“The Return of Queen Chrysalis Part I”
Characters needed: All of the Mane Six, All three CMCs, Spike, Queen Chrysalis, Mule
Appplebloom: This was a great idea, we can get our cutie marks as zoologists!
Scootaloo: Zoo-what? No, we’re getting them in being Jungle Adventurers!
Sweetie Belle: I don’t think Fluttershy’s backyard can be considered “the jungle.” Hmmm...did
you know the study of ponies is called “Hippology?”
Scootaloo: I don’t think we look much like hippos...
Sweetie Belle: So what should we do out here to try and earn our cutie marks? Lion taming?
Oh! We could try being pet psychics!
Applebloom: Let’s split up! We’ll take turn workin’ with the different animals! I’m sure by the end
of the night we’ll have our cutie marks!
Sweetie Belle: Hey...wait, what’s with that group of animals with glowing eyes doing staring at
(Sing MLP:FiM theme song here if you wish)
(The next day...)
Applejack: Applebloom! It’s time to get up! Hey buckaroo! How was the critter wrangling? Got
your cutie mark yet?
Applebloom: No.
Applejack: Err...well, maybe you can try something else? Twilight says there’s a fancy comet
flying overhead in a few days, we could set up a tent in the orchard. You could try your hooves
at astronomy!
Applebloom: ...not interested.
Applejack: Well...what’s got her so addled?
(At Carousel Boutique...)
Rarity: Oh! Sweetie Belle! You’re, stoic this morning?
Sweetie Belle: Fine. Bye.
Rainbow Dash: Hey Scoots! Wanna help me work on that trick I was telling you about? I need
someone to hold the stopwatch!
Scootaloo: No.
Rainbow Dash: “No?” Who wouldn’t want to hang out with me? Me!? But...I’m awesome...
Rainbow Dash:...and then she just left! Left me!
Applejack: Hrm...those three fillies are sure actin’ funny. There’s Twilight..she’ll have some idea
what’s goin’ on.
Twilight: Everypony is acting strange today! I’ve been trying to plan a viewing celebration for the
Secretariat Comet this week and I can’t get anyone to listen to me at all...
Rainbow Dash: What was that? I wasn’t listening.
Applejack: Rainbow! Twilight, my sister and her crew are being as peculiar as everypony else.
Somethin’ ain’t right...
Fluttershy: Have any of you seen Cheerilee? I just heard she didn’t show up at the schoolhouse
Pinkie Pie: And the Cakes didn’t open up Sugarcube Corner this morning! At first I thought
maybe they were planning a party because Mr. Cake’s birthday is in 43 days and that’s cutting it
way close to just be starting on ordering supplies, but when I asked about it, they just looked at
me like I was crazy.
Twilight: Everypony is acting so bizarre! More and more ponies by the hour! What in Equestria
is going on?
Fluttershy: Uh...I think we should move this conversation to somewhere more...private?
Twilight: Quick girls, to the library!
Rainbow Dash: That’s your solution to everything.
(The Mane Six dash for the library as the gang of ponies chase after them)
Rarity: Galloping there might be a good idea.
(The Mane Six make it safely to the library)
Pinkie Pie: What is wrong with everypony!?
Twilight: Wait, this...this is too familiar. Everypony acting strange? Acting like they’ve been
Rainbow Dash: You lost me.
Rarity:(Gasp) Of course! The Royal Wedding! Princess Cadence was replaced by a Changeling!
Applejack: The Queen Changeling! And she went all evil on everypony!
Rainbow Dash: Oh, the wedding...yeah. Well, I don’t remember much after I had Pinkie’s TuttiFrutti Sherbet Sugar Punch. It made the day a bit of a blur...
Pinkie: That’s because I use seven parts sugar to every one part tutti!
Twilight: Hmpf! Lucky for you I kept a full journal of what happened! According to my extensive
note-taking, the Changelings are back...and this time, they must be after Ponyville!
Rainbow Dash: Well, we need to warn Princess Celestia right away! She’ll get rid of them right
Twilight: Right! Spike! Take a letter!
Spike: Right!
(Three rewrite and a spell check later...)
Twilight: Perfect! Send it to Celestia, Spike.
Spike: No problem.
(Spike sends the letter to Celestia, but immediately one comes right back)
Pinkie: Now that’s what I call service!
Twilight: “Dear Correspondent: I am unavailable due to a Royal Emergency. Please try sending
your letter again at a later time.” I...I was just form lettered?!
Rainbow Dash: Well, it looks like we’re on our own for this. It’s clobbering time!
Fluttershy: Um...I would be okay with waiting until the princess is available.
Applejack: My sister is missin’ and if those things are responsible, we need to find out what’s
goin’ on!
Twilight: We can’t just go out there! They’ll know we aren’t Changelings! We need a plan.
Pinkie: Idea! Idea! Oh! Oh! Pick me! I have an idea!
Pinkie: Okay girls...and dragon...we are gonna blend in. We are gonna sneak behind enemy
Pinkie: I think it’s working!
Rarity: Shh! Blank! No smiling!
Twilight (whispering): Uh...everypony?
Rarity: Where are they keeping all these? This is the only one we’ve seen so far...
Spike: you think where they would be is big and pulsing and has an eerie green glow?
Twilight: Well, yes, but that would be a little obivou...s.
Twilight: Well…uh…I guess that’s where they are.
(The Mane Six burst into the Town Hall)
Applejack: Let’s get this rodeo started!
Rarity: Give me back my sister, you ruffians!
Rainbow Dash: It’s flank whooping...time?
(An army of Changelings come out in front of the Mane Six)
Twilight: Okay girls! We’ve fought them before! We can handle this!
(More and more Changelings appear)
Twilight:...I think?
(The Changelings turn into an army of Pinkie clones)
Twilight: Watch out! They are taking our form to confuse us!
Rarity: Well, this is...
Pinkie: Oh! This would be the best party ever if we weren’t all about to be turned into pod
Twilight: Pinkie!
(Twilight zaps some of the Changelings with her horn and the fight scene begins)
Applejack: Careful! Don’t hit the pods! We may hurt whoever’s inside!
Rainbow Dash: Woo! Time to kick some flank!
Fluttershy: Rainbow! Be nice! That’s kinda Pinkie you’re a way...
Rainbow Dash: Fluttershy! When are you going to learn that you’re nice until it’s time to not be
Fluttershy: Okay...
Pinkie: How are we supposed to tell apart me from me?!
Rarity: you mind if I do something I’ve been meaning to try?
Twilight: We need to try something else! We need to take them down all at once!
Applejack: Quick! Someone get Rarity mad again! Shoulder pads! Parachute pants!
Pinkie: Idea! Idea! Oh! Oh! Pick me! I have an idea!
(Pinkie whips out the Party Cannon and blasts all the Changelings with a sticky pink goo,
trapping them)
Rarity: Well, that escalated quickly...then ended abruptly.
Twilight: Wow, Pinkie! How did you know that cake batter would get all the Changelings to stop
dead in their tracks?
Pinkie: Because it’s the batter for my Super Sticky Double Bubble Bubblegum For Gummy
Cake! Duh.
Applejack: Let’s start letting everypony out of these pods and find those fillies!
(Later, after everypony is freed...)
Rarity: There’s no sign of Sweetie Belle, Applebloom, or Scootaloo anywhere, and you’ve
opened all the pods.
Applejack: Where...where could they possibly be! Why aren’t they here?!
Spike: Huh. I don’t remember eating that.
Fluttershy: What..what is it? An egg?
Rarity: I don’t think it’s a gem.
Twilight: Is it from the princess?
(An image forms in the green orb)
Chrysalis: Princess? No. But a queen? Yessssssss.
Applejack: Where’s my sister you...
Rarity: …ill-groomed...
Applejack: ...Swiss cheese...
Rarity: ...mule!
Mule: Hey!
Chrysalis: Temper, temper ladies! Tsk, tsk.
Chrysalis: I believe this is what you are looking for?
(Chrysalis shows the CMC trapped in a chrysalis pod)
Rarity: How do we know that’s them? The real them?
Applebloom: Maybe this will help us get our cutie marks!
Scootaloo: In what? Getting fillynapped?
Sweetie Belle:(Sigh)
Applebloom: What would a cutie mark in being fillynapped look like?
Sweetie Belle: Like us?
Scootaloo: I don’t think I would want a picture of me on my flank for the rest of my life.
Chrysalis: How about three days? Otherwise, something bad might happen to your little friends.
Something like...
Scootaloo: Hey! She’s about to start monologuing! I bet she reveals her entire twisted plan!
Chrysalis: Ugh...goodbye.
(The orb disappears and a globe of Equestria falls in Spike’s hands)
Rainbow Dash: Well, obviously this is a trap.
Applejack: But why three days?
Twilight: *Gasp* I know. Secretariat Comet! In three days the Secretariat Comet is passing
through the Horse Head Nebula *Breathe* and it’s all passing over Equestria. It’s the biggest
conjunction in celestial events in over 3,000 years!
Pinkie: You got what in your what now?
Twilight: It’s a magical phenomenon, every magical creature is going to feel the effects. It must
be why Princess Celestia is unavailable. She’s probably protecting Canterlot!
Fluttershy: But...if Celestia is busy, who will help us against Queen Chrysalis? We can’t go to
the Changeling Kingdom alone!
Rarity: Yes, perhaps some of the royal guard can accompany us? Maybe someone with broad
shoulders, a nice coffuine, an accent...
Rainbow Dash: Still no one with me that this is a trap?
Applejack: We know it’s a trap, Rainbow...but I can’t wait around for help from the royals. I’ve
got to save my sister!
Rarity: Sweetie Belle needs my help. I’m going with Applejack.
Twilight: But we should wait…we need to do some investigation on what the queen is up to!
How is she going to use that magical surge? Why do we need to be there? We should try and
write the princess again.
Applejack: Write all the letters you want. There’s no time to wait. Rarity and I are leaving now.
Fluttershy: I’ don’t know about this...I’ve got a lot of animals to feed. Things to do...a
bonsai to water...
Pinkie: Well, of course I’m coming! And don’t worry Fluttershy, we can leave Gummy in charge
of your plant!
Fluttershy: ...okay...
Twilight: Spike, you stay here. Keep trying to get a hold of Princess Celestia and tell her where
we are. I’m leaving you in charge of the captured Changelings. When you get a hold of the
princess, she’ll take care of them.
(The Mane Six prepare to leave Ponyville)
Twilight: Alright, everypony! (Looks at the map) Well, this is showing us the way. It’s going to
take almost the whole three days to get we need to get moving.
Rainbow Dash: I feel like Daring Do! A pony of adventure! We’re off on a quest!
Pinkie: Woo! Raise your hooves if you’re ready for three exciting days of peril!
Pinkie: Maybe if we’re lucky we’ll see a ninja...or some monkeys, or Monkey Ninjas!
Everyone else: PINKIE!
Pinkie: Oh, you’re right! If the Monkey Ninja was worth his bananas, we wouldn't see him! Tee