary of the
'Skill India' initiative by the
Ministry of Skill Development
and Entrepreneurship (MSDE)
and witnessed the participants
in the 18-22 years' age group
competing across 24 skill categories. The winners were
awarded a sum of C1 lakh
each with the first and second
runners-up bagging C75,000
and C25,000 respectively.
Rajiv Pratap Rudy, Minister
of State for Skill Development
and Entrepreneurship (MSDE),
who gave away the prizes, said,
"I am certain, Team India will
yet again prove its mettle on the
global skills map at WorldSkills
Abu Dhabi 2017."
At the last event organised
at Sao Paolo, Brazil, in August
2015, a team of 29 candidates
(all below 23 years of age) from
India participated in 27 skills
and won 8 medallions of excellence.
&"*&""-& %*.
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$"& 34"4&-*/+*"",
/& 5 ())/"4&"
Rudy pointed out that in
the past 15 days, MSDE has got
cabinet approvals on 22,000
crore worth of outlay for programmes like Apprenticeship
Protsahan Yojana and PMKVY
2, to be implemented over the
next few years. There has been
additional support through
World Bank Projects as well, he
Day one of the three-day
Skill India anniversary celebrations had seen Rudy
announcing the launch of five
major initiatives Pradhan
Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana
-2, India International Skill
Centres, IndiaSkills Online and
a Labour Management
Information System (LMIS) at
Vigyan Bhawan, where the
event was inaugurated by
President Pranab Mukherjee.
"In order to select the best
talent to represent India at
IndiaSkills, MSDE and NSDC
completed more than 80
regional competitions in 24
skills/trades including hair stylist, welding, car painting, auto
body repair, graphic designing,
robotics to name a few," a
statement issued by MSDE
maintained adding close to
4820 candidates registered to
participate in the competition
this year.
The statement said around
40 organisations like Mahindra,
Tata, Maruti, Toyota, CII,
NID, NIFT came together to
make IndiaSkills a success
(including consortium partners).
?C8Q =4F34;78
t least one in four women
lodged in mental health
asylums in the country is abandoned by the family, which
either refuses to take her back
or give false address at the time
of admission, a recent study has
The study by National
Commission for Women
(NCW) and National Institute
of Mental Health and
Neurosciences (NIMHANS)
states 23.7 per cent women had
been in mental health asylums
for 10 years and above.
Conducted across 10 mental health institutions in the
country, the survey finds that
all centres struggled with reintegrating women patients.
Further, according to the study,
60 per cent women in mental
asylums are married and 30 per
cent of them are homemakers.
"Many patients reported
that they want to go home.
Either their addresses cannot be
traced because of illness, or they
have been deliberately abandoned by their families. Some
families do not want to take the
patients back and provide
wrong addresses at the time of
admission," the study says.
Some of the other reasons
include, "property or inheritance issues, overall lack of
awareness and stigma in the
community et al".
At Calcutta Pavlov
Hospital, "Only 10 per cent of
those fit to be discharged are
reintegrated with their families
and only 1 per cent would have
been (discharged) with active
and sustained efforts of the
hospital," the study report says.
The survey notes that given
the low rate of patients rejoining their families, steps must be
taken to rehabilitate and train
"The departments should
explore new, innovative and sustainable income generating activ-
>=;H ?4A24=C>5
ities, provide supported employment and introduce welfare
schemes for recovered homeless,
abandoned women in the community," the study report says.
"There is also a need to
work on a comprehensive
Rehabilitation Policy and
Programmes by the departments," it says.
NCW chairperson Lalitha
Kumaramangalam, who has
decided to monitor these 10
institutions, said there is a
need to provide separate
accommodation for long-stay
patients or those who stay
beyond six months for their
training and skilling.
"Long-stay women should
not be kept along with women
New Delhi: The Supreme
Court on Monday sought
responses from six States on a
petition seeking release of nearly 300 people, who are still languishing in mental hospitals in
Uttar Pradesh despite being
cured of their ailments. A
bench comprising Chief Justice
T S Thakur and Justice A M
Khanwilkar issued notices to
Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal
Rajasthan, Kerala, Jammu and
Kashmir and Meghalaya on a
PIL seeking release of persons, who are now fit for discharge from mental hospitals
and steps to ensure their social
security post-discharge.
Kumaramangalam said.
The 10 centres where this
research was conducted were
RMH Yerwada, RMH Thane,
IPHB Goa, GMH Kozhikode,
Calcutta Pavlov Hospital,
Berhampore Mental Hospital,
RINPAS in Jharkhand, MH
Bareilly and IMH Amritsar.
These centres were chosen
based on the high numbers of
long-stay patients.
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eath of two children in
Bijapur district of Bastar
allegedly due to consuming of
flavoured milk under
‘Mukhyamantri Amrut Yojna’
once again rocked the
Chhattisgarh Assembly on
Following denial of
Ramsheela Sahu to order a
probe into the issue, Congress
members staged walkout during the question hour .
The issue was raised by
Congress member Chunnilal
Sahu, who asked that how
many children had died after
consuming milk at Ketulnar in
Bijapur and what action was
taken against the officers
responsible for it.
In her reply , Women and
Child Development Minister
Ramsheela Sahu informed that
death of children in Ketulnar
was due to chocking as parts of
vomiting which had blocked
their lungs and oesophagus.
The viscera report is still awaited, she added.
The Congress member
then asked if the death of chil-
>5AB ;0:7C>C7450<8;H<4<14AB>5C7434240B43
dren was not due to consumption of milk then why had the
State government provided
assistance of C1 lakh to the fam-
ily members of the deceased
The Minister said that it
was the commitment of State
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""(4*"&+ '&*& "/-
BC055A4?>AC4AQ A08?DA
hief Minister Raman
Chhattisgarh Assembly on
Monday that the State Anti
Corruption Bureau and
Economic Offenses Wing
(EoW) have registered criminal cases against 15 Indian
Administrative Service (IAS)
officers as on May 31, 2016.
In a written reply to
Congress member Amarjeet
Bhagat, the Chief Minister
informed that the State
Government had written a letter to the Union Ministry of
Personnel, Public Grievances
and Pension on July 18, 2015
for seeking permission for
prosecution proceedings
against IAS officers Dr Alok
Shukla and Anil Tuteja and the
Central Government’s permission is awaited.
Government to help people.
The Congress member then
further said that children at
Barra village had also became
²'$ b^[Pa
sick after consuming milk; to
which the Minister informed
that immediately after consuming milk, none of the children
had shown any kind of sickness
and it was only after passing of
several hours during the evening
hours they became ill.
C ongress
Bhupesh Baghel then said
that Government has not
received viscera report then
how could they claim that
death of children was due to
consuming milk?
The Minister then said that
the milk packets were tested by
three different Government
agencies who have stated that
the quality of milk was fine.
In the meantime, BJP member Shivratan Sharma asked
the Minister to tell how many
BC055A4?>AC4AQ A08?DA
requested the presiding chair to
give a decision over the argument between the two members.
The argument between
members Amit Jogi and
Brijmohan Agrawal started during discussion over call attention
motion on alleged irregularity in
distribution of crop insurance
amount to farmers in
Amit Jogi while asking supplementary question over the
issue had placed certain information, however Minister
Brijmohan Agrawal said that the
information was false over which
dissatisfied Amit Jogistaged
walkout of the House.
Brijmohan Agrawal and
MLA Amit Jogi were locked in
a heated exchange of words
over the issue of distribution of
crop insurance amount to farmers in Chhattisgarh in the State
Assembly on Monday.
Objecting strongly over the
behaviour of member Amit
Jogi, Agrawal demanded censure
motion against the member.
State Higher Education
Minister Prem Prakash Pandey
also demanded action against
Amit Jogi. Congress member
Bhupesh Baghel in the meantime
%",4 "+#)$
-")"/&'",7%/% #"
BC055A4?>AC4A Q A08?DA
hief Minister Raman Singh
informed Chhattisgarh
Assembly on Monday that a
total of 547 Village Panchayats
had 857 solar power plants
established between 2013 to
May 2016 by Chhattisgarh
Renewable Energy Development
Agency (CREDA) in Raipur
division.In a written reply to BJP
member Shrawan Markam, he
informed that out of the 851 solar
power plants, 8 are inoperative.
children could be fed from one
packet of milk to which she said
that 10 children can be fed from
a single packet.
Sharma then said that it
means other children should
have shown some side effects.
Satyanarayan Sharma then
informed that the company
which is involved in packaging
of the milk at Kharao plant in
the past had supplied Soya
milk in few districts. However,
after Government received several serious complaints, the
project was called off. In these
circumstances will the Minister
order probe?
The Minister denied to
order a probe which led the
Congress members to stage
walkout of the House.
BC055A4?>AC4AQ A08?DA
hief Minister Raman Singh
informed Chhattisgarh
Assembly on Monday that
there are 619 unelectrified villages in Bastar division.
In a written reply to
Congress member Mohan
Markam, the Chief Minister
informed that in the
Kondagaon Assembly segment
only one village by the name of
Heeramandla is unelectrified
which is to be electrified under
Deendayal Upadhyaya Gram
Jyoti Yojana. The work is
expected to be completed by
March 2018, he said.
<Ph" ! %³
BC055A4?>AC4AQ A08?DA
hief Minister Raman Singh
informed Chhattisgarh
Assembly on Monday that complaint against six Indian Police
Service (IPS) officers have been
received by Lok Ayog between
2008 and May 31, 2016. In a
written reply to Congress member Bhupesh Baghel, the Chief
Minister informed that no complaints have been registered by
the Anti Corruption Bureau
and Economic Offenses Wing
against any IPS officer in the
BC055A4?>AC4AQ :>A10
he Chhattisgarh State
Company Ltd (CSPTCL) will
be modifying the 220 KV
power supply line having route
length of 1.154 kms for construction of new broad gauge
electrified East Rail Corridor
The modification is being
made on request of IRCON
International Ltd, officials
For the East Corridor, the
Chhattisgarh Government had
decided to allocate 14 acres of
land in Raigarh district. The
Corridor will be about 180 km
long from BhupdevpurGharghoda-Dharamjaigarh up
to Korba.
Notably, the Centre has
signed a Memorandum of
Understanding (MoU) each
with the States of Odisha,
Jharkhand and Chhattisgarh
for critical coal connectivity
projects to improve transportation .
Agreement for World Bank
loan of US $ 1100 million for
Eastern Dedicated Freight
Corridor (DFC) (Phase-2) have
also been signed, they stated.
Freight train with speed of
maximum 100 kms per hour
will pass through Chhattisgarh
in the East-West Corridor
The train will traverse
through the States of West
Bengal, Jharkhand, Odisha,
Chhattisgarh and Maharashtra
as the Ministry of Railways has
sanctioned implementation of
Eastern Dedicated Freight
Corridor (EDFC) and Western
Dedicated Freight Corridor
(WDFC) with freight train
speeds of maximum 100 Kmph.
The Central Government’s
approval for construction of
165 km long third railway line
between Anuppur and Katni in
Madhya Pradesh is expected to
facilitate additional coal transportation traffic from parts of
The coal transporation
traffic from IB valley, Korba
area, East Corridor and Gevra
– Pendra Road Project in
Chhattisgarh would be chan-
nelized through the aforesaid
route to the respective destinations, officials stated.
The Centre has approved
the project at a cost of C1595.76
crore. The project is likely to be
completed in 5 ¼ years spanning over 12th and 13th plan
The Cabinet Committee of
Economic Affairs, chaired by the
Prime Minister Narendra Modi,
has approved construction of six
Railway lines and a Railway
bridge to cater to both increased
passenger and freight needs in
various areas of the country.
Public sector IRCON
International Ltd has also commenced work in connection
with the construction of new
‘Broad Guage Electrified
Double Railway Line’ in
Chhattisgarh on the East West
The work is being undertaken in Gevra Road-Pendra
Road and Dipka, Kathghora,
Sendurgahr and Pasan sections, officials stated.
3 )-&&$**")"*&9"/#"' %",*% "
BC055A4?>AC4A Q
>DC;0H>5C #2A>A4*0=3C74B42>=3
C>E8I060C0=>DC;0H>5C %2A>A4
MDC Ltd which is in the
process of laying a 15
Million Tonnes Per Annum
(MTPA) slurry pipeline is
executing the project in two
The first phase is being executed from Bacheli to Nagarnar
in Bastar region of Chhattisgarh
at an estimated outlay of C4,000
crore; and the second phase will
be executed from Nagarnar to
Vizag in Andhra Pradesh at an
outlay of C 6,000 crore, officials
Notably, to transport pellet
feed concentrate from Bailadila
to Vizag via Jagdalpur, the company will have the pipeline laid
along the highways with a provision of partial off-take to feed
its proposed 3 MTPA Steel plant
coming up at Nagarnar.
The blast furnace to be
used for manufacturing steel at
NMDC Ltd’s upcoming 3
MTPA Steel Plant at Nagarnar
in Bastar region of
Chhattisgarh could also emerge
as one of India’s largest when
commissioned at the plant,
officials stated.
The plant is scheduled to be
commissioned by December
2016 and is likely to commence
production by July 2017, they
stated. NMDC is also constructing a 'rapid iron ore loading system' with a capacity of 14
million tonnes per annum
(MTPA) at its Kirandul complex
in Bastar region of Chhattisgarh,
officials informed.
The project also comprises
construction of a ‘Merry Go
Round’ (MGR) railway track.
The project for doubling of
Railway line between Kirandul
and Jagdalpur in Chhatisgarh’s
insurgency ridden Bastar
region is expected to be complete by January 2019, official
sources informed.
Notably, NMDC had also
signed a Memorandum of
Understanding (MoU) with the
Union Ministry of Railways
on December 21, 2012 and the
aforesaid project would be helpful in significantly augmenting
evacuation capacity of NMDC’s
Bailadila Sector mines by rail
from the existing 28 MTPA to
40 MTPA of iron ore.
The company had deposited an amount of C150 crores
with East Coast Railway and
the expenditure incurred as on
March 31, 2015 was C132.00
crore, official sources informed.
For execution of the project,
the Railways has divided the 150
km length of doubling work into
three Sections namely, Jagdalpur
to Silakjori 45.50 km, Kirandul
to Gidam 52.23 km and Silakjori
to Gidam 52.73 km.
Notably, the C2000 crore
Rowghat to Jagdalpur railway
line would also pass through
heavily insurgency infested
Kondagaon and Narayanpur
districts of Bastar division in
Chhattisgarh, officials stated.
The project is a joint ven-
ture between Chhattisgarh
Government, NMDC, SAIL
and IRCON. NMDC produced
3.29 million tonnes (MT) of
iron ore and registered sales
volume of 3.31 MT upto May
2016, officials informed. Quite
recently, NMDC incorporated
a subsidiary company by the
name of "NMDC-SAIL
Limited" in order to develop,
sell and supply iron ore from
the allocated mining resources
in the State of Chhattisgarh.
Notably, NMDC will be
generating about 70 MW of
captive power using gases from
steel making processes in the
upcoming 3 MTPA Nagarnar
steel plant in Bastar district of
The power would be generated from gases released from
from blast furnace, coke oven
and 'LD gases'.
A08?DAkCD4B30H k9D;H (! %
BC055A4?>AC4AQ A08?DA
he State Government had
entered into an agreement
with a number of private sector
companies to provide employment to the pass outs from
scores of Livelihood colleges in
the State, officials informed.
They are provided
employment through placements. Apart from this the
youth are encouraged for selfemploymen, they stated.
As a part of Corporate
Social Responsibility (CSR)
an agreement had been signed
between Durg Livelihood
College Society and I.C.I.C.I
(Foundation of Inclusive
Growth) and Raigarh's O.P.
Jindal Community College
(Village Poonjipathra).
There is a lot of demand for
these highly-skilled youth in
various construction activities of
the State and Union
Government, officials informed.
Notably, lakhs of toilets
are being constructed as a part
of Swachch Bharat Mission.
There are immense possibilities
for masons in the sector.
The 'Nal-Jal' schemes are
providing a lot employment
opportunities to trained
plumbers in the entire State.
The youths are given certificates after the assessment is
over, they informed.
The youths are given latest
knowledge in quality from the
visitors of ICICI , CIPET,
The Livelihood College
Society operates these colleges.
The head of the Governing
Council of the colleges is Chief
Minister Raman Singh.
The government had established such colleges in all the 27
districts of Chhattisgarh where
basic educational qualifications are not needed.
The students are provided
with employment -oriented
skills and they feel that they are
in a normal college. The students are given basic skills in the
vocation of their choice and
they come out with confidence.
The Livelihood Colleges
are nicknamed as Mini- I.T.Is
and are proving to be successful in passing out trained persons.
The admissions are free of
cost at the Livelihood Colleges.
The students are paid C300
scholarship each to undergo
training at the colleges.
The boarding facilities are
free of cost. Apart from this each
student is paid C2, 000 single
Livelihood College Society
officers said that the first
Livelihood College had been
established in insurgencyinfested Dantewada district in
October 2012. Notably, Chief
Minister Raman Singh had
inaugurated the first Livelihood
The State Government on
observing the popularity of
the Livelihood Colleges among
the unemployed youth had
launched the colleges in all the
27 districts of Chhattisgarh.
The colleges had been
operating in all the districts
within a span of four years of
About 20 thousand students had already been trained
in these Livelihood Colleges
so far. Short-term courses and
training are provided at these
The youth are trained in
masonry, plumbing, driving,
stitching-embroidery, electrical
fittings, welding, solar power
plant repairing, office management, basic lessons in computers and several other training courses.
The youth are given training under the Chief Minister
Skills' Development Scheme
and Union Government Skills'
There is a provision for
personality development and
English language skills' development.
Placement camps are held
at regular intervals to provide
employment to the trained and
skilled youth.
The youth are given training under the Chief Minister
Skill Development Scheme and
Central Government's Skill
Development Initiative Scheme.
There is a provision for
personality development and
English language skill development.
Placement camps are held
at regular intervals to provide
employment to the trained and
skilled youth.
?=BQ 347A03D=
ven as hundreds of disaster
affected villagers in the
mountainous regions struggle
to cope with their lot, the
death toll due to heavy rain
mounted further as a child,
reportedly, drowned after being
swept off by the current of the
water in Badhedi Rajputana village of Roorkee Tehsil on
With light to medium rain
being reported from various
parts of the State till Monday
noon, the level of water in the
Ganga and other rivers has
remained a couple of metres
below the danger level.
According to information
from the State Emergency
Operation Centre (SEOC), a
report was received from
Haridwar district about a child
drowning to death at a village
in Roorkee Tehsil on Monday.
Earlier, on Sunday, two
persons reportedly drowned to
death in the Jamalpur Khurd
As on Monday, water logging was reported from various
areas including Khanpur Birla
factory, in the railway colony
near Dhandera, Milapnagar
colony in Roorkee and part of
Laksar village.
The fire services and police
personnel along with villagers
were undertaking efforts to
drain the water out of the
waterlogged areas.
In Dehradun district, the
level of water at the Triveni
Ghat Mayakund dam in
Rishikesh was 339. 17 metres
with the danger level being
340.50 metres at 4 pm on
The Kalsi-Chakrata and
Kwasi-Damta motor roads
have remained blocked to traffic with efforts underway to
clear the debris. A total of 21
rural roads are blocked in the
district with work underway to
clear them for traffic.
In the Uttarkashi district,
the Rishikesh-Gangotri national highway number 108 is not
open to traffic upto Gangotri
while the Rishikesh-Yamunotri
national highway number 94 is
open for small and large vehicles up to Janakichatti apart
from which 24 motor roads are
blocked in the district.
In the Rudraprayag district,
at 4 pm, the level of water in the
Alaknanda river was reported
to be 622.85 metres-with the
danger level being 627 metres
while it was measured at 621.90
metres in the Mandakini river
with danger level set at 626
The Rishikesh-Badrinath
national highway number 109
is blocked near Munkutia
though the bridle path from
Gaurikund to Kedarnath is
open. A total 29 rural roads
were reported blocked in the
The Rishikesh Badrinath
national highway is blocked at
Lambagadh with efforts underway to reopen it.
A total of 71 motor roads
were reportedly blocked in the
district as on Monday evening.
In the disaster affected
areas of Pithoragarh district,
about 650 affected persons of
different villages are reportedly sheltering in relief camps set
up by the authorities in various
In the Udham Singh Nagar
district, a total of 17 families
were affected with their kutcha
homes damaged by flooding.
The authorities have provided necessary financial
assistance apart from shifting
the affected persons to safer
he boundar y wall of
Kendriya Vidyalaya in
Sunil, Joshimath, collapsed following heavy rainfall with the
debris burying parked vehicles.
The collapse of the security wall
has made the school building
and the school’s playground
vulnerable to threat.
Personnel of the State
Disaster Response Force
reached the site to extract vehicles from underneath the
debris. The mishap did not
result in any human fatality but
has given cause for greater
concern for the safety of locals,
especially the school students.
The rainfall being experienced in the mountainous
regions for some days now has
disrupted routine life especially in areas affected by disaster
The latest in series of dam-
He along with other
Opposition members also
charged the Government with
trying to solve the complex
problem by the “barrel of the
He grilled the Government
over the issue of using excessive force resulting in casualties.
Rajnath Singh said he was
also pained by the death of
civilians in the ongoing unrest
adding Prime Minister
Narendra Modi had ordered
the paramilitary forces to act
with maximum restraint.
Singh said the Prime
Minister was concerned over
the situation in the State and
called him from Africa when
trouble broke out last week.
Moreover, as soon as he
returned to New Delhi, Modi
chaired a review meeting on
Kashmir and directed that necessary steps be taken to control
the situation, the Minister
informed the House.
Replying to Azad’s charge
that pellet guns used by the
security force resulted in serious injuries like some youngster losing their eyesight, the
Home Minister said he will
look into the matter. He said six
people had died and more
than 198 injured when pellet
guns were used to quell mob
violence in the State in 2010.
He also favoured suggestion by all Opposition members on lifting restrictions on
newspapers and internet,
assuring the members that he
Subject:- Combined Medical Services Examination, 2016.
The written result of the Combined Medical
Services Examination, 2016 has been declared by the
Commission and the same is available on the
Commission s Website (http://www.upsc.gov.in).
Davp 55101/14/0007/1617
will take up the issue with
Jammu & Kashmir Chief
Minister Mehbooba Mufti.
Responding to the other
demand by the Elders to start
the political dialogue as a confidence building measure and
“healing touch,” the Minister
said he had called up senior
leaders of many parties when
situation assumed alarming
proportions last week. Rajnath
said he received several positive
suggestions from them.
The Minister said as part of
political dialogue, he had
expressed desire to visit
Kashmir to the Chief Minister
two days back.
Welcoming the proposal
that he will interact with common people, the Chief Minister
urged him to wait till things
normalised to an extent, the
minister informed the House.
He also said the Chief Minister
said she will come to New
Delhi in the next few days to
apprise him with the latest situation.
Invoking Atal Bihari
Vajpayee’s famous remarks of
‘Kashmiriyat, Jamhooriyat and
Insaniyat’ (kashmiriyat,
democracy and humanity), he
said, “If there is any place for
Kashmiriyat in ‘Jamhooriyat’
(democracy), it can be only on
the basis of ‘Insaniyat’ (humanity) and not ‘Haivaniyat’ (devilish acts). Those believing in
Kashmiriyat and Insaniyat cannot give space to haivaniyat.”
Azad said while his party
stands with the Modi
Government and the coalition
in the State in dealing firmly
with militancy, the “excessive
use” of force against the common citizens, including children and women, is not acceptable.
For the current unrest, he
blamed a number of reasons,
including BJP’s participation in
Government with PDP in the
State, provocative statements
made by some leaders of BJP
and RSS besides Pakistan,
“whose existence is the root
cause of all problems.”
Leader of House Arun
Jaitley admitted that the situation in Kashmir was a “matter
of concern” but rejected the
contention that the violence in
the valley was a result of the
BJP getting into power at the
age experienced following
heavy rain was reported from
Chamoli district where the
retaining wall of the Kendriya
Vidyalaya building in Sunil
gave way.
The collapse at the school
site which is near the Indo-
Tibetan Border Police Force
(ITBP) camp in Joshimath,
resulted in debris burying two
wheelers and four-wheelers
parked in the ITBP parking
Responding to the incident
report, the SDRF personnel
Senior AAP leaders Sanjay
Singh and AAP’s Lok Sabha
member Bhagwant Singh
Mann also welcomed Sidhu’s
decision to resign from the
Rajya Sabha but parried questions whether he would join
the party and become its CM
face. “Whoever joins the AAP,
he is clearly told that it has to
be unconditional. Even when I
had joined the AAP, I had said
that I will be happy if I am
assigned just the duty of pasting posters of the party. I want
to make it clear that there is no
race for any post in our
party...The CM candidate will
be decided by the party,” Mann
In a brief statement on his
resignation, Sidhu did not
reveal much about his future
plans but there were indications that he was unhappy
with the BJP.
“At the behest of the honourable PM, I had accepted the
Rajya Sabha nomination for the
welfare of Punjab.
“With the closure of every
window leading to Punjab, the
purpose stands defeated. It is
now a mere burden. I prefer
not to carry it.
“In the war of right or
wrong, you can’t afford to be
neutral rather than being selfcentered. Punjab’s interest is
paramount,” said former cricketer-turned politician who is
also often seen in comedy television shows.
&$=== 2^]VV^Tb
The Board did not favour
the recommendations made
by Lodha Committee, particularly the one that made only
one association from one State
entitled for voting right in
BCCI’s decision-making
process. Regardless of these
objections, the bench approved
‘One State One Vote’ policy.
The states of Maharashtra and
Gujarat stood to lose the most
as each have three cricket associations, with every individual
association enjoying full membership and voting right.
The Bench while realising
the historic role played by each
such association in the develop-
ment of cricket allowed one
among the three associations in
these states to become a full
member on a rotational basis
annually. During this period, the
remaining two associations will
be associate members. This holds
significance as BCCI grants an
annual fund of Rs 50 crore to full
members and Rs 50 lakh to associate members for upkeep of stadia and payment of salary.
The court did not disturb
the funding aspect of BCCI but
ensured financial discipline and
transparency by bringing a nominee of CAG in BCCI Apex
Council and gave players a
“sense of participation” in top
level decisions. BCCI opposed to
CAG nominee’s presence, citing
the prospect of de-recognition by
International Cricket Council
(ICC) as amounting to
Government’s interference.
On another contentious recommendation by Lodha panel
requiring BCCI to ensure that
broadcast of cricket matches is
not interrupted by commercials
when an over is in play, the bench
left it to the BCCI’s discretion to
work out suitable agreements
with broadcasters to ensure the
same. In the best interest of the
game, the bench proposed to the
Centre and Law Commission to
consider framing a law to make
betting in sports a legal activity
in the country.
reached the site and had started work on extricating vehicles
buried in the debris. Till the
time of this report being filed,
the SDRF team had extracted
two small vehicles and four
motorbikes from the debris.
Sharma said that unlike
the present ruling dispensation which opposed it for
par t is an p olitics, t he
Congress has principled
stand on issues.
“And that is why we are
now engaged constructively
and you will get to know as
and when there is a forward
movement after the next formal meeting,” Sharma said,
indicating of an imminent
“At no such stage, the
Congress said that we will
oppose the GST.
We have raised issues,
those have been registered
with the Government and if
there are negotiations when
you negotiate, it is very clear
that your intention and the
sincere one is to find a solution in a genuine spirit of
accommodation and we hope
that the Government recognises the justification of our
raising those issues including
a mechanism to address the
disputes,” Sharma added.
The Congress had raised
objections to three points in
the proposed Bill.
The party wants an 18 per
cent cap on the tax to be
levied, the scrapping of the
proposal to levy an additional one per cent tax and
wants the formation of a GST
disputes settlement authority specified in the bill.
However, with the NDA
Government now appearing
to have managed to gain the
support of several other
opp osition par t ies, t he
Congress may go easy on the
18 per cent cap on tax.
Sharma also indicated
that the Congress may not
insist on inclusion of the tax
cap, but the Government
would have to suggest ways
for legal ring-fencing of the
Speaking to reporters
outside Parliament House on
Monday, newly elected member to the Rajya Sabha and
former Finance Minister P
Chidambaram said talks are
on with the Government and
Finance Minister has
promised to return with ‘concrete proposals’.
Let us see the draft which
they bring, and we will
respond,” Chidambaram said.
His wife, Navjot Kaur, who
is Chief Parliamentar y
Secretary in Punjab where BJP
shares power with Akali Dal,
had created ripples on April 1
(April Fool’s day) announcing
her resignation from the BJP.
Meanwhile, Punjab BJP
president Vijay Sampla said in
Chandigarh that Sidhu did not
take the party into confidence
before resigning from the Rajya
Sabha and claimed the party
will not be affected adversely
even if he joins the AAP.
“They did not (Navjot
Singh Sidhu, his wife Navjot
Kaur Sidhu) inform me about
their decision. As far as I know
they have not informed about
their move to the BJP highcommand,” Sampla said.
Karti was also asked to
explain the flow of 2,00,000
dollars into his company from
the Malaysia-based telecom
company Maxis after his father
and then Finance Minister P
Chidambaram gave Foreign
Investment Promotion Board
(FIPB) clearance to the Maxis
to acquire Aircel.
Karti’s firm Chess
Management Services Private
Limited had accepted the
amount from three companies
belong to Maxis group in
During the raid on Karti’s
companies in December 2014,
the investigative officers found
that the money came to Chess
Management from Maxis’
companies Astro All Asia
Network, Bumi Armada
Berhad and Maxis Mobile Sdn
The CBI and the ED have
already chargesheeted Astro
and Maxis Mobile. The flow of
money into Karti from these
companies during the scam
period could also spell trouble
for Chidambaram. Recently,
ED also summoned two senior
officials of FIPB, who
processed the files about Maixs
acquisition of Aircel.
A08?DAkCD4B30H k9D;H (! %
he Donald Trump juggernaut has finally rolled into
Cleveland for the four-day
Convention that gears up to
formally anoint the billionaire
real-estate mogul as the party
nominee for the 2016 presidential race, even as antiTrump protesters of diverse
persuasions are intent on making their presence felt.
Beginning as it does against
the backdrop of racial tensions
capped by Sunday’s killing of
three police officers in Baton
Rouge and the violence spearheaded by ISIS overseas, the
convention that kicks off on
Monday evening is devoting its
opening day to focus on
“Making America Safe Again”.
While Cleveland braces for
an assortment of anti-Trump
protests, unreconciled naysayers within the party who waged
the “NeverTrump” campaign
for months are still plotting to
disrupt, if not derail, proceedings. This, despite the setback
they have suffered with the
convention’s Rules Committee
rejecting their demand to free
delegates to vote for whomsoever as they pleased during the
nomination process.
Although many party bigwigs have fallen in line over the
past couple of months as Trump
systematically knocked out his
16 fellow-contenders, several
top guns will still be staying out
of the Cleveland jamboree.
They include former Presidents
George HW Bush and son
George W Bush, as also the
other son, Jeb, who was by far
the most prominent of Trump’s
victims in the primaries.
A host of Senators including party veteran John McCain,
Lindsey Graham, Marco Rubio,
Rand Paul, Jeff Flake, Lisa
Murkowski and Ben Sasse will
all be skipping the convention
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Q BTeTaP[6>?QXVfXVbbcPh^dc^U#SPhYP\Q^aTT
for one reason or another. For
some of the Senators, facing reelection in swing States, it is
reckoned to be a dicey proposition to be seen rubbing shoulders with Trump.
Trump, projecting himself
and his vice-presidential pick
Mike Pence as “Law and Order
Candidates” who will make
America safe again, quickly
grabbed Sunday’s shooting in
Baton Rouge to train his guns on
the leadership of President Barack Obama and his own Democratic rival, Hillary Clinton.
“Our country is totally
divided and our enemies are
watching. We are not looking
good, we are not looking smart,
we are not looking tough!”
Trump tweeted after a black
gunman killed three police
officers and injured three oth-
05?Q 8BC0=1D;
urkey has dismissed almost
9,000 officials including a
massive number of police officers after a failed coup targeting
the Government of President
Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the
state-run Anadolu news agency
said citing the Interior Ministry.
A total of 8,777 public personnel including 7,899 police,
one provincial governor and 29
governors of towns have been
dismissed, the Ministry said.
They also include 614 members of the police force that looks
after domestic security, it added.
Turkey has cracked down on
coup plotters that left over 290
dead, as Erdogan pointed the finger of blame at the supporters of
US-based Turkish cleric
Fethullah Gulen, who is believed
to wield influence in the police
and judiciary.
?C8 Q 370:0
hree Islamists from the
infamous Al-badr militia
were today sentenced to death
while five others jailed until
death by a special tribunal in
Bangladesh for committing
crimes against humanity during the 1971 liberation war
against Pakistan.
A three-member panel of
judges of Bangladesh’s
International Crimes Tribunal
(ICT-BD) led by Justice
Anwarul Haque pronounced
the judgement as two of the
convicts appeared on the dock
while six others were tried in
absentia as they were on the
run to evade justice.
The verdict came as the
prosecution accused all the eight
of five charges relating to crimes
like mass murders, abductions,
tortures and lootings.
ers. “President Obama just had
a news conference, but he
doesn’t have a clue. Our country is a divided crime scene,
and it will only get worse!”
Obama, speaking on the
Baton Rouge episode, said
America “as a nation has to be
loud and clear that nothing justifies violence against law
enforcement”, adding: “Attacks
on police are an attack on all of
us”. And, in an oblique response
to Trump, said: “We don’t need
inflammatory rhetoric. We don’t
need careless accusations thrown
around to score political points
or to advance an agenda.”
Trump’s wife, Melania, will
be among the star speakers of
Day One, along with former
New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani
and Lt. Gen. (Retd.) Michael
Flynn, who headed the Defence
Intelligence Agency. Trump’s
sons and daughters are also
slated to speak on different days
of the convention.
As Trump’s campaign man-
ager Paul Manfort put it, the line
of speakers has been so chosen
as to enable Americans to get to
know “Trump, the man” and
not just as a candidate. The convention will focus on the whole
personality of the 70-year-old
self-made billionaire, it is said.
“A Donald Trump administration will listen to and learn
from our nation’s heroes who
have put themselves in harm’s
way and pursue a national security strategy and foreign policy
that will strengthen our military
and make America safe again,”
a convention statement said.
While Trump is also slated
to speak on the opening day, his
main acceptance speech will be
on Thursday night on the theme
of “Making America One Again”.
The intervening two days will
deal with “Making America
Work Again” and “Making
America First Again” – all said
to be aspects of Trump’s overall
campaign slogan: “Make
America Great Again”.
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Bangladesh court on
Monday indicted 41 people
for murder in the deaths of more
than 1,100 people in the collapse
of a building that housed five
garment factories and became
known as the country’s worst
industrial disaster.
Investigators initially said
those accused of wrongdoing in
the 2013 collapse of the Rana
Plaza building would be charged
with culpable homicide, which
carries a maximum punishment
of seven years in jail. But they
later changed charges to murder
due to the gravity of the disaster.
Masud Rana, who owned
the building outside Dhaka, and
33 other people pleaded not
guilty when the charges against
them were read out in court.
Another seven who
absconded will be tried in absentia, said Mizanur Rahman, a
public prosecutor. District Judge
SM Kuddus Zaman announced
their trial will begin Sept. 18.
Those found guilty of murder
could face death penalty as a police report submitted to the court
called the deaths a “mass killing.”
The defendants include
Rana’s parents and the owners of
the five factories housed in the
building. Investigators from
Bangladesh’s Criminal Investigation Department said the
change from culpable homicide
charges came after the investigation found that Rana, his staff
and the management of the five
factories had forced the workers
to enter the building the day of
the collapse despite their unwillingness to work after the building had developed major cracks
a day before.
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\PY^aPccPRZX]5aP]RTX] '\^]cWb
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ritain’s MPs are set to decide
on whether to renew the
country’s Trident Nuclear
weapons programme in a House
of Commons vote on Monday, a
move backed by newly appointed Prime Minister Theresa May.
The vote will decide whether
to press ahead with the manufacture of the next generation of
nuclear submarines, BBC report-
ed. Opposition Labour Party is
split with leader Jeremy Corbyn
opposing renewal, but the party’s
MPs will get a free vote on the
issue. The Scottish National
Party — which opposes the
renewal — had called for the vote
to be delayed to allow “proper
In a statement to the
Telegraph, Defence Secretary
Michael Fallon said that a vote
to renew Trident will show that
despite the Brexit vote “we are
certainly not turning our back on
the security of Europe and the
rest of the world”.
The new Prime Minister,
Theresa May, will use her first
appearance in the House of
Commons since assuming office
at 10, Downing Street to expose
divisions in the Labour over
Trident and warn that abandoning the nuclear deterrent
would be “misplaced idealism”.
&+$" <&4
Washington: A new kind of strong spider silk based fibres —
known as Dragon Silk — could be soon be used by the US Army
for bulletproof apparels. The US-based Kraig Biocraft Laboratories,
developer of spider silk based fibers, announced that it has received
a contract valued at up to $1.0 million, for the development of
high performance fibers for protective apparel applications.
The company will deliver ballistic shoot packs constructed
from a material called ‘Dragon Silk’ for performance testing.
These shoot packs will be tested and evaluated for critical
soldier protective applications including ballistic impact.
“Dragon Silk scores very highly in tensile strength and elasticity, which makes it one of the toughest fibers known to man
and the ideal material for many applications,” said Jon Rice, Chief
operating officer.
?C8Q 14898=6
hina on Monday closed a
part of the South China Sea
for military manoeuvres as it
moved quickly to assert control
over the disputed waters after an
international tribunal struck
down its claims over the region.
The People’s Liberation
Army Air Force has conducted a combat air patrol with
long range bombers in the
South China Sea recently,
which will become “a regular
practice” in the future, a military spokesperson said.
The PLA sent H-6K long
range strategic bombers and
other aircraft including fighters,
scouts and tankers to patrol
islands and reefs including
Huangyan Dao, state-run
Xinhua news agency quoted
Shen Jinke, spokesman for the
PLA Air Force as saying.
During the mission, the aircraft carried out tasks including
aerial scouting, air combat and
island and reef patrol, fulfilling
the patrol’s objective, Shen said.
The air force aims to promote real combat training over
?C8 Q 370:0
hree persons were arrested on Monday for their
involvement in an attack on
three elderly Sufi Muslims,
including two women, and
critically injuring them in
western Bangladesh’s border
town with India.
Eight to 10 assailants
attacked several ‘Bauls’ (mystic singers) around midnight
Sunday with sharp weapons,
iron rods and bamboo sticks
at their ‘Akhra’ (residing
place) at Ektarpur village in
Chadanga district, some 240
kms from here.
According to one of the
victims Bulu Begum, the men
barged into the Akhra (place
where Bauls stay) and started
beating them with iron rods.
All the three injured are
in critical state.
The Akhra’s owner
Shahidul Islam filed a case
against seven to eight unidentified men with the police last
night, said local police OC
Humayaun Kabir, Bdnews24
He said police arrested
three persons the same night.
They accused have
been identified as Ariful
Islam, 22, Shahed Ali, 30 and
Jamat Ali, 40.
the sea, improve combat abilities
against security threats and safeguard China’s sovereignty and
security, he said. “To effectively
fulfil its mission, the air force will
continue to conduct combat
patrols on a regular basis in the
South China Sea,” he said.
Shen pointed out that the
South China Sea islands have
been China’s territory since
ancient times, and China’s rights
and interests in relevant maritime areas should not be
infringed upon. “The PLA Air
Force will firmly defend national sovereignty, security and maritime interests, safeguard regional peace and stability, and cope
with various threats and challenges,” he said.
Separately the maritime
administration in Hainan
province, which overseas China’s
expansive claims over the South
China Sea said it is closing off a
part of the sea for military exercises this week as China simultaneously moved on both air and
the sea to establish firm control
over the area which was awarded by the tribunal to the
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he bane of modern
Indian history is the
unconscionable distortions injected into it by
historians owing allegiance to the Marxist and
Nehruvian schools. This has resulted in a string of untruths being
bandied about for decades about
personalities and events both in the
pre and post-independence eras.
Such is the grip of these two
schools over academia that even
after free-thinking historians, who
are not prisoners of ideology,
exhumed many truths that negated the mythologies palmed of by
these palace historians, misrepresentations continue to permeate
the text books and lectures in
schools and colleges.
Subhash Chandra Bose, Sardar
Vallabhbhai Patel, BR Ambedkar,
Syama Prasad Mookerjee, Rajendra
Prasad are some of the names that
immediately come to mind of
national leaders whose contributions have been deliberately ignored
and who have been victims of the
falsification of history. In more
recent times, a prominent victim of
the machinations of these two
schools is PV Narasimha Rao, one
of India’s most cerebral and successful Prime Ministers who saved
India’s unity and integrity and
pulled the country out of an economic rut during 1991-1996 and
put it on the high road to growth.
The purpose of the so-called
scholarship by entrenched academics from these two schools has
been three-fold: One, to present
members of the Nehru-Gandhi
family as near faultless individuals who were deeply wedded to
the core values of the Constitution
and who sacrificed everything for
the country; two, to present all
their contemporaries as petty
individuals with petty goals and
with questionable commitment to
constitutional values; and, three,
credit all national achievements to
members of this family and all
failures to others.
This shameless and continuous glorification of one political
family makes one wonder whether
our academia secretly pines for a
return to monarchy. Seen in the
context of this fraudulent output
by these historians, specially in the
capital’s universities, Vinay
Sitapati’s Half Lion: How PV
Narasimha Rao Transformed India
— comes as a breath of fresh air.
Narasimha Rao became the
Prime Minister at a critical moment
in the nation’s history. India was
standing at the door of the
International Monetary Fund with
a begging bowl and its foreign
exchange reserves had slipped to
such an alarming low that there was
danger of default on loans. Rao
picked up Manmohan Singh as his
Finance Minister and began the
noble task of dismantling the socialist economy that Jawaharlal Nehru
and Indira Gandhi had thrust on
the country. He opened up the
economy, liberated it from the
licence-permit raj, unshackled the
entrepreneurial instincts of millions
of Indians and invited foreign
investments into various sectors.
These decisions brought about a
spectacular turn around in the
economy, restored hope among
Indians and gave them the confidence to take on the world. He also
pulled Punjab, which was engulfed
by secessionist forces, from the
brink and saved the unity and
integrity of India. Instead of
acknowledging the man’s phenomenal contribution, the NehruGandhis and acamedics and writers hovering around this family,
have falsely accused him of damaging India’s secular fabric and of
being complacent in the fall of the
Babri Masjid in Ayodhya. Having
pinned this monstrous charge on
him, they hope this will wipe out his
[email protected]
phenomenal contribution to the
country. One scholar even spread
the story that Rao was napping
while the Masjid was being demolished. Another said he was “doing
puja” while the demolition was on.
Sitapati’s scholarly book covers
a whole range of issues from Rao’s
early days to his tenure as a Union
Minister, his prime ministership,
the challenge on the economic
front, the crisis in Punjab and elsewhere, the nuclear policy and the
fall of the Babri Masjid. For want
of space, this column will confine
itself to just the Babri Masjid issue.
The author throws up enough
evidence to demolish the false
accusations made against Rao
regarding his conduct on
December 6, 1992, the day the
Masjid was demolished by Hindu
zealots and in the weeks and
months preceding this event.
Sitapati makes some telling
observations. He shows how Rajiv
Gandhi succumbed to Muslim
fundamentalism and overturned
the Supreme Court verdict in the
Shah Bano case, banned Salman
Rushdie’s Satanic Verses and then
began Hindu appeasement by
unlocking the Ram Temple in the
Masjid premises for Hindu prayers
and thereafter sending his Home
Minister, Buta Singh for the
Shilanyas ceremony for construction of the Ram Temple.
As regards the build up to the
demolition of the Masjid, Sitapati
shows how the Union Cabinet was
unwilling to impose President’s
Rule in Uttar Pradesh prior to
December 6, merely on the suspicion that the BJP Government in
the State would not protect the
structure. Article 356 of the
Constitution cannot be invoked on
assumptions. The Cabinet
Committee on Political Affairs
(CCPA), that considers such issues,
met five times in November alone
and held the view that the situation
did not warrant imposition of central rule. The State’s Governor too
sent in a report just five days prior
to the demolition that he had no
apprehension regarding failure of
constitutional machinery. The law
and order situation, specially on the
communal front “is satisfactory”, he
declared. Yet, Rao ensured massive
deployment of central forces near
the disputed structure prior to
December 6. These forces could be
called in within minutes, if there was
danger to the structure, but the call
would have to be taken by the State
Government, because ensuring law
and order was the responsibility of
the State not the Centre. There was
also the worry that the Supreme
court may quash a presidential
order based on presumptions. Thus,
the situation that prevailed just
prior to the demolition was that “the
Supreme Court, the State Governor
and law Ministry officials, all
seemed against Central rule”.
That is why after the demolition, Pranab Mukherjee told partymen “all of you were members
of the Cabinet and some of you
were members of the CCPA. All
decisions were taken in the meetings of the Cabinet and the CCPA.
Responsibility is collective; the
onus cannot only be on the Prime
Minister or the Home Minister.”
Sitapati, who had access to Rao’s
personal papers, takes us through
this narrative that presents facts
that negate the spurious tomes that
have been churned out on this
issue until now. There is lots
more to this book, but that will
have to wait till later.
Half Lion is the first scholarly
effort to correct the distortions that
have crept into our understanding
of social and political developments in India over the last three
decades. It also seeks to restore
Narasimha Rao’s well-deserved
place in the pantheon of great
Indian leaders.
DXU`U_`\[email protected]^ZQR
Sir — The Congress Government
in Arunachal Pradesh has managed to reinstate itself, leaving the
BJP highly discomfited. The political drama was needlessly initiated in December 2015, by State BJP
leaders who could persuade its
central leadership to wade into a
mess. With less than one-fifth of
the MLAs, the BJP enjoyed a
short-lived stint at running the
State. In return, it has paid a
heavy price by losing credibility,
besides being chastised by the
apex court. It had stung itself
similarly in Uttarakhand. The BJP
must introspect on the utility of its
political strategies.
R Narayanan
Sir — This refers to the editorial, “Terror revisits France” (July
18). The killing of over 80 people
in Nice, France, needs to be condemned in the strongest possible
terms. Moreover, the West needs
to do some soul searching as
Western-sponsored terror acts
have shattered peace in large
parts of West Asia.
Syria is the latest example of
PWTPS9d[h $5^a\Ta?aX\T<X]XbcTa0cP[1XWPaXEPY_PhTTbS^RcaX]T^U
the West’s meddling. Rather than
blaming the Muslim community
for the wave of terror attacks, leaders need to take some responsibility for the wrongdoings of the past.
Abhijit Roy
Sir — This refers to the editorial,
“Terror revisits France” (July 18).
The ghastly terror attack in Nice,
France yet again points to the fact
that the world must unite to fight
terrorism. Their training camps,
stocks of arms, ammunitions etc
should be destroyed.
Hansraj Bhat
Sir — This refers to the editorial, “Congress’s last hope” (July 16).
In a bizarre move, the Congress
has pulled a rabbit out of its hat
by projecting former Delhi Chief
Minister Sheila Dikshit as its
chief ministerial candidate in
Uttar Pradesh.
Election strategist Prashant
Kishor chose her on the logic that
the Brahmin voter in the State can
be lured by a prominent Brahmin
face like Dikshit, who was born in
a Punjabi Khatri family, and is also
the daughter-in-law of Uttar
Pradesh Congress veteran Uma
Shankar Dikshit who had served
as a Union Minister and Governor
for a long time. It has been more
than 30 years since the party ruled
that State, and the entry of Dikshit
will require a Herculean push by
the party to be a real contender for
the top stakes.
Padmini Raghavendra
Sir — This refers to the editorial,
“Congress’s last hope” (July 16). In
2014, senior Congress leader P
Chidambaram had rightly said
that someday a non-NehruGandhi family member can be the
president of the party. Under the
present leadership of Congress
president Sonia Gandhi, the party’s
chances of revival are almost zero.
Former Delhi Chief Minister
Sheila Dikshit has rightly been
projected as the chief ministerial
candidate for Uttar Pradesh. The
Congress must look beyond the
Nehru-Gandhi family.
Mahesh Kumar
Via web
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+ -)
he failed Turkish coup has several indicators of how badly
eviscerated and divided the
Turkish military has become,
but it is also emblematic of the
collapse of Turkish foreign policy over
the last decade. Given the repeated
ouster of Islamist party Governments,
either by the judiciary or the military, in
the past, in 2003, newly elected Prime
Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan had a
clear but difficult path ahead. He had to
destroy the Army’s ability to coherently
carry out domestic political interventions
and also forward the Islamist agenda.
Destroying the Army’s ability to act
coherently is probably his only tangible
and positive achievement. This was
done through the ruse of actively pushing Turkish membership to the European
Union. The EU membership would
have been the pinnacle in the scheme of
things envisioned by Turkey’s founder
Mustafa Kemal Atatürk for a modern
European Turkey, and, therefore, it was
something no Army Chief could have
acted against.
This was the cover that Erdogan used
for a series of purges of the Army that
grew in scope and depth as his power relative to the Army increased. The purges
were not blunt Stalinist purges, but were
rather carefully calculated to destroy the
political coherence of the Army and dilute
its ideological foundation.
This succeeded spectacularly but it
came at a heavy price. Several interviews
with former defence attachés from the
North Atlantic Treaty Organisation
who served in Turkey reveal an almost
uniform pattern in the severe erosion of
the operational capabilities of the
Turkish military. Much of this was
educational — the transmission of institutional lessons to succeeding officers.
The impact was mostly on command
and control.
For example, in a 2013 interview, one
Air Force official observed how bad the
situational awareness and ability to
communicate within the Air Force itself
had become. It followed logically that this
was the case with the Army and the Navy
as well. This was not just because of the
erosion of the knowledge base of the military, but also because promotions had
become highly political, leading to significant interpersonal tension gravely
impacting coordination.
Further, close and institutionalised
surveillance of military officers that
became de riguer by 2008, followed by
sackings of officers on the flimsiest of
excuses, meant that not only were
internal communications curbed, but
officers themselves self-censored. No
longer were jokes on coups tolerated,
with any such remarks, either picked up
by surveillance or reported by fellow
officers themselves.
All of these symptoms bore rich
rewards on the July 16 coup attempt. The
degrading of operational capability and
ability to coordinate manifested themselves spectacularly in the sheer clumsiness of the coup. The internal strife
within the Army carefully fostered by
Erdogan meant the military was no
longer willing to act as one organic unit,
and the distrust carefully nurtured
meant that the officers simply weren’t
willing to trust or talk to each other during critical moments of the coup or during the planning stages.
The internal surveillance mechanism instituted by Erdogan was just as
crucial. There is now an emerging
body of evidence to show that the plotters believed the planning of the coup
had been picked up and their plans compromised. This forced them to bring forward the coup and move hastily with all
the attendant costs.
What is the way forward for Turkey
from here? The crisis in Syria is rapidly
refracting onto Turkey itself. Combined
with a reinvigorated Kurdish rebellion in
eastern Anatolia, Turkey has never
needed its military to be in a better shape
in modern history. It is at this critical
juncture when Erdogan should have
been most comfortable, secure in the
knowledge that a coup would not happen, that the re-organisation of the military should have happened to make it
an operationally potent but apolitical
force. Yet, it is at this very juncture that
the failed coup has made all of Erdogan
old paranoia’s resurface, at a time when
it is most counter-productive.
Already several generals have been
arrested and many more will be detained
in the coming days. Invariably, whatever operational levels had been stabilised
by the military to date will be eroded
even further due to not just purges but
a further politicisation of the Army. As
things stand, far from quelling the
Kurdish rebellion, the brutal, tactless and
wanton destruction of the Kurdish hinterland by Turkish forces is only bringing tougher resistance forward.
Ably aided by an almost open border, and sympathetic Kurdish populations in Syria and Iraq which are also militarily and economically powerful, the
militancy is likely to strengthen as the
power vacuum in Syria grows.
More importantly, the complete de-
niversal Health Coverage
(UHC) has been a longsought goal for consecutive administrations in India.
The quest for a universal safety
net for health-related expenditure is important for a country
where, as per the 71st round of
Survey by the National Sample
Survey Organisation, less than
14 per cent of the rural households have access to any form of
health insurance and they spend
an average amount of C16,900
for every case of hospitalisation.
As a prerequisite to deploy
an efficient and effective UHC
system, it is necessary to create
an enabling ecosystem which
includes the digitisation of all
health records within the healthcare system.
In 2011, the High Level
Expert Group for UHC for
India had suggested the adoption of electronic medical
records (EMR) mechanism to
enable equitable delivery of
health services to the people.
Simply, an EMR or electronic health record (EHR) is a digital summary of various medical
records that are generated whenever an individual interacts with
any healthcare service. EHRs are
designed to be used beyond any
one health organisation and to
share information with other
health care providers, such as
laboratories and specialists, so as
to contain information from all
professionals involved in the
patient’s care.
EHR allows better diagnosis and care for the patient as it
provides an overview of the
patient’s history. As a large proportion of health expenditure is
spent on diagnostics/lab tests,
EHR can lead to significant
savings for the patients as it
allows re-use of past results.
EHR can help increase accountability of healthcare personnel in
cases of medical malpractice.
Finally, in an UHC regime,
with the participation of private
insurers, a well-functioning
EMR system can help insurers
design and optimise their products, while providing easy portability for patients between
providers, thus increasing the
competitiveness of the health
insurance market.
On the policy level, the
Ministry of Health and Family
Welfare notified EMR/EHR
standards for India in September
2013. However, these standards
have not been made mandatory and State Governments have
only been advised to adopt
EMR standards in their healthcare systems.
In May 2012, revised rules
for Clinical Establishments Act
mandated the “maintenance
and provision of EMR/EHR for
every patient”" for registration
and continuation of all clinical
establishments. In addition,
EHR has been made mandatory for empanelment of hospitals
under the Central Government
Health Scheme. The Ministry of
Health too has released a concept note on the establishment
of a National e-Health Authority
(NeHA) as a nodal body responsible for the development of an
integrated health information
system for the country.
In spite of all these provisions, the adoption of EHR has
been inconsistent and more is
prevalent in private hospitals
only. Even in case of hospitals
that have adopted EHR, the systems do not always meet the
interoperability norms which are
necessary for a health system
wide integration.
Some serious challenges
impede the adoption of systemwide EHR in India, which needs
to be addressed immediately. As
per National Family Health
Survey III, more than 34.8 per
cent of the population relies on
private non-institutional points
of care like single doctor clinics.
Smaller clinics do not transition
to EHR due to the high initial
investment involved.
This, along with the incomplete coverage of Aadhar as a
unique and multipurpose identifier for linking EHRs poses significant issues for implementation. The availability of IT infrastructure and Internet connectivity in rural health centres also
remains poor, in spite of mandated requirements under the
Indian Public Health Standards.
Internationally, the reluctance by
practitioners in adopting new
systems has been known to
slow down the transition to
EHR systems.
In order to address these
issues, a strategic approach to
promote the adoption of EHR
needs to be adopted by both the
Central and State Governments.
A large amount of investment
(possibly in public–private partnership mode) will be required
to deploy EHR systems in pub-
lic hospitals and set the trend
along with the creation of NeHA
for regulation of these systems.
Some States like Tamil Nadu
have taken initial steps to implement EHR. The Tamil Nadu
Health Systems Project has
deployed a hospital management information system with
EHR in over 1,771 PHCs and
267 secondary care hospitals.
A set of financial and regulatory incentives and disincentives will have to be put in place
to encourage small clinics and
private practitioners to become
a part of the EHR regime.
The Aadhar database needs
to be leveraged to link health
records across healthcare and
insurance providers. The
Ministry of Health and Family
Welfare must consider creating
an enabling legislative framework for the adoption of EHR.
(The writer is research and
knowledge support lead at
Swaniti Initiative)
legitimisation of the Gülen movement
(the Hizmet) will have severe consequences for the cohesion of Turkey itself.
When Ataturk forcibly ‘secularised’ a
deeply religious non-industrial country,
it was done without any consensus or
without the requisite social changes
that slowly come about as a result of
What The Hizmet did was a careful
synthesis of Islam and modernism. It
rejected many outdated notions,
focussing on dialogue and secularism. In
this way it sought — however naively —
to build a bridge to the past and cure the
deep scars left by the violent so-called
‘secularisation’ of Ataturk that had
ripped Turkey from its past.
Erdogan is, however, not as much
of an Islamist as people would believe.
In fact, he is a classic Kemalist who has
ditched, double-crossed and persecuted almost all of his former Islamist allies
in his quest for power. Effectively then
the expected harsh reprisals against the
Hizmet seems aimed at consolidating all
power, temporal and spiritual, into
Erdogan’s hand — much like the
Ottoman sultans who doubled
as Caliphs.
The problem is since the soft Islam
of the Hizmet is being discredited by the
state, its replacement is likely to be a
Hanafi orthodoxy. Given a rapidly sinking economy, this strain will have to grow
more virulent as it adapts to the social
realities of the downturn. In the process
it will simply end up alienating Turkey’s
Alawite population even further, creating a toxic mix from where there is no
return. In short, though the coup may
have failed, it has probably cooked
Turkey’s goose.
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wo more civilians, including a woman, were killed in
Chowgam area of Qazikund in
South Kashmir late Monday
evening after security forces
opened fire on protesters to disperse them.
With this the death toll in
the ongoing cycle of violence
has reached 46 in last 10 days
while over 3,300 have been
According to official
sources, “nine people were
injured in the random firing on
a group of protesters in
Chowgam area late Monday
Two civilians killed in
police firing have been identified as Sayeda Bano and
Showqat Itoo. The duo succumbed to their bullet injuries
while seven others have been
shifted to the Srinagar hospital.
Fresh clashes erupted in
the area following firing on
protesters, local reports said.
Meanwhile, deceptive calm
prevailed on the streets of
Kashmir Valley on Monday
even as curfew continued for
the 10th consecutive day
adversely impacting life of
common Kashmiris huddled
inside their houses in the
absence of news papers, cable
TV, suspended internet
/mobile/ prepaid services.
According to police
spokesman, “Overall situation
across Kashmir valley
remained peaceful on Monday.
Only stray incidents of stone
pelting were received from
Hajin in Bandipora, Gogloosa
Payeen in Kupwara, Kondbal,
Mansbal in Ganderbal,
Batamaloo in Srinagar and
Khrew in Awantipora”.
A few persons and
police/CRPF men were injured
in these incidents.
A Base camp store of potato seed belonging to
Agriculture Department was
set on fire in Wouhlutra,
Rafiaabad by miscreants.
Meanwhile, leaders cutting across party lines in New
Delhi also sent clear signals of
applying ‘healing touch’ from
Parliament but there were no
early signs of improvement in
the ‘tense situation’ on ground
The separatists leaders
Syed Ali Shah Geelani, Yasin
Malik and Mirwaiz Umar
Farooq issued a joint statement
extending the ‘shutdown’ call
up to July 21 across Kashmir
Meanwhile, Chief Minister
Mehbooba Mufti convened an
All Party Meeting at SKICC in
Srinagar on July 21 to discuss
the prevailing “law and order”
situation in Kashmir.
“Invitation has been
extended to all the political parties including the PDP, the
BJP, National Conference, the
Congress, the CPI(M), the CPI,
the National Panthers Party, the
Democratic Party Nationalist,
Peoples Democratic Front and
others to discuss the prevailing
situation and the measures to
be taken to restore peace and
normalcy in the Valley,” the
Government said in an official
Three-time PDP MLA
from Pulwama Mohd Khalil
Bandh was badly injured late
Sunday night when his official
car turned turtle soon after his
driver decided to reverse the
car after spotting large number
of protesters near Frisal on
Pulwama road.
Sixty-four-year-old Khalil
Bandh received critical injuries
and was rushed to district hospital in Pulwama and from
there he was shifted to Army
hospital in Srinagar in the wee
hours. His condition is reported to be stable.
The State Government
spokesman said, “The PDP
MLA was travelling to his residence from Srinagar to
Pulwama when he met with an
accident late Sunday night”.
“The MLA has sustained
fracture in leg and is being
treated at a local hospital,” the
spokesman said.
The Chief Minister visited
him in the hospital to inquire
about his health.
Former Chief Minister and
working president of the
National Conference Omar
Abdullah, however, wasted no
opportunity to target her.
He immediately took to the
micro-blogging social networking site to criticise Chief
Ministers action. Omar posted
tweet,” That
@MehboobaMufti went to see
her injured MLA is understandable; that she didn’t visit
any other injured is inexplicable & unforgivable!!!”
This is the second major
attack on PDP MLA during the
last one week. Earlier, house of
PDP MLA from Kokernag AR
Rather was torched by the protesters along with sprawling
Apple orchard.
The Chief Minister also
chaired a high-level security
review meeting where the
Principal Secretary Home
briefed the meeting about the
overall law and order situation
and the steps being taken to
restore normalcy in the Valley.
He said the situation has stabilised in most of the districts
and except for some sporadic
incidents of protests and stone-
pelting the overall law and
order scenario has improved
While taking a review of
the condition of injured and
availability of medicines and
other equipment in hospitals,
the Chief Minister was
Commissioner Secretar y
Health and Medical Education
Department that out of the
2,115 people injured during the
prevailing law and order situation, 1,924 have been discharged from the hospitals
while 191 are still undergoing
treatment — including 70 people with eye injuries.
Meanwhile, no major incident of street violence or stone
pelting was reported from
Srinagar city even as rural
pockets in South Kashmir
remained tense with small
groups of angry protesters
engaging in ding dong battles
with the paramilitary forces.
The interior roads across
rural pockets have been virtually dominated by the young
protesters making it difficult for
any one to pass through the
area due to numerous road
Due to prevailing law and
order situation the Karvan-eAman Cross-Line of Control
(LoC) bus remained suspended for the third consecutive
week. On the 17th day of Shri
Amarnathji Yatra, 6,679 Yatris
paid obeisance at the Holy
Cave. Till date 1,79,530 Yatris
had darshan at the Holy Cave.
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n a major setback to Chief
Minister Siddaramaiah-led
Congress Government in
Karnataka, controversial
Bengaluru Development
Minister and close aide KJ
George has finally resigned. He
resigned after a magistrate
court in Madikeri on Monday
ordered filing of FIR on the
basis of a complaint filed by the
wife and son of the deceased
Deputy Superintendent of
Police MK Ganapathi.
KJ George said “I have
submitted my resignation to the
Chief Minister. My conscious is
clear. I will come out clean. I
fully believe in the probe. I have
never harassed anyone in my
life. I am confidant and fully
aware I will come out clean.”
George also indicated that he
would appeal against the lower
court order in the Karnataka
High Court. “I will also explore
legal remedy” he said.
Even though unperturbed
by the Opposition protests
both inside and outside the
House Siddaramaiah so far
had justified his close confidant
and Bengaluru Development
Minister KJ George and two
police officials and ordered a
judicial probe which was rejected by the family of MK
Ganapathy. But Siddaramaiah
who had justified so far was
under intense pressure after the
Madikeri court had ordered an
6^eTa]\T]cP]S<X]XbcTa:96T^aVTPcEXSWP]PB^dSWPX]1T]VP[dad^]<^]SPh ?C8
FIR and had no way but to seek
George’s resignation.
In a major development of
the day the magistrate’s court in
Madikeri in the Kodagu district
of Karnataka ordered the filing
of an abetment of suicide case
under section 306 of the Indian
Penal Code against KJ George,
and two senior police officers,
based on allegations of harassment made against them by a
police officer MK Ganapathi
who committed suicide at a private lodge in Madikeri on July 7.
The order by Additional
Judicial Magistrate First Class
Annapurneshwari came on a
private criminal complaint filed
by the deceased police official’s
son Nehal Ganapathy requesting the court to direct the
Kodagu police to take up investigation against the minister
and two officers for allegedly
abetting his father’s suicide.
Ganapathy’s wife Pavana
and Nehal had approached the
court, stating that the police
had rejected the complaint
lodged by them with the
Kushalanagar police on July 10
against George and IPS officials
AM Prasad and Pranab
In his complaint, Nehal
had said his father had made a
“dying declaration” naming
George and the two officers and
their acts amounted to “abetting
the commission of suicide.”
Appealing to the court to
take cognisance of the offence
punishable under IPC section
306 read with Section 34, the
complaint had also claimed
that the accused were highly
placed and influential persons who had prevailed upon
police from taking action
against them.
ive Dalit youths on Monday
attempted suicide in protest
against brutal assault on fellow
community members for
alleged skinning of cows in Una
town of Gir Somnath district.
According to police, Anil
Madhad, Jagdish Rathod,
Bharat Solanki, Raju Parmar
and Ramesh Parghi, all residents of Gondal town, tried to
kill themselves by consuming
phenyl in Saurashtra town
Gondal. Madhad is a sitting
Congress councillor of Gondal
All five are now being
treated at a hospital in Gondal.
Hundreds of Dalits gathered in Gondal town, around
45 km from Saurashtra region’s
largest city Rajkot to protest
against atrocity committed
against Dalits in Una. They
demanded strict action against
the accused. They took out a
protest march from Gondal
town to civil hospital. Police
resorted to lathi-charge after
some of the protesters pelted
stone on Government buses
Later, the Dalits brought
animal carcasses loaded in
three vehicles to Deputy
Collector’s office and staged a
dharna demanding swift action
against the accused involved in
[email protected][email protected]`dBQZiQCQRXQ
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he Rajya Sabha on Monday
witnessed a brief adjournment on the opening day of
Monsoon session as BSP members trooped into the Well
alleging atrocities on Dalits in
When the Question Hour
began soon after laying of
papers, BSP chief Mayawati
raised the issue of recent incident in which some members
of the Dalit community,
engaged in skinning dead animals, were beaten up in
She said some anti-social
elements tied their hands,
stripped them and beat them
up in a market in broad daylight. The police did not take
immediate action and the
crowd too did not intervene,
the BSP leader alleged and
blamed the state government
too for not taking prompt
action against the culprits.
She accused the ruling BJP
of being ‘anti-dalit’ and said the
state police swung into action
only after the incident was
highlighted by the media.
Countering the allegations,
Urban Development and
Information and Broadcasting
Minister M Venkaiah Naidu
said Prime Minister Narendra
Modi was the “saviour” of the
entire country and said that as
per convention, name of any
political party should not be
taken while raising issues.
As Mayawati was speaking
on atrocities against dalits,
some BSP members trooped
into the Well raising slogans.
Chairman Hamid Ansari
then adjourned the House for
ten minutes.
udges of Calcutta High Court
have unanimously declined
to accept the Centre’s proposal for renaming it as Kolkata
High Court and have communicated the view of the full
court to Union Law Ministry.
“The Ministry has not yet
reverted back on the issue,” a
senior High Court official said
here on Monday.
“The Full Court of High
Court at Calcutta in a meeting
held on July 11 unanimously
declined to accept the proposal of the Government of India
for changing the name of ‘High
Court of Judicature at Calcutta’
to ‘High Court of Judicature at
Kolkata’ in view of long history and tradition associated
with the existing name of the
High Court at Calcutta,” High
Court Registrar General Sugato
Majumdar said in a communication to the Incorporated
Law Society (ILS) here as per
direction of the Chief Justice of
the High Court.
In the communication to
the ILS president, in reply to his
letter to the Chief Justice of
B Calcutta High Court Justice
Manjula Chellur protesting the
Centre’s decision, the registrar
general said “the view of the Full
Court has been communicated
to the Ministry of Law and
Justice, Government of India.”
“The name Calcutta has its
own grandeur and tradition,
dignity and heritage and it
should not be lost in oblivion,”
RK Khanna, president of ILS of
Calcutta High Court said,
adding “same would apply to
Bombay and Madras.”
“If necessary, we will make
an appeal to the President of
India to maintain the tradition,”
Khanna told PTI.
He said that he hoped that
as President Pranab Mukherjee
hails from West Bengal, he
would appreciate the sentiment.
“We totally support the resolution of the Full Court in this
regard,” Calcutta High Court
Bar Association general secretary Suranjan Dasgupta said.
West Bengal Law Minister
Moloy Ghatak could not be
reached over phone despite several attempts for the state government’s views in this regard.
The Calcutta High Court
has the distinction of being the
first High Court and one of the
three Chartered High Courts to
be set up in India, along with
the High Courts of Bombay
and Madras.
The High Court at Calcutta,
formerly known as the High
Court of Judicature at Fort
William, was brought into existence by the Letters Patent dated
May 14, 1862, issued under the
High Court’s Act, 1861.
Union Minister Ravi
Shankar Prasad had on July 5
said that the name of Calcutta
High Court would be changed
to Kolkata High Court alongwith Madras and Bombay high
Mumbai: The gangrape and
killing of a minor girl in
Ahmednagar district, today
rocked the Maharashtra
Assembly, as the Monsoon
Session of State Legislature got
Making a statement after
ruckus by the Opposition in the
Lower House, Chief Minister
Devendra Fadnavis said the
accused in the gangrape and
killing of the girl in Kopardi village of Ahmednagar district,
have been arrested and the
matter will be heard in a fasttrack court.
Ujjawal Nikam will be the
public prosecutor, he said.
The State Government has
given C5 lakh financial help to
the victim’s family, Fadnavis
DNA samples of the victim
and the accused have been
sent for forensic tests, he said.
Raising the issue in the
Lower House, Nationalist
Congress Party (NCP) legislator Ajit Pawar said the Kopardi
case was heinous than the
Nirbhaya gangrape in Delhi.
“I request CM Fadnavis to
take action against the guilty,
considering the victim as your
and our daughter,” Pawar, a former Deputy CM, said.
Former Chief Minister
Prithviraj Chavan insisted that
the House discuss the issue
today itself.
Leader of Opposition
Radhakrishna Vikhe Patil, who
raised the issue through an
adjournment notice, said the
matter was serious and the
House should discuss it.
Fadnavis said the matter
could be discussed in a meeting of party group leaders in
the House, before it is discussed
in the Assembly.
The House was later
adjourned after transacting
other items on the agenda,
which included paying condolences to former members of
the House and introduction of
new Ministers.
A 15-year-old girl was brutally raped last week, allegedly
by three men who inflicted
injuries all over her body and
broke her limbs before throttling her in the village in
Ahmednagar district, sparking
outrage as well as political
slugfest, with the Congress
demanding Fadnavis’ resignation on “moral grounds”. PTI
request him to take quick
action against the accused.
Meanwhile, Gujarat Chief
Minister Anandiben Patel took
to Twitter to express her pain
over the incident. “Deeply
pained by the incident,” she
tweeted on Monday. Gir
Somnath district administration has paid Rs 1 lakh each to
all the victims, she added.
The Gujarat Government
announced to set up a special
designated court in consultation with High Court for the
trial of the accused in the case.
The Government also decided
to hand over the case to CID
crime branch.
As many as eight people
were booked under Atrocities
Act and four police personnel
were suspended in the case.
The case is being investigated
by Deputy Superintendent of
Police of SC/ST cell.
C=A067D=0C70Q <D<108
n what came as a relief to
Maharashtra’s former beleaIguered
Minister and senior
BJP leader Eknath Khadse,
Anti—Terrorism Squad (ATS)
on Monday told the Bombay
High Court that it — in its preliminary investigations —
found that he had no terrorist
link nor had he exchanged
telephone calls with Karachibased under world don
Dawood Ibrahim.
In a submission made
before a HC division Bench of
0[[PWPQPS) 5^da_Tab^]bfTaT
Justices NH Patil and PD
Naik, Maharashtra’s ATS advo^dcbZXacb^UcWTRXchfWT]cWThV^c
cate Niteen Pradhan said that
there was no need for a CBI
RPdVWcUXaT^][hc^VTcad]^eTaQh inquiry into the allegations
made by the petitioner, since
the matter was being investifWX[TcahX]Vc^Ra^bbcWTcaPRZb
gated properly in the State.
“The ATS conducted prePc<P]SPA^PS^dcTaPQ^dc#
Z\bUa^\cWTRXchfWTaTcWTSaXeTa liminary inquiry. No terrorist
angle has been found as
alleged by the hacker. No calls
were exchanged between
Khadse and underworld don
Dawood, as alleged by the
hacker,” Pradhan told the twob_^ZTb\P]^U=^acW2T]caP[I^]T
member HC division Bench.
The HC division Bench is
hearing a petition filed by
Vadodara — based hacker
Manish Bhangale, demandb^\T^UcWT_PbbT]VTabPbPbXV]
ing a CBI probe into the
much-discussed KhadseUXaTCWTh_P]XRZTSP]SbcPacTS
Dawood call log case and
seeking police protection on
the ground that he faced a
threat to his life.
Bhangale, who claims
himself to be an “ethical hackf^\P]WPbQTT]XST]cXUXTSPb
er” had laid hands on the
telephone records of Dawood
Ibrahim by hacking into the
Pakistani Telecom Company’s
?C8 data base. He had claimed
?C8Q :>;:0C0
Dalit atrocities. They also
threatened to stop disposing of
animal carcasses from villages
and towns.
In Saurashtra city in
Surendranagar also, members
of Dalit communities brought
and dumped animal carcasses
at Tehsildar’s office. They
staged a protest rally in the
“We have made adequate
arrangements to control the situation,” Antrip Sood, SP, Rajkot
Rural, said.
Last week, a video of some
men beating half-naked members of Dalit community went
viral. The men, who claimed to
be cow protectors, were shown
beating the Dalit men allegedly for skinning a dead cow.
The Opposition Congress
also decided to submit memorandum to the Gujarat
Governor on Tuesday and
early this year that calls had
been made from Dawood’s
Karachi residence to then minister Khadse’s mobile number
Dismissing the petitioner’s
allegation the State ATS was
investigating the KhadseDawood call log case in a partial manner, Pradhan told the
High Court, “The claims made
by the petitioner that the
information provided by him
to the state machinery has
been taken lightly is not correct. We are doing the needful
and CBI probe is not required”.
While giving a prima facie
clean chit to Khadse, the ATS
lawyer told the HC division
bench that though nothing
incriminating information
linking the former minister
with Dawood had emerged,
certain other revelations have
come to the light in its investigations.
“Certain other serious
things have come to the fore
during the preliminar y
inquiry. But those will have to
be probed by experts from the
city police’s cyber crime cell.
The ATS will submit its preliminary inquiry report to
the cyber crime cell of the
police’s crime branch which
shall then investigate,”
Pradhan told the court.
Disposing of Bhangale’s
petition seeking a CBI inquiry
into his allegations against
Khadse, the HC Bench, “We
cannot jump to CBI every
time. We have to trust and
have faith in the state machinery also. If at a later stage the
petitioner feels probe is not
being done properly, he can
approach the High Court
A08?DAkCD4B30H k9D;H (! %
-$.7$& T
0=D?B70A<0Q 6DF07C8
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oth the Left and Congress
leadership in Bengal have
gone into a tizzy following
reports that about 20 of their
Legislators are set to join the
ruling Trinamool Congress.
Though their senior leaders
put up a brave front in public
saying this time round it would
be an uphill task for the
Trinamool to get Opposition
MLAs to defect to their side, in
private many of them said, “the
Trinamool has huge amount of
chit fund money which they will
now spend in buying off MLAs.”
The defection rumour of
got further impetus after
Trinamool vice-president
Mukul Roy conceded in public
that there were a number of
CPI(M) and Congress MLAs
who were in direct touch with
him and were waiting in the
sidelines to join the Trinamool
“Wait for a few more days
and you will see that 20 MLAs
from CPI(M) and the Congress
will join the Trinamool
Congress as they want to be a
part of the ongoing development programmes,” Roy said,
adding his party did not contact these Legislators, “rather
they contacted us.”
The Trinamool is going to
observe its Martyrs’ Day on July
B 21 which will be a first mass
gathering of the party after
Mamata Banerjee roared back
to power for the second time in
a row with a brute majority.
The defecting MLAs could
join the Trinamool on the same
day, inside sources said though
Roy would not make definite
comments on when such
“switch over” would take place.
Taking a dig at the LeftCongress alliance, Roy wondered “what is the basis of this
alliance. At times one wonders
what Rahul Gandhi and
Buddhadeb Bhattacharya told
each other when they jointly
addressed a public meeting in
Kolkata. Did they tell each
other to forgive and forget
whatever they had told against
each other?”
He added the MLAs who
wanted to join the Trinamool
were fed up with political
hypocrisy of their leaders and
so they had expressed their
desire to join the ruling party
“which is the only reliable
political force in the State.”
Roy’s statement was immediately rejected by the CPI(M)
and the Congress with senior
Marxist leader Rabin Deb saying “they hold an expertise in
engineering defection either
by using money power or by
showing threats but this time
they will not be able to do so
and there will be no defection
from our party.”
State Opposition Leader
and Congress veteran Abdul
Mannan also said that the
“Trinamool is making hollow
threats” and that “not a single
MLA from our party will join
them. They have already given
a written undertaking for not
doing so.”
Meanwhile, even as both
the Left and the Congress
sources complained of silent
threats being used by the
Trinamool leaders to induce
their elected representatives
like panchayat members to
join the Trinamool, PCC president Adhir Chowdhury had
started plans for mass movement against what he said the
“Trinamool’s dirty game plan.”
Sasaram (Bihar): A woman
has mortgaged her ‘mangalsutra’ to construct a toilet in her
house at Barahkhanna village
here following which Rohtas
district administration made
her the Brand Ambassador of
total sanitation programme
recognising her effort.
Phool Kumari took the
step after she had failed to raise
adequate money by working as
a cook at a local primary school
as her farm labourer husband’s
income is meagre, the local
panchayat said. She also braved
the opposition of male members of her family while mortgaging her ‘mangalsutra’ to
arrange the required money,
they said.
Rohtas District Magistrate
Animesh Kumar Parashar said,
“On Wednesday, I and other
district administration officials ould participate in the
inauguration of construction
work for a toilet at Kumari’s
house in the presence of her
husband and father-in-law.”
The woman was made
brand ambassador of the total
sanitation programme in the
district to inspire others, the
District Magistrate said.
“We will ensure that the
toilet is constructed within 10
days,” he said.
he first day of the Budget
Session of Assam Legislative
Assembly witnessed noisy
scenes on Monday over the
issue of ongoing agitation
regarding the issue of proposed auctioning of 12 oil fields
in Assam, leading to walkout by
the Opposition MLAs.
The problem started after
the members of Congress and
All India United Democratic
Front (AIUDF) demanded
the Speaker to have a discussion over the issue of
Statewide agitation regarding the Central Government’s
decision to auction 12 small
oil fields in Assam.
While the Leader of the
Opposition Debabrat Saikia
moved an adjournment
motion, AIUDF’s Aminul Islam
also moved an adjournment
motion demanding a discussion
over the issue. Congress
Legislator Ajanta Neog had
also submitted a notice to the
Speaker in this regard.
Speaker Ranjit Das, who
accepted the notice of Neog,
however, disallowed the discussion and said that the matter had been listed for discussion later.
At this, the Opposition
leaders rushed to the Well of
the House and insisted the
Speaker to allow the discussion.
At this BJP Legislator Suman
Haripriya rushed to the Well of
the House saying that the
Opposition members are going
to attack the Speaker. At this
other BJP MLAs also rushed to
the Well, forcing the Speaker to
temporarily adjourn the House
for five minutes.
When the House resumed,
the Opposition members again
rushed to the Well and demanded him to allow the discussion
on auction of oil fields. The
Speaker, however, went ahead
with the scheduled business of
the House leading to walkout by
erala’s Marxist Chief
Minister Pinarayi Vijayan
on Monday came down heavily on the Social Democratic
Party of India (SDPI), political
wing of Islamist outfit Popular
Front of India (PFI), describing it as an organisation that
was training people to commit
“There are certain organisations in our State that train
people to commit murder. The
SDPI is one among them. Their
aim is not to indulge in political work but to teach people
how to kill,” Pinarayi told the
State Assembly while replying
to a notice for adjournment
motion on the recent murder
of a Muslim League activist
allegedly by SDPI activists at
Velam near Kuttiyadi in
Kozhikode district.
Stating that political enmity was the reason behind the
killing of the Muslim League
worker, Pinarayi said that two
SDPI activists had already been
arrested in connection with the
crime. There would be a
detailed investigation to find
out whether the murder was
pre-planned, adding that the
influence of the SDPI was goring in Kerala.
Despite being a political
party, the SDPI is seen as an
Islamist organisation mainly
because of its connection with
the Popular Front. Almost all the
accused in the gruesome attack
on TJ Joseph, a professor, in July,
2010 in which his right hand was
chopped off for allegedly blaspheming Prophet Muhammad,
were SDPI activists.
“Stringent action will be
taken against such forces.
Necessary instructions have
already been given (to the
police) to ensure that such incidents (like the Muslim League
man’s murder) does not occur
again,” the Chief Minister
assured the Assembly, adding
that action would be taken after
inquiries if there was any failure
on the part of the police.”
While taking part in the
discussion over the notice for
auction 67 small oil and gas
fields that includes 12 from
Assam. Protests have rocked
different areas of the State
opposing the Centre’s move to
auction the 12 oilfields.
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PVPX]bcBPaPbfPcWX´bPR`dXccP[ #
Government on Monday
filed an appeal in the Madras
High Court challenging a
lower court’s verdict acquitting
Sankarachar ya Jayendra
Saraswathi, the pontiff of the
Kanchi Kamakotipeeth and
eight others in the 2002
Auditor S Radhakrishnan
assault case.
Justice R Subbiah who
heard the appeal, ordered
notice to all the accused
including Jayendra Saraswathi
(81) on the maintainability of
the plea and adjourned the
matter for hearing after two
Monday happened to be
the birthday of Jayendra
Saraswathi and the appeal
against the trial court order is
seen by the devotees of the
Mutt as Tamil Nadu
Government’s “birthday greetings” to the Pontiff.
The First Additional
Rajamanickam, the trial court
judge, on April 2016 had
acquitted all the accused. The
prosecution case was that
Radhakrishnan, a former auditor of the Kanchi Mutt, and his
wife were assaulted by a gang
on September 20, 2002 as a
result of the conspiracy
hatched by the pontiff. The
prosecution further charged
that the seer suspected the former auditor of sending anonymous letters in the name of
Somasekhara Ganapathigal
highlighting the irregularities
Radhakrishnan and his wife
were seriously injured in the
Jayendra Saraswathi, who
was upset over the development asked Sundaresa Iyer,
the Mutt manager and Raghu,
the brother of his junior
Vijayendra Saraswathi “to do
something to silence the letter writer”. The Chennai
Police had registered a case
against Jayendra Saraswathi
and 11 others in connection
with this case. While one
accused Ravi Subramanian
turned approver, two died
during the trial.
The pontiff was also an
accused in the 2004
Sankararaman murder case.
Sankararaman, a former devotee of Kanchi Mutt was found
murdered in the famous
Varadarajaperumal Temple at
Kanchi. Jayendra Saraswathi,
his junior Vijayendra
Saraswathi and 21 others were
listed as accused in the case.
But in the final verdict all were
acquitted following the failure
of the witnesses to establish the
role of the monks in the conspiracy
@69µcQb][email protected]^Y^W 602
+),`U_`\Ud_[Y\\*;UbQ\Q3= -," 4"
EA90H0A09Q :>278
the entire Opposition.
It may be mentioned here
that Union Petroleum
Pradhan recently announced
that the Centre is going to
the adjournment motion on the
Muslim League man’s murder
at Velam, Opposition Leader
Ramesh Chennithala agreed
with Pinarayi on almost all
points he had used to describe
the SDPI but charged the Chief
Minister and the CPI(M)-led
ruling LDF with adopting a soft
approach towards the Islamist
outfit. Stating that the RSS
and SDPI were two sides of the
same coin, Chennithala alleged
that the LDF was able to score
a huge victory in the last
Assembly election by appeasing
communal organisations. “This
is why the accused in murder
cases are said to be getting good
treatment in police stations,”
Chennithala said.
Moving the notice for the
adjournment motion, Parakkal
Abdullah, Muslim League member from Kuttiyadi, said the
SDPI was acting like a recruiting
agent of the ISIS and alleged that
there was an unholy relationship
between the police and that
outfit in the Velam area where
the murder was committed.
The MLA wanted a special
investigation team to probe
the case of the Muslim League
man’s murder. The CM said the
Government would consider
the demand seriously. Speaker
P Sreeramakrishnan refused
leave for the motion after the
Chief Minister’s reply following
which the Opposition staged a
walkout in the House.
'&""#- * "
fter introducing free nutriA
tious noon meal and
breakfast for school students in
the State, the Government of
Tamil Nadu launched on
Monday another innovative
scheme which is expected to
benefit 31.11 lakh students.
Hereafter students in
Government run schools, polytechniques, ITIs and arts and
science colleges can commute
freely in Tamil Nadu State
Transport Corporation buses to
attend their classes. They are
being provided with Smart
Cards which enable them to
commute to schools/colleges
and back free of cost in TNSTC
Jayalalithaa inaugurated the
scheme on Monday by distributing smart cards to five selected students from schools and
colleges in the State. The selected students were summoned to
Fort Saint George (Tamil Nadu
Government’s seat of power)
where Jayalalithaa handed over
them the smart cards.
A release issued by the
Government said all students in
schools, Government arts and
science colleges, Governmentrun ITIs and polytechniques
would be benefited by this
scheme which is expected to
cost the exchequer C504.31
The release also said that
the Jayalalithaa-led Government
has been implementing various
schemes to ensure that students from poor economic
background get education without any break. It pointed out
that students in the State have
been provided with bicycles,
laptops with free internet connectivity, nutritious breakfast
and meals and also education
equipment like school bags and
instrument boxes. The
AIADMK Government has also
launched free sanitary napkin
scheme for girl students.
The 2016 Assembly election manifesto of the AIADMK
had promised a number of
scheme to student community
in the State including waiver of
education loans for those who
availed the loan and failed to
get employment.
0=D?B70A<0Q 6DF070C8
ssam Finance Minister
Himanta Biswa Sarma on
Monday launched a scathing
attack against Congress party,
particularly against former
Prime Minister Manmohan
Singh and former Assam Chief
Minister Tarun Gogoi and said
that both conspired to break
Gujarat’s economy by debarring
oil companies to pay royalty to
State on the well head price
determined by the actual price
of equivalent crude oil prevailing in the international market.
Sarma said this on
Monday while addressing a
conference after the first day of
the Budget Session of the
Assam Legislative Assembly
and said due to the conspiracy hatched by the duo, oil producing Assam also suffered.
“Singh and Gogoi colluded
to break the Gujarat economy
as the State was ruled by the
BJP and Narendra Modi was
Chief Minister in 2008. The
Congress could not defeat
Modi in Gujarat so they wanted to cripple the State economically, however, it did not
happen. Gujarat moved court
and court ordered payment of
royalty at pre-discounted price
with effect from February 1,
2014,” Sarma said.
“This, however, affected oil
producing State like Assam.
Chief Minister Tarun Gogoi
had often used the issue of oil
royalty to criticise the BJP
Government at the Centre since
BJP came to power at the Centre
in 2014. Gogoi remained silent
on the issue since 2008.
However, when the BJP
Government came to power he
shouting that Modiji has done
this injustice to Assam,” he said.
“I would have moved
motion in the House today to
censor him. However, due to
extreme personal regard for Dr
Singh, I am refraining myself
from doing this,” he said adding
that Manmohan Singh did this
to Assam, the state which have
elected him several times to
Rajya Sabha.
Gogoi also never discussed
the issue in the state cabinet,
Sarma said. It may be mentioned
here that Ministry of Petroleum
and Natural Gas on Friday last
examined the matter of onshore
royalty at pre-discounted prices
on the interim decision of the
Supreme Court dated February
13, 2014 and it was decided that
ONGC Limited and Oil India
Limited would pay royalty to all
similarly placed crude oil producing States, including Assam
at pre-discounted prices with
effect from February 1, 2014.
A08?DAkCD4B30H k9D;H (! %
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'%"+&("7% - ",
/-"+("*&4&" -&*&&" ' &"4%"4
%"/&"'-&#- " 7%)"
[email protected]
'' "$#""' $-4"'&+
%","!)-.$#")"' %
,$= !)-"'%"&-*""
*&"$&" #)",,=
%(7" %-),"+*% "
%" 7"&$*&#)"+
7H34A0103) RBI on Monday
said it will become easier in
coming weeks for people to
transfer funds between bank
accounts through their smartphones.
Speaking at the IDRBT
Technolog y
Excellence Awards function,
RBI Governor Raghuram
Rajan also made a case for tax
benefits to merchants for promoting digital transactions.
Leveraging the high
mobile density, mobile banking services are being encouraged through inter-operable
USSD channel like *99# and
the Unified Payments
Interface (UPI).
“I am especially enthused
by UPI, as smartphones
become more widely available.
Transfers from bank account
to bank account will become
easier in a few weeks via
smartphone through the
Unified Payment Interface,”
the Governor said.
Elaborating, Rajan said a
villager needing to pay a shopkeeper only needs to know the
[email protected] to transfer
“Neither needs to visit
the bank to take out or deposit
money, no point of sale
machine is needed. With the
price of smartphones falling
sharply, we are on the verge of
solving the last-mile problem,” he said.
The Governor said that
despite the huge potential,
activation rates and usage levels of electronic payment services remain at low levels
though growth is picking up.
“No doubt, the fear of
taxation as payments move
from cash to electronic plays
a part in dampening activity.
As information technology
brings down the possible
space to avoid or evade tax,
and as the benefits... I have no
doubt that merchants will
push more for electronic payments,” he said.
“Some tax benefits to
those merchants who show
increases in digital transactions, and perhaps innovative
=4F 34;78) Tata Steel on
Monday said it will seek
shareholders nod to raise up
to C10,000 crore through
v ar i ou s d e bt s e c u r it i e s
including redeemable nonc onve r t i bl e d e b e ntu re s
The firm will approach
its shareholders at its annual general meeting scheduled
for next month, it said in a
regulatory filing.
It plans to “create, offer,
invite for subscription, issue
and allot, from time to time,
in one or more tranches
and/ or series, whether
s e c u re d or u ns e c u re d
redeemable NCDs including but not limited to bonds
and/or other debt securities, denominated in Indian
rupees or any foreign currency aggregating to an
am ou nt n ot e xc e e d i ng
C10,000 crore or its equivalent...”
The issue will be on a
private placement basis, during the period of one year
from the date of this Annual
General Meeting (scheduled
for August 12) or such other
period as may be permitted
under the Act....., it added.
Explaining the rationale
behind the exercise, Tata
Steel said over the last few
years, the company has been
investing in its steel making
facilities in India and mining
assets worldwide, while continuing to upgrade its facilities in Europe and SouthEast Asia.
“The company seeks to
balance its growth ambitions
with its goal of having a
h e a lt hy b a l an c e s h e e t .
Growth opportunities are
c are f u l ly e v a lu ate d and
benchmarked against its cost
of capital. Moreover, all
selected growth projects are
phased keeping in mind the
financial health of the company,” it added.
As a s t e p t ow ard s
improving its capital structure, the firm strives to maximise the use of internal
accruals and to monetise its
non-core assets regularly to
fund capital expenditure, it
It also seeks to continuously optimise its borrowings by ensuring they are
aligned in terms of quantum,
risk, maturity and cost with
its earnings profile.
“Financial markets are
very dynamic in nature and
it is hard to predict when
and which market may provide us with windows of
opportunity to raise capital
that is cost-effective, has
better terms and can help
lengthen our maturity profile,” Tata Steel said.
7H34A0103 :
Raghuram Rajan on Monday
said the current level of the
rupee is “pretty reasonable” and
any attempt to devalue it may
lead to a surge in inflationary
pressures and “offset any benefits”.
He also said that India has
to go a long way to reach the per
capita GDP level of China and
needs many more years of sustainable strong growth.
Rajan was speaking here at
an interactive session at National
Institute of Rural Development
and Panchayati Raj.
“The issue of value of the
rupee is a complicated one.
Some people think that to
increase exports, the answer is
devaluing rupee. There are,
strictly, ways of doing it (deval-
uation), but lot of them require
significant actions on the financial system that some of our
neighbouring countries used
for long time,” Rajan replied to
query on the devaluation of
rupee to deal with the global
“It has lot of side effects
including...The inflation will
pick up in this country if you
have to pay significantly more
for your imports. You have to
pay significantly more for your
oil, it will have inflationary
“It (devaluation of rupee)
may offset any benefits you get
from the devaluation. My belief
is that today’s value of the rupee
is pretty reasonable and I don’t
think we should emphasise
moving one way or the other as
the answer to any problem,” he
On growth, Rajan said
India’s growth rate has to be
stronger and sustainable to
reach Chinese levels.
He said: “China’s per capita GDP is about four times of
India today. So yes, we have a
long way to catch with the level
of per capita GDP and that
means many years of strong sustainable growth.
“I want to emphasise here,
because a few years of growth
will not help. After those few
years, we have very slow
growth. We need sustainable
growth which is why we need
systems in place, we need
macro-stability in addition to
the growth.”
He said India’s credit to
GDP is 50 per cent, which is significantly below when compared to some of the emerging
markets such as China, where
the value is 150 per cent.Rajan
said growth should not happen
at the cost ofenvironmental
“Now whether just the
GDP numbers are not enough
to say that we have developed...Absolutely not. It is good
we reach their level of per
capita GDP without the environmental damage that has
occurred in some parts of
China, that is also occurring in
some parts of India.
“We have to have an environmental sustainable development path and also we have
to have equitable development
path,” he added.
ways to encourage customer
participation, may be beneficial.”
Rajan also stressed on the
importance of systems that
offer security of transactions
even to the unsophisticated
user and do not place a huge
burden of care on them.
“There is no point creating security for the ideal customer, instead the system
05?Q ;>=3>=
apanese mobile giant
SoftBank has agreed a cash
takeover of iPhone chip designer ARM Holdings for around
24.3 billion pounds, the pair
said on Monday, in a major
investment boost for postBrexit Britain.
“We have long admired
ARM as a world renowned and
highly respected technology
company that is by some distance the market-leader in its
field,” SoftBank chairman and
chief executive Masayoshi Son
said of the deal valuing the
British group at about $32 billion or 29 billion euros.
Son added that the deal
marked SoftBank’s “strong
commitment to the UK and the
competitive advantage provided by the deep pool of science
and technology talent” in the
university city of Cambridge
where ARM is headquartered.
Britain’s new finance minister Philip Hammond praised
the mega deal that comes amid
warnings about a slowdown to
growth in the country after its
vote last month to exit the
European Union.
“This 24 billion pounds
investment would be the largest
ever from Asia into the UK,”
Hammond said in a separate
“It would guarantee to double the number of jobs in
ARM in the UK over the next
five years and turn this great
British company into a global
“Just three weeks after the
referendum decision, it shows
that Britain has lost none of its
allure to international investors.
Britain is open for business and open to foreign investment,” said Chancellor of the
Exchequer Hammond.
Analysts said the vast
weakening of the pound, in
particular against the dollar,
since the referendum result is
making British companies
attractive for foreign groups.
“We can see in this deal the
effect of Brexit and the collapse
in the pound as British companies become ripe takeover
targets,” said Neil Wilson, analyst at ETX Capital trading
“A lot more British firms
could become foreign-owned
quite soon,” he added - also
after South African general
retail group Steinhoff
International last week agreed
a takeover of British discounter
Poundland for around 597 million pounds.
SoftBank meanwhile said it
would offer 17 pounds for
each ARM share, a premium of
around 43 per cent compared
with Friday’s closing price of
11.89 pounds. That resulted in
ARM’s share price rocketing 45
per cent in early trade today.
“The consideration values
the entire existing issued and to
be issued share capital of ARM
at approximately 24.3 pounds
billion,” said the company statement.
ARM chairman Stuart
Chambers said the “compelling” offer for the company’s
shareholders “secures the delivery of future value today and in
He added: “The Board
believes that by accessing all the
resources that SoftBank has to
offer, ARM will be able to further accelerate the use of ARMbased technology wherever
computing happens.”
ARM develops and licenses technology central to digital
electronic devices, including
those made for Apple’s fierce
rival Samsung.
should incorporate the possibility of mistakes by the actual customer that we have,” the
Governor said.
Rajan emphasised that the
payment mechanism should
be cheap and scalable so that
they are suited to the economy where ticket sizes are
small but transaction volumes
An additional desirable
element would be for the different payment systems to be
inter-operable – or at least be
able “to talk to each other”.
An effective process of
consumer redressal that allows
speedy and fair resolution of
customer complaints is also
needed, he said, adding that
“so long as customers adhere
to a reasonable level of care,
residual risks should be
absorbed by the operator”.
Rajan further said that
while banks find it “more
profitable” to cater to requirements of privileged customers,
the digital divide should not
widen as more and more digital payment options are being
designed to serve requirements of those who already
have access, but a large segment of society is left dependent on cash.
The Governor is of the
view that no technology-based
or digital services can be
offered without consideration
for security of transactions,
pointing to a recent spate of
frauds (through vishing and
phishing) in some segments of
payment services.
“Banks have a very high
level of responsibility when
adopting digital channels – to
not only ensure security of the
channel at infrastructure level,
protect data security and personal privacy at system level,
but also address the need to
build customer awareness on
security matters,” Rajan said.
The Reserve Bank, Rajan
said, will soon be laying down
the framework for customer
liability in electronic payments.
Banks have to necessarily build
this aspect into their customer
education and grievance handling processes.
=4F 34;78) The CBDT on
Monday cautioned blackmoney
holders saying it has prepared
a database of about “nine lakh
pieces” of instances of highvalue transactions whom it
will soon “confront” during the
ongoing one-time black money
window scheme.
Central Board of Direct
Taxes (CBDT) Chairman
Atulesh Jindal, while talking to
reporters here, said all those
people who have such untaxed
assets and funds should come
forward and make their declarations before it is too late to
utilise the Income Declaration
Scheme (IDS) that ends on
September 30.
“A detailed exercise has
been carried out and we have
prepared a database of 9 lakh
pieces of information (on cases
of high-value and potential
unreported cases)....It (database) has been prioritised.
This is one area to tackle
the tax evasion besides other
enforcement measures. We will
issue them (taxpayers) letters
and confront them that we have
“We will certainly like to
give them opportunity to come
clean. People should avail this
window. We want to say that we
have this database and we will
make them aware about this.
The option is with them (to use
the IDS or not),” Jindal said.
He said over one lakh cases
under this database relate to
transactions of over C1 crore.
The CBDT boss, to whom
the Income Tax department
reports, called the IDS a onetime opportunity given to black
money holders to come clean.
“The Finance Minister has
clarified in all the meetings that
this (IDS) is not an immunity
scheme and any comparison
with past disclosure schemes
should not be done. We have
tried to give an opportunity to
those taxpayers to come clean,
who, because of some reasons
could not report their correct
income in the past...Just an
opportunity has been given,
just a window has been given,”
he said.
He said the I-T department
is “very very serious” about
combating tax evasion.
“We have an extensive
database of information collected from various sources
which we are utilising and
we will utilise more effectively during the days to
come,” he said.
As part of the IDS exercise, the CBDT recently clarified that black money declarants using the one-time compliance window cannot pay
tax and penalty from undisclosed income to bring down
their liability and such acts
will not get any immunity.?C8
+8/4JURZVWRCFU 7^b_XcP[XchX]SdbcahX]\XSbc^UcdaQd[T]cRWP]VTb)>QTa^X
=4F34;78)FMCG major HUL
on Monday reported a 9.79 per
cent increase in its standalone net
profit at C1,173.90 crore for the
first quarter ended June, driven
by growth across all segments
and improvement in margins.
The company, which today
announced investment of about
C1,000 crore to set up a new
manufacturing unit at Doom
Dooma in Assam, had posted a
net profit of C1,069.16 crore in
April-June quarter of the previous fiscal.
Hindustan Unilever’s net
sales were up 3.56 per cent at
C7,987.74 crore during the quarter under review as against
C7,712.71 crore a year before, the
company said in a statement.
“Net profit at C1,173.90 crore
was up 10 per cent, aided by a
one-time writeback of provision
for pension benefits arising from
plan amendments,” the company said.
Its lower input costs led to
100 bps reduction in cost of
goods sold, and brand investments were maintained at competitive levels across segments.
“During the quarter, against
the backdrop of a challenging
environment where market
growth further slowed in both
volume and value terms, the
business continued to track
ahead of market with sustained
margin improvement,” said
=4F 34;78) FMCG major
HUL on Monday said it plans
to invest of about C1,000 crore
to set up a new facility at Doom
Dooma in Assam, while
announcing a change in its
management committee after
the resignation of ED and VP,
Development, Punit Misra.
The new manufacturing
unit will be in the vicinity of
the existing factory premises
in Doom Dooma. It is expected to be commissioned in
early 2017 and will augment
the production capacity of
personal care products for
HUL, the company said in a
“This investment is subject to receipt of requisite
approvals and clearances,” it
added. At present, Hindustan
Unilever Ltd has a manufacturing facility in Doom Dooma
Industrial Estate of Upper
Assam set up in 2001.
HUL in a statement.
“Domestic consumer business growth was at 4 per cent,
with 4 per cent underlying volume growth and operating
margin expansion by 70 bps.
The growth was broad-based
across segments.”
Expenses in the period
went up 2.78 per cent to
C6,585.58 crore as against
C6,407.39 crore a year ago.
HUL Chairman Harish
Manwani said: “In slowing
market conditions, the business
is tracking ahead of the market
with sustained margin improvement. We continue to make
progress on our priorities of
strengthening the core of our
business while driving operational efficiencies.”
He further said: “While
the near-term market growth is
likely to remain muted, we are
optimistic for the medium term
and remain focused on driving
competitive and profitable
HUL’s revenue from the
home care segment was up
6.77 per cent at C2,559.64 crore
during the quarter as against
C2,397.24 crore in the previous
period, led by healthy volumes.
“In fabric wash, growth
was driven by the premium segment with Surf, the largest
brand sustaining its strong
growth momentum. In household care, Vim liquids continued to do well while in the
water (segment), the strategic
interventions taken to play in
the wider market are starting to
deliver,” said HUL.
=4F 34;78) The hospitality
industry is in the midst of “turbulent changes” at present due
to disruptions by new-age technology driven businesses such
as Airbnb, Ola and Uber,
according to EIH Executive
Chairman PRS Oberoi.
Addressing the company’s
shareholders in the company’s
annual report of 2015-16,
Oberoi further said that external risks from incidents like terror attacks in Paris, Brussels
and Orlando will have a negative impact on the tourism sector.
“We view the hospitality
industry presently in midst of
turbulent changes. With the
advent of internet, easy smartphone access and ubiquitous
mobile coverage, the business
to consumer model has
become the norm and the
online travel agents are growing exponentially,” he said.
Explaining further how the
old economy business model is
being forced to change by
newer technologies, he added:
“Telephone incomes in hotels
have been disrupted by mobile
telephones and ground transportation threatens to be overtaken by companies such as
taxi aggregators such as Uber
and Ola.”
Almost all large hotel companies have changed their business models from asset intensive to asset light thus transforming themselves to pure
management companies, he
On a global perspective,
Oberoi said: “The recent merger of Starwood with Marriott
valued Starwood at over $13
billion will create the largest
hotel company in the world
with more than 1.1 million
rooms. This would undoubtedly have an impact on rates
and rebalance occupancy levels in highly consolidated markets.”
Companies such as Airbnb
are reportedly valued at around
$25 billion, largely underpinned by revenues diverted
from hotels to private homes,
he said.
Stressing on the external
risks from terrorism, he said it
will continue to bear negatively against tourism.
“The recent terrorist
attacks in Paris, Brussels and
Orlando would have a significant impact on travellers’ sentiment. The industry and the
Government must take significant steps to counter any slowdown,” Oberoi said.
He also asked the Finance
Ministry to accord full infrastructure status to all hotel
projects saying the current status is “highly restrictive” and
granted to hotel projects in
cities with population of less
than one million and development costs of over C200 crore,
not including land cost or lease
charges. In terms of openings
of new properties, EIH Ltd,
which runs hotels and resorts
under Oberoi and Trident
brands, is planning to open
more new hotels in India and
overseas by the end of 2019 as
part of its expansion plans.
“The Oberoi Al Zorah
located in the United Arab
Emirates is in the final phase of
construction... The Hotel is
expected to open in the last
quarter of 2016,” EIH Ltd said
in the company’s latest annual
The Oberoi, Marrakech is
under construction. In addition
to the luxury hotel consisting
of 109 keys, Oberoi branded
villas for sale are planned within the development. The hotel
is scheduled to open in the last
quarter of 2016, it added.
Construction of Oberoi,
Casablanca is in progress. The
hotel is scheduled to open in the
last quarter of 2018, EIH said.
“The Oberoi Al Zorah,
Oberoi Marrakech and Oberoi
Casablanca will all be managed
by a wholly owned subsidiary
of the company,” it added.
Construction of Oberoi,
Doha is currently underway.
The hotel is scheduled to
open in the first quarter of
2019 and will be managed by
an overseas subsidiary of the
company, EIH said.
In India, the construction
of Oberoi Sukhvilas near
Chandigarh is in the final phase
of completion. The hotel will be
managed by the company and
is scheduled to open in October,
2016, it added.
The work has commenced
on Oberoi Rajgarh Palace located near Khajuraho in Madhya
Pradesh. The construction at
the site is progressing, EIH
In Goa, the planning consent for the company’s 55 acre
beach front site is awaited.
Other Government and environmental approvals are in the
process of being obtained.
The planning in respect of
Oberoi Hotel and luxury branded residences in Bengaluru is
presently in progress, it added.
The planning and design of
Oberoi luxury service apartments in Lusail, Qatar is also in
progress. It is scheduled to
open in the last quarter of
2018. The development will be
managed by an overseas subsidiary of the company.
A luxury jungle resort ‘The
Oberoi Gir’, spread over 50
acres, located on the periphery
of Gir National Park in Gujarat
is scheduled to open in the last
quarter of 2019.
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?C8Q =4F34;78
he BCCI respects Supreme Court's
verdict on sweeping reforms in the
cricket board and it will work
towards implementing the recommendations made by the Lodha panel, senior
BCCI functionary and IPL chairman
Rajeev Shukla said on Monday.
"We respect SC's decision. Will look
into how we can implement the Lodha
panel recommendations," Shukla was
quoted as saying by television channels.
The Supreme Court on Monday
accepted major recommendations of the
Lodha Committee on reforms in BCCI
including a bar on ministers and civil servants and those above 70 from becoming its members but left it to Parliament
to decide whether it should come under
Former India cricketers Bishan Singh
Bedi and Kirti Azad too hailed the verdict of the apex court.
"Let's all accept Supreme Court's verdict gracefully & humbly-after all isn't
health o Indn Crkt more imp than any
personality pol/otherwise!" tweeted Bedi.
Azad too took to Twitter to express
his views.
5A><;45C) 8?;RWPXa\P]APYTTeBWdZ[P1228bTRaTcPah0YPhBWXaZTP]S1228_aTbXST]c0]daPVCWPZdaX]PUX[T_W^c^
#SupremeCourt accepts Justice Lodha
committee report. Wait for my further 1228=443B<4<>A4)B78A:4
"I have always said that I have no fasaction against #DDCA and #BCCI,"
BCCI secretary Ajay Shirke on cination for designations. If somebody
wrote Azad, who alongside Bedi has led Monday made it clear that he will be relin- wants, they can take away both posts
a crusade against corruption in the quishing his post of president of (BCCI and MCA) from me. But if you ask
Maharashtra Cricket Association as the me, I feel at this juncture, the board (BCCI)
A bench of Chief Justice T S Thakur "parent body will need him more" in a sit- needs me more than my state association.
and Justice F M I Kalifulla also rejected uation when it is going through major I am a person who will not run away from
BCCI's objection against recommenda- structural reforms.
my responsibilities unless the members ask
tions for one-state-one-vote and said that
With Supreme Court making it clear me to do so," Shirke told.
states like Maharashtra and Gujarat hav- that it will be a case of one post per perIncidentally, under the One-State One
ing more than one cricket associations son in the cricket body, the Pune based Vote recommendation by Lodha panel
will have voting rights on rotational basis. business tycoon has made his choice.
which has been accepted by Supreme
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CHANDIGARH: 7PahP]P V^eTa]\T]c fX[[
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bPXS cWPc cW^bT _[PhTab fW^ f^d[S QaX]V
[PdaT[b c^ cWT R^d]cah P]S cWT bcPcT Qh
W^]^daTS fXcW RPbW PfPaSb Pb _Ta cWT
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^U C% Ra^aT Xb VXeT] U^a fX]]X]V V^[S
Ra^aT U^a Qa^]iT \TSP[ 0[b^ TPRW
_PacXRX_P]c VTcb C $ [PZW X] RPbW Pb P
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c^ bd\\Xc :T]hPb <^d]c :X[X\P]YPa^ c^
cWT =T[b^] <P]ST[P 5^d]SPcX^] bPXS WT
U^d]SPcX^] bPXS cWT PcW[TcT fPb _Pac ^U P
CaTZ#<P]ST[P cTP\ W^_X]V c^ bd\\Xc c^
cWTh fTaT R[X\QX]V X] bd__^ac ^U VXa[b
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MUMBAI: CWT 1^\QPh 7XVW 2^dac ^]
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NEW DELHI: 0b^UUa^PSTabUa^\PRa^bb
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'&"2 "2
Court, Maharashtra despite being the
mother state may not have voting rights
along with Vidarbha as Mumbai is the
biggest cricket team from the region.
However rotation policy may allow one
unit to get voting right per year.
Shirke said that the board members
will be meeting in Mumbai next week as
there are a few meetings lined up at the
Cricket Centre.
"We have to study and digest the 143page report first. The members will be land-
ing in Mumbai as there are a few routine
meetings lined up regarding the finances.
The balance sheet is being prepared. Since
the members will be coming, it is only obvious that we will be speaking and the issue
will come up for discussion. Together, we
will chart a road ahead," said Shirke.
It will be interesting as to what
decision BCCI president and BJP MP
Anurag Thakur takes as he is also the
president of Himachal Pradesh Cricket
Association (HPCA).
?C8 Q =4F34;78
e careful what you wish for kid",
was British boxing star Amir
Khan's response to Vijender Singh
and his promoters' proposal of a
possible showdown with the Indian
in the coming few months.
Congratulating the Vijender
for winning the WBO Asia Pacific
Super Middleweight title here on
Saturday, Khan also reacted to
Vijender and his promoter
Queensberry Promotions hints at
a possible face off.
"Congratulations to @boxervijender on the win. Careful what
you wish for kid!," tweeted Khan,
a former Olympic silver-medallist
and WBA light welterweight world
The 30-year-old Vijender
clinched his seventh straight win
and the Super Middleweight title by
outlasting former WBC European
champion Kerry Hope in a 10round contest.
"Mine and Amir's weight categories are different. So, in case he
increases his weight or I decrease
mine then we can work it out. We
are thinking about it, so let's see. I
hope that when that big fight happens, it happens in India only," said
Khan, who is currently in
Dubai, recently tried himself in the
middleweight by taking on world
champion Saul Canelo Alvarez.
However, it ended in disaster for
him when he was knocked out in
the sixth round.
The Pakistan-origin boxer had
expressed a desire to take on
Vijender in India before the showdown with Alvarez.
Vijender Singh has had to
unlearn a few tactics from his amateur days in his unbeaten journey
to the WBO Asia Pacific title,
reveals the Indian boxing star's
renowned British trainer Lee Beard
=^ b_^cX]CTbc
?C8Q 3D108
who "makes it hard for him in the
gym to make him more spiteful and
angry in the ring".
Beard, who has worked with
the likes of Floyd Mayweather Sr
besides being the assistant trainer
to former world champion Ricky
Hatton, detailed Vijender's rise to
the WBO title that was won amid
frenzied fans here on Saturday.
"All his amateur experience has
been a huge help for him because
he has won on some very big occasions — Olympics, World
Championships. By the time he
turned pro, he had already learnt
to deal with pressure. He was
smart and skillful even before he
came to me. I have only added to
his game, made him think differently," Beard said.
"I have tried to make him
punch harder and harder and use
his jab more. His footwork used to
slow him down because as an
amateur he used to run around in
the ring. The main thing he has
unlearnt is the footwork from
amateur days with regards to running around the ring. It's no good
for a 10-round bout," he added.
Beard, who fondly calls
Vijender just V, said another aspect
of the Indian's game he has tried to
improve is his defence.
"He is more fluent now, there
is bit more rhythm. His defence is
also so much better now. Now
when you see him in the ring, it is
not easy to connect to him because
he is walking, turning, his defensive jab has improved a lot. His allround understanding, his patience
and control over the fight has
improved. He can't be reached
that easily. I have educated him
about energy because in Olympics
it is just three rounds so the pace
is very fast. But in pro, you have to
slow it down a bit.
"When I spoke about energy
with him I said 'V, there is a glass
of water here, when you drink it
the level goes down, imagine that
is your energy. So if you are in the
fight, and every time you throw a
punch, it is like you are drinking
and the level will go down. So you
have got to be careful that you
don't empty it before the final
bell'," explained the Manchesterbased coach.
rist spinner Yasir Shah
has scaled the number
spot in the ICC Test rankings,
becoming the first Pakistani
bowler to do so since Mushtaq
Ahmed achieved the feat in
December 1996.
He reached the numberone spot after bowling Pakistan
to a 75-run victory over
England in the first Test at
Lord's on Sunday.
Yasir, who returned with
figures of six for 72 and four for
69, has leapfrogged India spinner Ravichandran Ashwin and
England's fast bowling pair of
James Anderson (who missed
the Test due to an injury) and
Stuart Broad into the top spot
after his achievement earned
him 32 points.
Yasir won the player of the
match award in his first Test
outside Asia and now leads
Ashwin by seven points and
Anderson by 10 points.
The 30-year-old looks
strong to gain further points
and create more daylight
between him and rest of the
field as he is still in the qualification period. A bowler qualifies for a full rating after he has
taken 100 wickets, while Yasir
has so far claimed 86 wickets
in 13 Tests.
Pakistan's Rahat Ali, who
took four wickets in the match,
has also achieved a careerhigh ranking of 32nd after
jumping three places, while
Mohammad Amir has returned
to the rankings just inside the
top 100 in 93rd position.
There was more good news
for Pakistan when its middleorder batsman Asad Shafiq
also achieved a career-high
ranking in the batsmen rankings.
Asad scored 73 and 49 for
which he has been rewarded
with a jump of two places that
has put him in 11th spot. Asad
now has a top 10 place firmly
within his sights as he trails
10th ranked Sri Lanka captain
Angelo Mathews by seven
Pakistan captain Mishabul-Haq, who scored his 10th
Test century while scoring 114
in the first innings, has moved
up one place to ninth, while
wicketkeeper/batsman Sarfraz
Ahmed has gained two places
and is now in 17th position.
For England, Jonny
Bairstow and Gary Ballance
have improved their rankings.
Bairstow is now on a careerhigh 16th position after moving up two places, while
Ballance is in 40th position
having risen two places.
A08?DAkCD4B30H k9D;H (! %
?=BQ =4F34;78
espite India sending its record
contingent for Olympics with
121 athletes, Indian Olympic
Ramachandran was not interested in
putting too much weight on the athletes' shoulders and said that qualifying in itself is difficult for Olympics.
A total of 121 athletes, including
54 women, will represent India at next
months' Summer Olympics, which is
one third more than the 83 athletes
participated in the 2012 London
"The contingent this time is one
third more than last time and this itself
proves that Indian athletes are improving. It is not just about winning
medals but qualifying to participate in
the Olympics itself is a huge thing,"
Ramachandran said during IOA's
official send-off ceremony of the
Indian Olympic contingent.
"If you want the athletes to do
well, don't put pressure on them.
Creating undue pressure only spoils
their focus. So let them enjoy and give
their best," he added.
Ramachandran also said that he
wants the IOA to be self-dependent on
the lines of the US Olympic
Association. "In the next few years, I
want to see the IOA to function like
the US Olympic Association. In the
US, the association doesn't depend on
the government for funding. I don't
know if it happens during my tenure
or not but I want the IOA to generate its own source of funds without
depending on the government. At present the total brand value of IOA is
C500 crore," he said.
Tennis ace Sania Mirza, shuttlers
PV Sindu and Kidambi Srikanth, talented wrestlers Vinesh Phogat, Babita
and Sandeep Tomar and paddler
Manika Batra were some of the wellknown athletes present on the occasion.
Also present there at the event was
IOA's Goodwill Ambassadors Salman
Khan and music maestro AR
"People have a lot of hope from
this contingent, I wish you guys all the
very best. I am here from Bombay to
give you a send-off and respect that
you deserve. I know how difficult it is
to be a sportsperson and I know it
because I couldn't become one," said
the Sultan star. "I didn't have that much
Vinesh Phogat may be
representing India in her
maiden Olympics next month,
but that hasn't prevented her
from reducing her expectations level any bit as the Balali
wrestler will be aiming nothing but Gold in Rio. The 21year-old who will be competing in the women's 48kg
believes the help she will get
from her sisters Geet and
Babita Phogat will help her go
long way at Rio. She tells
on how she not just wants to
be the wrestling queen, but the
sports queen itself
strength to become a sportsman but
you guys have it and that's why you
guys have qualified. Go there and give
your best. Please don't come early."
Dipa Karmakar, who rocked the
entire nation when she became the
first Indian female gymnast to qualify for Olympics in 52 years, said her
primary target at the Summer
Olympics is to first reach the final
"My preparation is going well. I
want to do well in Rio. My first target will be reach the final first," the 22year-old from Agartala said. "I am trying to improve my score by at least
0.34 points then also it will be great.
My practice is going on well and I am
trying to improve on that. I'm practicing in Indira Gandhi stadium."
One of the highlights of the athletes' career so far was when she
?C8Q =4F34;78
X\_[T\T]cPcX^] ^U cWT Bd_aT\T 2^dac
eTaSXRc ^] ;^SWP 2^\\XccTTb
CWT QP[[ Xb X] 1228b R^dac
8\_[T\T]cPcX^] WPb c^ QT S^]T Qh
1228 1228 ]TTSb c^ cPZT ]^cT ^U cWT
Bd_aT\T 2^dac ^aSTa P]S ;^SWP
R^\\XccTT aT_^ac 0b UPa Pb 8 P\
^UUXRXP[ bT]S^UU ^U cWT 8]SXP] >[h\_XR
6^T[ aTUdbTS c^ SaPf X]c^ P]h
0?Q C>A>=C>
n investigator looking
into Russian doping
found the country's statedirected cheating program
resulted in at least 312 falsified
results and lasted from 2011
through at least last year's
world swimming championships.
The investigator, Richard
McLaren, dubbed Russia's
program the "disappearing
positive methodology." But
he did not make any recommendations for the future of
the Russian team, saying it
was up to others, including
the International Olympic
Committee, to "absorb and act
upon" the 97-page report.
McLaren said allegations
made by Moscow's former
anti-doping lab director about
sample switching at the Sochi
Olympics went much as
described in a New York
Times story in May. That
program involved dark-ofnight switching of dirty samples with clean ones; it prevented Russian athletes from
testing positive.
But McL aren, whose
report went public Monday,
said Russia's cheating also
included the 2013 track world
championships in Moscow
and was in place during the
2015 swimming world championships in Kazan.
Russia's deputy minister
of sports would direct lab
workers which positive samples to send through and
which to hold back.
He said the 312 results
that were held back represented only a "small slice" of the
data that could have been
examined. McLaren had only
57 days for his investigation,
which was commissioned by
the World Anti-Doping
Agency after the Times story
came out.
Time was of the essence
because the Olympics begin
Aug 5, and decisions about
Russia's participation in Rio
must be made.
?=BQ =4F34;78
0?Q ?4B0A>
match, which he took, on his third
match point. The Argentines celebrated on the clay court, and will take a 31 record against Britain into their
semifinal from Sept. 16-18.
erial semifinalist Argentina did it
again when it handed Italy its first
home loss in the Davis Cup in seven
years on Sunday.
Federico Delbonis beat Fabio
Fognini 6-4, 7-5, 3-6, 7-5 in an entertaining 3 1/2 hours for the Argentines to win
their quarterfinal 3-1 and advance to
their 11th semifinal in 14 years.
After winning in Poland and Italy
this year, the Argentines go to Britain
in September, their fate depending on
whether Andy Murray makes himself
available in the week after the U.S.
Open. Murray, after winning
Wimbledon last weekend, did not help
Britain beat Serbia 3-1 in Belgrade.
Delbonis lost to Fognini in the first
round of Wimbledon in five sets, but
Fognini was playing here for a second
straight day. He played singles and doubles on Saturday, eight sets of tennis
over 5 1/2 hours, while Delbonis rested after winning the opening singles on
The first two sets took a similar pat-
tern. Delbonis broke early, Fognini rallied to level, and Delbonis broke back
to clinch each set.
They swapped places in the third
set. Fognini went up early, Delbonis
came back to even terms, and Fognini,
despite some racket throwing, broke
back and held on.
In a dramatic fourth, Delbonis'
errors put him down 5-3 before breaking serve to love for 5-4. Fognini had
four set points on Delbonis' serve in the
next game, but the Argentine saved
them all and made it 5-5. Fognini conceded a third straight game, and gave
Delbonis a chance to serve for the
ewly-appointed Manchester
United manager Jose
Mourinho can have an effect similar to the iconic Alex Ferguson at
the English Premier League (EPL)
club, according to reigning EPL
champions Leicester City coach
Claudio Ranieri.
Ranieri and his players defied
odds of 5000/1 last season to muscle in on English football's elite and
win a first top-flight title in
Leicester's 132-year history.
But the Italian believes that
Leicester should be even bigger
outsiders this time around given
the commitments of a debut
Champions League campaign and
the arrival of new managers at
three of the league's biggest clubs.
Ranieri's compatriot Antonio
Conte has taken over at Chelsea,
while Mourinho and Pep
Guardiola are now installed on
opposite sides of the Manchester
"Mourinho can be the new
Ferguson. He will not stay 26
years, but he will leave his imprint.
Antonio and Chelsea are made for
Croatia rallied for a comeback 3-2
victory over the United States, with
Borna Coric beating Jack Sock 6-4, 36, 6-3, 6-4 in the decisive match in
Portland, Oregon to set up a semifinal
against France.
Marin Cilic set up the deciding fifth
match by beating John Isner 7-6 (9), 63, 6-4 in the first reverse singles match
on Sunday after combining with Ivan
Dodig on Saturday for a win over twins
Bob and Mike Bryan in doubles to keep
Croatia alive in the contest after the
Americans swept the opening singles
Croatia Croatia reached the semifinals for the first time since 2009. It
won its only Davis Cup title in 2005.
The U.S. lost for the fourth time in
161 tries when leading 2-0 lead in a
Davis Cup tie.
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Zambrotta said.
Milan started his senior career in
2010 with the Pailan Arrows where he
played for three years before moving
to Shillong Lajong for another threeyear stint. He was then signed up by
NEUFC first, and then by DSK
Shivajians. He has scored 10 goals in
his professional career and has also
turned up for the India Under-23 side
for six times.
Milan will be joined by his childhood friend Soram who made his professional debut with Pune FC. He
played with them for two years before
joining Shillong Lajong FC. He then
had a one-year run with Pailan Arrows.
He went on to join Bengaluru FC on
loan for two years before donning
Aizawl FC colours during the recently-concluded season of the I-League.
indeed the sports queen.
Q What you will do in the
last 15 days before the start of
the Olympics?
I will try to lose weight
and I will keep telling myself
I have to get the Gold medal.
Plus I have to control my diet
and train more. How, during
the weight loss, there are
chances of getting injuries so
I will try to be careful. I would
also observe other players and
notice how they go about it
during the tournament.
Q How has your recent
training been?
The training in Bulgaria
and Spain was a good exposure for me.
Q Where do you draw
you confidence from?
I have self-confidence
from the time I was a young
Q Being a female athlete,
what will be your message for
other female sports persons?
I want to be the role
model for the women of the
country and will aspire each
one of them to follow their
dreams. I like it if people
look up to me.
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elhi Dynamos have made a couple of strategic signings that will
not only fortify their defence but will
also reach out to the sizeable North
Eastern football fans living in the
Capital. They have brought on board
two highly promising and young
Manipuri players for the forthcoming
Hero Indian Super League.
Soram Poirei is an exciting goalkeeper making his ISL debut while
Milan Singh is a dynamic central midfielder who might well become the fulcrum of new coach Gianluca
Zambrotta's plans.
Milan has come on loan from DSK
Shivajians although he has added to his
reputation by turning out for North
East United in ISL's opening season.
Porei has been the stubborn custodian for newly promoted Aizwal FC.
"I am very pleased to have Soram
and Milan on my team. These two
players are really talented and i look
forward to working with them. Their
names were discussed over the last
couple of days among all of us,
including club president Prashant
Agarwal and the backroom staff. We
believe that they fit perfectly in our
plan for the upcoming season,"
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logged the highest score on a
Produnova in the world: 15.300. Only
two of her contemporaries have
attempted the Produnova: Yamilet
Pena of Dominican Republic and
Fadwa Mahmoud of Egypt but none
have managed to garner a high of
15.100 in a high-profile competition.
Karmakar said: "I know
Produnova vault is dangerous. But I
have been doing it for two years. You
have to take a little risk trying to do
something. Since 2014, I have been
doing it and I will try to do better at
Karmakar, who will be leaving for
the Games in Rio on 29th July, will be
participating in four events at the
Brazilian capital - Vaulting horse, balancing beam and floor exercise and
uneven bar.
Dipa also said that she will try to
spread the reach of the sport in the
Q What is your target for
Rio Olympics?
India has already received
silver and bronze in wrestling,
all I aspire for is Gold. I am not
over confident but I am confident about myself. I want to
prove myself.
Q Since this will be your
maiden Olympics, how do
you plan to tackle the pressure
aspect of the Olympics?
I play well under pressure,
but I don't want to take up too
much pressure on me.
Q Since you come from a
sports background, with your
sisters Babita and Geeta
Phogat are also wrestlers, how
much that you think will help
My sisters Babita and
Geeta will be my pillar of
support during the Olympics.
Babita is from my village and
since I will be able to see her
perform I will keep advising
her during the tournament.
Q Are you looking to be
the wrestling queen?
I want to prove it to the
nation and especially to the
women that wrestling is a
good sport. I don't just want to
be the queen of wrestling but
anchester United's heavyweight summer signing
Zlatan Ibrahimovic has respond-
each other. Guardiola seems to be
the right man in the right place,"
Ranieri was quoted as saying by
Italian newspaper La Gazzetta
dello Sport on Sunday.
On Leicester's aims for the season he said, "The basic concept is
to start from scratch. We have won
the title, we accomplished something perhaps unique, but now we
turn the page. If at the beginning
of last season the bookmakers
quoted 5000/1 on our chances of
the title, this time it's 6000/1."
"The goal to start with is the
threshold of 40 points to survive.
Then we will raise the bar: getting
in the top 10, the Europa League,
a place in the Champions League
and maybe win a trophy from the
five in which we will play," the
Italian said.
ed to club legend Eric Cantona's
claim of being the king of the former English Premier league (EPL)
champions by saying he will be
'god' at Old Trafford.
Cantona, who wore the
Manchester United jersey from
1992-1997, welcomed the Swedish
forward to the English powerhouse
with a message saying the move is
the best decision he has ever made.
"I have a personal message for
Zlatan: You decided to go red. It is
the best choice you ever made,"
Cantona stated in his welcome
The Frenchman, one of the
greatest players to grace Old
Trafford with four EPL titles and
two League and FA Cups during
his fiver-year stint, asserted that
there can be only one king in
Manchester, himself, and offered
Ibrahimovic the title of a prince.
"I admire Cantona. And I
heard what he said," Ibrahimovic
was quoted as saying by the
Telegraph on Monday.
"But I won't be King of
Manchester. I will be God of
The Swedish striker signed for
United earlier this month on a free
transfer. Last season Ibrahimovic
plied his trade for French Ligue 1
giants Paris Saint Germain.
Following a low key Euro 2016
campaign, he quit international
football after 115 games and 62
goals for Sweden.

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