Judge`s Bio - Mount Dora Center for the Arts


Judge`s Bio - Mount Dora Center for the Arts
2016 Mount Dora
Arts Festival Judges
Mark Price
Mark Price is a Professor in the School of Visual Arts and Design at
the University of Central Florida. He has exhibited his paintings and
drawings nationally, and he currently writes poetry about art and
artists. He has written art criticism and exhibition reviews for
national publications such as Art in America magazine and Art
Papers, and he has been a frequent contributor to Sculpture magazine
since 1997.
Price taught painting and figure drawing from 1976 through 2000 at
Auburn University, which awarded him Professor Emeritus status
upon his retirement. He served as Chair of the Art Department at
Middle Tennessee State University from 2000 through 2004. He came
to UCF in 2004 to serve as Chair of the Art Department and returned
to full time teaching in 2009.
Price is a member of the Board of Trustees of the Atlantic Center for
the Arts. He served for several years on the national advisory boards
of FATE and SECAC, which are leading professional organizations for
professors of studio art and art history. Price received his MFA
degree in painting from the University of Illinois in 1976.
2016 Mount Dora
Arts Festival Judges
Ann Larsen
Ann Larsen is Director of the Leepa-Rattner Museum of Art at St.
Petersburg College. For most of the past forty years she has worked in
arts education and management, beginning her career at the Iowa Arts
Council where she managed touring artists programs, advised
organizations throughout the state on council programs, and edited the
first state-wide guide to arts fairs and festivals. She went on to serve as
the first Managing Director of Olson-Larsen Galleries, West Des Moies,
working with private and corporate collectors; Executive Director of the
Minnetonka Center for the Arts, Minneapolis; and Executive Director of
the Pasco Arts Council, Florida. She was appointed Acting Director of
the Leepa-Rattner in 2012 and named its Director in 2013.
Ms. Larsen attended Drake University (studio art), Drake's School of Art
& Art History in Florence, Italy, and graduated from the University of
Iowa (art history). Post-graduate studies have been in arts and nonprofit
management. She has been a frequent juror and judge for arts festivals,
a grant reviewer and panelist for local and state arts councils, and has
served on boards and advisory committees for cultural organizations in
the upper midwest and Florida.
2016 Mount Dora
Arts Festival Judges
Richard Colvin
Richard Colvin is the Executive Director at Lake Eustis Museum of
Art. His prior experience is as a curator at Maitland Art Center,
Cornell Fine Arts Museum and Rollins College.
“I am not only a museum professional (since 1980), but also a painter
and printmaker. This combination means I have been on both sides of
the fence, so to speak. For this reason I give EVERY artist a great
deal of credit for their courage and hard work.”
Richard has judged and juried many art exhibitions, outdoor
festivals, and competitions. “My personal opinion is less important
than my specialized evaluation; it is my intention to be as objective
as possible, recognizing that visual art is typically viewed
subjectively. In order to combat this, I have set a number of
benchmarks by which to make distinctions possible, including: 1)
aesthetic qualities, 2) nature of content, 3) technical proficiency, and
4) honesty.”