The more people join TalkTalk, the better it gets (tell


The more people join TalkTalk, the better it gets (tell
The more people join
TalkTalk, the better it gets
(tell everyone you know)
More people are joining TalkTalk everyday. So, why not tell all your
friends and family about the great deal they can get on their landline
and broadband.
Get everyone you know to join TalkTalk:
CPW-RPOS0407091 (0407) 10046
Visit and enter their details.
to TalkTalk
This is what’s inside
03 High-speed broadband
10 It won’t be long until you’re on super-fast broadband
04 Talk more for less
05 Keep your Big Telephone company Calling Features
12 Peace of mind
06 Your broadband connection – super-fast and always-on
13 How to start your free online security trial
08 Your bills will be cheaper, and you can take care of
everything online
14 Some frequently asked questions about our service
09 Other phone companies don’t like it when you get together
with TalkTalk
18 Useful information
Score points with Nectar
17 Important information (and some technical stuff)
What happens next? (Well, after you’ve read this booklet.)
1. We’ll send you out a confirmation letter followed by a pack in the post which will tell you
everything you need to know – including your ‘go live’ dates.
2. Your landline calls and line rental will switch over to TalkTalk within approximately
10 working days.
3. You’ll receive your broadband welcome letter with password and username and then
a pack with everything you need to get yourself connected.
4. On your broadband ‘go live’ date, plug yourself in and get set–up for high speed
broadband. Woo hoo!
There’s no need to call us. We’ll keep you updated every step of the way –
and we’ll let you know straight away if anything changes.
High-speed broadband
Welcome to TalkTalk, the home phone company from The Carphone Warehouse.
It’s easier than you think to start saving.
On our Talk3 call plan you get an unlimited number of calls at anytime,
day or night to local and national* UK landline numbers.1
And on our fantastic Talk3 International call plan, you get everything you
receive on Talk3, PLUS an unlimited number of landline calls to 30 mainland
countries worldwide.2
But that’s only half the story. Because you’re getting your calls from us,
we’ll also give you super-fast4, super-smooth, super-duper broadband
– for just £15 a month.3
This booklet is full of handy information on the unique call and broadband
package you have chosen, so it’s definitely worth holding on to.
Please note that the numbered footnotes referred to in some sections of this document
can be found in the back section of this booklet.
*Applies to UK numbers starting 01 and 02 only (excluding calls to numbers starting 084 and 087
and calls to Jersey and Guernsey). 03
Talk more for less
With our Talk3 call plan, just pick up the phone, any time of the day or night for:
•An unlimited number of calls at anytime of the day or night to local and national
UK landline numbers1
• Savings on calling mobile and international numbers
You just pay your line rental and one fixed monthly fee.
Our little bundle of joy – Talk3 International
With our Talk3 International call plan, as well as everything above, you also get access to our 18418
prefix that when dialled* before an international number, gives you an unlimited number of calls to
international landline numbers, in 30 mainland countries worldwide.
Czech Republic
The Netherlands
New Zealand
United States
*Don’t forget to dial the international number immediately after the prefix 18418 because if you leave a delay the call will timeout.
Keep your Big Telephone
company Calling Features
We’ve worked hard to make sure that our TalkTalk Calling Features
are much the same as BT’s. In fact, your line rental already
includes free voicemail – you just need to opt-in by calling us once
you are live on 0870 444 1820† to register, if you haven’t already.
You can choose to carry across things like Call Waiting, Call Divert
and 1471 (they’ll ‘go live’ when your service does). Simply call
0870 444 1820† once you ‘go live’, or visit
No need to break up your Calling Circle.
Your Calling Circle gives you cheaper calls to the numbers you select.
Just choose up to 16 numbers in any combination of the following:
Up to 6 international landline or
mobile numbers
10% discount
Up to 11 UK landline or mobile
10% discount
One 0845 number
33% discount
+ Your ‘Prime Number’ (any number
from your Calling Circle)
Further 10% discount
Please note that Calling Circle discount does not apply to numbers
dialled using the 18418 prefix. 05
Your broadband connection
– super-fast and always-on
TalkTalk broadband doesn’t just save you money, it’s also brilliant. Look at all the incredible
things it includes:
Get up to speed
• It’s always-on, allowing you to use your phone and the internet at the same time.
• The speed is up to a dizzying 8 Meg,4 (speed depends on proximity to exchange)
almost 150 times faster than dial-up (a bit like swapping your mountain bike for
a formula one racing car). For more powerful online gaming, sending and
receiving large documents quickly, and listening to online radio.
• You get a massive 40GB5 monthly usage allowance for downloads, more than enough
for 8000 tunes or 132 one-hour TV episodes6 each month – with loads left over for all
the blogging, surfing and googling you do each day.
Get extras
• It comes with 15MB of web space, so you can even build your own website.
• We give you 5 email addresses – enough for all the family.
• Check and manage your bill online – quickly, easily, and free of charge.
• Enjoy 90 days’ free* TalkTalk Online Security software.
• We also recommend you choose one of our TalkTalk modems, ensuring you always enjoy
high-speed downloads. If you haven’t already chosen our TalkTalk modem, simply call
us on 0870 444 1820† and add it to your TalkTalk order.
And best of all, you get all this for just £15 a month3.
*Please note that TalkTalk Online Security is currently only for PC users. Please contact your Mac computer provider about the
security that would suit your needs.
Your bills will be cheaper, and you can
take care of everything online
With TalkTalk you get the complete offer
– a single point of contact for phone
and broadband. Your monthly bills are
itemised to show your line rental, call
plan subscription, Calling Circle, Calling
Features and any chargeable calls1.
Your broadband bill
If you purchase our recommended TalkTalk modem
with either of our Talk3 or Talk3 International call
plans, you’ll notice a £29.99 charge on your bill,
which is payment for the modem.
Calls and line rental bill
Online billing is easy, convenient – and saves
you money
Calls are billed per minute, we’ve
worked hard to make our rates simpler
and clearer, making it easier for you to
compare them against BT. The billing
period starts on your ‘go live’ date. Call
charges, including the price of your call
plan with line rental, will be deducted
from your account by Direct Debit 14
days after the date of billing.
It only takes a moment to register for online billing
at Just click on the ‘My Account’
tab at the top of the page with your username and
password to hand. It’s quick, easy and saves you
money. You can also check how many Nectar points
you have collected with TalkTalk (you can also do
this at If you prefer a paper bill, after
3 months, we’ll charge £1 per month to print and
send a paper bill.
All this at
Get up to the minute news,
weather and sport
Find whatever you need,
faster with the AOL search engine
Enjoy the best online
Exclusive music videos plus
news and reviews
Play free online games
Download and watch movies
plus get reviews, cinema
listings and TV guides
Other phone companies don’t like it when
you get together with TalkTalk
Don’t worry, we’ll break it to your current phone company that you’re leaving. As you’d expect,
they won’t be too happy about it. So if they happen to call questioning our low prices, here are
a few answers we’ve prepared for you.
Big Telephone company:
Our reply:
‘The unlimited number of inclusive
calls are just a gimmick’.
“That’s not true. Your unlimited number of calls to local and national1 UK
landline numbers will be included, for as long as you remain a Talk3 or Talk3
International customer. And that’s a promise.”
‘You can’t make comparisons between
our services and BT together options’.
“Yes you can. We’ve worked hard to provide services that reflect BT’s comparitive
call plans. You can compare them easily and you’ll find that we’re cheaper.”
‘How can they offer broadband
for only £15 a month?’
“Because you buy your calls from us, in return we will give you broadband
for only £15 a month3 – simple as that.” 09
It won’t be long until you’re
on super-fast broadband
We know. You can’t wait another second for your high-speed connection. However, without boring
you with all the technical details, it’s not quite as easy as flicking a big switch (we wish).
Your calls and line rental will be transferred to us after approximately 10 working days, and your
broadband will be live as soon as possible after that.
To find out when your broadband will ‘go live’, there’s no need to call us.
Just go to and enter the order number we’ve given you.
Is your computer ready for broadband?
TalkTalk broadband will work on either a PC or Mac. The minimum you will need for a PC is
a Pentium 200Mhz processor with 128Mb memory and Windows 2000 or XP; For Macs, you
need a PowerPC with at least OS 9.0 and 128Mb memory. Have a check to make sure you’re
good to go.
Score points with Nectar
With TalkTalk you don’t just pay less for
calls, you also get 2 Nectar points per
£1 on your bill7 (including extras like
TalkTalk Online Security).
Rewards include money off meals,
free entry to theme parks, free flights,
cinema tickets, DVDs, videos and
much more.
If you already have a Nectar card, call
us on 0800 049 2999 to register your
card and collect points.
No Nectar card? You can apply for one
– and find out more – by
going to or
calling 0870 4100 100. 11
Peace of mind
Viruses, trojans, worms… these days you
really do wonder what’s going to try and chew
up your important files next. So it’s vitally
important that you protect yourself properly
with a good firewall and anti-virus software.
TalkTalk Online Security is provided by
F-Secure, one of the world’s leading online
security companies. This state-of-the-art
software is a proven way to secure your
computer and personal information against
viruses and malicious code. Sign up for either
of our online security products, free for 90
days. After that if you want to continue being
secure online with our products, let us know
and we’ll do the rest.
With two levels of cover to choose from, there
is no better way to protect yourself from the
latest computer scare.
TalkTalk Online Security
•Free 90 day trial*
•Virus protection with automatic updates sent within hours of a new virus
being detected
•Enhanced firewall protection to protect your ‘always-on’ connection
•Anti-spyware protects your computer from unwanted software that
bombards you with advertising or collects personal information about you.
TalkTalk Online Security – Premium edition
Everything you get with Online Security, including free 90 day trial* plus:
•Advanced SPAM filter to detect and block unwanted emails
•Parental controls to prevent children from accessing inappropriate content.
For complete peace of mind you can also
get our IdentityCare protection, (see table
*Please note that TalkTalk Online Security is currently only for PC users. Please contact your Mac computer provider about
what security software would suit your needs.
How to start your free online security trial
If you’re a PC user, simply follow the instructions on your TalkTalk Connect & Go Installation CD (which will arrive in the post)
to install TalkTalk Online Security and begin your free 90 day trial*.
Then, when that period is up, you can choose to carry on with the edition of your choice for a competitive monthly fee.
There is no purchase obligation. Whether you continue with the policy at the end of your trial period is entirely up to
you. However we want you to be safe, so if you don’t choose us to provide your security you must ensure you make
other arrangements for a firewall and anti-virus software.
TalkTalk IdentityCare is a new level of protection that helps protect your most important asset - your identity. It covers
you for up to £25,000 towards legal expenses should you become a victim. You will also get unlimited access to
your online credit report, which will help you better understand and manage your credit status. For more information
about IdentityCare, visit
*Please note that TalkTalk Online Security is currently only for PC users.
Please contact your Mac computer provider about what security software would suit your needs. 13
Some frequently asked questions
about our service
Q. What happens next?
A. As soon as your order is processed,
we’ll send you an order confirmation letter
then a welcome pack, which will tell you
everything you need to know - including
your ‘go live’ dates.
Calls and line rental.
Your calls and line rental will ‘go live’ first within
approximately 10 working days – so you can
start enjoying an unlimited number of calls.
On or around your connection date you’ll
receive a broadband pack containing
everything you need to get online.
Q.Is there a disconnection charge?
A. Once your broadband has gone live, if you’re
not happy, you can cancel the service within 30
days and you won’t incur a disconnection fee.
We’re confident that you’ll love our broadband
but if you decide to cancel you will need to call
our cancellations team on 0870 444 1820†.
Please note charges for your call plan,
line rental and modem supplied prior to
disconnection will still apply.
For full terms and conditions that apply to the
30 day trial, and our calls, line rental and
broadband service, please visit
Q.I pay my BT line rental quarterly in
advance. Does that mean I’m entitled to
a refund? Or will I be charged for ending
my contract?
A. Possibly. It’s worth checking when you
last paid your line rental, as you may be owed
a refund. BT will bill you for any outstanding
charges. You might incur a cancellation
charge on your account if you’re disconnecting
within a contract period. You should check with
your current provider to see if any penalties
might apply.
Q.How can I pay my bill?
A. To make it easy for you to pay your bill,
we’ll take a monthly payment from you using
the Direct Debit details that you gave to us
at the time of signing up. If your Direct Debit
payment fails, there will be a surcharge
if you pay by cash or cheque.
Q. Will my BT Calling Features
move over?
A. TalkTalk has most of the Calling Features
you’re used to – like call waiting or voicemail.
However, they won’t carry over automatically.
If you have not already chosen yours, you can
use the ‘pick and tick’ sheet in your welcome
pack (that we will send you in the post) to let
us know what you would like your Calling
Features to be or call us on 0870 087 6627†.
You can even bundle them up and take
advantage of our cheaper Calling Feature
package prices.
Q. What happens with BT when
I switch over?
A. We do everything for you. All you need
to do is sit back and look forward to cheaper
phone bills and super-fast4 broadband (speed
depends on proximity to exchange).
Q.Are 0845 and 0870 calls excluded
from my package?
For more information visit
A. You can include one 0845 number in your
Calling Circle and get a 33% discount on our
standard rates for those calls. All other 0845,
0840 and 0870 numbers are excluded.
Your broadband
Q.Will it be difficult to switch over
my calls and broadband service?
A. All you need is a phone line that’s not
provided by a cable company (e.g. NTL
or Telewest). A computer that meets the
minimum requirements (for full details go
to And the ability to pay
us by Direct Debit.
A. Not at all – you keep the same number
(except if you are a cable customer), and
the same line. We will keep you up to date
with things we need (like your MAC code)
and will give you everything you need to
get connected with TalkTalk Connect & Go
Installation CD.
Q.What happens if something goes
wrong with my line?
A. Just call us on 0870 444 1820† and
we will get it fixed for you.
Q.What if I move, or change
my number?
A. We will arrange things – just let us know
on 0870 444 1820†
Q. Can I earn Nectar points with
A. Yes. You can earn 2 Nectar points per £1
on your TalkTalk bill7. Just call 0800 049
2999 or go to to register your
Nectar card with TalkTalk.
Q.What do I need to get connected
to broadband?
Q.Why should I take a recommended
TalkTalk modem kit?
A. At TalkTalk we pride ourselves on
delivering you a reliable and professional
customer experience.
However, should you decide to use your own
modem and then encounter a problem, we
cannot guarantee our usual high level of
support. There are several reasons for this:
Our customer service agents can only offer
support for our recommended TalkTalk
modems. If you are using a different modem,
you will have to rely solely on the support
facilities of your modem manufacturer.
If you are not using a recommended TalkTalk
modem, our customer service agents will not
be able to perform remote diagnostic checks
on your modem, meaning they will not be
able to get to the root of your problem.
Q.Can I choose to take the
recommended TalkTalk modem after I
have registered?
A. Yes, just call us on 0870 444 1820† and
one of our customer service agents will
arrange for one to be sent to you.
Q.I am on home highway. Can I get
TalkTalk broadband?
A. You can, but you’ll have to give up Home
Highway. You can’t have both services on
the same line. The same goes for ISDN.
Q. Why do I need a MAC code?
A. If you are already with a broadband
provider (e.g. Virgin or Orange) you will
have to supply us with a Migration
Authorisation Code (MAC), so we can
transfer you easily. We will let you know
when we need it and how to get it.
Q.What does ‘up to 8 Meg’
actually mean?
Q.Is my computer powerful enough
to cope with up to 8 Meg 4 broadband?
Q.What will happen if I exceed the 40GB5
monthly usage allowance?
A. 8 Meg4 is the download speed. However,
the speed actually depends on a number of
factors including:
•The length of your phone line – generally
the nearer you are to the exchange,
the faster your connection.
•The quality of your phone line –
if it is in good condition you will get
a stronger signal.
• The quality of the wiring in your home.
•The time of day – the internet has busy
periods, just like the rush-hour, so there
might be a slight reduction in speed, but
you’ll still have a fast, reliable, constant
connection. When you join TalkTalk, at the
time of connection we’ll give you the fastest
speed we can.
A. Most of today’s home computers should
connect to broadband easily. Some older
models (over six years old) may have less
memory and less processing power than
required. We’ve listed the minimum
requirements in your Installation CD
(that you will receive before your broadband
is connected). It’s worth checking the
information booklet that came with your
computer to make sure you have the right
spec. For full details on requirements go
A. Our 40GB5 monthly usage allowance is
massive, so it should easily be all you need.
But if you keep going over the limit we’ll try
to find ways to help you reduce your usage.
If you continue to exceed your allowance,
we may restrict your access and, if all else
fails we may disconnect you. But don’t worry
this really is the last resort and we’ll do
everything we can to stop this happening.
Q.Does your broadband service work
on Apple Macs?
A. Yes. TalkTalk broadband works fine on both
PC’s and Apple Macs. To run your broadband
you will need a computer that supports OS 9
or higher (or OSX), a Pentium 200 MHZ
processor and at least 128 MB memory.
Q.What is a ‘fair use policy’?
A. A very small number of customers use
file-sharing software or other applications,
which constantly send and receive video
and other very large files. This type of activity
uses a huge amount of bandwidth and can
significantly reduce the speed at which our
other customers can access the internet.
Our fair use policy restricts this activity in
peak hours to allow the majority of customers
to use their broadband connection for normal
residential usage i.e. surfing, email, online
gaming etc. This allows us to give you a high
quality service.
Visit for more
Important information
(and some technical stuff).
1. Unlimited number of inclusive local and
national landline calls
Applies to UK numbers starting 01 and 02
only (excluding calls to numbers starting 084
and 087 and calls to Jersey and Guernsey).
For calls lasting more than 70 mins the excess
will be charged at our standard rate of
2.85ppmin. Redial after 69 minutes to avoid
further charges.
2. Unlimited number of inclusive
international landline calls to 30
mainland countries worldwide
(on Talk3 International call plan)
Applies to standard price mainland local and
national landline numbers in the relevant
country and excludes any non-geographic
premium rate (or equivalent) numbers in that
country. For calls lasting more than 70 minutes,
the excess will be charged at our standard
rates for that country. Redial after 69 minutes
to avoid any further charges. You must dial the
prefix 18418 followed immediately by the
international number you wish to call. If you
leave a delay the call will time out. When you
take calls, broadband and line rental together
there is a minimum contract term of 18
months. Disconnection charge may apply if
you terminate before the expiry of the contract
3. £15 Broadband
Our broadband service will be offered at £15
a month for as long as you remain a customer
on our Talk3 or Talk3 International call plan
and we provide the broadband service on our
network. When you take calls, broadband and
line rental together there is a minimum
contract term of 18 months. Disconnection
charge may apply if you terminate before the
expiry of your contract term Subject to
availability in your area.
4. Up to 8 Meg Broadband
Subject to availability in your area. At
connection time we will give you our highest
available speed – 8 Meg refers to your
download speed. Speed depends on
your proximity to your local BT exchange.
Fair usage policy and other terms and
conditions apply.
5. An enormous 40GB monthly
usage allowance
Combined upload and download.
Customer usage is subject to a fair use
policy. Subject to availability.
Please note calls are free from a registered
TalkTalk landline number. Call charges from
other providers may vary.
6. Content Download
Assuming music tracks average 5Mb each
and 1 hour TV MPEG-4 compression
averages 300Mb.
7. Nectar
ffer for fixed line telephony and broadband
internet services only. Nectar points appear
on your 2nd TalkTalk bill. Simply call 0800
049 2999 to register your Nectar card
number with TalkTalk. For what you can and
can’t earn Nectar points on, visit
For full details on call charges, terms and conditions and further information on your TalkTalk service, please visit 17
Useful information
TalkTalk is the people’s phone company from The Carphone
Warehouse, and we have a code of practice. It will tell you:
• How to get in touch with us
You can contact us in any of these ways:
• What our main services are
Visit us online:
For general customer support phone: 0870 444 1820†
• How we advertise and promote our service
Opening hours:
• How we recruit and train our sales staff
Monday to Friday 8am – 8pm. Saturdays 9am – 6pm.
Sundays and Bank Holidays 10am – 5pm.
• How we contact our customers when we sell our services
• How we agree contracts with our customers
• How we process your order and what to do if you want to cancel
• How we bill you
• Where you can find out more about our prices
• How you report a fault on our service
• What to do if you want to complain
If you’d like a copy, visit or call 0870 444 1820†.
Broadband technical support:
•TalkTalk Assist & Go is a special program that comes free with
your TalkTalk Assist & Go installation CD. This will help keep your
broadband service up and running so you won’t need to call us.
•You can also find for free, loads of useful tips in the Help
& Support area of
Summary Terms and Conditions for Telecommunication Services provided
by TalkTalk Telecom Limited
Important Notice: Please read this before connecting to any Talk Talk
If you ordered any Service (as defined below) from us
either over the internet, by telephone, by mail order or by any other
distance selling method you may cancel the Contract (as defined below)
pursuant to the Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations 2000
(“Regulations”) at any time up to 7 working days either after receiving
these terms and conditions for any Service or if sooner up to but not
including, the date our supply of that Service to you commences (“Trial
Period”) provided that you notify us in writing of such cancellation within
the Trial Period and return any goods (for example a Modem or SIM
Card) we may have sent you to us, undamaged and in their original
packaging, (or if you ask us, in the prepaid returns envelope that we
shall send you) together with proof of purchase, by sending them
special delivery to Talk Talk Telecom Limited, PO Box 156, Birchwood,
Warrington WA3 7WR. You will be deemed to have received these terms
and conditions 48 hours after they (or a summary of them which sets out
the main terms of your Contract and also explains how you can obtain
a copy of the full terms that are ‘incorporated by reference’ into your
Contract) are posted to you. Please note that if you do not return all the
goods you have received, we shall be entitled to charge you for the costs
we incur in collecting them from you. This does not affect your statutory
rights. Finally, please note that if you have commenced using any Service
after receiving these terms and conditions, you will be deemed to have
accepted these terms and conditions and agree that you will also lose
your statutory right of cancellation under the Regulations. These terms
are effective from 1 May 2007.
TalkTalk Telecom Ltd offers various telecommunications services as
follows: line rental (“LR”), voice calls (“Calls”), mobile airtime (“Mobile”)
and internet broadband (“Broadband”) (together the “Services”). Set
out below is a summary of the terms and conditions of the Services
and the full terms of your Contract are set out in the TalkTalk ‘Terms and
Conditions’ (the “Conditions”). Please take the time to read these which
can be obtained by: accessing our website at; visiting
your local Carphone Warehouse Store; or telephoning Customer Services
on 0870 444 1820 between the hours of 8am and 8pm Monday to Friday,
9am and 6pm on Saturdays and 10am and 5pm on Sundays.
General - The words and phrases used in this summary have the same
meanings as in Schedule 1 of the Conditions. We may require you to
provide whatever proofs of your identity and address that we consider
reasonably necessary. In certain circumstances we may ask you to pay
a deposit before we connect you to any Service. Full details are given in
clause 9 of the Conditions.
When you enter any Contract for our Services it may have a minimum term.
Full details of these Minimum Periods are set out in the Conditions but the
following will generally apply:
i. for any Customer who enters a Contract for either the Broadband
Service only or for the transfer of their existing line to our LR Service or for
a new line installed for the LR Service, the Minimum Period is twelve (12)
months from the Commencement Date of any such Broadband Service
or from when their existing or new line becomes active on our LR Service.
If this Broadband Service or the new line on our LR Service is provided
using LLU (the technology that allows us to use our own equipment and
own the connections for the local exchange, instead of BT, so as to offer
services to you) you may be subject to a longer Minimum Period being at
least eighteen (18) months from the relevant Commencement Date;
ii. notwithstanding the provisions of paragraph i. above, if you enter
(or upgrade to) a Contract for certain TalkTalk products such as our
combined products (i.e. any product under which you receive our LR
Service, our Call Service and our Broadband Service), your Contract
will have a Minimum Period of eighteen (18) months starting from the
Commencement Date of your connection to the Call Service element of
that product. On connection to any Service you may also be charged a
fee. We will tell you if any of these provisions apply to you.
Once connected, you can terminate your Contract by giving us the period
of written notice relevant to the Service you wish to terminate. These
periods are set out in clause 10 of the Conditions.
If you have one of our combined products referred to in paragraph ii
above, and you terminate any one element of that Service or change to a
lower Tariff, we will be entitled to terminate the rest and you may be liable
for all disconnection or other charges, which arise as a result.
In addition if you are an LR Services Customer and elect to use another
provider for some or all of your calls and so are no longer a Call Service
customer, we may at our sole discretion decide to: (i) bar your use of the
IDA codes, (ii) charge you a higher fee for your use of the LR Service
(iii) disconnect the LR Service or (iv) terminate the other Service(s) you
receive from us. If you move any Service to another provider within a
Minimum Period we may charge you an administration fee of at least £70.
TalkTalk £1,000 Challenge - You may be eligible to participate in the
TalkTalk £1,000 Challenge, the further details of which are set out in clause
4.9 of the Conditions. However, certain customers are ineligible including
any Customer who receives their Services from any third party operating
under licence from TalkTalk.
Inclusive Calls - If your Tariff Plan includes “Inclusive Calls” they are:
a.only available to residential Customers who make calls to other TalkTalk
Customers in the UK and who use TalkTalk as their Call Service provider;
b.must be made to numbers that start with 01 or 02; and
c.not provided for business purposes or any other use inconsistent with
normal residential usage.
Certain Customers who use an indirect access service (whether under
the ‘Talk Now’ brand or otherwise) or who receive their Services from
any third party operating under licence from TalkTalk are excluded from
participating in Inclusive Calls.
The Mobile Service -To access the Mobile Service you must also be
customer of our Call Service. If your contract for the Call Service ends
your ‘inclusive calls’ under you Mobile Service Contract will also cease.
Your access to the Mobile Service is dependant on you paying £10 per
month per SIM Card we issue to you.
Personal Information - We will use the personal information you give us to
help us manage your TalkTalk account efficiently. For example, we may
use your personal information to assist in handling any queries, sending
bills to you and sending you information on products and services which
may be of particular interest to you. Occasionally we need to pass
information about you to third parties or government agencies. Full details
are given in clause 11 of the Conditions.
Unless you ask us not to, we will send you marketing material relating to
TalkTalk products and services, those of The Carphone Warehouse Group
PLC and its subsidiary companies and of selected other third parties. We
may also pass information about you on to other reputable organisations
for sales and marketing purposes.
TalkTalk Privacy - We may if you give us permission register you for
TalkTalk privacy using the Telephone Preference Service. Further details
are in clause 1 of the Conditions.
Code of Practice - TalkTalk has a Code of Practice for all Services. If you
would like to obtain a copy, just visit our website at
or call us on 0870 444 1820.
Resolving Complaints or Disputes - If you have a complaint or query
regarding any aspect of the Services including your bill, please contact
our Customer Services team between the hours of 8.00am and 8.00pm,
weekdays,9.00am and 6.00pm on Saturdays and 10.00am to 5.00pm on
Sundays (except certain public holidays) by calling on 0870 444 1820
or by writing to us at Talk Talk Telecom Limited, PO BOX 156, Birchwood,
Warrington, WA3 7WR. Please include both your phone and customer
account numbers in any correspondence. If you are not happy with our
response you may refer your complaint to the Telecoms Ombudsman at or on 0845 050 1614.
Other Important Matters - We shall be entitled to amend our Charges and
will notify you of any changes. Any such notification may include sending
you notice in writing and making the amended list of Charges available in
Carphone Warehouse stores or on our website at
If the Charges on your particular Tariff Plan are decreased this will be
reflected in your next bill, however, we will not automatically migrate you
onto any other lower Tariff we may launch for any of our Services. Should
we increase the Charges we shall provide you with 30 days notice of
such increase and the increase will take effect from the end of that period.
You may be entitled to terminate the relevant Service if we increase the
Charges. Further details of how a Contract may be terminated are given
in clause 10 of the Conditions. We may terminate your Contract if you:
provide incorrect information; fail to pay your bills on time; or are in breach
of the Conditions.
Exclusions - Our Conditions include certain exclusions as to our liability
and we cannot be liable for the acts or omissions of certain third parties /
other network operators. Our liability for direct loss is limited to a maximum
of £5,000 per claim or series of related claims and we shall have no
liability for any indirect or consequential loss.
Credit Check and Assessment
Your application for connection to any TalkTalk Service may be subject
to a credit assessment. We may search information held about you
by licensed credit reference agencies. If we regard the results of this
assessment as unsatisfactory, we will not be able to connect you.
Please ask us if you’d like to know the names of the credit reference
agencies concerned. All of them are entirely independent of us, so we
are not responsible for the accuracy of the information supplied. Each of
them will make a note of the search on the file they hold on you.
We may also make credit information we hold on our databases,
including details of how you have performed in meeting your obligations,
available to others who are carrying out credit assessments and for
occasional debit tracing and anti-fraud purposes.
Full details are given in clause 11 of the Conditions. 19

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