Cathy Rigby (gymnast) Rigby developed anorexia


Cathy Rigby (gymnast) Rigby developed anorexia
Cathy Rigby (gymnast)
Rigby developed anorexia and bulimia, because her coaches put
pressure on her by telling her to lose weight. It lead Rigby to give
up gymnastics when she was 19 , but she still continued to fight
against with the eating problems for the next 12 years.
Dictionary Definition:
anorexia: eating problem characterized by a failure to eat.
bulimia: eating problem characterized by overeating and then
purging (vomiting)
During college and professional career she set almost every soccer
record. With her help her football team won two and two bronze
medals in the Women’s world Cup. Mia get five brothers and
sisters, In 1997 Mia get pressure because her brother developed*
Aplastic Anemia and he died
* Aplastic Anemia a rare blood disease that affect bones
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